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  • Effect of Bcl-2 associated athanogene (BAG) 3 on cardiac disease in alpha-B crystallin R120G transgenic mouse  [in Japanese]

    Sanbe Atsushi , Ojima Mika , Higashio Rieko , Hirose Masamichi

    … <p>It is known that Bcl-2 associated athanogene (BAG) 3 is strongly expressed in cardiac muscle as well as skeletal muscle. … Recent study showed that myofibrillar degeneration, disruption of Z-disk architecture and apoptotic cell death were observed in BAG3 knockout mouse. … Little is known, however, detail roles of the increased BAG3 in cardiac muscle. …

    Proceedings for Annual Meeting of The Japanese Pharmacological Society 93(0), 2-P-209, 2020


  • A novel rehabilitation technology: gait training with WalkAide for post-stroke patients  [in Japanese]

    Matsumoto Shuji

    <p><b>要旨</b>:電気刺激は,治療的電気刺激と機能的電気刺激に大きく分類され,機能的電気刺激は生体の失われた機能を再建する治療法である.ウォークエイドは,下腿傾斜センサーを内蔵した機能的電気刺激装置のひとつで,遊脚期に同期して電気刺激を行い,円滑な下肢の振り出しを促進することで,下垂足を有する脳卒中患者に適応となる.ウォークエイド導入は歩行速度や歩行耐久 …

    Japanese Journal of Stroke 42(1), 29-36, 2020


  • The architectural and mechanical properties of paralyzed muscles in patients with post stroke  [in Japanese]

    加藤 えみか

    … 超音波画像診断装置を用いて筋の形態的特性として下腿三頭筋の筋厚(muscle thickness:MT),筋束長(fascicle length:FL),羽状角(pennation angle:PA)を,また力学的特性として足関節と筋組織のスティフネスを測定した。 …

    京都産業大学論集. 人文科学系列 = Acta humanistica et scientifica Universitatis Sangio Kyotiensis (52), 3-20, 2019-03

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  • On the Human Body: Research, Literacy and Creativity


    … In recent years, the isolated muscle specimens became an excellent tool to analyze the functional architecture of skeletal muscles. …

    Juntendo Medical Journal 65(4), 344-350, 2019

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  • STUDY OF PRODUCT INFORMATION MANAGEMENT IN REINFORCING WORK:Focusing the instance of general contractor and sub-contractor  [in Japanese]

    SONE Hiromitsu , TANAKA Daito , SHIDE Kazuya

    … In order to overcome the situation, it is possible to improve "productivity" by proceeding with "visualization" and "sharing" of information on bending processing and arranging muscle, and by not sending defective products to the subsequent process, and using ICT and BIM are important. …

    Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ) (754), 2359-2369, 2018-12


  • Factors influencing difference in ankle joint flexibility between males and females  [in Japanese]

    加藤 えみか

    柔軟性は体力要素の中の一要因であり,傷害の予防やパフォーマンスの向上に寄与することが知られている。その測定方法として長座体前屈のように長さで評価する方法や角度計を用いて関節可動域で評価する方法などがあるが,いずれも被験者の痛みへの耐性の影響が除去できないことから,客観的な測定方法とは言い難い。一方,関節を外力で動かした際に伸長される筋群などから生じる関節の受動トルクを評価することで,関節の力学的指 …

    京都産業大学論集. 人文科学系列 = Acta humanistica et scientifica Universitatis Sangio Kyotiensis (51), 145-159, 2018-03


  • The occurrence of respiratory events in young subjects with a frequent rhythmic masticatory muscle activity: a pilot study

    Tsujisaka Akiko , Haraki Shingo , Nonoue Shigeru , Mikami Akira , Adachi Hiroyoshi , Mizumori Takahiro , Yatani Hirofumi , Yoshida Atsushi , Kato Takafumi

