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  • Do Members Commit to Their Cooperatives? An Econometric Analysis of Members' Commitment in Ethiopia

    Solomon Bizuayehu Wassie , Kusakari Hitoshi , Sumimoto Masahiro

    … The results show that education and social network have a positive and significant effect on the second and third level commitment of members. … On the contrary, members with access to regular market and located closer to the market tend to have a lower second-level commitment than otherwise. …

    Japanese Journal of Agricultural Economics 22(0), 141-146, 2020


  • German Housing Policies in Transition: From Unitarity to Diversity  [in Japanese]

    大場 茂明

    … Originally designed as a state-subsidized housing program  for a broad spectrum of society, it hasnow shifted to providing residualized support on a much smaller scale to those who cannot afford to purchase a house inthe housing market. … On the other hand, housing allowances offered by the governmentconsider the economic ability of a household to access adequate housing. … Their individual transfer effect is highlyevaluated as a purposely designed system. …

    Urban housing sciences 2019(105), 49-54, 2019


  • Prediction of all forms of drug-induced cardiotoxicity by combined transcriptome analysis and machine learning

    Bueno-Orovio Alfonso , Mamoshina Polina , Rodriguez Blanca

    … <p>Background: Cardiotoxicity is one of the major drug safety concerns leading to discontinuation of the drug development process and market withdrawal. … For this purpose, we used the open-data FAERS and SIDER databases of side effects, complemented with literature data mining on compounds with cardiac side effect and matching safe compounds. … Drugs were then linked to their gene expression profiles in the open-access DToxS and Connectivity map databases. …

    Proceedings for Annual Meeting of The Japanese Pharmacological Society WCP2018(0), PO1-2-31, 2018


  • Region and Gender Specific Labour Market Participation in India : A Study on Inter-State Variations and Determinants

    Mitra Arup , Okada Aya

    … Even in the large cities the female labour market participation is lower than that in the rural areas despite higher levels of education. … While industrialization and growth in services both show a positive effect on participation, though very mildly especially in the case of urban women, economic growth shows an increasing impact for urban males only. …

    GSID Discussion Paper (206), 1-50, 2017-06

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  • Farmers Perceptions on the Causes and Effects of Cassava Witches' Broom (CWB) on Cassava Production in Three Provinces of Cambodia  [in Japanese]


    … <p>Cassava production in Cambodia has been increasing due to favorable market and agro-ecological conditions. … Farmers reported that pesticide application is not an effective strategy to control CWB, and recommended that improved agricultural extension services could help them get access to CWB resistant varieties, as well as to address other production issues, in a timely manner.</p> …

    International Journal of Environmental and Rural Development 7(1), 186-191, 2016


  • A Food Company's Entry into Fresh Tomato Production and Regional Effects: Kagome Co., Ltd.'s Entry into Mihara Village, Kochi Prefecture  [in Japanese]

    Takuya GOTO

    … Although it attached importance to climatic conditions and market access in deciding on farm location, solicitation efforts by local governments greatly affected its decisions. … This employment policy by farm C contradicts the policy of Mihara, which is to offer jobs to as many villagers as possible.</p><p>In conclusion, Kagome's entry into fresh tomato production has had a considerable effect on the regional economy of Mihara. …

    Geographical review of Japan series A 89(4), 145-165, 2016


  • Trade and the Location of Two Industries: A Two-Factor Model

    ZHOU Yiming , IMAIZUMI Chutokuro , KONO Tatsuhito , ZENG Dao-Zhi

    … The production specialization and trade pattern are the results of the interaction of two effects: the market access effect and the wage differential effect. …

    Interdisciplinary Information Sciences 22(1), 1-15, 2016

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  • An Economic Analysis on the Milk Quota System in EU: The case study of the dairy sector in the United Kingdom  [in Japanese]

    HIRAOKA Yoshiyuki

    … <p>The purpose of this paper is to analyze the present condition of the Milk Quota System (Additional Levy System) in EU and consider its policy effect on the dairy farm structure, by taking the case of the dairy sector in the United Kingdom (particularly England and Wales). … The Milk Quota System was introduced as the policy dealing with surplus raw milk in 1984, and its aim is to attempt to achieve the market equilibrium of supply and demand of raw milk by using the way of the control of the overproduction. …

    EU Studies in Japan 2015(35), 274-298, 2015


  • Technology Development and Strategic Trade Control: Open Market Approach and Military Technology Development  [in Japanese]

    SATO Heigo

    … A trade facilitation and defense technology development collaboration have positive effect on security cooperation and defense production under globalized world. …

    International Relations 2015(179), 179_16-179_29, 2015


  • The Effect of Financial Pressure on Innovation in EU Strategies on Orphan Drugs:: Patients' Healthcare Coverage, Growth Strategies and Sustainability of Healthcare Resources  [in Japanese]

    FUKUDA Yasue

    … Economic crisis which began in 2008 has increased the pressure both on EU research budgets and on the health budgets of its member states, Studies have been made into the effective allocation of financial resources in response to the crisis, and the objectives of this paper are (i) to recommend strategies to protect patients with orphan diseases in the EU and ensure their access to medications; …

    EU Studies in Japan 2014(34), 270-292, 2014


  • Improving Recovery Rate for Packet Loss in Large-Scale Telecom Smart TV Systems

