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  • Concentration of mitochondrial DNA mutations by cytoplasmic transfer from platelets to cultured mouse cells

    石川 香 , 中田 和人 , Kaori ISHIKAWA , Kohei Kobayashi , Akihito Yamada , Moe Umehara , Toshihiko Oka , Kazuto NAKADA

    … Accumulation of mutations in mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is thought to be responsible for mitochondrial, and other, diseases and biological phenomena, such as diabetes, cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, and aging. …

    PLOS ONE 14(3), e0213283, 2019-03


  • Reverse Genetic Studies on Mammalian Mitochondrial DNA with Pathogenic Mutations  [in Japanese]

    Nakada Kazuto

    … It has been well documented that mitochondrial DNA(mtDNA)mutations induce mitochondrial respiration defects, when certain pathogenic mtDNA mutations accumulate predominantly in the affected tissues and cells. … The resultant mitochondrial respiration defects manifest as a variety of mitochondrial diseases with varying clinical outcomes. …

    Neuro-Ophthalmology Japan 36(2), 199-206, 2019


  • Mice deficient in the Shmt2 gene have mitochondrial respiration defects and are embryonic lethal

    Tani Haruna , Ohnishi Sakiko , Shitara Hiroshi , Mito Takayuki , Yamaguchi Midori , Yonekawa Hiromichi , Hashizume Osamu , Ishikawa Kaori , Nakada Kazuto , Hayashi Jun-Ichi , 石川 香 , 中田 和人

    … Accumulation of somatic mutations in mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) has been proposed to be responsible for human aging and age-associated mitochondrial respiration defects. …

    Scientific reports (8), 425, 2018-01


  • Mutations in mitochondrial DNA regulate mitochondrial diseases and metastasis but do not regulate aging

    Hayashi Jun-Ichi , Hashizume Osamu , Ishikawa Kaori , Shimizu Akinori , 石川 香

    … The mitochondria theory of aging proposes that accumulation of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) with pathogenic mutations, and the resultant respiration defects, are responsible not only for mitochondrial diseases but also for aging and age-associated disorders, including tumor development. …

    Current opinion in genetics & development (38), 63-67, 2016-06


  • Epigenetic regulation of the nuclear-coded GCAT and SHMT2 genes confers human age-associated mitochondrial respiration defects

    Hashizume Osamu , Ohnishi Sakiko , Mito Takayuki , Shimizu Akinori , Ishikawa Kaori , Nakada Kazuto , Soda Manabu , Mano Hiroyuki , Togayachi Sumie , Miyoshi Hiroyuki , Okita Keisuke , Hayashi Jun Ichi

    … Age-associated accumulation of somatic mutations in mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) has been proposed to be responsible for the age-associated mitochondrial respiration defects found in elderly human subjects. …

    Scientific Reports (5), 2015-05-22


  • G7731A mutation in mouse mitochondrial tRNALys regulates late-onset disorders in transmitochondrial mice

    Shimizu Akinori , Mito Takayuki , Hashizume Osamu , Yonekawa Hiromichi , Ishikawa Kaori , Nakada Kazuto , Hayashi Jun-Ichi , 清水 章文 , 石川 香 , 中田 和人 , 林 純一

    … We previously generated mito-mice-tRNALys7731 as a model for primary prevention of mitochondrial diseases. … Unlike young mito-mice-tRNALys7731, aged mito-mice-tRNALys7731 developed muscle atrophy, renal failures, and various metabolic abnormalities, such as lactic acidosis and anemia, characteristic of patients with mitochondrial diseases. …

    Biochemical and biophysical research communications 459(1), 66-70, 2015-03


  • Emerging functional cross-talk between the Keap1-Nrf2 system and mitochondria

    Itoh Ken , Ye Peng , Matsumiya Tomoh , Tanji Kunikazu , Ozaki Taku

    … Interestingly, increasing evidence shows that Nrf2 is associated with mitochondrial biogenesis during environmental stresses in certain tissues such as the heart. … elegans</i>, is activated by mitochondrial reactive oxygen species and extends life span by promoting mitochondrial homeostasis (i.e., mitohormesis). … (<i>Surf1</i>) -/- mice in which cellular respiration was decreased due to cytochrome c oxidase defects. …

    Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition 56(2), 91-97, 2015

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  • Administration of an Antioxidant Prevents Lymphoma Development in Transmitochondrial Mice Overproducing Reactive Oxygen Species

    YAMANASHI Haruka , HASHIZUME Osamu , YONEKAWA Hiromichi , NAKADA Kazuto , HAYASHI Jun-Ichi

    … Because of the difficulty to exclude possible involvement of nuclear DNA mutations, it has been a controversial issue whether pathogenic mutations in mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) and the resultant respiration defects are involved in tumor development. …

    Proceedings of The Japanese Society of Animal Models for Human Diseases 63(4), 459-466, 2014

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  • Selection of Rodent Species Appropriate for mtDNA Transfer to Generate Transmitochondrial Mito-Mice Expressing Mitochondrial Respiration Defects

    Enoki Shunkei , Hayashi Jun-Ichi , Shimizu Akinori , Hayashi Chisato , Imanishi Hirotake , Hashizume Osamu , Mekada Kazuyuki , Suzuki Hitoshi , Hashimoto Tetsuo , Nakada Kazuto

    … do not express respiration defects, whereas those with mtDNA from <i>Rattus norvegicus</i> … due to inducing significant respiration defects and resultant losing multipotency. … consumption rates, which would be due to the coevolution of nuclear and mitochondrial genomes and the resultant incompatibility between the nuclear genome from <i>M. … and the mitochondrial genome from the other rodent species. …

    Experimental Animals 63(1), 21-30, 2014

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  • Polymorphic mutations in mouse mitochondrial DNA regulate a tumor phenotype

    Takibuchi Gaku , Imanishi Hirotake , Morimoto Mami , Ishikawa Kaori , Nakada Kazuto , Toyama-Sorimachi Noriko , Kikkawa Yoshiaki , Takenaga Keizo , Hayashi Jun-Ichi , 瀧渕 岳 , 中田 和人 , 林 純一

    … To examine whether polymorphic mtDNA mutations that do not induce significant respiration defects regulate phenotypes of tumor cells, we used mouse transmitochondrial tumor cells (cybrids) with nuclear DNA from C57BL/6 (B6) strain and mtDNA from allogenic C3H strain. …

    Mitochondrion 13(6), 881-887, 2013-11


  • Specific mtDNA Mutations in Mouse Carcinoma Cells Suppress Their Tumor Formation via Activation of the Host Innate Immune System

    Imanishi Hirotake , Takibuchi Gaku , Kobayashi Toshihiko , Ishikawa Kaori , Nakada Kazuto , Mori Masayuki , Kikkawa Yoshiaki , Takenaga Keizo , Toyama-Sorimachi Noriko , Hayashi Jun-Ichi , 中田 和人 , 林 純一

    … mammalian species, mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) with pathogenic mutations that induce mitochondrial respiration defects has been proposed to be involved in tumor phenotypes via induction of enhanced glycolysis under normoxic conditions (the Warburg effects). …

    PLOS ONE 8(9), UNSP e75981, 2013-09-16


  • Mitochondrial DNA Mutations in Mutator Mice Confer Respiration Defects and B-Cell Lymphoma Development

    Mito Takayuki , Kikkawa Yoshiaki , Shimizu Akinori , Hashizume Osamu , Katada Shun , Imanishi Hirotake , Ota Azusa , Kato Yukina , Nakada Kazuto , Hayashi Jun-Ichi , 中田 和人 , 林 純一

    Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) mutator mice are proposed to express premature aging phenotypes including kyphosis and hair loss (alopecia) due to their carrying a nuclear-encoded mtDNA polymerase with a defective proofreading function, which causes accelerated accumulation of random mutations in mtDNA, resulting in expression of respiration defects. …

    PLoS ONE 8(2), e55789, 2013-02


  • Specific mitochondrial DNA mutation in mice regulates diabetes and lymphoma development

    Hashizume Osamu , Shimizu Akinori , Yokota Mutsumi , Sugiyama Atsuko , Nakada Kazuto , Miyoshi Hiroyuki , Itami Makiko , Ohira Miki , Nagase Hiroki , Takenaga Keizo , Hayashi Jun-Ichi , 橋爪 脩 , 中田 和人 , 林 純一

