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  • Simple mechanosense and response of cilia motion reveal the intrinsic habits of ciliates

    Ohmura Takuya , Nishigami Yukinori , Taniguchi Atsushi , Nonaka Shigenori , Manabe Junichi , Ishikawa Takuji , Ichikawa Masatoshi

    … An important habit of ciliates, namely, their behavioral preference for walls, is revealed through experiments and hydrodynamic simulations. … A simple mechanical response of individual ciliary beating (i.e., the beating is stalled by the cilium contacting a wall) can solely determine the sliding motion of the ciliate along the wall and result in a wall-preferring behavior. …

    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 115(13), 3231-3236, 2018-03-27


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