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  • Conversion of soil particle size distribution and texture classification from ISSS system to FAO/USDA system in Japanese paddy soils

    TAKAHASHI Tomoki , NAKANO Keiko , NIRA Rikiya , KUMAGAI Etsushi , NISHIDA Mizuhiko , NAMIKAWA Mari

    Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, 1-8, 2020-05-23


  • Horizontal Line Nodes in Sr2RuO4 Proved by Spin Resonance

    Iida Kazuki , Kofu Maiko , Suzuki Katsuhiro , Murai Naoki , Ohira-Kawamura Seiko , Kajimoto Ryoichi , Inamura Yasuhiro , Ishikado Motoyuki , Hasegawa Shunsuke , Masuda Takatsugu , Yoshida Yoshiyuki , Kakurai Kazuhisa , Machida Kazushige , Lee Seunghun

    Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 89(5), 053702-053702, 2020-05-15


  • Multiphase characterization of wild Vigna associated root nodule bacteria from Japanese subtropical islands unveiled novel high temperature resistant Bradyrhizobium strains having high symbiotic compatibility with soybean and mungbean

    Mortuza Md Firoz , Tomooka Norihiko , Habibi Safiullah , Akatsu Tetsuya , Djedidi Salem , Naito Ken , Sekimoto Hitoshi , Okazaki Shin , Ohkama-Ohtsu Naoko , Yokoyama Tadashi

    Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, 1-14, 2020-04-06


  • Effect of cartap hydrochloride spraying to the first-generation larvae of persimmon fruit moth Stathmopoda masinissa (Lepidoptera: Stathmopodidae) in a persimmon orchard  [in Japanese]

    新井 朋徳 , 井上 広光


    農研機構研究報告 = Journal of the NARO Research and Development (3), 19-22, 2020-03-31

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  • Cultivate Area Required to Use New Technology about Sugar Beet from the Viewpoint of Operating Costs  [in Japanese]

    藤田 直聡 , 辻 博之 , 有岡 敏也

    Crop Cultivate Farm in Hokkaido (except for paddies) have continued to their enlarge crop areas since 1960, particularly those for wheat. However, areas used to grow sugar beet have decreased. A lack …

    農研機構研究報告 = Journal of the NARO Research and Development (3), 9-17, 2020-03-31

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  • New Japanese Pear Cultivar 'Rinka'  [in Japanese]

    齋藤 寿広 , 澤村 豊 , 壽 和夫 , 髙田 教臣 , 平林 利郎 , 佐藤 明彦 , 正田 守幸 , 西尾 聡悟 , 寺井 理治 , 加藤 秀憲 , 西端 豊英 , 樫村 芳記 , 尾上 典之 , 鈴木 勝征 , 内田 誠

    … 'Rinka' is an early maturing russet skin type new cultivar of Japanese pear (Pyrus pyrifolia Nakai) released in 2013 by the Institute of Fruit Tree and Tea Science (NIFTS), National Agriculture and Food Research Organization. …

    農研機構研究報告 = Journal of the NARO Research and Development (3), 1-8, 2020-03-31

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  • Evaluation of the Attitudes Between the Constitutional Tribunal and the Parliament in Myanmar

    MAKINO Emi

    … The Tribunal was established in 2011, and it was the first independent organization for constitutional review in Myanmar. … However, the trends of distrust against the Tribunal is widely recognized after the NLD (National League for Democracy) regime came into power. …

    Nagoya University Asian Law Bulletin (5), 69-83, 2020-03-31

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  • A Review of Education Program for University Research Administrator (URA) in Japan  [in Japanese]

    山野 真裕

    … Research Manager and Administrator Network Japan (RMAN-J), professional organization of URA, also has started one-day fundamental training program for new URA. … On the other hand, mid or higher level URA has taken other educational opportunities, for example, the training program for Program Manager's candidate by JST, a national funding organization, the graduate school of higher education program and so on. …

    東京大学大学院教育学研究科紀要 (59), 23-39, 2020-03-30

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  • Discussion of technical elements related to new services utilizing Tsuyama City Open Data and webAPI  [in Japanese]

