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  • Imitation Learning for High Speed General Object Manipulation : Haptics as Glue of AI and Motion Control  [in Japanese]

    境野 翔

    日本ロボット学会誌 = Journal of the Robotics Society of Japan 38(6), 505,530-533, 2020-07

  • Precise Ego-motion Measurement by High Speed Camera  [in Japanese]

    チョ ヒョンソン , 西内 秀和 , 佐藤 宏 , 西岡 慎一 , 堺 宏征 , 松尾 治夫

    自動車技術 = Journal of Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan 74(6), 97-103, 2020-06

  • Experimental study on the effect of archery arrow vane shape on shaft rotation and vibration characteristics  [in Japanese]

    平野 孝典

    … Since the rotary type is mainly the drag type, the arrow speed decreases. … In wind tunnel experiments, using a jig with an arrow model, measurement and analysis were performed on the rotational performance and convergence performance of the arrow model at a uniform flow velocity of 20 m/s (1/3 of the actual arrow speed). …

    拓殖大学理工学研究報告 = Bulletin of science and engineering, Takushoku University (17), 11-15, 2020-03-25


  • Biomechanical transformation of inside trap motion with increasing ball speed  [in Japanese]

    下田代 祐輔 , 清水 悠 , 沼津 直樹

    山陰体育学研究 = San-in journal of physical education, health and sport sciences (35), 11-16, 2020-03

  • Three-Dimensional Simulation of the Flying Trajectory of a Spinning Table Tennis Ball  [in Japanese]

    伊藤 建一 , 上島 慶

    … Second, the value of each coefficient in the speed range of a table tennis ball was determined via interpolation. … Finally, a motion equation model was used to calculate the 3D trajectories of a table tennis ball that was spinning leftwards and downwards. …

    新潟工科大学研究紀要 = Bulletin of Niigata Institute of Technology (24), 7-11, 2020-03


  • Magneto-Haptics: Design and Applications of Haptic Feedback Utilizing Permanent Magnet  [in Japanese]

    尾形 正泰

    磁石の間に生じる相互作用を用いて,パッシブな力触覚フィードバックを設計する手法を提案する.磁石はこれまで有望な方法でありながらも,数理的な方法で触覚デザインに用いられることはなかった.本稿では,数理モデルを導入することで,磁力計算の複雑さを克服し,可視化と直感的な設計を可能にする手法を説明する.また,高速計算によって計算コストを抑えることで,設計ツールにおけるリアルタイムプレビューとインタラクティ …

    情報処理学会論文誌 61(2), 211-220, 2020-02-15


  • 3D Kinematic Analysis for the Functional Evaluation in the Rat Model of Sciatic Nerve Crush Injury

    Wang Tianshu , Ito Akira , Tajino Junichi , Kuroki Hiroshi , Aoyama Tomoki

    … In this protocol, we describe a novel kinematic analysis method that uses a three-dimensional (3D) motion capture apparatus for functional evaluations using a rat sciatic nerve crush injury model. … Markers are then attached to the designated bone landmarks and the rat is made to walk on the treadmill at the desired speed. … This method of kinematic analysis, which uses a 3D motion capture apparatus, offers numerous advantages, including superior precision and accuracy. …

    Journal of visualized experiments : JoVE (156), 2020-02


  • Joint Tightening in Hemiplegic Handwriting

    Fujisawa Yuhki , Okajima Yasutomo , Hashidate Hiroyuki , Nakano Hisako

    … Individuals with dominant-hand hemiplegia, in an attempt to produce consistently legible writing, may tighten the joint linkage of the finger and wrist to reduce the freedom of motion to control writing and simultaneously slow their writing speed, potentially resulting in increased kinematic variability of the pen tip movement.</p> …

    Asian Journal of Occupational Therapy 16(1), 71-81, 2020


  • Characteristics of the Five Functional Domains about Gait Performance:Comparison between 3–10 Years Old Children and Healthy Adults  [in Japanese]

    MANI Hiroki , MIYAGISHIMA Saori , KOZUKA Naoki , TANEDA Kenji , INOUE Takahiro , SATO Yui , TAKEDA Kenta , ASAKA Tadayoshi

    <p>【目的】本研究の目的は,5 つの運動機能領域の側面から,3 ~10 歳の児の歩行能力の特徴を明らかにすることであった。【方法】3 ~10 歳の定型発達児76 名と14 名の若年成人を対象とし,小児群は2 歳毎に4 群に割りあてた。対象者は,6 m の直線歩行路を快適な速度で歩くように指示された。三次元動作解析システムにて,歩幅,歩隔,ステップ速度,ステップ時間,支持脚時間,および …

    Physical Therapy Japan, 2020


  • Study on On-Machine Visualization of Surface Processing Phenomena in Nanoscale:6th report: Displacement verification in the third dimension of single nanoparticle


    … From our previous report, we have investigated the three-dimensional motion of an individual standard nanoparticle by using optical method, but the height Z on the third dimension was not accurately verified. … We could three-dimensionally track the individual standard nanoparticle in recording speed higher than 50 frames per second for exposure time less than 10 milliseconds.</p> …

    Proceedings of JSPE Semestrial Meeting 2020S(0), 588-589, 2020


  • Improvement of machined accuracy under constant feed speed at milling point with a five axis controlled machining center considering approach path  [in Japanese]

    SUZUKI Takamaru , IWAMA Shoya , HIROGAKI Toshiki , AOYAMA Eiichi

    … <p>We suggested a novel method to maintain a machined surface quality of a curved surface shape by synchronous motion between two linear axes and a rotary axis with the five-axis machining center. … However, we have not discussed the errors that influence the shape with this method and suggested an improved method based on non-machining motion. …

