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  • AI and Otherness in Science Fiction Films : A.I. Artificial Intelligence, CHAPPiE, Her, and Ex Machina  [in Japanese]

    溝渕 久美子

    人工知能 : 人工知能学会誌 : journal of the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence 33(5), 645-652, 2018-09

  • Narratology of Narrative Generation or PostNarratology  [in Japanese]

    Ogata Takashi

    …  In this paper, the author presents a new research area called "narratology of narrative generation" that covers humanities, such as narratology, information sciences, including artificial intelligence and cognitive science, and social sciences, such as economics. … The narratology of narrative generation is also called "post-narratology" in the sense that it shows various possibilities or a vision of a novel narratology using narrative generation machines. …

    Cognitive Studies 25(2), 200-217, 2018


  • <b>Task Force Report on the Validation of Diagnosis Codes and Other Outcome Definitions in the Japanese Receipt Data </b>  [in Japanese]

    IWAGAMI Masao , KOBAYASHI Norihiro , SATO Izumi , NAKANE Sayuri , MIYAZAKI Makoto , KUBOTA Kiyoshi , AOKI Kotonari , AKAZAWA Manabu , ISHIGURO Chieko , IMAI Shinobu , OOBA Nobuhiro , KUSAMA Makiko , KOIDE Daisuke , GOTO Atsushi

    … This task force proposed how to conduct good validations studies, based on the narrative review on around 100 published papers around the world. …

    Japanese Journal of Pharmacoepidemiology/Yakuzai ekigaku 23(2), 95-123, 2018


  • Stories as Living Representation:A Discussion Toward a Computational Model of Emergent World Making  [in Japanese]

    AKIMOTO Taisuke

    … <p>One of the essential natures of the human intelligence is to mentally organize the world in the form of narrative or story, through the interaction with physical or social environments. … Based on this thought, we are tackling the systematization of essential mechanism of a narrative-centered cognitive/social architecture for autonomous agents. …

    Proceedings of the Annual Conference of JSAI JSAI2018(0), 2L3OS6b04-2L3OS6b04, 2018


  • Uncombined Elements in an Integrated Narrative Generation System and Expanding Conceptual Dictionaries by Attribute Information  [in Japanese]

    ONO Jumpei , ITO Takuya , OGATA Takashi

    … <p>Although we have been studying diverse elements of narrative generation, many of the elements have not been combined with our basic narrative generation system called Integrated Narrative Generation System (INGS). … We introduce the attribute information into the noun conceptual dictionary to aim at various effects including detailed conceptual explanation generation and rich narrative character formation.</p> …

    Proceedings of the Annual Conference of JSAI JSAI2018(0), 3Pin128-3Pin128, 2018


  • A Framework of Generating a Narrative Using Metaphor Mapping and Post-editing  [in Japanese]

    MATSUYOSHI Suguru , UTSUMI Akira

    <p>メタファー写像と後編集を利用した物語自動生成のフレームワークを提案する。このフレームワークは、以下の手順からなる。1. メタファー写像データベースの構築、2. 複数シミュレーターによる状態遷移列の生成、3. メタファー写像を利用した言語化、4. 後編集、5.アーカイブ化。本提案手法の主な特長は次の通りである。内部表現を一切利用しないことが選択可能、モジュールごとの評価が比較的容易 …

    Proceedings of the Annual Conference of JSAI JSAI2018(0), 2E201-2E201, 2018


  • Text Analysis and Structuring of Persons in Kabuki:For the Use in the Narrative Generation Systems  [in Japanese]

    OGATA Takashi

    … In particular, I propose a method for representing hierarchically the information of kabuki actors, which is divided into geinojin resource and life resource, using text data (Japanese Wikipedia) and I translate the text data into the information based on a property representation form to use it in my two types of narrative generation systems called geino information system and integrated narrative generation system. …

    Proceedings of the Annual Conference of JSAI JSAI2018(0), 2H3NFC4a05-2H3NFC4a05, 2018


  • The Paradoxical World of Lady Susan : Jane Austen's Novel Which Could Not Be Rewritten  [in Japanese]

    門田 守

    … This choice of narrative form contributed to a vivid presentation of characters and events in the story. … The heroine of an insecure social standing as an unpropertied widow, an inevitable victim of patriarchy, holds sway over the men around her, taking advantage of her voluptuous grace and brilliant intelligence. …

    奈良教育大学紀要. 人文・社会科学 = Bulletin of Nara University of Education. 奈良教育大学 編 66(1・2), 95-109, 2017-11


  • A study of narrative method in "Bliss" by Katherine Mansfield  [in Japanese]

    久木元 信一郎

    … But there isanother perspective in behind of her as a central intelligence. … Narratology is the study of narrative structure in literary theory. … Based on these theories, I studied "Bliss" to figure out what is Mansfield's narrative technique and how she represents Bertha thorough that specific third person narrator. …

