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  • Fetal growth restriction in rural Bangladesh: a prospective study

    Ferdous Farzana , Rashid Md. Harunor , Ma Enbo , Raqib Rubhana , Hamada Hiromi , Wagatsuma Yukiko

    … BackgroundFetal growth restriction (FGR) and low birth weight(LBW) are serious public health problems. … In developing countries, the incidence of low birth weight is predominantly the result of FGR, and both low birth weight and FGR are associated with neonatal death and later growth and development. …

    Tropical medicine and health (46), 3, 2018-02


  • Optimal weight gain in obese and overweight pregnant Japanese women

    Hirooka-Nakama Junko , Enomoto Kimiko , Sakamaki Kentaro , Kurasawa Kentaro , Miyagi Etsuko , Aoki Shigeru

    … <p>We aimed to determine the optimal gestational weight gain (GWG) in Japanese women with a Body Mass Index (BMI) ≥25 kg/m<sup>2</sup>. … We divided overweight and obese women into four GWG categories based on the Institute of Medicine (IOM) recommended: weight loss, small weight gain, within IOM criteria, and above IOM criteria. …

    Endocrine Journal 65(5), 557-567, 2018


  • Effects of Maternal and Progeny Dietary Vitamin Regimens on the Performance of Ducklings

    Ren Zhouzheng , Jiang Shizhen , Zeng Qiufeng , Ding Xuemei , Bai Shiping , Wang Jianping , Zhang Keying

    … <p>This study evaluated the interaction effect of maternal and progeny vitamin regimens on the performance of ducklings. … At 38 weeks of age, 780 female and 156 male duck breeders were fed either regular or high vitamin premix diet (maternal high premix had higher levels of all vitamins except K<sub>3</sub> … than maternal regular premix) for 16 weeks. …

    The Journal of Poultry Science 55(2), 103-111, 2018


  • Optimal weight gain in obese and overweight pregnant Japanese women

    Hirooka-Nakama Junko , Enomoto Kimiko , Sakamaki Kentaro , Kurasawa Kentaro , Miyagi Etsuko , Aoki Shigeru

    … <p>We aimed to determine the optimal gestational weight gain (GWG) in Japanese women with a Body Mass Index (BMI) ≥25 kg/m<sup>2</sup>. … We divided overweight and obese women into four GWG categories based on the Institute of Medicine (IOM) recommended: weight loss, small weight gain, within IOM criteria, and above IOM criteria. …

    Endocrine Journal, 2018


  • Coping strategies for pregnancy-related low back pain and the relationship between weight gain and the onset  [in Japanese]


    <p><b>目 的</b></p><p>妊娠期の体重増加と妊婦の腰痛発症時期との関連や腰痛への対処法及びその効果の有無の実態を明らかにする。</p><p><b>対象と方法</b></p><p>三重県内の某クリニックで出産された妊産婦を対象に質問紙調査を行った(117名 …

    Journal of Japan Academy of Midwifery 31(1), 44-53, 2017

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  • Relation of the physical conditions at birth and in infancy to the current status in the female university students aiming for a registered dietitian:―Physique at birth and feeding methods in infancy  [in Japanese]

    Yoshida Ayuko , Kato Maiko , Kagaya Mieko , Matsutani Yasuko , Naito Michitaka

    … Birth weight was found to have no effect on the current physical condition. … Although birth weight was significantly lower in the group with less maternal gestational weight gain, but did not have a significant effect on the current physical condition. …

    Journal for the Integrated Study of Dietary Habits 28(3), 203-209, 2017

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  • Gestational weight gain in Japanese women with preeclampsia

    Suzuki Shunji

    Weight gain during the 2–4 weeks before the onset of preeclampsia was assessed to examine the effects of edema on weight gain in women with preeclampsia.</p><p><b>Methods:</b> … Weight gain up to 4 weeks, from 2–4 weeks, and from 2 weeks before the diagnosis of preeclampsia (preeclampsia group; …

    Hypertension Research in Pregnancy 5(1), 13-16, 2017

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  • Pre-pregnancy BMI-specific optimal gestational weight gain for women in Japan

    Morisaki Naho , Nagata Chie , Jwa Seung Chik , Sago Haruhiko , Saito Shigeru , Oken Emily , Fujiwara Takeo

