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  • Suppression of Tropical Cyclone Development in Response to a Remote Increase in the Latent Heat Flux over the Kuroshio: A Case Study for Typhoon Chaba in 2010

    Fujiwara Keita , Kawamura Ryuichi , Kawano Tetsuya

    … The dynamic features of the TC were also altered by the attenuated TC secondary circulation through the inhibition of the inward advection of the absolute angular momentum. …

    SOLA 16(0), 151-156, 2020


  • Effects of Wind-Evaporation Feedback in Outer Regions on Tropical Cyclone Development

    AONO Kenji , IWASAKI Toshiki , SASAI Takahiro

    … As a result, the inflow and the inward advection of angular momentum are reduced and the enhanced convection in the outer region suppresses eyewall updraft and thus reduces the secondary circulation and finally the TC intensity. …

    Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan. Ser. II 98(2), 319-328, 2020


  • Study on high-speed calculation of debris bed coolability for sodium-cooled fast reactors

    MATSUO Eiji , SASA Kyohei , ABE Yutaka , SHIBATA Akihiro

    … Firstly, the detailed coolability calculation model taking into account phase change and vapor-liquid advection for a boiling zone in the debris bed is derived as a single equation. … The vapor-liquid advection is based on the momentum equation including inertial, viscous, capillary and gravitational effects. …

    Mechanical Engineering Journal 7(2), 19-00457-19-00457, 2020


  • Thermal Flow Characteristics of an Isolated Vortex Developed near the Channel Wall with a Rectangular Cylinder  [in Japanese]

    新 和樹 , 布施 卓哉 , 稲岡 恭二 , 千田 衞 , Kazuki Atarashi , Takuya Fuse , Kyoji Inaoka , Mamoru Senda , アタラシ カズキ , フセ タクヤ , イナオカ キョウジ , センダ マモル

    … Since the advection velocity of the Karman vortices is larger than that of the isolated vortices, the latter are engulfed into the Karman vortices. … The fluid entrainment from the mainstream side reduces the flow velocity near the wall and at the same time promotes the heat transfer near the wall, resulting in the appearance of the dissimilarity between the momentum and heat transport. …

    同志社大学ハリス理化学研究報告 = The Harris science review of Doshisha University 59(2), 73-80, 2018-07

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  • Analytical and numerical studies of the boundary slip in the immersed boundary-thermal lattice Boltzmann method

    Seta Takashi , Hayashi Kosuke , Tomiyama Akio

    … We derive the theoretical equation for the relaxation parameters considering the effect of the advection velocity on the temperature jump of the IB-TLBMs. … Because the commonly used multi-direct forcing method does not consider the contributions of the body force to the momentum flux, it cannot completely eliminate the boundary slip because of the numerical instability for a long relaxation time. …

    International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids 86(7), 454-490, 2018-03-10


  • Similarity of the Output Characteristics of the Small Vertical Axis Wind Turbine  [in Japanese]

    SEKIYA Naoki

    … However, it has not predict the output characteristics of the small wind turbine even the multiple stream tube model included effect of the momentum reduction. … From the measurement of the blade wake using the turbine model with single blade, the scale of the blade wake depends on the ratio of the rotational speed to the free stream velocity, and the advection velocity of it depends on the free stream velocity. …

    The Proceedings of the Fluids engineering conference 2018(0), OS6-7, 2018


  • Coastal Current Downscaling Emphasizing Freshwater Impact on Ibaraki Coast  [in Japanese]

    TROSELJ Josko , IMAI Yuki , NINOMIYA Junichi , MORI Nobuhito

    … The changes in surface temperature due to downscaling are significant for shallow water environment due to heat radiation effects rather than momentum advection. …

    Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Ser. B2 (Coastal Engineering) 74(2), I_1357-I_1362, 2018


  • CFD Simulation of Average and Local Gas–Liquid Flow Properties in Stirred Tank Reactors with Multiple Rushton Impellers

    Pan Ao , Xie Minghui , Li Chao , Xia Jianye , Chu Ju , Zhuang Yingping

    … Thoroughly interphase momentum transfer models including drag and non-drag models were investigated, together with four mass transfer coefficient models using commercial CFD software ANSYS CFX 12.0. … Additionally, two advection schemes were employed and compared with each other to test their ability to get more accurate simulation result.</p> …



  • Contribution of advetion, turbulent transport and diffusion terms to Nusselt number and torque coefficient in Taylor-Couette flow

    OHSAWA Akihiro , MURATA Akira , IWAMOTO Kaoru

    … <p>Contributions of the advection, turbulent transport and diffusion terms to the Nusselt number and the torque coefficient in the Taylor-Couette flow were evaluated. … Integrating the energy equation in the Taylor-Couette flow twice gave an equation in which the Nusselt number was decomposed into the three terms which were the advection, turbulent transport and diffusion terms. …

    Journal of Thermal Science and Technology 11(2), JTST0027-JTST0027, 2016



    YANG Hongxuan , LU Minjiao , KUMAKURA Toshiro

    … A pseudo fractional-step method which splits momentum equation into advection phase and weir overflow phase is proposed here. …

    Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Ser. B1 (Hydraulic Engineering) 72(4), I_325-I_330, 2016


  • Development of numerical method for mass transfer from a buoyant bubble under a high Schmidt number condition  [in Japanese]

