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  • Asymmetric flow of polymer solutions around microfluidic cylinders: Interaction between shear-thinning and viscoelasticity

    Simon J. Haward , Cameron C. Hopkins , Amy Q. Shen

    … Using a shear-banding viscoelastic wormlike micellar (WLM) solution, we showed how the flow around such a cylinder could destabilize beyond a critical Weissenberg number (Wi=λU/r, where λ is a characteristic time of the fluid and U is the average flow velocity), resulting in the asymmetric division of the fluid around either side of the cylinder [Haward et al, Soft Matter 15:1927]. …

    Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics (278), 104250, 2020-02-19


  • Molten Li Salt Solvate-Silica Nanoparticle Composite Electrolytes with Tailored Rheological Properties

    MARIUM Mayeesha , UENO Kazuhide , DOKKO Kaoru , WATANABE Masayoshi

    … In this study, nanocomposite electrolytes exhibiting two distinct non-Newtonian rheological responses, i.e., shear thinning and shear thickening behaviors, were prepared using glyme- and sulfolane-based molten Li salt solvates and hydrophilic fumed silica without any surface modification of the silica. … anions formed a shear thinning gel and shear thickening fluid, respectively. …

    Electrochemistry 88(3), 174-177, 2020


  • X-Ray CT Imaging of Grease Behavior in Ball Bearing and Numerical Validation of Multi-Phase Flows Simulation

    Noda Takashi , Shibasaki Kenichi , Miyata Shinji , Taniguchi Masato

    … Making a breakthrough such a troubling aspect, X-ray computed tomography (CT), which is one of the non-destructive inspection techniques, was employed and resulted in visualizing remarkable details of grease distribution in a resin ball bearing. …

    Tribology Online 15(1), 36-44, 2020


  • Non-Newtonian fluid simulations of mass movement disasters using the SPH method

    Morikawa Daniel Shigueo , Asai Mitsuteru

    計算工学講演会論文集 Proceedings of the Conference on Computational Engineering and Science 24, 5p, 2019-05

  • Secondary flows of viscoelastic fluids in serpentine microchannels

    Lucie Ducloué , Laura Casanellas , Simon J. Haward , Robert J. Poole , Manuel A. Alves , Sandra Lerouge , Amy Q. Shen , Anke Lindner

    … Secondary flows are ubiquitous in channel flows, where small velocity components perpendicular to the main velocity appear due to the complexity of the channel geometry and/or that of the flow itself such as from inertial or non-Newtonian effects. …

    Microfluidics and Nanofluidics 23(33), 2019-02-05



    NAKAZAWA Takashi

    <p>本論文では,時間変動場の効率的制御を目的として,Snapshot POD を活用した流れ場の形状最適化問題を定式化する.具体的には,Snapshot POD で得られた固有値を目的関数と定義し,Reynolds Average Navier-Stokes 問題と Snapshot POD の固有値問題を制約関数とする.そして,Lagrange 未定乗数法と有限要素法に基づき目的汎 …

    Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Ser. A2 (Applied Mechanics (AM)) 75(2), I_135-I_143, 2019


  • Numerical analysis of dam breaking behavior of Bingham pseudoplastic fluid by using the explicit MPS method  [in Japanese]

    NEGISHI Hideyo , AMAKAWA Hiroaki , MANIWA Kazuaki , OBARA Shingo , HAYAMA Makoto , DONG Daming

    … From a view point of grease lubrication design, it is crucial to understand grease macro flow phenomena in ball bearings taking into account non-Newtonian property of grease. … As for the numerical work, a basic algorithm to simulate non-Newtonian grease macro flows was developed based on the explicit MPS (Moving Particle Simulation) method coupled with Bingham pseudoplastic fluid model. …

    Transactions of the JSME (in Japanese) 85(875), 19-00086-19-00086, 2019


  • Flow Characteristics of Slurry with Rare-Earth Rich Mud under Deep Seabed around Minamitorishima  [in Japanese]


    … Further, three types of fluid model; …

    Journal of MMIJ 135(7), 52-62, 2019


  • Numerical simulation on the effect of surrounding fluid on the erythrocyte flow in microvessel  [in Japanese]

    SHITARA Kazuhiro , HYAKUTAKE Toru

    The Proceedings of the Bioengineering Conference Annual Meeting of BED/JSME 2019.31(0), 2G11, 2019


  • A Simple Procedure for Measuring Magma Rheology

    Kurokawa Aika K. , Miwa Takahiro , Ishibashi Hidemi

    … The results show that reliable data, consistent with previous studies, were obtained and that the magma rheology became non-Newtonian with decreasing temperature, showing clear shear-thinning behavior. … The rheological properties of the magma at 1180°C are quantitatively described as a function of shear rate based on three simple non-Newtonian fluid models. …

