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  • Mineralogy and petrology of shoshonitic lamprophyre dykes from the Sivarampeta area, diamondiferous Wajrakarur kimberlite field, Eastern Dharwar craton, southern India


    … <p>Petrology and geochemistry (including Sr and Nd isotopes) of two lamprophyre dykes, intruding the Archaean granitic gneisses at Sivarampeta in the diamondiferous Wajrakarur kimberlite field (WKF), eastern Dharwar craton, southern India, are presented. …

    Journal of Mineralogical and Petrological Sciences 115(2), 202-215, 2020


  • Determination of the geographic origin of log-cultivated shiitake mushroom, Lentinula edodes, using comparative analysis of Sr isotope, C・N・O isotopes, and levels of trace elements  [in Japanese]

    時本 景亮 , 田淵 諒子 , 作野 えみ , 鈴木 彌生子 , 川崎 晃 , 平田 岳史

    菌蕈研究所研究報告 = Reports of the Tottori Mycological Institute (49), 28-34, 2019

  • Gemological characteristics of jadeites from Polar Urals  [in Japanese]

    Miura Makoto , Arai Shoji , Ishimaru Satoko , Shmelev Vladimir R.

    … Although jadeites going on the market are mainly from Myanmar at present, they also have been found from Guatemala, Japan, California, Kazakhstan and Russia. … Some Russian jadeites have been studied based on geological and petrological approaches so far<sup>1</sup>, however their gemological features are still unclear. … This closed mine was called "the Levoketchpel deposit" and was reportedly found in 1959<sup>2</sup>. …

    Abstract of Papers Presented at Annual Meeting of the Gemmological Society of Japan 41(0), 15-15, 2019


  • Petrography of the Ogoto Granite deeply drilled on the western shore of Nan-ko, Lake Biwa, SW Japan  [in Japanese]

    NAKANO Satoshi , HASHIMOTO Kan , KIMURA Katsumi , the Collaborative Research Group for the Granites around Lake Biwa

    … <p>A deep drilling was performed by Otsu City at Ogoto on the southwestern shore of Lake Biwa, and the core samples of the underlying Ogoto Granite were collected from 918.5 m to 1,801 m in depth. … This granite is located between the Hira and Hiei Granite plutons. … a medium-grained, porphyritic hornblende-biotite granite to granodiorite and a fine-grained, porphyritic hornblende-biotite granite to granodiorite. …

    Earth Science (Chikyu Kagaku) 72(1), 11-20, 2018




    … dynamics(include produce) in join potion between Abukuma river and Ara river(Abukuma sub basin). … It is used to water quality information(trace element and ion composition) approach to comparing spatio-tamporal distribution.</p><p> These results are as fellow. … produce area is Shiratu ba-sin(Ara sub basin) that indicate high volcanic outflow and high weathering index of Alteration (<i>CIA</i>). …

    Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Ser. B1 (Hydraulic Engineering) 74(5), I_457-I_462, 2018


  • Microscopic Distribution of Minor Elements in Iron-Based Alloys Analyzed by Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry

    Shishido Rie , Itoh Masuo , Uchikoshi Masahito , Suzuki Shigeru

    … <p>This paper overviews analytical results of the microscopic distribution of minor elements in iron-based alloys, obtained by secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS). … Since trace amounts of some elements play crucial roles in the properties of steels, it is very important to analyze their distribution in the microstructure of iron-based alloys. …

    e-Journal of Surface Science and Nanotechnology 16(0), 150-155, 2018


  • A Survey of Various Issues Concerning Pediatric Nutrition: A Survey Analysis Using the 44th Kyushu Pediatric Surgical Congress Questionnaire  [in Japanese]

    Koga Yoshinori , Zaizen Yoshio , Goto Yukiko , Ishii Minori , Inatomi Kaori

    trace elements, 5. … use of Omegaven, and 7. … Eight facilities administer preoperative ORT, which is primarily utilized until two hours before minor surgeries such as inguinal hernia repair. … Eleven facilities feed semisolid formulas to children with severe motor and intellectual disabilities and with gastroesophageal reflux disease. …