    寺元 貴幸 , 水嶋 雄里

    … According to Japan National Tourism Organization, their year-over-year growth rate is 19.3%. …

    津山工業高等専門学校紀要 = Bulletin of National Institute of Technology, Tsuyama College (61), 9-16, 2020-03-30


  • Information Support Activities at Okayama Prefecture Disaster Headquarters – A Case Study of the Heavy Rain Event of July 2018 –  [in Japanese]

    水井 良暢 , 崔 青林 , 李 泰榮 , 臼田 裕一郎

    … の情報支援を記録し,今後の防災研究に貢献すれば幸いである.特に,各機関に対する情報支援活動の課題を,1)災害対応機関への調整・対応,2)集約した各種情報の取り扱い,3)情報共有システムのあり方という3つの視点から取り上げた.This article describes the main information support activities conducted by the National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Resilience in the Okayama Prefectural Government office after the Heavy Rain Event of July …

    主要災害調査 = Natural Disaster Research Report (53), 111-122, 2020-03-26

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  • Mapping Activities of Water Outage, Water Supply and Bathing Support Across Multiple Prefectures in the Heavy Rain Event of July 2018  [in Japanese]

    鈴木 比奈子 , 吉森 和城 , 池田 真幸 , 佐野 浩彬 , 半田 信之

    … In this paper, we describe the creation, organization, and provision of support information at the time of a disaster, and the issues related to them.(PDF掲載の発行年はONLINE版の発行日です。 …

    主要災害調査 = National Disaster Research Report (53), 147-154, 2020-03-26

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  • Construction and Investment of NIED-Crisis Response Site (NIED-CRS) in the Heavy Rain Event of July 2018  [in Japanese]

    佐野 浩彬 , 吉森 和城 , 佐藤 良太 , 奈倉 登 , 鈴木 比奈子 , 半田 信之 , 磯野 猛 , 池田 真幸 , 花島 誠人 , 田口 仁 , 取出 新吾 , 臼田 裕一郎

    … 一般向けに統合的な情報発信を行った.本災害における対応を踏まえた課題としては,迅速な情報発信のための風水害の危険性覚知の必要性,適切な情報発信のためのカタログ構成を挙げた.In response to the heavy rainfall disaster that occurred due to heavy rains from June 28 to July 8, 2018, The Center for Comprehensive Management of Disaster Information of the National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Resilience (NIED) had opened the NIED-Crisis Response Site …

    主要災害調査 = National Disaster Research Report (53), 133-146, 2020-03-26

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  • NARO Technical Report no.4  [in Japanese]

    目次(no.4)特集「機構変動」特集によせて 51.世界の食料機関に向けた穀物収量予測サービス 62.わが国のコメ生産における気候変動影響予測と適応策 103.夏季高温によるコメの品質低下の克服 144.北海道における土壌凍結深の減少が農業に与える影響と対策 185.ブドウ着色不良の発生拡大を予測する 226.畜産における地球温暖化対策 26農村地域におけるメタン発酵を中核とした資源循環システムの …

    農研機構技報 = NARO Technical Report (4), 1-39, 2020-03-01

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  • CORRIGENDA: STUDY ON ESTIMATION METHOD FOR SURCHARGE SNOW LOAD DUE TO RAINFALL:(Masaya OTSUKI, Toru TAKAHASHI, Tsukasa TOMABECHI, Takahiro CHIBA, Takuya TSUTSUMI, Isao KAMIISHI, Hitomitsu KIKITSU, Yoshihiro IWATA, Tadashi ISHIHARA and Yasuo OKUDA, J. Struct. Constr. Eng., AIJ, Vol. 82, No. 739, 1329-1338, Sep., 2017)  [in Japanese]

    OTSUKI Masaya , OKUDA Yasuo , TAKAHASHI Toru , TOMABECHI Tsukasa , CHIBA Takahiro , TSUTSUMI Takuya , KAMIISHI Isao , KIKITSU Hitomitsu , IWATA Yoshihiro , ISHIHARA Tadashi

