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  • Synthesis and Analysis of Highly Monodispersed Silver Copper Sulfide Nanoparticles

    Sato Kenshiro , Kuzuya Toshihiro , Hamanaka Yasushi , Hirai Shinji

    … <p>AgCuS is believed to be an ideal material for diodes or transistors. … Because of its relatively low lattice thermal conductivity and narrow band gap energy, also, AgCuS is a strong candidate for light- and heat-energy harvesting material. …

    MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS 62(6), 731-737, 2021


  • Estimation of maximum Bio-coke compressive strength based on chemical composition

    TAGAMI-KANADA Nami , MIZUNO Satoru , CHERDKEATTIKUL Supitchaya , IDA Tamio

    … Bio-coke has been proposed as an alternative energy source to coal due to its high density and compressive strength. … Bio-coke is produced by subjecting wood biomass to the hot press method, and the softening properties of hemicellulose and lignin in the raw biomass affect the formation, physical and mechanical characteristics of Bio-coke. …

    Mechanical Engineering Journal 8(1), 20-00391-20-00391, 2021


  • An In-situ Brine Solution in Salt-cavern Supported Redox-flow Battery Using Iron/Organic Materials

    Wang Hui , Ke Wang , Wei Zhang , Li Dan , Chen Liuping

    … <p>Salt cavern redox flow batteries with a large salt-cavern storing electrolyte are a promising large-scale energy storage technology. … Here a low-cost iron/organic redox material system was proposed to explore salt cavern redox flow batteries. …

    Chemistry Letters 50(2), 389-391, 2021


  • Development of self-actuated shutdown system for sodium-cooled fast reactor (Study on component materials suitable for fast reactors)  [in Japanese]

    KATO Jungo , IKARIMOTO Iwao , MATSUNAGA Shoko , KOTAKE Shoji , KUBO Shigenobu

    … <p>The self-actuated shutdown system (SASS) is a reactor shutdown system that is able to achieve passively de-tach the absorber rod based on the coolant temperature rise under the any type of abnormal conditions and then the absorber rods will be inserted by the gravity forces within a few seconds. …

    Transactions of the JSME (in Japanese) 87(893), 19-00420-19-00420, 2021


  • Equiaxed α microstructure evolution in wrought Ti-10Al-1Zr-1Mo-1Nb alloy during annealing

    Tanii Shintaro , Umezawa Osamu , Yamabe-Mitarai Yoko

    … The solution-treated materials were groove-rolled or uniaxially compressed in the α+β region and annealed at 1173 K. … The flow softening behavior and crystal rotation in α platelets revealed an evolution of deformation texture. … Especially in the material compressed at a strain rate of 1 s−1, the equiaxed α grains developed within a shorter annealing duration than 1.8 ks. …

    Journal of alloys and compounds (854), 157184, 2020-10-15


  • Effects on Regional Economy by New Demands of Forestry Products  [in Japanese]

    伊藤 勝久 , 中山 智徳 , 篠原 冬樹

    … Promoting forestry and regional economy, it is important not only to adapt new demand of energy use and material use with high additional value by supplying fuel or material wood, but also to improve the problems of regional economic systems. … LM3 is a simple method to measure effects of new business and to suggest the problem by flow-out amount to outside of the region. …

    島根大学生物資源科学部研究報告 (25), 19-26, 2020-09-30

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  • Study on Proper Arrangement of Damping Material for a Partial Structure with Coupling Loss Factor as an Objective Function  [in Japanese]

    黒田 勝彦

    … This method is based on a combination of SEA and FEM calculation, calculating repeatedly until satisfying the value of objective functions under arbitrary constraints. … As a result of applying the proposed method to a simple structure consisting of two flat plates connected in an L shaped configuration, the design variable is taken as the thickness of the FEM element, a subsystem structure with the desired value of the CLF or power flow between subsystems for the one frequency band or multi frequency bands were constructed. …

    長崎総合科学大学紀要 = Bulletin of the Nagasaki Institute of Applied Science 60(1), 69-74, 2020-06-24


  • UV line driven disc wind as the origin of ultrafast outflows in AGN

    Mizumoto Misaki , Nomura Mariko , Done Chris , Ohsuga Ken , Odaka Hirokazu

    超巨大ブラックホールから吹く「風」の謎を解明. 京都大学プレスリリース. 2020-11-19.

    Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 503(1), 1442-1458, 2020-05



    山口 哲史

    … It is known that the deformation stress of FCC metal (face-centered cubic metal) increases as the strain rate increases, and it is reported that the deformation stress gradually increases from the low strain rate range to the strain rateέ=5×10^3/s . … This phenomenon is considered to be due to the interaction between Moving and Forest dislocations . … In this study, a test was conducted on a magnetic steel sheet (Permalloy), which is an alloy of Ni and Fe, which is an FCC metal. …

    法政大学大学院紀要. 理工学・工学研究科編 (61), 1-8, 2020-03-24

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  • Manufacturing Innovation through the Introduction of Additive Manufacturing Technology  [in Japanese]

    MORI Takanori

    … <p>The additive manufacturing technology has been increasingly paid attention from industries in recent years because it has a great potential as a practical and cost-effective manufacturing method. … The direct energy deposition (DED) method is one of the popular metal AM processes. …

    The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress, Japan 2020(0), F04103, 2020


