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  • Treatment of inflammatory external root resorption with dental trauma by endodontic micro-surgery  [in Japanese]

    Masashi YAMADA , Ryo SAKO , Yosuke SANO , Yoshiki TAMIYA , Sayo SEKIYA , Norihito MIYAYOSHI , Rie FUJII , Masahiro FURUSAWA

    … However, it may be triggered by damage to the precementum on the surface of the root, causing inflammatory external root resorption. … We investigated whether a patient with trauma-induced external root resorption of the maxillary lateral incisor could be successfully treated by performing endodontic micro-surgery. … The lesion and granulation tissue were removed completely, and the malacic tooth substance at the resorption site was mechanically removed. …

    The Journal of Japan Endodontic Association 41(3), 193-197, 2020


  • Hydrostatic Pressurization of Dissociated ATDC5 Aggregates as an <i>in Vitro</i> Model of Mechanical Load-induced Chondrocyte Damage

    Montagne Kevin , Furukawa Katsuko S. , Ushida Takashi

    … tools to study mechanically-induced chondrocyte damage. … cell culture protocol may be useful to study mechanically-induced chondrocyte damage without the need for conventional animal models.</p> …

    Alternatives to Animal Testing and Experimentation 24(2), 75-82, 2019

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  • A search for effective drugs for treating chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy

    Ishii-Nozawa Reiko , Umeda Yuya , Ikeya Hidekazu , Haraguchi Yoshihiko , Kagaya Hajime

    … Cold-sensitive transient receptor potential channels, TRPM8 and TRPA1, have been implicated as candidates mediating L-OHP- and PTX-induced cold allodynia and hyperalgesia. … Tail-flick test and acetone test, and von Frey tests for the thermally and mechanically induced pain models, respectively, were used to assess neuropathic pain in the diabetic rats. … Single intraperitoneal administration of L-OHP and PTX induced cold allodynia on the third day in mice. …

    Proceedings for Annual Meeting of The Japanese Pharmacological Society WCP2018(0), PO2-2-29, 2018


  • Pattern Design to Prevent Sawing-Induced Passivation Damage on Scribe Region During Semiconductor Wafer Separation

    Lee Seong-Min

    … <p>This work details how devices mechanically separated from wafers with a dummy pattern in their scribe region can undergo serious reliability degradation due to Si<sub>3</sub>N<sub>4</sub> … damage. … Experimentally, it was found that although chipping damage occurs only within the scribe region, Si<sub>3</sub>N<sub>4</sub> …

    MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS 59(12), 1887-1891, 2018


  • Peridynamics Simulation of Indentation Test for SiC Crystal: Collaboration with Molecular Dynamics  [in Japanese]

    OHTA Naomichi , SAITOH Ken-ichi , NISHIMURA Kenji , YAMAMOTO Yuichi , SATO Tomohiro , TAKUMA Masanori , TAKAHASHI Yoshimasa

    … However, SiC is mechanically and chemically very stable, and it is necessary to understand intrinsic plastic deformability for high precision processing of thin film. … Therefore, in order to acquire characteristics in the processing, we will elucidate the mechanism for a process-induced degradation layer which is generated to nanometer size, possibly occurring during surface polishing. …

    The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress, Japan 2017(0), G0100101, 2017


  • Biomechanical control of cellular UV resistance by the direct deformation and trapping to the cell nucleus using a microfabricated substrate  [in Japanese]

    SAGAWA Chiaki , NAGAYAMA Kazuaki

    … DNA damage induced by the radiation including ultraviolet (UV) light exerts adverse effects on genome stability, alters the normal state of life, and causes many kinds of diseases. … mechanically on the array of pillars. …

    The Proceedings of Ibaraki District Conference 2017.25(0), 512, 2017


  • Esculentoside A ameliorates cecal ligation and puncture-induced acute kidney injury in rats

    Sun Guodong , Yang Wei , Zhang Yang , Zhao Mingyan

    … However, whether EsA has a protective effect against sepsis-induced acute kidney injury (AKI) has not been reported. … In this study, EsA (2.5, 5, or 10 mg/kg) was given to rats with sepsis induced by cecal ligation and puncture (CLP). … In addition, EsA lowered the kidney tubular damage score and decreased blood urea nitrogen and creatinine. …

