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  • The Effect of Chlorinated Paraffins Used as Extreme–Pressure agent in Wet Micro–Drilling of C2801 Brass  [in Japanese]

    Sawai Takeshi , Ochi Hiizu

    … <p>In the past, leaded brass has been used in various applications because its micro cutting is easy due to good machinability. … In order to improve machinability, cutting fluid is used. … The cutting fluids contain oily additives, preservatives, rust inhibitors, and extreme–pressure agents in the base oil. …

    Journal of Japan Institute of Copper 59(1), 309-313, 2020


  • Microstructure, Mechanical Properties and Wear Resistance of Low Alloy Abrasion Resistant Martensitic Steel Reinforced with TiC Particles

    Huang Long , Deng Xiangtao , Wang Qi , Wang Zhaodong

    … The wear mechanism of conventional steel was micro-cutting/micro-ploughing, while the wear mechanism of TiC-reinforced steel was spalling and fatigue, because the micro-cutting was efficiently resisted by TiC particles.</p> …

    ISIJ International 60(11), 2586-2595, 2020


  • Surface Texture by Interrupted Micro Cutting Process  [in Japanese]

    USAMI Hatsuhiko , SATO Toshiki , NIIMI Tatsuya

    … <p>An applicability of interrupted micro cutting process as surface texturing is reviewed. … The surface texturing is fabricated using developed tools having asymmetrically aligned cutting edges with a conventional CNC machining center. … The resulted surface morphology consists of precisely aligned micro sized dimples. …



  • Surface Formation Behaviors in Wavy Microgroove Cutting on Various Workpiece Materials

    Terabayashi Toshitaka , Yan Jiwang

    … When wavy grooves are cut, to reduce the follow-up errors of machine tools, a very low cutting speed is normally used, but the mechanism of this cutting is still unclear. … In this study, microgrooving experiments were conducted on three different workpiece materials: brass, oxygen free copper, and aluminum alloy, and their cutting mechanisms were investigated. …

    International Journal of Automation Technology 14(2), 245-252, 2020


  • Optimization of micro structure and tribological properties on cutting process  [in Japanese]

    宇佐美 初彦

    Abrasive technology : 砥粒加工学会誌 : journal of the Japan Society for Abrasive Technology 63(9), 452-455, 2019-09

  • Glass Substrate Processing Technology Using a Micro Cutting Tool(2nd Report)  [in Japanese]

    米山 陽 , 萩原 義人 , 坂本 智明 , 佐野 正明 , 石黒 輝雄 , 清水 毅 , 石井 孝明

    山梨県産業技術センター研究報告 = Report of Yamanashi Industrial Technology Center (3), 90-93, 2019

  • Prediction of Grinding Finished Surface Considering Elastic Behavior of Abrasive Grain and Workpiece  [in Japanese]

    UCHIDA Gen , YAMADA Takazo , MIURA Kohichi

    … In grinding process, it is well known that the finished surface of the workpiece is created by repeating high speed micro cutting generated by a large number of abrasive grains. …

    The Proceedings of The Manufacturing & Machine Tool Conference 2019.13(0), D32, 2019


  • Examination of air cooling effect in small hole drilling of PEEK  [in Japanese]

    ITO Shogo , NOMURA Mitsuyoshi , FUJII Tatsuya , SUZUKI Tsunehisa

    Micro cutting technology is one of the important methods to fabricate micro-sized precision components in the semiconductor, electronics, and electro-mechanics industries. … However, PEEK, which is a thermoplastic resin, has a problem that the hole accuracy is lowered due to the cutting heat. … As a result, it was found that cooling the workpiece is effective to suppressing the cutting heat and improve hole accuracy. …

    The Proceedings of The Manufacturing & Machine Tool Conference 2019.13(0), A30, 2019


  • Chip morphology and surface integrity in micro cutting of yttria-stabilized tetragonal zirconia polycrystal  [in Japanese]

    Okuuchi Takumi , Yan Jiwang

    <p>イットリア安定化ジルコニア多結晶体(Y-TZP)は歯科材料などとしての応用が期待されている.本研究では,単結晶ダイヤモンド工具によるY-TZPの超精密切削を行い,加工面性状と切りくず生成機構の検討を行った.ラマン分光により加工面における正方晶から単斜晶への相変態が観察され,加工面の断面観察および切りくずの表面観察より粒子の微細化が確認された.適正な加工条件によりナノレベルの表面粗 …

    Proceedings of JSPE Semestrial Meeting 2019S(0), 668-669, 2019


  • Study on Chip Removal Mechanism by PCD Ball-end milling:(1st Report) Cutting Simulation by Orthogonal Cutting

    Kasuriya Peerapong , Watanabe Takeshi , Goto Takashi , Jin Masahiko

    … In cutting using the PCD ball-end mills, the flow type chips are observed and mirror surface cutting can be realized. … However, the mechanism of chip generation in this micro- cutting with large negative rake angle of cutting edge has not been fully clarified. …

    Proceedings of JSPE Semestrial Meeting 2019S(0), 714-715, 2019


  • Study on Elastic Stress Waves Generated during Micro Cutting Process Using FEM Simulation  [in Japanese]

