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  • Sodium-glucose Co-transporters: Functional Properties and Pharmaceutical Potential

    Sano Ryuhei , Shinozaki Yuichi , Ohta Takeshi

    … Glucose transport across the cell membrane is mediated by two types of transporters: facilitative glucose transporters (gene name: solute carrier 2A) and sodium–glucose cotransporters (SGLTs; … This review addresses the basal and functional properties of glucose transporters and SGLTs, and describes the pharmaceutical potential of SGLT1 and SGLT2. …

    Journal of Diabetes Investigation 11(4), 770-782, 2020-07


  • Tug-of-war between actomyosin-driven antagonistic forces determines the positioning symmetry in cell-sized confinement

    Sakamoto Ryota , Tanabe Masatoshi , Hiraiwa Tetsuya , Suzuki Kazuya , Ishiwata Shin'ichi , Maeda Yusuke T. , Miyazaki Makito

    … In typical animal cells, both a sparse actomyosin meshwork in the cytoplasm and a dense actomyosin cortex underneath the cell membrane participate in the intracellular positioning. … To reveal the potential mechanism, we construct an in vitro model composed of cytoplasmic extracts and nucleus-like clusters confined in droplets. …

    Nature Communications (11), 2020-06-15


  • Controlling biofouling and disinfection by-product formation during reverse osmosis treatment for seawater desalination

    Fujioka Takahiro , Ngo My Thi Tra , Boivin Sandrine , Kawahara Kengo , Takada Akihiro , Nakamura Yuki , Yoshikawa Hiro

    … Controlling membrane fouling and disinfection by-products (DBPs) is an ongoing challenge in achieving sustainable membrane-based seawater desalination. … This study assessed the efficacy of a new disinfectant, stabilized hypobromite, for controlling biofouling and DBP formation during reverse osmosis (RO) membrane treatment of seawater. … Accelerated chemical exposure tests revealed that stabilized hypobromite did not degrade a commercial polyamide RO membrane; …

    Desalination (488), 114507, 2020-05-19


  • Association between low pH and unfavorable neurological outcome among out-of-hospital cardiac arrest patients treated by extracorporeal CPR: a prospective observational cohort study in Japan

    Okada Yohei , Kiguchi Takeyuki , Irisawa Taro , Yoshiya Kazuhisa , Yamada Tomoki , Hayakawa Koichi , Noguchi Kazuo , Nishimura Tetsuro , Ishibe Takuya , Yagi Yoshiki , Kishimoto Masafumi , Shintani Hiroshi , Hayashi Yasuyuki , Sogabe Taku , Morooka Takaya , Sakamoto Haruko , Suzuki Keitaro , Nakamura Fumiko , Nishioka Norihiro , Matsuyama Tasuku , Sado Junya , Matsui Satoshi , Shimazu Takeshi , Koike Kaoru , Kawamura Takashi , Kitamura Tetsuhisa , Iwami Taku , the CRITICAL Study Group Investigators

    … We conducted logistic regression analysis to identify the odds ratio (OR) and 95% confidence interval (CI) of the pH value for 1 month favorable neurological outcome adjusted for potential confounders including sex, age, witnessed by bystander, CPR by bystander, pre-hospital initial cardiac rhythm, and cardiac rhythm on hospital arrival. …

    Journal of Intensive Care (8), 2020-05-11


  • Nitric oxide inhalation as an interventional rescue therapy for COVID-19-induced acute respiratory distress syndrome

    小林 順 , 村田 勇

    … While there is no specific recommended treatment for COVID-19, nitric oxide has the potential to be of therapeutic value for managing acute respiratory distress syndrome in patients with COVID-19. … Given the extent of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the large numbers of hospitalized patients requiring respiratory support, clinical use of inhaled nitric oxide may become an alternate rescue therapy before extracorporeal membrane oxygenation for the management of acute respiratory distress syndrome in patients with COVID-19.2p. …

    Annals of Intensive Care 10(1), 1-2, 2020-05


  • Cell Stress Induced Stressome Release Including Damaged Membrane Vesicles and Extracellular HSP90 by Prostate Cancer Cells

    Eguchi Takanori , Sogawa Chiharu , Ono Kisho , Matsumoto Masaki , Manh Tien Tran , Okusha Yuka , Lang Benjamin J. , Okamoto Kuniaki , Calderwood Stuart K.