    Experimental Animals 66(4), 303-312, 2017

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  • The effects of the mechanical environment of the cell nucleus on the ultraviolet radiation resistance in cells  [in Japanese]

    Nagayama Kazuaki , Sagawa Chiaki

    <p>紫外線や放射線などの外的ストレスによるDNA損傷は,がんや甲状腺異常などの様々な疾患の原因となる致命的な損傷である.このため,効果的な防御技術が切望されており,これまで主に医学・生物学分野の基礎研究が進められてきた.一方,ごく最近では,核内のクロマチン構造の物理的な凝集が,DNAの紫外線・放射線感受性に作用する可能性が指摘され始めている.しかし,そのメカニズムは全く未解明であり, …

    Transactions of Japanese Society for Medical and Biological Engineering 55Annual(5PM-Abstract), 452-452, 2017


  • The effects of the mechanical trapping of the nucleus on cellular UV resistance using a micropillar substrate  [in Japanese]

    SAGAWA Chiaki , NAGAYAMA Kazuaki

    … <p>DNA damage induced by the radiation, including ultraviolet (UV) light, exerts adverse effects on genome stability, alters the normal state of life, and causes many kinds of diseases. … Thus, a biochemical or biomechanical method in DNA damage repair and protection is well required. … Their nuclei showed remarkable deformation and appeared to be "trapped" mechanically on the array of pillars. …

    Transactions of the JSME (in Japanese) 83(846), 16-00425-16-00425, 2017


  • A study for manipulating the distribution and aggregation of the intranuclear DNA using a microfabricated substrate  [in Japanese]

    SAGAWA Chiaki , NAGAYAMA Kazuaki

    … DNA damage induced by the radiation including ultraviolet (UV) light exerts adverse effects on genome stability, alters the normal state of life, and causes many kinds of diseases. … mechanically on the array of pillars. … We found that the UV radiation-induced DNA damage, estimated by the fluorescent intensity of the phospho-histone γ-H2AX, was significantly inhibited in the cells cultured on the pillar substrates. …

    The Proceedings of Ibaraki District Conference 2016.24(0), 702, 2016


  • Two cases of acute respiratory distress syndrome associated with <I>Legionella</I> pneumonia successfully treated with permissive hypoxemia  [in Japanese]

    Minami Eriko , Ishikawa Tomoki , Mieda Hideyuki , Kawanoue Naoya , Iwasaki Etsu , Kobayashi Hiroyuki , Mikane Takeshi , Tokioka Hiroaki

    レジオネラ肺炎はときに重症化して治療に難渋する。我々はレジオネラ肺炎による重症急性呼吸促迫症候群の2例をpermissive hypoxemiaを併用して救命できた。症例はいずれも尿中抗原によりレジオネラ肺炎と診断して,レボフロキサシンを静脈内投与した。症例1は59歳男性でP/F比は64,症例2は64歳男性でP/F比は58まで低下した。人工呼吸は圧支持換気により吸気終末プラトー圧を25 cmH&l …

    Journal of the Japanese Society of Intensive Care Medicine 23(2), 158-162, 2016

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  • Molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying the tactile sensation  [in Japanese]

    Ikeda Ryo

    … This intra ctable phenomenon is induced by neural sensitization after the damage to nervous system. …

    PAIN RESEARCH 30(4), 208-215, 2015

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  • Pressure wave-induced cavitation erosion in narrow channel of stagnant mercury  [in Japanese]

    NAOE Takashi , FUTAKAWA Masatoshi

    … The pressure waves which is caused by high-intensity proton beam injection into mercury is a critical issue to keep the steady operation in the high-power spallation neutron source, because the pressure waves induces cavitation and imposes severe erosion damage on the target vessel due to bubble collapsing. …

    Transactions of the JSME (in Japanese) 80(810), FE0025-FE0025, 2014


  • Evaluating Ginkgo Leaf Necrosis and Asymmetric Crown Discoloration Induced by Typhoon 0613 with RGB Image Analysis

    WANG Fei , YAMAMOTO Haruhiko , IBARAKI Yasuomi , IWAYA Kiyoshi , TAKAYAMA Naru


    Journal of Agricultural Meteorology 65(1), 27-37, 2009-03-10

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    Furuichi Kei , Uematsu Yasushi , Nakamura Shuji , Sera Masaya

