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  • Persistent hyperplastic primary vitreous in two piglets

    MURAKAMI Tomoaki , MIYOSHI Tomoyuki , TAKAHASHI Natsumi , KANGAWA Akihisa

    … The retina was detached, and dysplastic nervous tissue was observed in anterior vitreous. … Immunohistochemistry using various neural markers suggested that dysplastic nervous tissue was derived from the detached neural retina. …

    Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 81(3), 357-360, 2019


  • Neural Circuitry for Spectral Coding in the Vertebrate Retina : With a Focus on Horizontal cells in Carp and Human Retinae  [in Japanese]

    髙橋 恭一

    人間環境学研究 = Journal of human environmental studies 16(20), 41-82, 2018-02

  • Discovery of mechanical feedback mechanism in organogenesis  [in Japanese]

    OKUDA Satoru , EIRAKU Mototsugu

    … This in-vitro system recapitulates the well-organized morphogenesis of the 3D optic-cup that comprises the continuous structure of neural retina (NR) and retinal pigment epithelium (RPE). …

    The Proceedings of the Bioengineering Conference Annual Meeting of BED/JSME 2018.30(0), 2B02, 2018


  • Electrophysiological Analysis of Retinal Oscillation in Normal and Degenerated Retina  [in Japanese]

    Takeuchi Haruki , Tsubo Yasuhiro , Kitano Katsunori , Koike Chieko

    …  The vertebrate retina is one of the most sophisticated parts of the nervous system. … During development, but prior to a vertebrate's eyes opening, retinal circuits are refined by endogenous neural activity. … Characteristic patterns of activity, including oscillatory activity, occur in the normal retina, whereas distinctive alternative patterns occur in abnormal retinas. … Next, we describe the mechanisms and functions of oscillation in the normal retina. …

    YAKUGAKU ZASSHI 138(5), 679-684, 2018


  • Viral and Electrophysiological Approaches for Elucidating the Structure and Function of Retinal Circuits  [in Japanese]

    Onda Masanari , Sansawa Kouki , Osakada Fumitaka

    …  The mammalian retina consists of five classes of neurons: photoreceptor, horizontal, bipolar, amacrine, and ganglion cells. … Each type of photoreceptor, bipolar, and ganglion cell tiles the retina, collectively providing a complete representation across the visual scene. … Visual signals are processed by at least 80 distinct cell types and at least 20 separate circuits in the retina. …

    YAKUGAKU ZASSHI 138(5), 669-678, 2018


  • A Potential Mechanism for Spontaneous Oscillation in the Abnormal Retina  [in Japanese]

    Taniguchi Kanako , Koike Chieko , Kitano Katsunori

    …  Rhythmic neural activities are observed in many brain regions, and these are considered to play an important role in neural information processing. … On the other hand, distinct rhythmic neural activities emerge under several pathological conditions, suggesting that rhythmic neural activity has a close relation to brain function and dysfunction. …

    YAKUGAKU ZASSHI 138(5), 685-692, 2018


  • Revisiting chemoaffinity theory: Chemotactic implementation of topographic axonal projection

    Naoki Honda

    Neural circuits are wired by chemotactic migration of growth cones guided by extracellular guidance cue gradients. … How growth cone chemotaxis builds the macroscopic structure of the neural circuit is a fundamental question in neuroscience. … In the retina and tectum, the erythropoietin-producing hepatocellular (Eph) receptors and their ligands, the ephrins, are expressed in gradients. …

    PLOS Computational Biology 13(8), 2017-08-08


  • Implications of a Multi-Step Trigger of Retinal Regeneration in the Adult Newt

    Yasumuro Hirofumi , Sakurai Keisuke , Toyama Fubito , Maruo Fumiaki , Chiba Chikafumi , 櫻井 啓輔 , 丸尾 文昭 , 千葉 親文

    … The newt is an amazing four-limbed vertebrate that can regenerate various body parts including the retina. … In this animal, when the neural retina (NR) is removed from the eye by surgery (retinectomy), both the NR and the retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) eventually regenerate through the process of reprogramming and proliferation of RPE cells. …

    Biomedicines 5(2), 25, 2017-06


  • KUS121, a VCP modulator, attenuates ischemic retinal cell death via suppressing endoplasmic reticulum stress

    Hata Masayuki , Ikeda Hanako O. , Kikkawa Chinami , Iwai Sachiko , Muraoka Yuki , Hasegawa Tomoko , Kakizuka Akira , Yoshimura Nagahisa

    … Ischemic neural damages cause several devastating diseases, including brain stroke and ischemic retinopathies, and endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress has been proposed to be the underlying mechanism of the neuronal cell death of these conditions. … Furthermore, intravitreal injection of KUS121, which is the clinically preferred route of drug administration for retinal diseases, appeared to show an equal or better neuroprotective efficacy in the ischemic retina compared with systemic administration. …

    Scientific Reports (7), 2017-03-20


  • Treatment for Age-Related Macular Degeneration Using iPS Cells  [in Japanese]

    TAKAHASHI Masayo

    … AMD is caused by the senescence of a layer of the retina called retinal pigment epithelium (RPE). … own iPS cells to rescue photoreceptors in the neural retina. …


    J-STAGE  Ichushi Web 

  • Effectiveness of triangular and saw-tooth pulses in a retinal prosthesis with suprachoroidal-transretinal stimulation (STS)  [in Japanese]

    Nakano Yukari , Terasawa Yasuo , Kanda Hiroyuki , Osawa Kouji , Miyoshi Tomomitsu , Sawai Hajime , Fujikado Takashi