    … This study assessed physiological characteristics of rhythmic masticatory muscle activity (RMMA) and concomitant respiratory events in young sleep bruxism (SB) subjects asymptomatic to obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).</p><p><i>Methods:</i> … Sleep architecture, oromotor (RMMA and nonspecific masseter activity [NSMA]) and apnea/hypopnea events were scored.</p><p><i>Results:</i> …

    Journal of Prosthodontic Research 62(3), 317-323, 2018

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  • The potential antifibrotic impact of apocynin and alpha-lipoic acid in concanavalin A-induced liver fibrosis in rats: Role of NADPH oxidases 1 and 4

    Fayed Mostafa R. , El-Naga Reem N. , Akool El-Sayed , El-Demerdash Ebtehal

    … Treatment of animals with apocynin and α-LA significantly ameliorated the changes in liver functions and histopathological architecture induced by ConA. … Liver fibrosis induced by ConA was evident where alpha-smooth muscle actin and transforming growth factor- beta1 were elevated, which was further confirmed by Masson's trichrome stain and increased hydroxyproline. …

    Drug Discoveries & Therapeutics 12(2), 58-67, 2018


  • Fibrillar architecture at three different sites of the bovine superficial digital flexor tendon

    TAKAHASHI Naoki , HIROSE Takuya , MINAGUCHI Jun A. , UEDA Hiromi , TANGKAWATTANA Prasarn , TAKEHANA Kazushige

    … In the present study, morphology and morphometry of the bovine SDFT at the muscle-tendon junction (MTJ), middle metatarsus (mM) and tendon-bone interface (TBI) were investigated. …

    Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 80(3), 405-412, 2018

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  • Diverse coordinate frames on sensorimotor areas in visuomotor transformation

    Fujiwara Yusuke , Lee Jongho , Ishikawa Takahiro , Kakei Shinji , Izawa Jun , 井澤 淳

    … The visuomotor transformation during a goal-directed movement may involve a coordinate transformation from visual 'extrinsic' to muscle-like 'intrinsic' coordinate frames, which might be processed via a multilayer network architecture composed of neural basis functions. …

    Scientific reports (7), 14950, 2017-11



    ITO Takanori , KOGURE Yuto , HORI Ryota , NISHIDA Tomohiro

    … Standing up motions is compounded various ability that is muscle, balance and mobility of joints and trunk.<br> Base on above, the objective of this study is to clarify characteristics of standing up motions and reseating actions by confirming muscle activities and joint angles.<br> This study is comprised of act observation research, verification survey on muscle activities and joint angles, and motion evaluation. …

    Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ) (740), 2541-2551, 2017-10


  • Muscle architectural properties in the common marmoset (Callithrix jacchus)

    Ogihara Naomichi , Oishi Motoharu , Kanai Ryogo , Shimada Hikaru , Kondo Takahiro , Yoshino-Saito Kimika , Ushiba Junichi , Okano Hideyuki

    Primates 58(3), 461-472, 2017-07

  • Relationship among quadriceps femoris muscle architecture, jump performance, and age in months in junior high school basketball players  [in Japanese]

    Sekine Yuta , Hoshikawa Seigo , Okada Junichi

    … <p>This study aimed to investigate the relationship among quadriceps femoris muscle architecture, jump performance, and age in months in junior high school basketball players. … Quadriceps femoris (vastus medialis oblique[VMO], vastus medialis[VM], rectus femoris[RF], vastus intermedius[VI], vastus lateralis[VL]) muscle thickness (MT) was measured using real-time ultrasonography. …

    Japan Journal of Human Growth and Development Research 2017(77), 10-21, 2017


  • Proprioceptive change impairs balance control in older patients with low back pain

    Ito Tadashi , Sakai Yoshihito , Yamazaki Kazunori , Igarashi Kazuma , Sato Noritaka , Yokoyama Kiyoko , Morita Yoshifumi