    本研究では、一連の風洞実験を行い、陸屋根を持つ中低層建物の屋根に作用する変動風圧の特性と変動特性に及ぼすパラペットの影響を把握し、機械固定式防水システムの耐風性能評価方法を確立することを目的としている。まず初めに風洞実験を行い、屋根に作用する風圧の特性を把握する。屋根面の領域毎の違いや建物の軒高・パラペット高さ・風向がどのような影響を及ぼすのかを調べる。続いて、耐風性能評価に用いる荷重サイクルモデ …



  • Expression of Ribonuclease Gene in Mechanically Injured or Virus-Inoculated Nicotiana tabacum Leaves

    Hiroshi OHNO , Yoshio EHARA

    … Of these genes, only RNase Nk1 was induced by wounding or CMV inoculation. … alata RNase NE that is induced in roots in response to phosphate limitation. … RNase Nk1 mRNA was highly induced in CMV-inoculated leaves within 3-6 hr after inoculation whereas a smaller increase was observed in mock- or CMV RNA-inoculated leaves. …

    Tohoku journal of agricultural research 55(3/4), 99-109, 2005-04-25


  • Influence of Creep and Fatigue Pre-Damage on Creep-Crack- and Fatigue-Crack-Growth Rates of CrMoV Rotor Steel  [in Japanese]

    SEKIHARA Masaru , SAKURAI Shigeo

    … in the case of about 10%-crept and creep-void-induced specimens was increased 5 times, while in the case of 0.8%- and 2.8%-crept specimens, it only increased a little. … and <i>da/dN</i>.<br>These results suggest that the creep remaining lives and fatigue remaining lives of the mechanically damaged CrMoV rotor steel can be estimated by using <i>C</i><sup>*</sup> …

    Journal of the Society of Materials Science, Japan 53(4), 424-431, 2004-04-15

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  • Evaluation of mechanically induced damages of isotropic graphite by means of ultrasonic pulse echo method

    Furushima Ryoichi , Matsuo yohtaro , Shiota Tadashi , Yasuda Kouichi

    一軸圧縮応力を受ける等方性黒鉛(IG12)の損傷過程を超音波パルスエコー法により評価した。黒鉛材料はわずかではあるが、応力‐歪関係が非線型を示す。これは負荷応力の増大とともに、材料内部で損傷が進行していることを意味する。超音波パルスエコー法により、in‐situに損傷過程を評価することができる。具体的には、超音波パラメータである音速、ピーク強度、減衰率などを測定し、これらの変化とがよく対応すること …

    Preprints of Annual Meeting of The Ceramic Society of Japan<br>Preprints of Fall Meeting of The Ceramic Society of Japan 2004S(0), 489-489, 2004


  • Rat Odontoblasts as Revealed by High-Pressure Freezing Followed by Freeze-Substitution


    エナメル器と歯乳頭に囲まれている象牙芽細胞を圧着法で凍結固定するためには,カミソリ刃を用いて細胞を露出しなければならない.この操作で象牙芽細胞は機械的な損傷を受けることになる.さらに適正に凍結固定される領域は圧着面から10μm以下であるので,機械的および氷結晶による損傷のない試料を得ることは極めて困難である.本研究では,0.5mm厚の組織の凍結固定が可能な高圧急速凍結法を用いてラット象牙芽細胞の微 …

    The journal of Gifu Dental Society 30(2), 140-147, 2003-10-20

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  • Damage Processes of CVD Diamond Films by Cyclic Impact  [in Japanese]

    KAMEOKA Seiji , MOTONISHI Suguru , UCHIDA Hitoshi

    … When used under conditions where strong mechanical impact is induced, CVDD films are expected to show unique behaviors as compared to other conventional hardness films. … In order to improve the adhesion of CVDD films, it is very important to reveal the damage processes of CVDD films caused by impact. … In this paper, we described the knowledge of damage processes of CVDD films by cyclic impact via observations by a mechanically scanned acoustic microscope. …

    Journal of The Surface Finishing Society of Japan 52(12), 855-859, 2001-12-01

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