    Journal of the Japanese Society of Pediatric Surgeons 53(2), 258-265, 2017


  • Geochemical study of type 3 ordinary chondrite  [in Japanese]

    Genevieve Hublet , Akira Yamaguchi , Naoki Shirai , Makoto Kimura

    … <p>This abstract present the previous results of bulk minor and trace element analyses obtained on five type 3 ordinary chondrites (3 LL3, 2 L3). …

    Abstracts of Annual Meeting of the Geochemical Society of Japan 64(0), 263, 2017


  • Petrographic and isotopic characteristics of hornblende-bearing cumulates and pyroxene granulite xenoliths from Kampu volcano, Oga peninsula, Northeast Japan Arc: High-pressure crystallization of hornblende and metasomatism of lower crustal material  [in Japanese]

    YAMAMOTO Masatsugu , NISHIZAWA Tatsuji , MIMORI Shunsuke , NARITA Akiyuki , OGATA Takeyuki

    … Two suites of xenoliths and an associated scoria-bearing pyroclastic fragment were sampled near Kampu volcano on Oga Peninsula of the northeast Japan arc. … These scoria-hosted xenoliths consist of hornblende-bearing clinopyroxenite, hornblendite, and hornblende gabbro cumulates, hornblende megacrysts, and minor amounts of lower crustal pyroxene-plagioclase granulites. …

    Japanese Magazine of Mineralogical and Petrological Sciences 46(3), 81-107, 2017


  • Relationship between CAIs and chondrules: A case study of a compound chondrule from the Allende (CV3) meteorite

    Russell Sara S. , Bodenan Jean-David , Starkey Natalie A. , Jeffries Teresa E. , Kearsley Anton , Spratt John , Armytage Rosalind M. G. , Franchi Ian A.

    … <p>We report the mineralogy, petrology, major, minor and trace element geochemistry, O and Si isotopes of a complex compound chondrule from the Allende meteorite. … The oxygen isotopic composition of the different phases within the compound chondrules fall along the Allende chondrule line and range from Δ<sup>17</sup>O – 12.5 to –2‰. …

    GEOCHEMICAL JOURNAL 51(1), 31-43, 2017


  • Evaluation of effect of thermal alteration on major and trace element compositions of volcanic glass shards in the Yabakei pyroclastic-flow deposit  [in Japanese]

    Maruyama Seiji , Danhara Tohru , Hirata Takafumi

    … The concentrations of the major oxides and minor elements in volcanic glass shards in the tephra samples from the Yabakei pyroclastic-flow deposit were determined using LA-ICP-MS to evaluate thermal effects on chemical compositions of volcanic glass shards. …

    Abstracts for Annual Meeting of Japan Association of Mineralogical Sciences 2016(0), 173, 2016


  • Chemical characterization of a chromitite reference sample GPt-5 using INAA and ICP-MS

    Akhter Rabeya , Shirai Naoki , Ebihara Mitsuru

    … New major, minor, and trace element (Mg, Al, Ca, Sc, V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Zn, and Ir) abundances for a chromitite reference sample, GPt-5, were obtained using instrumental neutron activation analysis (INAA), and are presented in this report. …

    GEOCHEMICAL JOURNAL 50(2), 179-185, 2016


  • GS1109 Frictional and wear behavior of trace and minor elements doped steel  [in Japanese]

    NAKA Akihiro , TADOKORO Chiharu , SASAKI Shinya

    … In order to apply low-carbon weld steel modified by minor and trace element doping to tribological products, the friction and wear properties of the low-carbon steel and conventional carbon steel were investigated by two kinds of sliding tests, hardness measurement and microstructure observation. …

    The Proceedings of Conference of Kanto Branch 2016.22(0), _GS1109-1_-_GS1109-2_, 2016


  • Two types of gabbroic xenoliths from Niijima volcano, Izu-Bonin arc: petrological and geochemical constraints  [in Japanese]

    Endo Daisuke , Arakawa Yoji , Ikehata Kei , Oshika Junya , Shinmura Taro , Mori Yasushi

    … Niijima volcano is predominantly composed of rhyolitic lava domes and pyroclastic units with minor basaltic to andesitic volcanic units. … In this study, we conducted petrographical and geochemical studies on the gabbroic xenoliths contained within the volcanic rocks from the northern part of the volcano. …