    JIANG Xiuyan , YE Dejian , CHEN Yiming , TIAN Xuejun

    … Smart TVs are expected to play a leading role in the future networked intelligent screen market. … This paper applies stochastic differential equations to analyzing the queue in the buffer of access points in smart TV multicast systems, demonstrates the reason for packet loss, and then proposes an end-to-end error recovery scheme (short as OPRSFEC) whose core algorithm is based on Reed-Solomon theory, and optimizes four aspects in finite fields: 1) Using Cauchy matrix instead of Vandermonde matrix to code and decode; …

    IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems E96.D(11), 2365-2375, 2013


  • The Sleep Control Method with Traffic Aggregation for wireless LAN Access Point  [in Japanese]

    GOTO Hiroaki , AKIMOTO Mamoru , HUANG Chun-hsiang , IIZUKA Masataka

    … Recently, the mobile data traffic is increasing rapidly with new market of smart phone increasing. … Operators deployed several hundred thousand WLAN access points (APs). … Using computer simulation, we will show the power saving effect of our method, which reduces power consumption without degrading QoS. …

    Technical report of IEICE. RCS 112(89), 61-66, 2012-06-14

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  • Evaluation of the effect on burst packet loss for the response performance in interactive communications  [in Japanese]

    OGUCHI Naoki , ABE Shunji

    … It is expected that users will increasingly access these cloud services using mobile devices or thin client devices with response-sensitive applications such as remote desktop with the growth of wireless broadband market. …

    IEICE technical report 112(27), 1-6, 2012-05-10

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  • A Feasibility Study on the PEFC (Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell) Smartphone Operated by Bio-H<sub>2</sub> Fuel using LCA Methodology  [in Japanese]

    DOWAKI Kiyoshi , YASUMOTO Kanako , TANIMUKTI Ivan Prasetya

    … On the other hand, the market of smartphone grew and the annual sales recorded around 0.3 billion units. … In this paper, we investigated the influences of duration time and/or electricity consumption for each functional operation including the effect of exchange from a conventional cell phone to a smartphone. …

    Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, Japan 8(1), 14-25, 2012


  • Issues in the Public Management System of Skills and Learning : An Analysis of Demand-led Funding in the UK  [in Japanese]


    … Targeted at individuals who face social and educational risk, the funding programs have aimed to create learning demands, and budget distribution was preponderantly directed toward broadening access to learning and training. … Recent research findings show that the funding programs aimed at delivering basic skills to the target population have an effect on learning providers and individuals and are moderately successful in increasing learners' …



  • Comparing Economic Growth in China and India: From the Viewpoint of Their Economic Impact on the East Asian Region  [in Japanese]

    MIYAJIMA Yoshiaki

    … By gaining access to this market, East Asian countries and China have enjoyed the multiplier effect of intraregional trade; …

    Asian Studies 57(4), 30-51, 2011


  • The Effects of Social Network and 'Institutional Linkage' on Job Search in Japanese Youth Labor Market:Screening Function by Social Network  [in Japanese]

    ISHIDA Kenji

    … (1)Personal network, especially kin network, enables them to access workplaces which provide opportunity of development of vocational ability, flexibility for needs and job stability; … (2)The effect of 'Institutional Linkage' (school's job placement) is indirect, but the effect on flexibility is statistically significant; … (3)Network effect is larger in case that they change their jobs or they are high-school-educated/less.<br> …

    The Annual Reports of the Tohoku Sociological Society 40(0), 63-73, 2011


  • Assessment of Public Perception, Awareness and Knowledge on Genetically Engineered Food Crops and their Products in Trans-Nzoia County, Kenya

    Kinuthia Kagai Kenneth

    … The results indicate that gender, basic knowledge of GM technology, and information access and dissemination are likely to influence the adoption of GM technology by farmers. … Farmers were concerned with the environmental risks associated with GM technology and its possible effect on marketing crops both locally and abroad. … Consumers expressed concerns about possible health risks, the ability of the government to protect them, and the acceptance of GM products in the local market. …

    Journal of Developments in Sustainable Agriculture 6(2), 164-180, 2011


  • Effect of One-Step Reputation::Opportunity Cost and Social Order  [in Japanese]

    ASAOKA Makoto

    … As a result, when opportunity costs are extremely small, a star-type network tends to be formed, and social order to cooperate to unspecified others is generated by agents who can access many reputations. … It also became clear that when opportunity costs are extremely large, market-shaped order is generated from reputations. …

    Sociological Theory and Methods 26(1), 17-29, 2011


  • Impact of Mobile Twitter Usage on Social and Interpersonal Relations::A Comparison of Mobile Twitter Usage among the younger generations in Japan and Korea  [in Japanese]

    KIM AeRee , MITOMO Hitoshi

    … As the smartphone market grows rapidly, communication via smartphones is getting more popular and widespread in the world. … Especially, the Twitter, 140 character text-based SNS, well matches with the smartphone characteristics of instant Internet access with limited bandwidth, thus being the center of mobile based SNS usage especially by the young generation in East Asian metropolises such as Seoul and Tokyo. …

    Journal of Information and Communication Research 29(1), 1_57-1_70, 2011


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