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  • Salt taste perception and blood pressure levels in population-based samples : the Circulatory Risk in Communities Study (CIRCS)

    山岸 良匡 , Asako Kudo , Akihiko Kitamura , Hironori Imano , Renzhe Cui , Mitsumasa Umesawa , Kazumasa YAMAGISHI , Tetsuya Ohira , Isao Muraki , Mina Hayama-Terada , Masahiko Kiyama , Hiroyasu Iso

    … To examine the associations of salt perception with salt intake and blood pressure levels in general populations, we performed a cross-sectional study in two communities where salt intake level is different, Akita and Osaka in Japan. … Taste perception (detection for certain taste and recognition for salt taste) was determined using a Na-impregnated test strip for 1024 Akita and 1199 Osaka adults aged 30–74 years. …

    British Journal of Nutrition 125(2), 203-211, 2021-01


  • Impact of Habitual Exercise on Locomotive Function of Middle-aged and Elderly Volunteers: A Longitudinal Study

    Yamada Tomohiro , Ide Koichiro , Watanabe Yuh , Matsuyama Yukihiro , Yamato Yu , Hasegawa Tomohiko , Yoshida Go , Yasuda Tatsuya , Banno Tomohiro , Arima Hideyuki , Oe Shin , Ushirozako Hiroki

    … <p><b>Objectives: </b>This longitudinal study aimed to evaluate the effect of acquisition of an exercise habit on locomotive dysfunction (LD).</p><p><b>Methods: </b>The subjects were 121 male and 196 female volunteers aged more than 50 years who attended health checkups in Toei, central Japan, in 2012 and 2014. …

    Progress in Rehabilitation Medicine 6(0), n/a, 2021


  • The impact of building up the limb muscle mass by the resistance exercise with the intake of milk in middle-aged and elderly women

    Michiyo KANEKO , Takehiko KANEKO , Masaki TAGA , Reiko TAKANASHI , Kaori SATO , Shiori TAKANO

    … Objective: This study was carried out to clarify whether five kinds of specific and simple resistance exercise performing at home for the short term (42 days) with theintake of whole milk could help to increase the limb muscle mass in middle-aged and elderly women. …

    和洋女子大学紀要 = The journal of Wayo Women's University (61), 49-56, 2020-03-31

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  • The relationship between dispositional optimism and cognitive functions in the middle-aged and elderly people  [in Japanese]

    Iwahara Akihiko , Shimai Satoshi , Fujiwara Kazumi , Hatta Taketoshi , Hatta Junko , Kato Kimiko , Hatta Takeshi

    … In the present study we investigate an association between dispositional optimism and cognitive functions in the middle aged and the older. … Participants were 285 community-dwelling middle aged and older persons without dementia. …

    Journal of Human Environmental Studies 18(2), 171-177, 2020



    YURI Taizo , HINO Kimihiro , USUI Hiroyuki , ASAMI Yasushi

    … <p> In Japan, life expectancy has increased over the last seven years, and this includes "healthy life expectancy" which indicates the years of living in full health without disease and/or injury. … However, the gap between life expectancy and healthy life expectancy—nine years for men and twelve years for women—called the unhealthy period, has not changed. …

    Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ) 85(776), 2209-2215, 2020


  • Effects of Urinary Incontinence on QOL of Daily Life in iddle-aged and Elderly Women  [in Japanese]

    TAJIRI Kimiko , HUO Ming , SOKABE Mieko , IWASAKI Akemi , SHIKATA Hayako , MARUYAMA Hitoshi

    <p>〔目的〕中高年女性において尿失禁が日常生活のQOLに与える影響について明にすることとした.〔対象と方法〕自立生活している40歳以上の女性262人(56.1 ± 10.0歳),排尿状態における日常生活への影響について,①属性,②排尿に関すること,③日本語版IIQ(Incontinence Impact Questionnaire)質問用紙に無記名自己記入式による調査を実施し,多変量 …

    Rigakuryoho Kagaku 35(3), 315-319, 2020

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  • Relationship between age-related decreases in serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels and skeletal muscle mass in Japanese women