    … The Institute of Medicine (IOM) guidelines are the most widely used guidelines on gestational weight gain; … We aimed to study to what extent optimal gestational weight gain among women in Japan differs by pre-pregnancy body mass index (BMI) and to compare estimated optimal gestational weight gain to current Japanese and Institute of Medicine (IOM) recommendations.</p><p><i>Methods:</i> …

    Journal of Epidemiology 27(10), 492-498, 2017

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  • Participant Characteristics in the Kumamoto University Regional Center of Japan Environment and Children's Study (JECS): Association of Pregnancy Outcomes with Pregestational Maternal Body Mass Index and Maternal Weight Gain during Pregnancy  [in Japanese]

    KAIMURA Michiko , ODA Masako , MITSUBUCHI Hiroshi , OHBA Takashi , KATOH Takahiko

    … identify participant characteristics in the Kumamoto University Regional Center of the Japan Environment and Children's Study (K-JECS) and to investigate the association of pregnancy outcomes with pregestational maternal body mass index (BMI) and maternal weight gain during pregnancy (MWG).</p><p>Methods: The subjects were women with singleton birth, who had been recruited by the K-JECS, and were registered in the data systems for the first and second …

    Nippon Eiseigaku Zasshi (Japanese Journal of Hygiene) 72(2), 128-134, 2017

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  • Maternal smoking during pregnancy and rapid weight gain from birth to early infancy

    Mine Tomosa , Tanaka Taichiro , Nakasone Tadashi , Itokazu Toru , Yamagata Zentaro , Nishiwaki Yuji

    … Although several studies have focused on the association between maternal smoking during pregnancy and rapid weight gain (RWG) during infancy, the dose-response relationship has not yet been confirmed, and very few studies have included Asian populations. …

    Journal of Epidemiology 27(3), 112-116, 2017

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  • Experimental Study of the Pharmacological Manipulation of the Fetal Rat Ductus Arteriosus over 40 Years  [in Japanese]

    Momma Kazuo

    <p>動脈管は胎生期に特有の血管で出生後肺循環の確立と同時に速やかに閉鎖する.生後に閉鎖しないと動脈管開存症となる.新生児動脈管の生理的閉鎖機序は酸素によることが1950年までに確定し,1973年にはプロスタグランジンの動脈管拡張作用,1974年には非ステロイド性抗炎薬の動脈管収縮作用が発見された.未熟児動脈管開存症の閉鎖薬として1976年にインドメサシンが使われ,同年に私が始めた全身 …

    Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery 32(4), 261-269, 2016

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  • Influences on degree of satisfaction with body type during pregnancy  [in Japanese]

    Maruyama Kazumi , Ohyama Kenji , Suzuki Kohta , Yamagata Zentaro

    本研究の目的は,妊娠による体型の変化が身体満足度に及ぼす影響,並びに妊娠初期の身体満足度が妊娠中の体重増加に影響するか否かを明らかにすることである。妊婦98名を対象とし,妊娠初期,中期,末期,産後1ヵ月の4期間,体型満足度と,身体に関する満足度を5段階で問うBody Cathexis Scale (以下BC)を用い調査した。その結果,体型満足度は,妊娠初期から妊娠末期にかけて不満足の割合が多くなり …

    Maternal health 55(4), 651-658, 2015-01

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  • Gestational Weight Gain and Overweight in Children Aged 3–6 Years

    Guo Lianhong , Liu Jufen , Ye Rongwei , Liu Jianmeng , Zhuang Zhixiong , Ren Aiguo

    … <b>Objective: </b>To determine whether gestational weight gain (GWG) was associated with increased odds of childhood overweight after accounting for pre-pregnancy BMI.<BR><b>Methods: </b>In a prospective cohort study based on a premarital and perinatal health care system in China, data of 100 612 mother-child pairs were obtained. …

    Journal of Epidemiology 25(8), 536-543, 2015

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  • Longitudinal Analyses of Childhood Growth: Evidence From Project Koshu

    Suzuki Kohta

    … The author and colleagues examined the association between maternal smoking during pregnancy and fetal/childhood growth, specifically risk of childhood obesity, by using the dataset from an ongoing prospective cohort study called “Project Koshu,” … Differences in pubertal growth patterns by gender and childhood weight status were then examined. …