    <p>我々の開発する人工視覚は, 視細胞変性後も残存している網膜細胞を経網膜的に電気刺激し, 失明患者の視覚を再建するものである。人工視覚では刺激電流波形として一般的に方形波が用いられているが, より効果的な電気刺激パラメータを見出すため, 本研究では, 4種類の刺激波形形状(方形波, 三角波, 鋸波, 逆鋸波)の刺激効率を電気生理学的に検討した。ラット眼球の強膜を半層切除した部位上に …

    Japanese Journal of Visual Science 38(3), 53-59, 2017


  • Mechanical Effects of Cellular Activities During Optic-cup Morphogenesis  [in Japanese]

    TAKEDA Hironori , KAMEO Yoshitaka , ADACHI Taiji

    … For example, during optic-cup formation in an early eye development, neural retina, which is the distal region of the spherical optic vesicle, invaginates to form a two-walled cup-like structure. …

    The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress, Japan 2017(0), J0230104, 2017


  • Molecular Bases of the Difference between Rod- and Cone-mediated Vision.  [in Japanese]


    <p>脊椎動物の網膜には桿体と錐体の2種類の視細胞が存在する。いずれも光を検出して神経情報に変換する働きをしている細胞であり,互いによく似ている細胞である。その一方,光に対する応答の仕方には2つの点で大きな違いがある。一つめの違いは光に対する感度の違いである。光に対する感度は錐体よりも桿体のほうが著しく高い。このため,我々は暗いところで桿体を使って物を見ることが出来る。もう一つの違いは …

    Hikaku seiri seikagaku(Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry) 34(3), 70-79, 2017

    J-STAGE  Ichushi Web 

  • Influx Transport of Cationic Drug at the Blood–Retinal Barrier: Impact on the Retinal Delivery of Neuroprotectants

    Kubo Yoshiyuki , Akanuma Shin-ichi , Hosoya Ken-ichi

    … <p>The retina is a tissue essential for vision, and the blood–retina barrier (BRB) helps to maintain an optimal microenvironment for the neural system in the retina. … Recent findings concerning the BRB showed the involvement of transporters at the inner and outer BRB in drug and nutrient transport, suggesting their utility in the development of novel drug delivery systems to the retina. …

    Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin 40(8), 1139-1145, 2017


  • Performance enhancement methods via deposition reaction for implantable metal electrode  [in Japanese]

    田代 洋行 , 寺澤 靖雄 , 桑原 真理子 , 吉村 優里奈 , 中野 由香梨 , 大澤 孝治 , 野田 俊彦 , 徳田 崇 , 太田 淳

    電気学会研究会資料. CHS = The papers of technical meeting on "chemical sensor", IEE Japan 2016(32-36), 11-15, 2016-12-21

  • 〈Original Papers〉A remapping algorithm of visual information between retina and lateral geniculate nucleus  [in Japanese]

    久保 賢典 , 小濱 剛 , 吉田 久

    … However, the neural coding is not yet understood enough even in the early visual system, from retina to primary visual cortex. … In this study, we developed a remapping algorithm to calculate the image projection from retina to lateral geniculate nucleus (LGN), in order to visualize the representation of visual information in the early visual system. …

    近畿大学生物理工学部紀要 = Memoirs of the Faculty of Biology-Oriented Science and Technology of Kindai University (38), 11-20, 2016-10-31


  • A simulation model of the neural image of the transient Off-α type ganglion cells in the mouse retina with convergent and divergent synaptic signaling  [in Japanese]

    山口 弘嗣 , 工藤 有華 , 木虎 秀二 , 山内 翔太 , 林田 祐樹 , 八木 哲也

    電子情報通信学会技術研究報告 = IEICE technical report : 信学技報 116(265), 19-24, 2016-10-22

  • A simulation model of the neural image of the transient Off-α type ganglion cells in the mouse retina with convergent and divergent synaptic signaling  [in Japanese]

    山口 弘嗣 , 工藤 有華 , 木虎 秀二 , 山内 翔太 , 林田 祐樹 , 八木 哲也

    電子情報通信学会技術研究報告 = IEICE technical report : 信学技報 116(264), 19-24, 2016-10-22

  • A simulation model of the neural image of the transient Off-α type ganglion cells in the mouse retina with convergent and divergent synaptic signaling  [in Japanese]

    山口 弘嗣 , 工藤 有華 , 木虎 秀二 , 山内 翔太 , 林田 祐樹 , 八木 哲也

    電子情報通信学会技術研究報告 = IEICE technical report : 信学技報 116(263), 19-24, 2016-10-22

  • Turning the fate of reprogramming cells from retinal disorder to regeneration by Pax6 in newts

    Casco-Robles Martin Miguel , Islam Md Rafiqul , Inami Wataru , Tanaka Hibiki Vincent , Kunahong Ailidana , Yasumuro Hirofumi , Hanzawa Shiori , Casco-Robles Roman Martin , Toyama Fubito , Maruo Fumiaki , Chiba Chikafumi , 千葉 親文 , 丸尾 文昭

    … The newt, a urodele amphibian, has an outstanding ability– even as an adult –to regenerate a functional retina through reprogramming and proliferation of the retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) cells, even though the neural retina is completely removed from the eye by surgery. … Here we show that disability of RPE cells to regenerate the retina brings about a symptom of proliferative vitreoretinopathy (PVR), even in the newt. …

    Scientific Reports (6), 33761, 2016-09


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