    Sato Michiko , Sairyo Koichi , Kawaura Akihiko , Takeda Eiji , Morishita Teruhiro , Katayama Takafumi , Satomura Shigeko , Okuno Hiroko , Sumida Nami , Sakuma Masae , Arai Hidekazu , Katoh Shinsuke

    … <p>A clearer understanding of skeletal muscle mass (SMM) in middle-aged and elderly individuals is important for maintaining functionality. … In the present study, age-related changes in SMM, the threshold of SMM with walking difficulty, intestinal nutrient absorption rate, and various serum factors were examined in Japanese populations of different ages. …

    The Journal of Medical Investigation 67(1.2), 151-157, 2020

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  • Sex-Specific Association between Serum Vitamin D Status and Lipid Profiles: A Cross-Sectional Study of a Middle-Aged and Elderly Chinese Population

    HUANG Fei , LIU Qingquan , ZHANG Qian , WAN Zhengce , HU Liu , XU Ranran , CHENG Anying , LV Yongman , WANG Le

    … <p>Studies have shown that vitamin D status might be associated with dyslipidaemia, but results are conflicting and there might exist sex differences. … The aim of our study was to explore the sex-specific association between vitamin D status and serum lipids and atherogenic index of plasma (AIP, a predictor for atherosclerosis) among Chinese middle-aged and elderly adults. …

    Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology 66(2), 105-113, 2020

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  • Frequency of urinary incontinence and self-care among middle-aged Japanese women: a review of the Japanese literature  [in Japanese]

    Kitamura Sadako , Nagahiro Chie , Tsugawa Keiko

    目的:失禁の多くは予防や改善が可能とされているが、軽視されがちであり、相談や受診につながることが少ない。そのため頻度や対応に関する文献も少ない。研究の目的は、尿失禁の頻度や自己対応の実態を明らかにし、予防や改善への取り組みに対する基礎資料を得ることである。<br> 方法:医学中央雑誌Web 版で1970 年~ 2018 年までの範囲でキーワード「尿失禁」「女性」「高齢者」「地域」にて日 …

    Journal of Japanese Society of Wound, Ostomy and Continence Management 23(4), 426-436, 2020

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  • Young People's Media Use Activities on the Smartphone and Awareness on the Usage:From the 2018 Time Use Survey on Media Use [Part2]  [in Japanese]

    Yoshifuji Masayo , Watanabe Yoko

    「メディア利用の生活時間調査」の2回目の報告である本稿では、特に若年層(16~29歳)のスマートフォン利用に焦点をあて、スマートフォン利用の詳細を描くとともに、具体的な利用内容と利用の際の意識との関連を探った。まず日記式調査の結果をみると、男16~29歳はスマートフォンでSNS、動画、ゲーム、音楽などを利用している。女16~29歳はSNSをメインに動画の利用も多いが、SNS・動画以外はそれほど多く …

    The NHK Monthly Report on Broadcast Research 70(1), 26-45, 2020


  • Prevalence of lifestyle-related chronic diseases among agricultural and non-agricultural workers in ruralareas of Japan: the Shimane CoHRE study

    Yamasaki Masayuki , Yano Shozo , Takeda Miwako , Abe Takafumi , Isomura Minoru , Hamano Tsuyoshi , Nabika Toru , Shiwaku Kuninori

    … This study aimed to clarify the prevalence of lifestyle-related chronic diseases among workers engaging and not engaging in agriculture in rural areas of Japan.</p><p><b>Methods:</b> … A total of 4,666 consecutive participants aged ≥40 years (1,929 men and 2,737 women) were recruited during health examinations conducted from 2006 to 2014. …

    Journal of Rural Medicine 15(1), 1-7, 2020

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  • Feature of foot structure of young woman with hallux valgus  [in Japanese]

    森下 有紗 , 根地嶋 誠 , 大城 昌平

    研究論文[目的]外反母趾は,中高年においてしばしば問題となる変形である.外反母趾の存在は他部位への運動学的変化を及ぼすことが報告されていることから,若年者から予防的な介入が必要かもしれない.しかし,若年者において外反母趾が他部位に及ぼす影響は明らかではない.本研究では,若年女性を対象に足部アライメントを調査し,外反母趾と内側縦アーチおよび踵骨角度との関係を明らかにすることを目的とした. [方法]大 …