    ADACHI Rihito , OMORI Takeshi , KAJISHIMA Takeo

    … Under a high Schmidt number condition, concentration boundary layers get much thinner than momentum boundary layers. … The solution procedure to the mass conservation equation is divided into two steps: the dissolution and diffusion step and the advection step. …

    Transactions of the JSME (in Japanese) 82(839), 16-00079-16-00079, 2016


  • The local inertial equation: a new flow equation for fast and stable flood simulation  [in Japanese]

    Yamazaki Dai , Tanaka Tomohiro , Bates Paul

    … The local inertial equation is a new formulation of the shallow water equation (St. Venant momentum equation) which was developed for fast and stable flood simulation. … In the local inertial equation, the local inertia term is added to the diffusion wave equation (i.e. only the advection term is neglected in the full dynamic equation). …

    Proceeding of Annual Conference 27(0), 100025, 2014


  • Diagnosis of Annual Synchronization of the Quasi-Biennial Oscillation: Results from JRA-25/JCDAS Reanalysis and MRI Chemistry-Climate Model Data

    TAGUCHI Masakazu , SHIBATA Kiyotaka

    … The present diagnosis based on the transformed-Eulerian mean zonal momentum equation shows that zonal wind accelerations for the annual synchronization are largely unexplained by explicitly calculated terms, with a small contribution from resolved wave driving and a strong canceling effect from vertical advection.<br> The CCM does not simulate the annual synchronization as observed, although it does simulate general features of the QBO, as well as annual variation in equatorial upwelling with some differences. …

    Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan. Ser. II 91(3), 243-256, 2013



    OKAMOTO Takaaki , MAEGAWA Takuya , SANJOU Michio

    … The longitudinal advection of these coherent vortices contributes significantly to mass and momentum transport. … The results showed that (i) the 3-D diverging flow occurs at the vegetation patch edge and (ii) as the coherent structures develop downstream in nonwake zone, the rate of the vertical momentum transport by Sweep motions becomes larger. …

    Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Ser. B1 (Hydraulic Engineering) 69(4), I_871-I_876, 2013


  • Rain Microphysical Budget in the Tropical Deep Convective Regime: A 2-D Cloud-Resolving Modeling Study

    LI Xiaofan , SHEN Xinyong

    … The rain grids are partitioned into several types based on the rain microphysical budget, and relationships between rainfall types and vertical profiles of vertical momentum, water vapor, and cloud hydrometeors are examined. … About 15% of the total rainfall corresponds to dynamic hydrometeor advection only. …

    Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan. Ser. II 91(6), 801-815, 2013


  • Theoretical Estimation of the Superrotation Strength in an Idealized Quasi-Axisymmetric Model of Planetary Atmospheres

    YAMAMOTO Hiroki , YODEN Shigeo

    … The fluid is forced by Newtonian heating and cooling, and the horizontal eddy diffusion of momentum is assumed to be much stronger than the vertical one. … In this system, the superrotation is maintained by the Gierasch mechanism, which possibly explains the superrotation of the Venus atmosphere by angular momentum transport due to the mean meridional circulation and horizontal diffusion. …

    Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan. Ser. II 91(2), 119-141, 2013


  • Comparison of the global ocean-sea ice experiments in the different grid resolution models

    Kim Cheol-Ho , Jang Chan Joo , Kim Minwoo

    … Both model employ the common atmospheric data (radiation, wind, air temperature, specific humidity, sea level pressure, precipitation and land runoff) from the CORE-II normal year forcing dataset and adopt the same numerical schemes in tracer and momentum advection and diffusion with the same coefficients of eddy viscosity and eddy diffusivity between them. …

    Reports of Research Institute for Applied Mechanics,Kyushu University (143), 63-67, 2012-09

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  • Migration Process and 3D Wind Field of Precipitation Systems Associated with a Diurnal Cycle in West Sumatera: Dual Doppler Radar Analysis during the HARIMAU2006 Campaign

    SAKURAI Namiko , HASHIGUCHI Hiroyuki , YAMANAKA Manabu D. , MATSUMOTO Jun , EMRIZAL , SYAMSUDIN Fadli , MORI Shuichi , KAWASHIMA Masayuki , FUJIYOSHI Yasushi , HAMADA Jun-Ichi , SHIMIZU Shingo , FUDEYASU Hironori , TABATA Yoshikazu , HARJUPA Wendi

    … via the self-replication of convective cells over the convergence at the leading edge of the system and via advection by ambient wind in the lower troposphere. … The convergence regions at the leading edge of the system were continuously strengthened by downward transportation of horizontal momentum below 4 km, meaning that the system could be maintained for a long time and migrate offshore for a long distance. …

    Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan. Ser. II 89(4), 341-361, 2011


  • On the nonlinearity of the Langmuir turbulence excited by a weak electron beam-plasma interaction

    Nariyuki Y. , Umeda T.

    … The growth of wave number modes is analyzed byusing the momentum equation of the whole electrons. … Nonlinearity in the system comes from the advection ratherthan the ponderomotive forces. …

    PHYSICS OF PLASMAS 17(5), 054506-054506, 2010-05


  • Modeling wave breaking including bubbly flow with momentum advection unified-phase LES model


    … To satisfy momentum conservation over the computational domain with large density variation, Navier-Stokes equation described in terms of momentum advection is employed as the governing equation. … The advection terms of the momentum equation and advection equation for Density Value Method are solved by R-CIP method to avoid numerical diffusion. …

    Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Ser. B2 (Coastal Engineering) 66(1), 31-35, 2010


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