    Abstracts for Annual Meeting of Japan Association of Mineralogical Sciences 2014(0), 197, 2014


  • An Active X-Ray Spectrometer for the SELENE-2 Rover

    Ja KIM Kyeong , JU Gwanghyeok , J. FAGAN Timothy , OHTA Tohru , SHIBAMURA Eido , AMANO Yoshiharu , V. BOYNTON William , KLINGELHÖFER Gostar , BRÜCKNER Johannes , HASEBE Nobuyuki , HAMARA Dave , D. STARR Richard , F. LIM Lucy

    … The Active X-ray Spectrometer (AXS) for the Japanese SELENE-2 rover has been proposed for elemental analysis on the lunar surface to measure the major elements: Mg, Al, Si, Ca, Ti, and Fe; … the minor elements, Na, K, P, S, Cl, Cr, and Mn and the trace element Ni, all depending on their concentrations at a landing site. …



  • 1302 Effect of micro structure and element doping on frictional wear behavior of low carbon steel  [in Japanese]

    Naka Akihiro , Tsuboi Ryo , Sasaki Shinya

    … One of the effective methods to keep high welding workability and hardness is minor and trace element doping to the steel. … The doping of the minor and trace element improves hardness of steel due to refinement crystal grain size. …

    The Proceedings of the Machine Design and Tribology Division meeting in JSME 2014.14(0), 75-76, 2014


  • Magma process of the Kibe Granite (One of the Younger granitoids) in the Yanai area of the Ryoke Belt, southwest Japan  [in Japanese]

    AKASAKI Eri , KAME Atsushi , OWADA Masaaki

    … Older Ryoke granitoids, Younger Ryoke granitoids and San'yo granites. … The Kibe Granite, a representative Younger Ryoke granitoids in the Yanai area, Yamaguchi Prefecture, occurs as an elliptic outcrop associated with a coeval quartz diorite, and intruded the high-grade Ryoke metamorphic rocks. … These rocks also contain local micro-magmatic enclaves and have migmatitic structures in contact zones with the pelitic gneisses in the marginal parts of the granite. …

    Japanese Magazine of Mineralogical and Petrological Sciences 42(4), 159-173, 2013-07-30

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  • Leaching Properties of Harmful Trace Heavy Metal Elements from Japanese and Chinese Municipal Waste Incineration Fly Ashes  [in Japanese]

    ZHANG Wenqing , ZHANG Fengjun , SUGANUMA Hideki , KATO Shigeru , KOJIMA Toshinori

    … The leaching properties of harmful trace elements were compared in four municipal incineration fly ashes: one from a typical medium-scale stoker furnace in Japan, and three from large-scale fluidized bed furnaces at three representative large cities in China. … The Chinese ash samples had larger diameter, higher bulk density and different elemental contents from the Japanese ash. …

    KAGAKU KOGAKU RONBUNSHU 39(3), 391-398, 2013-07-20

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  • No.62 Elucidation degradation behavior by a minor component on Solid Oxide Fuel Cell  [in Japanese]

    OIDA Akiyuki , YOSHIIE Ryo , NARUSE Ichiro , UEKI Yasuaki , NUNOME Yoko

    … In recent years, protections of environmental pollution and global warming are most important issues to discuss the world energy use. … Efficient and clean use of fossil energy resources in the world has been increasing in importance. … Coal is produced all over the world also, and it amount of reserves is larger than any other fossil fuels (oil, natural gas, etc.). …

    Proceedings of Conference on Coal Science 49(0), 120-121, 2012


  • Influence of Dissolution and Deposition of Main and Minor Elements on Elution Behavior from Municipal Waste Incineration Fly Ash  [in Japanese]

    ZHANG Wenqing , KATO Shigeru , KOJIMA Toshinori

    … However, the elution of harmful trace elements from the incineration ash is a cause for environmental concern. … The present study examined the elution and leaching characteristics of fly ash packed in a column on elution with nitric acidic solution. …

    KAGAKU KOGAKU RONBUNSHU 37(1), 64-69, 2011-03-20

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