    Journal of Epidemiology 25(1), 2-7, 2015


  • Effects of colostrum supplementation on the incidence of diarrhea and on growth in Japanese Black cattle calves based on maternal antibody tests  [in Japanese]

    TAKEI Naoki , YAMAGATA Shigeki , WATANABE Takayuki , KUMAGAYA Shuichiro , KONISHI Kazuyuki

    自然哺育条件下の黒毛和種新生子ウシの初乳摂取状況を血液性状に基づき簡易的に判定し、初乳摂取量が不足する個体への代用初乳給与が下痢の発生および発育に及ぼす影響を検討した。初乳を充分に摂取した健康な子ウシ31頭を用いて、出生後9時間における血漿中総蛋白質および亜硫酸ナトリウム混濁試験スコアの基準値を設定した。いずれかが基準値を下回る場合は、代用初乳500mLを補給した。対策前後各9か月間に出生した子ウ …

    Animal Behaviour and Management 51(3), 131-137, 2015

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  • The Study of Nutritional Care during Pregnancy Focused on Developmental Origins of Health and Disease (DOHaD)  [in Japanese]

    志賀 清悟 , 清水 史子 , 子籠 智恵子 , Seigo SHIGA , Fumiko SHIMIZU , Chieko KOGOMORI

    … The average weight of neonates is declining and SGA babies(babies who are small for their gestational age)are increasing in number. … In this study we have collected and analyzed 3,398 examples of healthy pregnant women and clarified the correlation between birthweight and maternal height, weight, BMI, and weight gain during pregnancy, and examined the efficacy of nutritional care for reducing SGA babies. …

    学苑 (890), 16-21, 2014-12


  • Construction of a weight control model for normal weight and underweight pregnant women for the prevention of low birth weight infants  [in Japanese]

    Hososaka Yasuko

    本研究は,妊娠期の増加体重による新生児出生体重への影響を明らかにし, BMIに応じた妊娠中の推奨体重増加量を確立することを目的とした。対象は日本を7地区に分けた地区別の出生数に比した,確立比率抽出法で選択された27の産科施設で出生した2,764名(回収率61.3%)の産褥入院中の褥婦とし,妊娠前の身長,体重,年齢,分娩回数,分娩週数,妊娠中の体重増加量,新生児の性別,体重,身長について,無記名自記 …

    Maternal health 55(2), 360-368, 2014-07

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  • Clinical features of isolated gestational proteinuria progressing to pre-eclampsia: retrospective observational study

    Akaishi Rina , Yamada Takahiro , Morikawa Mamoru , Nishida Ryutaro , Minakami Hisanori

    … Results Proteinuria appeared earlier (at 30.23.0 vs 35.3 +/- 4.3weeks, p=0.001), the P/Cr level was greater at birth (7.28 +/- 2.14 vs 3.19 +/- 2.49, p<0.001), net maternal weight gain during the last antenatal 1week was greater (3.1 +/- 1.8 vs 1.3 +/- 1.7kg, p=0.023) and length of pregnancy was shorter (32.5 +/- 1.9 vs 36.1 +/- 3.6weeks, p=0.001) in women with P-PE than in O-PE. …

    BMJ Open 4(4), e004870, 2014-04-19

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  • Maternal prepregnancy body mass index and gestational weight gain related to perinatal outcomes  [in Japanese]

    吉池 奈津美 , 窪田 裕美 , 湯沢 奈津美 [他]

    長野県母子衛生学会誌 16, 49-55, 2014-03

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  • Current trends in low birth weight infants in Japan  [in Japanese]

    Yoshida Honami , Kato Noriko , Yokoyama Tetsuji

    近年,我が国においては低出生体重児(LBW)割合の増加がみられている.例えば,1980年の平均出生体重は3200グラムであったのが,2010年には3000グラムへと減少している.ほかの先進諸国において医療技術の進歩や体格向上に伴い出生体重が漸増を続けているのとは対照的である.周産期医療の発達に伴い,早産児や未熟児を救命できることになったこと,高齢出産や不妊治療,ハイリスク妊娠の増加に伴う帝王切開の …

    Journal of the National Institute of Public Health 63(1), 2-16, 2014-02

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