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  • Effect of storage conditions on mechanical properties of resin composite blanks for CAD/CAM crowns

    HIBINO Yasushi , NAGASAWA Yuko , EDA Yoshikazu , SHIGETA Hirotaka , NAKAJIMA Hiroshi

    … Rectangular specimens (4.0×1.2×4.0 mm) of each material were trimmed from the blanks and subjected to thermal cycling between 5°C and 55°C in deionized water at 10,000 cycles or stored in 37°C deionized water for one week or air for one day (<i>n</i>=10 for each condition). … The difference in storage condition between water immersion and thermal cycling did not affect the flexural strengths of resin composite materials for CAD/CAM examined in this study. …

    Dental Materials Journal, 2020


  • Geological occurrence and morphological feature of submarine mud volcanoes: A brief review  [in Japanese]

    Kioka Arata

    … <p>Mud volcanism is tied closely to subsurface cycling of sediment, fluid and carbon, and thus plays an important role in the whole earth system. … All the fundamental studies reviewed here lead to an increase in our understanding of mud eruption dynamics, as well as the dynamic interplay between mud volcanism and subsurface material cycling in plate subduction margins.</p> …

    The Journal of the Geological Society of Japan 126(1), 17-28, 2020


  • Influence of Electrolyte Composition on the Electrochemical Reaction Mechanism of Bismuth Fluoride Electrode in Fluoride Shuttle Battery

    Konishi Hiroaki , Minato Taketoshi , Abe Takeshi , Ogumi Zempachi

    … In the FSB, metal fluoride and organic solvent containing supporting electrolyte salt and anion acceptor were used as active material and electrolyte. … Although the discharge and charge reactions of BiF₃ electrode proceeded in both electrolytes, the cycling performance of BiF₃ electrode in CsF(0.45)–TPhBX(0.50)–G4 was poorer than that in CsF(sat.)–TPhBX(0.50)–G4. …

    Journal of Physical Chemistry C 123(16), 10246-10252, 2019-04-25


  • Elucidating the Mechanism Involved in the Performance Improvement of Lithium‐Ion Transition Metal Oxide Battery by Conducting Polymer

    Taehoon Kim , Luis K. Ono , Yabing Qi

    … Surface treatments with conducting polymers are effective in ameliorating charge capacities and cycling performances for a wide range of lithium‐ion batteries such as Li‐layered transition metal oxide, Li‐sulfur, and Li‐air batteries. … Furthermore, it inhibits the dissolution of the active material into the electrolyte and preserves the initial atomic states including the active material bulk. …

    Advanced Materials Interfaces 6(7), 1801785, 2019-02-17


  • Crystal and Electronic Structures of MgCo<sub>2−x</sub>Mn<sub>x</sub>O<sub>4</sub> as Cathode Material for Magnesium Secondary Batteries Using First-Principles Calculations and Quantum Beam Measurements

    Ishibashi Chiaki , Mizutani Yusuke , Ishida Naoya , Kitamura Naoto , Idemoto Yasushi

    … This fact is consistent with the fact that the first discharge capacity and cycling performance of MgCo<sub>1.5</sub>Mn<sub>0.5</sub>O<sub>4</sub> …

    Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan 92(12), 1950-1959, 2019


  • Molten Salt-assisted Magnesiothermic Reduction Synthesis of Spherical Si Hollow Structure as Promising Anode Materials of Lithium Ion Batteries

    Wan Xiaohan , Fan Hai , Tang Zehua , Chen Jiale , Xue Yanchun , Zhang Junhao , Guo Xingmei , Liu Yuanjun , Kong Qinghong , Yuan Aihua

    … <p>To solve the critical issue of the poor cycling stability caused by large volume expansion of Si-based anodes during Li lithiation/delithiation processes, spherical Si hollow nanostructures are prepared based on Kirkendall effect via a simple molten salt-assisted magnesiothermic reduction technique. … The material has a unique hollow structure that allows the expansion of silicon during the lithium process, providing better cycle life and rate capability than direct reduction of bulk silicon.</p> …