    … It has been hypothesized that respiration defects caused by accumulation of pathogenic mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) mutations and the resultant overproduction of reactive oxygen species (ROS) or lactates are responsible for aging and age-associated disorders, including diabetes and tumor development. …

    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 109(26), 10528-10533, 2012-06


  • Transmitochondrial Mice as Models for Mitochondrial DNA-Based Diseases

    NAKADA Kazuto , HAYASHI Jun-Ichi

    Mitochondrial genome (mtDNA) mutations and the resultant mitochondrial respiratory abnormalities are associated with a wide variety of disorders, such as mitochondrial diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, diabetes, and cancer, as well as aging. …

    Experimental Animals 60(5), 421-431, 2011-10-01

    J-STAGE  References (49) Cited by (1)

  • Mitochondrial DNA Mutations Regulate Metastasis of Human Breast Cancer Cells

    Imanishi Hirotake , Hattori Keisuke , Wada Reiko , Ishikawa Kaori , Fukuda Sayaka , Takenaga Keizo , Nakada Kazuto , Hayashi Jun-Ichi , 今西 泰赳 , 中田 和人 , 林 純一

    … Mutations in mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) might contribute to expression of the tumor phenotypes, such as metastatic potential, as well as to aging phenotypes and to clinical phenotypes of mitochondrial diseases by induction of mitochondrial respiration defects and the resultant overproduction of reactive oxygen species (ROS). …

    PLoS ONE 6(8), e23401, 2011-08


  • Nuclear but Not Mitochondrial DNA Involvement in Respiratory Complex I Defects Found in Senescence-Accelerated Mouse Strain, SAMP8

    IMANISHI Hirotake , YOKOTA Mutsumi , MORI Masayuki , SHIMIZU Akinori , NAKADA Kazuto , HAYASHI Jun-Ichi

    … The young SAMP8 expressed reduced complex I activity, which is controlled by both nuclear and mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA). … The cybrids showed normal respiratory function irrespective of whether their mtDNA possessed the mutation or not, suggesting that the A11181G mutation is not responsible for respiration defects found in SAMP8.<br> …

    Experimental Animals 60(4), 397-404, 2011-07-01

    IR  J-STAGE  Ichushi Web  References (23)

  • Generation of trans-mitochondrial mito-mice by the introduction of a pathogenic G13997A mtDNA from highly metastatic lung carcinoma cells


    … To investigate the effects of respiration defects on the disease phenotypes, we generated trans-mitochondrial mice (mito-mice) by introducing a mutated G13997A mtDNA, which specifically induces respiratory complex I defects and metastatic potentials in mouse tumor cells. …

    FEBS letters 584(18), 3943-3948, 2010-09

    IR  Cited by (2)

  • Anti-aging Research Using Mn-SOD Conditional Knockout Mice  [in Japanese]

    SHIMIZU Takahiko , SHIRASAWA Takuji

    …   Manganese superoxide dismutase (Mn-SOD) is a mitochondrial enzyme that converts toxic O<sub>2</sub><sup>-</sup> … The mutant mice developed progressive dilated cardiomyopathy with specific molecular defects in mitochondrial respiration. …

    YAKUGAKU ZASSHI 130(1), 19-24, 2010

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  • A model mouse for mitochondrial DNA-based diseases  [in Japanese]

    NAKADA Kazuto , SATO Akitsugu , HAYASHI Jun-Ichi

    … Patient studies suggested that accumulation of pathogenic mitochondrial (mt) DNAs having large-scale deletion or point mutation and the resultant mitochondrial respiratory abnormalities are associated with a wide variety of disorders, such as mitochondrial diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, diabetes, and aging. …

    Rinsho Shinkeigaku 48(11), 1013-1015, 2008-11-01

    J-STAGE  Ichushi Web  References (10)

  • Reverse genetic studies of mitochondrial DNA-based diseases using a mouse model

    NAKADA Kazuto , SATO Akitsugu , HAYASHI Jun-Ichi

    … In the situation that it would not be able to produce model animals for mitochondrial diseases caused by mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) with pathogenic mutations, we succeeded in generating mice with pathogenic deletion mutant mtDNA (ΔmtDNA), named “mito-mice”, by direct introduction of mitochondria with ΔmtDNA into mouse zygotes. …

    Proceedings of the Japan Academy, Series B 84(5), 155-165, 2008

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