    … Some HSP family members and their potential receptor CD91/LRP1 were enriched at high levels in CRPC cell-derived EVs among over 700 other protein types found by mass spectrometry. … The small EVs (30-200 nm in size) were released even in a non-heated condition from the prostate cancer cells, whereas the EMT-coupled release of EVs (200-500 nm) and damaged membrane vesicles with associated HSP90 alpha was increased after heat shock stress (HSS). …

    Cells 9(3), 755, 2020-03-19


  • Focusing on Adenosine Receptors as a Potential Targeted Therapy in Human Diseases

    Effendi Wiwin Is , Nagano Tatsuya , Kobayashi Kazuyuki , Nishimura Yoshihiro

    … Adenosine is involved in a range of physiological and pathological effects through membrane-bound receptors linked to G proteins. …

    Cells 9(3), 785, 2020-03


  • Estimation of the Oxidative Deterioration of Turbine Oil Using Membrane Patch Color

    Honda Tomomi , Kon Tomohiko , Sasaki Akira

    … The first step in determining the potential to produce varnish is to determine the remaining life of the antioxidant in the oil, but even though turbine oil may have antioxidants of sufficient longevity, varnish problems still occur frequently. … Thus, the authors have developed a diagnostic method using membrane patch color, but the relationship between membrane patch color and the remaining life of turbine oils has yet to be clarified. …

    Advances in Tribology (2020), 1-8, 2020-02-07


  • Factors Affecting Membrane Potential Changes in Horizontal Cells of Vertebrate Retina  [in Japanese]

    髙橋 恭一

    人間環境学研究 = Journal of human environmental studies 18(22), 1-40, 2020-02


  • Isolation of a Novel Bacterial Strain Capable of Producing Abundant Extracellular Membrane Vesicles Carrying a Single Major Cargo Protein and Analysis of Its Transport Mechanism

    Chen Chen , Kawamoto Jun , Kawai Soichiro , Tame Akihiro , Kato Chiaki , Imai Tomoya , Kurihara Tatsuo

    … Extracellular membrane vesicles (EMVs) play an important role in various bacterial activities. … EMVs have potential for use as vaccines, drug-delivery vehicles, platforms for extracellular production of recombinant proteins, and so on. … vesiculosa HM13 displayed extensive blebbing on the surface of the outer membrane, and the size of blebs was comparable to that of EMVs. …

    Frontiers in microbiology (10), 2020-01-14


  • Triple-Layer Nanocomposite Membrane Prepared by Electrospinning Based on Modified PES with Carbon Nanotubes for Membrane Distillation Applications

    Elmarghany Mohamed R. , El-Shazly Ahmed H. , Rajabzadeh Saeid , Salem Mohamed S. , Shouman Mahmoud A. , Sabry Mohamed Nabil , Matsuyama Hideto , Nady Norhan

    … In this work, a novel triple-layer nanocomposite membrane prepared with polyethersulfone (PES)/carbon nanotubes (CNTs) as the primary bulk material and poly (vinylidene fluoride-co-hexafluoro propylene) (PcH)/CNTs as the outer and inner surfaces of the membrane by using electrospinning method is introduced. … Modified PES with CNTs was chosen as the bulk material of the triple-layer membrane to obtain a high porosity membrane. …

    Membranes 10(1), 15, 2020-01


  • Defense mechanism and energy metabolism depending on reactive sulfur species  [in Japanese]

    MOTOHASHI Hozumi

    … Based on our recent discovery that mitochondrial sulfur metabolism makes a substantial contribution to generation of the mitochondrial membrane potential, we hypothesized that NRF2 promotes the mitochondrial activity through promoting the sulfur metabolism. … Indeed, xCT inhibition decreased the mitochondrial membrane potential. …

    Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Toxicology 47.1(0), S4-1, 2020


  • VSD imaging method to assess the vulnerability of neural circuit function  [in Japanese]