    … Gastrocnemius (GS) and lumbar multifidus muscle (LM) vibratory stimulations of 60 and 240-Hz, respectively, were applied to evaluate the relative contributions of different proprioceptive signals (relative proprioceptive weighting ratio, RPW) used in postural control. … Age, height, weight, back muscle strength, L1/2 and L4/5 lumbar multifidus cross section area ratio, skeletal muscle mass index, sagittal vertical axis, and Roland-Morris disability questionnaire (RDQ) were evaluated. …

    Journal of Physical Therapy Science 29(10), 1788-1792, 2017


  • Vimentin's <i>N</i>-Acetylglucosamine-Binding Activity: Its Physiological Function

    Ise Hirohiko

    … <p>Vimentin is known as a cytoskeletal protein that is expressed in mesenchymal and skeletal muscle tissues and plays an important role in the maintenance of the cytoplasmic architecture and cellular integrity. …

    Trends in Glycoscience and Glycotechnology 29(169), E71-E79, 2017


  • Vimentin's <i>N</i>-Acetylglucosamine-Binding Activity: Its Physiological Function  [in Japanese]

    Ise Hirohiko

    <p>ビメンチンは、中間径フィラメントとして主に間葉系細胞や骨格系細胞に発現する細胞骨格分子として知られている。そして、細胞の形態維持および張力に対する強度維持に関わる分子として考えられてきた。また細胞の形態維持だけでなく、様々な細胞のシグナル伝達や細胞遊走などへの関与も報告されている。さらに病態への関与としてガン化や慢性炎症性疾患の疾患部位おける高発現が注目されている。近年、筆者らは …

    Trends in Glycoscience and Glycotechnology 29(169), J49-J57, 2017


  • P-17 Study on Opening Motion of PET Bottle Cap for Elderly People.

    Yamashita Saeko , Yokoyama Kiyoko

    … First, the muscle activity was measured while opening various plastic bottles as feasibility study. … Muscle activity did not vary according to the type of plastic bottles. …

    The Japanese Journal of Ergonomics 53(Supplement2), S734-S735, 2017


  • Effects of Habitual Exercise to Skeletal Muscle Fat Content in Young Adult  [in Japanese]

    寺本 圭輔 , 家崎 仁成 , 須田 啓暉 , 大矢 知佳 , 村松 愛梨奈 , 杉山 紗智子

    … Ultrasonography is an easily applicable method for visualization of muscle. … Disruption of the normal muscle architecture and infiltration of fat causes increased reflections of the ultrasonography beam, resulting in an increase of muscle echo intensity (EI). … EI can be quantified using histogram-based gray-scale analysis, which calculates the mean gray value of muscle in a region of interest. …

    愛知教育大学研究報告. 芸術・保健体育・家政・技術科学・創作編 (65), 39-44, 2016-03-01


  • Elucidation and regulation of heterogeneous cell behavior inside a multilayered skeletal muscle myoblast sheet  [in Japanese]

    Nagamori Eiji

    … In tissue architecture, variety of heterogeneous cell population habitat autonomously in the proper regions and maintain their organization. …

    Transactions of Japanese Society for Medical and Biological Engineering 54Annual(26PM-Abstract), S74-S74, 2016


  • Simple Estimation of Appendicular Muscle Mass using the Maximum Calf Circumference of Elderly Inpatients  [in Japanese]

    ITO Tadashi , SAKAI Yoshihito , MORITA Yoshifumi , OIKAWA Makoto , GOTO Kazuya , NINOMIYA Hideki , ITO Yuichi , YOKOYAMA Kiyoko

    〔目的〕入院高齢患者を対象とした下腿最大周径を用いた四肢筋量の推定式を作成した.〔対象と方法〕入院中の高齢患者101名(男性57名,女性44名,74.8±5.1歳:平均±標準偏差)を対象とした.従属変数に二重エネルギーX線吸収法で測定した四肢骨格筋量,独立変数に性別,BMI,下腿最大周径を投入した重回帰モデルを採用し,四肢筋量を推定する回帰式を作成した.〔結果〕性別,BMI,下腿最大周径を投入した …

    Rigakuryoho Kagaku 31(4), 511-515, 2016

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