    大学院紀要 = Bulletin of the Graduate School, Toyo University 54(文学(哲学)), 227-241, 2017


  • Transfiguration of Heroes and Villains : Age of Paradigm Conversion and Picaresque Novels  [in Japanese]

    日中 鎮朗

    … Abbé Prévost's novel, L'Histoire du Chevalier des Grieux et de Manon Lescaut(1731), is constituted of three narrative viewpoints, i.e., that of the author, substantial narrator des Grieux and his friend, a listener of des Grieux's confession. … Set free from established notions or existing traditional values, she acts almost unrestrainedly with her free mind, wit, intelligence, and villainy in the complex relationships of the characters of the narrative. …

    法政大学文学部紀要 = Bulletin of Faculty of Letters, Hosei University (76), 79-93, 2017


  • Elders' Social Isolation, Dementia and Its Prevention  [in Japanese]

    荒牧 英治 , 若宮 翔子

    人工知能 : 人工知能学会誌 : journal of the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence 31(3), 334-338, 2016-05

  • Understanding Caring Events through Narrative in Paper and Electronic Health Records  [in Japanese]

    ホープ トム , 山田 クリス孝介 , 渡辺 健太郎

    Proceedings of the Annual Conference of JSAI JSAI2016(0), 1J4NFC04a3-1J4NFC04a3, 2016


  • Toward a Co-creative Narrative Generation System  [in Japanese]

    Akimoto Taisuke , Ogata Takashi

    … <p>Creativity is a challenging topic for artificial intelligence (AI) from the perspectives of both science and engineering. … We thus propose the basic design and concepts of a co-creative narrative generation system that produces diverse narratives through continual narrative generating chain reactions involving many agents. … These agents include narrative generation programs and human narrative creators. …

    Transactions of the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence 31(6), AI30-O_1-8, 2016


  • Archive, Measurement, and Advice for Narrative : ICT Empowers Patient Narrative(<Special Issue>Ambient Intelligence for Health and Cognitive Enhancement)  [in Japanese]

    荒牧 英治 , Eiji Aramaki

    人工知能 = journal of the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence 30(6), 726-732, 2015-11-01


  • Another Medical Big Data : Turning Illness Narrative to Practical Use  [in Japanese]

    荒牧 英治 , 島本 裕美子 , 久保 圭 [他] , 仲村 哲明 , 四方 朱子 , 宮部 真衣 , Eiji Aramaki , Yumiko Shimamoto , Kay Kubo , Tetsuaki Nakamura , Shuko Shikata , Mai Miyabe

    人工知能 = journal of the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence 29(6), 599-603, 2014-11-01


  • For the Future of Man Machine Interferences : Consideration from Syogi Den-ousen  [in Japanese]

    久保 明教 , Akinori Kubo

    人工知能 = journal of the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence 29(5), 482-488, 2014-09-01


  • 統合物語生成システムのためのnarrative interfaceの一つの試み  [in Japanese]

    遠藤 順 , 小方 孝

    … <p>物語のための様々なタイプのインタフェースを総合したnarrative interfaceの概念を述べ,その一つの試みを述べる.これは著者らが開発を進めている統合物語生成システムのためのインタフェースの一つに相当するものであり,単純化された画像・言語・音楽の表現を主体とする.</p> …

    Proceedings of the Annual Conference of JSAI JSAI2014(0), 2F5OS01b4-2F5OS01b4, 2014


  • Information and Communication Technology for augmenting human and society potential : The Role of artificial intelligence  [in Japanese]

    NISHIDA Toyoaki

    The human society is witnessing a radical change caused by data-centralization and service copying caused by the information and communication technology growing at an exponential speed. Although peop …

    Journal of Information Processing and Management 57(8), 517-530, 2014


  • Episodic memory retrieval for story characters in high-functioning autism

    Komeda Hidetsugu , Kosaka Hirotaka , Saito Daisuke N , Inohara Keisuke , Munesue Toshio , Ishitobi Makoto , Sato Makoto , Okazawa Hidehiko

    … METHODS: Eighteen Japanese individuals (one female) with high-functioning ASD (aged 17 to 40 years) and 17 age- and intelligence quotient (IQ)-matched Japanese (one female) TD participants (aged 22 to 40 years) read 24 stories; …

    Molecular Autism (4), 2013-06-24



    小川 ルビー Toshimi

    … From the early formation of "Kokugaku" (Nativist Studies), the significance of this national narrative known as the "Kojiki-den" had valorized the intellectual movement for cultural self –determination in Japan. … Thus, the holistic perspective is primarily concerned with the development of a person's potential as defined by various levels such as brain intellect, emotional intelligence, communication, physical abilities, artistic creativity, and inner spirituality. …

    生活科学研究 = Bulletin of Living Science (35), 175-181, 2013-03-01


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