    Hase Alan

    <p>加工状態監視が困難なマイクロ切削において,切削点から発生する弾性応力波(アコースティックエミッション波,AE波)を計測することによって,微視的な切削現象変化をインプロセス計測できる.しかし,加工中の様々な要因がAE波の発生に影響を与えるため,その理論的な解釈に課題が残されている.本研究では,切削点で生じる材料挙動のFEMシミュレーション解析から,実際の加工実験で得られているAE信 …

    Proceedings of JSPE Semestrial Meeting 2019S(0), 343-344, 2019


  • Doubling the production of male sterile Japanese cedar( <i>Cryptomeria japonica</i> D. Don)<b> </b>seedlings by application of micro-cutting technique.  [in Japanese]

    Saito Maki , Goto Susumu

    <p>富山県で生産している優良無花粉スギ「立山 森の輝き」の実生苗は、メンデルの遺伝の法則により約50% の頻度で有花粉の苗が混ざるため、出荷前にジベレリン処理をして強制的に着花させ、無花粉の苗を選抜している。その際に、シベレリンの影響で苗が徒長し大苗になる傾向がある。本研究では徒長した苗の梢端部分(5 cm程度)を切ることによって徒長を抑制し、さらに切った梢端を挿し木することによって …

    Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding 8(1), 1-7, 2019


  • Glass Substrate Processing Technology Using a Micro Cutting Tool  [in Japanese]

    米山 陽 , 萩原 義人 , 石黒 輝雄 , 坂本 智明 , 佐野 正明 , 清水 毅 , 石井 孝明

    山梨県産業技術センター研究報告 = Report of Yamanashi Industrial Technology Center (2), 120-122, 2018


    Ogawa Yoshinori , Katahira Kazutoshi , Shimada Hiroyuki , Yamazaki Kazuo , Aoyama Hideki

    … <p>BL-PCD is expected to be an excellent material for a micro cutting tool because it is the hardest material in the world. … Micro tools are used for the direct machining of high precision die and mold, and conventional PCD tools are often used for such precise machining in general. …

    Proceedings of the International Symposium on Flexible Automation 2018(0), 47-50, 2018


  • Investigation of Paraffin Micro Cutting Mechanism for Production of Pathological Diagnosis  [in Japanese]

    OMURA Toru , YOSHINO Masahiko , KUSUMI Takayuki , NAKAMURA Ryuta , AKAGAMI Yoichi , NANJO Hiroshi

    … Slicing is a fine cutting process with a depth of cut with a few micrometers, and there are many unclear points about the mechanism and the distortion inside the thin sections. … In this report, we report the effect of cutting conditions on the cutting data and morphology of thin sections measured using the tissue slicer we have developed. …

    The Proceedings of The Manufacturing & Machine Tool Conference 2018.12(0), A03, 2018


  • Effects of the edge serrations on the brittle fracture in the micro cutting process on optical glasses:-Effects of the workpiece inclination-  [in Japanese]

    ONO Takenori

    … <p>Effects of the edge serrations on the brittle fracture in the cutting of the soda-lime glass are discussed. … In cutting tests, characteristics of the brittle fracture were changed by the engaging angle.</p> …

    The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress, Japan 2018(0), S1320305, 2018


  • A Micro Cutting Process by 6DOF Magnetically Levitated Stage  [in Japanese]

    Ando Takashi

    … <p>This study proposes a method of measurement and control in micro cutting process with rotary cutting tools of 30-100μm in diameter using a electromagnetically levitated stage. … Because the magnetic levitation can support a stage with work by non-contact, disturbance such as frictional force does not occur and it can measure force produced by micro cutting. …

    The Proceedings of the Conference on Information, Intelligence and Precision Equipment : IIP 2018(0), 1C03_1, 2018


  • Effects of Dimple Geometry Applied by Means of Interrupted Micro Cutting on the Tribological Properties of Aluminum Casting Alloys  [in Japanese]

    SATO Toshiki , NIIMI Tatsuya , KANDA Yasuyuki , NISHIO Satoru , HAYAKAWA Shogo , USAMI Hatsuhiko

    … <p>Tribological properties of textured surfaces fabricated with an interrupted micro cutting process (tiling<sup>TM</sup>) were investigated. … The surface texture was fabricated with a cutting tool having an asymmetrical geometry. … The resulting surface morphology consisted of aligned micro dimples having a diameter of 180-630µm and a depth of 2-40µm, with controlled area fractions varied from 10 to 50% and the top region was finished with polishing. …



  • Tribological Technology of Compressor Systems for Energy Saving  [in Japanese]

    宇佐美 初彦

    冷凍 = Refrigeration 92(1074), 283-287, 2017-04

  • Micro Tool Diameter Monitoring by Means of Laser Diffraction for On-Machine Measurement

    Khajornrungruang Panart , Kimura Keiichi , Suzuki Keisuke , Inoue Tomoki

    … <p>This study proposes a non-contact measurement method for evaluating a micro cutting tool diameter at a sub-micrometer precision in atmospheric environment. … However, the generally used geometrical optical measurement methods do fundamentally not have sub-micrometer precision due to well-known light diffraction phenomenon, notably when measuring a micro tool. …

    International Journal of Automation Technology 11(5), 736-741, 2017


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