    リハビリテーション科学ジャーナル = Journal of Rehabilitation Sciences (14), 39-46, 2019-03-31

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  • Effects of consuming a supplement with antioxidant action on physical fatigue and the state of the skin in middle-aged women  [in Japanese]

    須藤 明治 , 山田 健二 , 矢澤 一良

    … The current study examined subjective physical fatigue and the state of the skin when typical middle-aged women (mean age: 47.3 years) consumed a supplement (denoted here as V7) containing astaxanthin, reduced coenzyme Q10, leucine, arginine, citrulline, DHA, and krill oil for 30 d. …

    体育・スポーツ科学研究 = Kokushikan society of sport science (19), 21-26, 2019-03-01

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  • Effects of wearing Japanese-style sandals in middle-aged and elderly women  [in Japanese]

    宮口 和義 , 山次 俊介

    … This study clarified the influences of wearing Japanese-style sandals (zori) on function of foot in middle-aged and elderly women. … The participants were 22 healthy women, aged between 40 and 81 years. … Toe-gap force, toe-grip strength, and one leg stepping test were evaluated. …

    石川県立大学研究紀要 = Bulletin of Ishikawa Prefectural University (2), 69-76, 2019-03


  • The effects of 6-month walking exercise with gait correction on middle-aged and elderly women with pincer nail  [in Japanese]

    桜井 祐子 , 田辺 解 , 久野 譜也

    日本臨床スポーツ医学会誌 27(2), 198-205, 2019

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  • Development of the General Motivation Scale for the Middle-Aged and the Elderly  [in Japanese]

    Ishibashi Ryo , Oba Kentaro , Cheon Beomjin , Sugiura Motoaki

    The Proceedings of the Annual Convention of the Japanese Psychological Association 83(0), 2B-064-2B-064, 2019


  • Mutual relationships between caregiving and work among middle-aged women:Analysis of two-wave panel data  [in Japanese]

    Kikuzawa Saeko , Uemura Ryotaro

    <p> 本研究は,中高年女性の就業と介護の相互の関係を検討することを目的として,厚生労働省が2005年・2006年に実施した第1回・第2回「中高年者縦断調査」データを探索的に分析した.まず,第2回調査時点(T2)での介護の開始についてのロジスティック回帰分析を行ったところ,就業の有無と介護の開始との間に負の関連がみられた.就業者に限定した分析の結果,就業時間と介護開始との間に負の関連が …

    Japanese Journal of Gerontology 41(1), 9-17, 2019

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  • Attitude Survey of Middle-aged and Elderly Women with Experience of Urinary Incontinence  [in Japanese]

    TAJIRI Kimiko , HUO Ming , SOKABE Mieko , IWASAKI Akemi , SHIKATA Hayako , MARUYAMA Hitoshi

    <p>〔目的〕尿失禁を経験した女性の尿失禁への思いや対処行動を明らかにし,さらに骨盤底筋体操を実施できるよう支援方法を見いだすことである.〔対象と方法〕尿失禁を経験した中高年女性11名(平均年齢60.1 ± 4.0歳),質的記述的研究.〔結果〕4項目に対して10カテゴリー,18コードが抽出された.〈発症時期〉は「出産後」,「閉経前後」で,状況は〈筋力低下による要因〉〈環境による要因〉, …

    Rigakuryoho Kagaku 34(4), 511-515, 2019

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  • A study for the relations between footedness and motor function in middle and upper middle-aged adults:Evidences from the Yakumo Study  [in Japanese]

    Hatta Takeshi

    … Based on the Yakumo Study database, relations between left and right footedness were examined for maximum stride (MS), walking speed (WS) and timed go-up-and go (TGUG) performances with 309 (men: 135 and women: 174) middle and upper-middle aged community-dwelling healthy people. …

    Journal of Human Environmental Studies 17(1), 39-43, 2019


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