  • Shape optimization of viscous flow field considering Fluid-Structure-Interactive(FSI) problem  [in Japanese]

    KATAMINE Eiji , KAWAI Ryuga , ICHIHASHI Takumi

    … A minimization problem for total dissipation energy in viscous flow field is formulated for the shape optimization. … Shape gradient of the shape optimization problem is derived theoretically using the Lagrange multiplier method, adjoint variable method, and the formulae of the material derivative. …

    The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress, Japan 2020(0), J01201, 2020


  • Numerical study of keyhole behaviors and thermal fluid flow in high current plasma arc welding

    WU Dongsheng , TASHIRO Shinichi , HUA Xueming , TANAKA manabu

    … A fully coupled plasma arc-keyhole-weld pool model was developed to investigate the keyhole behaviors and thermal fluid flow in high current plasma arc welding. … The relationship between the forces distribution and fluid flow patterns was revealed. … Owing to a constraint effect of the water cooling nozzle, the plasma arc flows downward with high energy and momentum, so a large keyhole forms. …



  • Living Energy Storage at a Time of Disaster:(Fundamental Study and Application on Stone Heat Storage System)  [in Japanese]

    ZHANG Weichen , OZAKI Susumu , TAKAHASHI Hideharu , TAMAURA Yutaka , KIKURA Hiroshige

    … Since the Great East Japan Earthquake, Japan's energy problems have becoming a social problem that deeply affected people's living and businesses due to damage to nuclear power plants. … Securing core energy, such as nuclear power generation and thermal power generation and reconstruction of the living energy for the local area is desirable. …

    The Proceedings of the Symposium on Environmental Engineering 2020.30(0), 413, 2020


  • Comparison of bio-drying MBT with other energy recovery system in terms of energy balance and life cycle CO<sub>2</sub> emission

    Ham Geun-Yong , Matsuto Toshihiko

    … <p>In this study, four energy recovery systems from municipal solid waste were compared in terms of life cycle energy and CO<sub>2</sub> … Two of these were a type of mechanical biological treatment, including a combined system of anaerobic digestion (AD) and incineration after mechanical separation, and bio-drying followed by mechanical separation for recovering solid recovered fuel (SRF). …

    Proceedings of the Annual Conference of Japan Society of Material Cycles and Waste Management 31(0), 461, 2020


  • Electrochemistry and influence of flowrate to a reverse electro-dialysis stack in microbial reverse electrodialysis cell

    Huong Tran , Jung Sokhee

    … <p>An MRC is a bio-electrochemical system combining a microbial fuel cell (MFC) with a RED stack to generate electricity from salinity gradient and organic wastewater with simultaneous treatment. … Operating an MRC at an optimum flow rate to RED is important because it is closely related with energy production rate and economic feasibility. …

    Proceedings of the Annual Conference of Japan Society of Material Cycles and Waste Management 31(0), 487, 2020


  • Energy dissipation of pore-fluid flow in landfills  [in Japanese]

    Suzuki Kazuyuki , Huynh Viet , Uda Tomoki , Suito Hiroshi

    <p>近年、全国各地で頻発する集中豪雨が常態化する中、処分場においても今後適切な設計・管理を行っていく上で、廃棄物層の水分移動現象の把握は、ますます重要な課題となっている。複雑な廃棄物層間隙形状と流体力学的作用は深く関わっているが、その相互作用は十分に解明されていない。そこで、本研究では、間隙形状とそれに寄与する水分移動現象のメカニズムを解明することを目的とした。これまで間隙内流れにつ …

    Proceedings of the Annual Conference of Japan Society of Material Cycles and Waste Management 31(0), 355, 2020


  • Flow-Induced Transverse Vibration of Cantilevered Rectangular Prisms and Performances for Magnetostrictive Wind Vibration Power Generator  [in Japanese]

    NAGASE Ryohei , KIWATA Takahiro , KONO Takaaki , UENO Toshiyuki

    The Proceedings of Conference of Hokuriku-Shinetsu Branch 2020.57(0), K035, 2020


  • Task Scheduling of Material-Handling Manipulator for Enhancing Energy Efficiency in Flow-Type FMS

    Yonemoto Ryo , Suwa Haruhiko

    … <p>Energy savings and reduction in environmental burdens are necessitated to enhance sustainable manufacturing performances. …

    International Journal of Automation Technology 14(6), 943-950, 2020


  • Analysis of Liquid Phase Mass Transfer at Free Surface in Gas-stirred Vessel  [in Japanese]

    Arai Hirotada , Matsumoto Katsutoshi

    … <p>Gas injection has been widely used to enhance mass transfer and homogenization of temperature and composition of molten steel. … Mass transfer coefficients in liquid phase were measured and the correlation with gas flow rate and liquid height were analyzed. …

    Tetsu-to-Hagane 106(10), 727-734, 2020


  • Systematic Optimization Using Mathematical Model of Electrical Arc Furnace Producing Liquid Steel

    Bin Young Wook , Lee In-Beum

    … Iron-making uses a large amount of energy and emits a large amount of CO<sub>2</sub>. … A strategy to decrease the energy cost and CO<sub>2</sub> … An EAF makes LS by reprocessing scrap metal, direct-reduced iron, and pig iron. … EAF steelmaking is an energy-intensive process, so methods to decrease energy cost are being sought. …



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