    Chemistry Letters 48(12), 1547-1550, 2019


  • Hard X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Analysis of Surface Chemistry of Spray Pyrolyzed LiNi<sub>0.5</sub>Co<sub>0.2</sub>Mn<sub>0.3</sub>O<sub>2</sub> Positive Electrode Coated with Lithium Boron Oxide

    HASHIGAMI Satoshi , INABA Minoru , YOSHIMI Kei , KATO Yukihiro , YOSHIDA Hiroyuki , INAGAKI Toru , TATEMATSU Masamoto , DEGUCHI Hiroshi , HASHINOKUCHI Michihiro , DOI Takayuki

    … particles with a small size (500 nm to 1 µm) without crack formation after charge-discharge cycling were synthesized by a spray pyrolysis method. … The formation and dissolution of NiO occurred in the uncoated sample during cycling, but the formation of NiO was suppressed in the LBO-coated sample. …

    Electrochemistry 87(6), 357-364, 2019


  • Polyimide Based Low-Profile Device Embedded Substrate  [in Japanese]

    Nakao Osamu , Ueta Nobuki , Okamoto Masahiro , Nanjo Hirokazu , Onai Satoshi , Inaba Masatoshi

    … <p>Polyimide-based device-embedded substrates significantly increase the density and performance of electronic circuits by using a chip-stack structure with a thin-film insulation material. … The reliability of the test vehicle was verified under the conditions including a three-cycle reflow test after soaking at 30°C 60%Rh for 192 hours (JEDEC MSL3), a HAST at 130°C 85%Rh for 336 hours, and a thermal cycling test -40°C to 125°C for 500 cycles.</p> …

    Journal of The Japan Institute of Electronics Packaging 22(6), 542-550, 2019


  • Future of Farm Work  [in Japanese]

    Tajima Kiyoshi

    … "Nousagyou-gaku", compiled by the Japanese Society of Farm Work Research, states that "Production of agricultural products in agriculture utilizes the law of nature's material cycling process and is carried out by controlling the environment for material circulation—to the extent that it can be artificially controlled—to achieve more efficient production from crops and livestock." </p> …

    Japanese Journal of Farm Work Research 54(1), 39-43, 2019


  • Semi-interpenetrating network composites reinforced with Kevlar fibers for dental post fabrication

    ALMAROOF Ahmed , ALI Ahmed , MANNOCCI Francesco , DEB Sanjukta

    … The post material was subjected to thermo-cycling and flexural strength determined, characterised by dynamic mechanical analysis, water sorption, radiopacity and cytotoxicity tests. … MTT assay confirmed the absence of any toxic eluents, indicating its feasibility as new intracanal post material.</p> …

    Dental Materials Journal 38(4), 511-521, 2019


  • Hydrogen Sorption and Cyclic Compressor Performance of V<sub>40</sub>Ti<sub>21.5</sub>Cr<sub>33.5</sub>M<sub>5</sub> (M= Nb, Zr, Fe) Alloys

    SELVARAJ Suganthamalar , JAIN Ankur , MIYAOKA Hiroki , KOJIMA Yoshitsugu , ICHIKAWA Takayuki

    … <p>In order to improve the compressor cycling stability and hydrogen storage properties of V<sub>40</sub>Ti<sub>21.5</sub>Cr<sub>38.5</sub> … However, structural and morphological investigations suggest no phase segregation during the cycling of V<sub>40</sub>Ti<sub>21.5</sub>Cr<sub>33.5</sub>Fe<sub>5</sub> …

    Journal of the Japan Institute of Energy 98(7), 157-164, 2019


  • Special Issue on Augmented Prototyping and Fabrication for Advanced Product Design and Manufacturing

    Kanai Satoshi , Verlinden Jouke C.