    TOMINAGA Takashi , TOMINAGA Yoko

    … <p>The brain is a computational organ that uses membrane potential to compute and exchange information between neurons. … Hence, membrane potential measurements are essential to probe brain function. …

    Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Toxicology 47.1(0), S17-3, 2020


  • Measurement of axonal conduction velocity in in vitro peripheral neurons using CMOS-MEA  [in Japanese]

    TAKAHASHI Sayuri , KATO Yuri , ODAWARA Aoi , MATSUDA Naoki , TAURA Tadayuki , OIKE Yusuke , SUZUKI Ikuro

    … In addition, 10nM vincristin, a type of anticancer drug which causes peripheral neuropathy, was exposed overnight.</p><p>[Results] The axonal conduction in spontaneous activities, in which the action potential generated from the soma was conducted through the axon of single neuron, were detected with more than 100 electrodes from 2 WIV. … It is considered that the ACV increased due to the increase in the membrane potential. …

    Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Toxicology 47.1(0), P-235, 2020


  • Atriplex nummularia extract suppresses RANKL-activated osteoclastogenesis  [in Japanese]

    KO Tsui Ling , KUO Han Chun , YANG Jyh Ferng , CHANG Chi Chang , WANG Shih Wei , HOUNG Jer Yiing

    … Following overnight incubation at 4°C, the Western Bright ECL kit was used to develop the signal of the membrane. …

    Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Toxicology 47.1(0), P-201, 2020


  • An introduction to optogenetics: novel tools for physiological psychology research  [in Japanese]

    OZAWA Takaaki

    … In this review, we have briefly explained: (1) the mechanisms of light-gated microbial channels or pumps permitting light-induced membrane potential changes, and (2) the experimental procedures for expressing these proteins in target brain regions to activate or inactivate specific cell populations. …

    Japanese Journal of Physiological Psychology and Psychophysiology, 2020


  • Elucidation of the invasion routes of acute lymphoblastic leukemia into the central nervous system and new central nervous system prophylaxis  [in Japanese]

    Yao Hisayuki

    … Moreover, the basement membrane of these bridging vessels is enriched with laminin, which is known to coordinate neuronal progenitor cell pathfinding in the CNS. … Our data suggest that ALL cells have alternative routes that are involved in the CNS, and PI3Kδ inhibitors have the potential to prevent of the CNS involvement in ALL.</p> …

    The Japanese Journal of Pediatric Hematology / Oncology 57(2), 61-70, 2020


  • Development of Organosilica Membranes with Ionic Liquid-like Properties and Application to Organic Vapor Separation

    HIROTA Yuichiro

    … The results showed that silylated IL-derived organosilica membranes show potential for selective recovery of organic vapors from inorganic/organic gases. … The membrane depended on two permeation pathways, "only the dense IL regions" and "organosilica network-derived micropores + dense IL regions." Furthermore, the contributions of two permeation pathways to gas permeation were successfully evaluated based on the nanopermporometry characteristics.</p> …

    Journal of the Japan Petroleum Institute 63(5), 248-257, 2020


  • Tri-substituted organotin compounds, but not retinoic acid, are potent ligands of complement component 8 γ

    Yamamoto Katsuya , Hiromori Youhei , Matsumaru Daisuke , Ishii Yoichiro , Takeshita Yuki , Tsubakihara Iori , Kimura Tomoki , Nagase Hisamitsu , Nakanishi Tsuyoshi

    … <p>Complement component 8 γ (C8γ) is a subunit of complement protein 8 (C8), which itself is a subunit of the complement cytolytic membrane attack complex. … Although retinoic acid, a metabolite of vitamin A, has been suggested as a potential ligand of C8γ, it remains unclear which other substances are able to bind to C8γ as ligands. …

    The Journal of Toxicological Sciences 45(9), 581-587, 2020


  • Availability of a novel cardiotoxicity evaluation system using human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived atrial-like myocytes  [in Japanese]

    Honda Yayoi

    … In gene expression and membrane potential analysis, it was confirmed that the cells with or without RA treatment have the characters of atrial or ventricular like cardiomyocytes, respectively. …

    Folia Pharmacologica Japonica 155(5), 303-308, 2020


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