    Transactions of the JSME (in Japanese), 2020


  • Quick Force Balance Control Based on Equilibrium Point Movement of Tie-bar Temperature Controllers for Injection Molding Machine

    Matsui Yuki , Yokokura Yuki , Ohishi Kiyoshi , Hotta Daigo , Morita Hiroshi

    … <p>This paper focuses on the response deterioration of the force balance control system including the temperature control system due to the difference between heating and cooling speed. …

    IEEJ Journal of Industry Applications 9(5), 597-604, 2020


  • Quasi Static Analysis of Heald Frame Driven by Rotary Dobby with Cam-linkage Modulator

    YU Hongbin , YIN Honghuan , PENG Junqiang , WANG Lei

    … <p>In this paper, the motion characteristics of a cam-linkage modulator, a cam unit and a motion transmission unit were analyzed in order to establish a quasi static model, explored their motion characteristics, and identified the factors affecting the stability and reliability of the heald frame motion. …

    Journal of Textile Engineering 66(3), 37-45, 2020


  • Relationship between stride length and maximal ball velocity in collegiate baseball pitchers

    Yanagisawa Osamu , Taniguchi Hidenori

    … The throwing motion was recorded with four high-speed video cameras (240 Hz), while the ball velocity was measured using a radar gun. … The stride length at foot contact was calculated at the maximal ball velocity using a three-dimensional motion analysis system. …

    Journal of Physical Therapy Science 32(9), 578-583, 2020


  • Research on the motion of a robot aimed to provide emotional support for walking rehabilitation  [in Japanese]

    Hara Eriko , Koyama Toshihiko , Adachi Koji , Alvarez Jaime , Kagawa Yoshihito , Hayashi Seiji , Takahashi Takehiro

    <p>歩行リハビリの現場において単純な動作で情緒的支援を与える歩行リハビリ応援ロボットを開発している。このロボットの動作について、動作から連想される情緒的行動の印象を実験・分析し、情緒的行動を表現するために有効な動作を明らかにした。その結果、応援している様子は速度に関係なく上下動作、落ち着いている様子は低速度・一定速度の上下動作、寄り添っている様子は低速度・一定速度で歩行リハビリを模し …



  • Biomechanical study of hammer head speed and handle motion of different record levels  [in Japanese]

    FUJII Hiroaki , OHYAMA-BYUN Keigo , FUJII Norihisa

    Taiikugaku kenkyu (Japan Journal of Physical Education, Health and Sport Sciences), 2020


  • Characteristics of rocking vibration based on excitation experiment and numerical analysis of it considering nonlinear effects  [in Japanese]

    MIYATA Masaaki , KURITA Katsumi , AOKI Shigeru

    … In order to understand the overturning of the structure due to rocking vibration by numerical analysis, numerical analysis considering energy loss in a collision and duration of collision is performed by using a quadrilateral hysteresis loop characteristics in which repulsive force is a function of speed. … And it is not good agreement between experiment and numerical analysis response waveforms of rocking vibration using seismic ground motion as an input wave. …

    Transactions of the JSME (in Japanese) 86(888), 19-00440-19-00440, 2020



    KATO Sou , NAGAYAMA Tomonori , WANG Haoqi , SU Di , NISHIO Mayuko

    … 実働活荷重把握手法であるBridge Weigh-In-Motion(BWIM)を加速度計測に基づいて実現できればコストや労力の観点から有用である.本研究では,データ同化手法の一つであるカルマンフィルタを無線加速度計測データに適用して橋梁たわみを推定し,複数車両の同時走行にも適用できる重量推定法を提案した.さらに本手法により,車両速度変化や入退出時刻推定誤差の影響を軽減して車重を推定可能とした.次に桁端部応答 …

    Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Ser. A1 (Structural Engineering & Earthquake Engineering (SE/EE)) 76(2), 356-375, 2020


  • Optical electrode simultaneous measurement system for accuracy verification of whole-heart mapping  [in Japanese]

    Asano Keisuke , Tomii Naoki , Seno Hiroshi , Kato Atsuya , Shiroishi Ryota , Nakagawa Keiichi , Akagi Yuki , Yamazaki Masatoshi , Sakuma Ichiro

    … における膜電位の光学計測と,細胞外電位の電極計測の同時計測システムを構築し,摘出ウサギ心臓標本を用いた計測実験を行った.摘出後,ランゲンドルフ灌流を行ったウサギ心臓標本に対し,Structure from Motionによる心臓三次元形状の計測を行った.心臓サポートネットを用いて,銀塩化銀電極(円筒形,直径1 mm,高さ0.6 mm)を心臓表面に15極接触させた.また心臓全体の光学計測のため,3台の高速度カメラを心臓標本 …

    Transactions of Japanese Society for Medical and Biological Engineering Annual58(Abstract), 457-457, 2020


  • Factors that affect the period to get a gait in patients after total knee arthroplasty:―Focusing on preoperative factors―  [in Japanese]

    Mawarikado Yuya , Kubo Takanari , Koda Hitoshi , Fukumoto Takahiko , Imagita Hidetaka , Fujii Tadashi , Inagaki Yusuke , Tanaka Yasuhito

    <p>[目的]人工膝関節全置換術後患者の杖歩行が自立するまでの日数(歩行自立日数)に影響を及ぼす要因を術前項目より検討した。[対象]片側の人工膝関節全置換術を施行した99名とした。[方法]測定項目は歩行自立日数,自己効力感,痛みの破局的思考,安静時痛,歩行時痛,膝関節屈曲可動域および伸展可動域,等尺性膝伸展筋力,歩行速度とした。統計解析はピアソンの相関係数を用いて歩行自立日数との関係性 …

    Japanese Journal of Health Promotion and Physical Therapy 10(2), 61-65, 2020


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