    … presents a development in soft robotics: a tongue simulator development (smart sensing and production of soft material), with a detailed account of the production and the technical performance. …

    International Journal of Automation Technology 13(4), 451-452, 2019


  • Synthesis, Crystal Structure and Electrode Properties of Spinel-Type MgCo<sub>2−</sub><i><sub>x</sub></i>Mn<i><sub>x</sub></i>O<sub>4</sub>

    IDEMOTO Yasushi , MIZUTANI Yusuke , ISHIBASHI Chiaki , ISHIDA Naoya , KITAMURA Naoto

    … A Rietveld analysis of synchrotron X-ray diffraction data showed that Mg, Co and Mn in this material were distributed in a disordered manner, meaning that cation mixing had occurred. … The improved cycling performance of this material is ascribed to the replacement of a portion of the Co atoms with Mn. … The ordered Mg/Co/Mn structure of this material would be expected to facilitate the diffusion of Mg<sup>2+</sup> …

    Electrochemistry 87(4), 220-228, 2019


  • Damage and fracture of fiber-reinforced ceramic-matrix composites under thermal fatigue loading in oxidizing atmosphere


    … The temperature/cyclic dependent fiber/matrix interface shear stress is determined as a function of testing temperature, applied cycle number and material properties, which affects multiple thermal fatigue damage mechanisms. … The relationships between the thermal fatigue cycling, multiple thermal fatigue damage mechanisms, fatigue hysteresis-based damage parameters and thermal fatigue lifetime are established. …

    Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan 127(2), 67-80, 2019


  • The role of microbes and viruses in oceanic carbon and nitrogen cycling  [in Japanese]

    Nagata Toshi

    … <p>The microbial food chain (microbial loop), which links dissolved organic carbon through bacteria to protists and viruses, is an important driver of carbon and nitrogen cycling in the oceans. …

    Oceanography in Japan 28(1), 1-18, 2019


  • Characterization of Sn4P3–Carbon Composite Films for Lithium-Ion Battery Anode Fabricated by Aerosol Deposition

    森高 冬毅 , 山下 優 , 東城 友都 , 稲田 亮史 , 櫻井 庸司

    … Sn4P3/C composite powders prepared by a ball milling was used as raw material and deposited onto a stainless steel substrate to form the composite film via impact consolidation. … Although both films showed initial discharge (Li+ extraction) capacities of approximately 1000 mAh g-1, Sn4P3/C films retained higher reversible capacity above 700 mAh g-1 after 100 cycles of charge and discharge processes while the capacity of Sn4P3 film rapidly degraded with cycling. …

    Nanomaterials = Nanomaterials 9(7), 1032, 2019


  • Influence of parasitic chytrids on the quantity and quality of algal dissolved organic matter (AOM)

    Senga Yukiko , Yabe Shiori , Nakamura Takaki , Kagami Maiko

    … Among the DOM compounds, the concentrations of tryptophan-like material derived from algae were significantly lower and the concentrations of humic substance-like material were higher in the infected treatment. … The parasitic fungi may have consumed tryptophan-like material and stimulated the release of humic substances. …

    WATER RESEARCH (145), 346-353, 2018-11-15


  • Structural and dynamic behavior of lithium iron polysulfide Li₈FeS₅ during charge–discharge cycling

    Shimoda Keiji , Murakami Miwa , Takeuchi Tomonari , Matsunaga Toshiyuki , Ukyo Yoshio , Sakaebe Hikari , Kobayashi Hironori , Matsubara Eiichiro

    … To improve the electrochemical performance of electronically resistive Li₂S, a Fe-doped Li₂S-based positive electrode material (Li₈FeS₅) has been recently designed and found to exhibit excellent discharge capacity close to 800 mAh g⁻¹. … In the present study, we investigate the structural and dynamic behavior of Li₈FeS₅ during charge–discharge cycling. …

    Journal of Power Sources (398), 67-74, 2018-09-15


  • Properties of Lithium Trivanadate Film Electrodes Formed on Garnet-Type Oxide Solid Electrolyte by Aerosol Deposition

    稲田 亮史 , 奥野 晃平 , 鬼頭 駿介 , 東城 友都 , 櫻井 庸司

    … Ball-milled LVO powder with sizes in the range of 0.5–2 micrometre was used as a raw material for LVO film fabrication via impact consolidation at room temperature. … Good cycling stability of electrode reaction indicates strong adhesion between the LVO film electrode formed via impact consolidation and LLZT. …

    Materials = Materials 11(9), 1570, 2018-09-01


  • Bacteria driving material cycling in fish farming area  [in Japanese]

    谷口 亮人

    アグリバイオ = Agricultural biotechnology 2(7), 694-696, 2018-07

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