    <p> To propose a calculation method for snow loads that takes rainfall after snowfall into account, a rainfall experiment was conducted. Surcharge load increases continuously once rain starts fa …

    Journal of Structural and Construction Engineering (Transactions of AIJ) (769), 449-449, 2020-03


  • Organization,System and Activities of Student Counseling and Support for Students with Disability in National Universities: Analysis Based on Website Information  [in Japanese]

    松川 春樹 , 池田 忠義 , 髙橋 真理 , 榊原 佐和子



  • Toward the development of a support tool for a National Health Insurance data health plan  [in Japanese]

    古井 祐司 , 柿沼 美智留 , 井出 博生 , 小谷 和彦

    … Japan's National Health Insurance system is managed with a data health plan that promotes the implementation and evaluation of community health initiatives. … Issues identified through the interviews as important to consider for the development of a data health plan included the development organization and methods, the management of the ongoing plan, and the standardization of planning. …

    自治医科大学紀要 = Jichi Medical University Journal (42), 41-46, 2020-03


  • On the Survival of Higher Education as an Organization: Self-discipline  [in Japanese]

    藤村 正司

    … This paper looks at the case of National University Corporations (NUCs) in Japan. … The main findings of the analysis are as follows.Firstly, this paper identifies a principal-agent relationship not only between government and national universities, but also within NUCs. … In national universities, president and boards are principals and faculties are their agents. … The national government, as principal, is identified as a force for coercive isomorphism. …

    大学論集 (52), 1-17, 2020-03

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  • Collaborative Exploration for Amaranthus and Capsicum Genetic Resources in Mid and Far Western Nepal, October and November 2016

    根本 和洋 , 松島 憲一 , 友岡 憲彦 , 高橋 有 , DONGOL Durga Man Singh , SHARMA Santosh , JOSHI Bal Krishna , GHIMIRE Krishna Hari , SHRESTHA Deepa Singh , PAUDEL Mina Nath

    … Based on the agreement between the National Agriculture Genetic Resources Center (NAGRC), Nepal Agricultural Research Council (NARC), Nepal, and the Genetic Resources Center, National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (NARO), Japan, we began the second collaborative exploration for Amaranthus and Capsicum genetic resources in Nepal following the first one, which was conducted in the Mid and Far Western Development Region from October 29 to November 10, 2016. …

    植物遺伝資源探索導入調査報告書 = Annual Report on Exploration and Introduction of Plant Genetic Resources (35), 218-230, 2020-03

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  • Collaborative Survey and Collection of Brassica Vegetable Genetic Resources in Myanmar in 2018 and 2019

    吉田 沙樹 , 和久井 健司 , Zin Thu Zar Maung , Than Naing Oo , Ohm Mar Saw , 入江 憲治

    … seeds will be multiplied and evaluated in Japan and will become available from the National Agriculture and Food Research Organization Genebank, Japan, for research, breeding, and educational purposes.ミャンマー連邦共和国において,"Mohn Nyin" と呼ばれるカラシナを中心としたアブラナ野菜の遺伝資源探索収集を行った.2018 年 10 月 25 日から 11 月 9 日までシャン州カロー周辺,マンダレー管区およびザガイン管区の一部で収集を行った.また …

    植物遺伝資源探索導入調査報告書 = Annual Report on Exploration and Introduction of Plant Genetic Resources (35), 205-217, 2020-03

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  • The ex situ Conservation of Legume Genetic Resources in the Southern Shan State of Myanmar in 2018

    高橋 有 , 吉田 沙樹 , Ohm Mar Saw , 友岡 憲彦

    … The seeds have been conserved in the Department of Agricultural research seed bank in Myanmar, and a subset was transferred to the National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (NARO) Genebank in Japan under the Standard Material Transfer Agreement of the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture. …

    植物遺伝資源探索導入調査報告書 = Annual Report on Exploration and Introduction of Plant Genetic Resources (35), 185-204, 2020-03

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