    Journal of Disaster Research 14(4), 616-622, 2019


  • The Influence of Ultrasound Irradiation on Falling Sphere in Pseudo-Plastic Fluid  [in Japanese]

    IWAMURO Minoru , WATAMURA Tomoaki , SUGIYAMA Kazuyasu

    … <p>Ultrasound effects on the motion of a falling sphere in water (i.e. Newtonian fluid) and in PolyAcrylAmide (PAA) solution (i.e. non-Newtonian shear-thinning fluid) are experimentally investigated via an image processing technique. …



  • 3D-printed glass microfluidics for fluid dynamics and rheology

    Noa Burshtein , San To Chan , Kazumi Toda-Peters , Amy Q. Shen , Simon J. Haward

    … From a fluid dynamics perspective, microfluidics gives access to a regime of very high deformation rates <(gamma) over dot> … For viscoelastic fluid flows, the resulting high Weissenberg numbers Wi = tau<(gamma) over dot>, where tau is the fluid characteristic time, means the flow occurs at high elasticity number El = Wi/Re. …

    Current Opinion in Colloid & Interface Science (43), 1-14, 2018-12-22


  • Fluid structure interaction analysis of snow avalanches using non-Newtonian fluid model  [in Japanese]

    高瀬 慎介 , 森口 周二 , 寺田 賢二郎

    計算工学講演会論文集 Proceedings of the Conference on Computational Engineering and Science 23, 4p, 2018-06

  • Effects of surrounding fluid on motility of hyperactivated bovine sperm

    Hyakutake Toru , Mori Kotaro , Sato Koichi

    … In the present study, we focused on the motion characteristics of hyperactivated bovine sperm and investigated the effect of the surrounding fluid on motility. … We prepared two kinds of polyacrylamide with high-viscosity non-Newtonian fluid properties, similar to the actual cervical and oviductal mucus. …

    Journal of Biomechanics (71), 183-189, 2018-04-11


  • Effects of the extensional rheological properties of polymer solutions on vortex shedding and turbulence characteristics in a two-dimensional turbulent flow

    Hidema Ruri , Murao Ikumi , Komoda Yoshiyuki , Suzuki Hiroshi

    An experimental study was performed to investigate the relationship between the extensional rheological properties of polymer solutions and vortex deformation in turbulent flow. Polyethyleneoxide as a …

    Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics (254), 1-11, 2018-04


  • Steady viscoelastic flow around high-aspect-ratio, low-blockage-ratio microfluidic cylinders

    Simon J. Haward , Kazumi Toda-Peters , Amy Q. Shen

    We employ a state-of-the-art microfabrication technique (selective laser-induced etching, SLE) to produce microfluidic cylinder geometries that explore new geometrical regimes. Using SLE, two microcha …

    Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics (254), 23-35, 2018-02-20


  • Elastic modifications of an inertial instability in a 3D cross-slot

    Konstantinos Zografos , Noa Burshtein , Amy Q. Shen , Simon J. Haward , Robert J. Poole

    … In so doing, we show that the UCM and the Oldroyd-B model results are restricted to very low nominal Weissenberg numbers at non-negligible Reynolds numbers, due to a significant increase in the strain rate at the stagnation point caused by inertia. …

    Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics, 2018-02-08


  • Experimental Comparison of Static Rheological Properties of Non-Newtonian Food Fluids with Dynamic Viscoelasticity

    SUZUKI Kanichi , HAGURA Yoshio

    日本レオロジー学会誌 46(1), 1-12, 2018

  • Estimation for viscoelastic fluid flow behind a cylinder using data assimilation  [in Japanese]

    AKECHI Yuki , OSAWA Takayuki , TSUKAHARA Takahiro , HASEGAWA Yosuke

    … <p>Each experiment and numerical simulation in fluid flow analysis has advantages and disadvantages. … In the numerical simulation of non-Newtonian fluids such as a viscoelastic fluid, although detailed flow information can be obtained, the relationship between fluid additive concentration and the dimensionless number of viscoelastic parameters is not necessarily known. …

    The Proceedings of the Fluids engineering conference 2018(0), OS10-2, 2018


  • Experimental Analysis of Viscoelastic Fluid Stirred by Single Rotor  [in Japanese]

    Saito Takushi , Noguchi Yuki , Bahadur KC Indra , Higashi Kosuke , Fukutani Kazuhisa , Kawaguchi Tatsuya , Satoh Isao

    … <p>Due to the non-Newtonian and viscoelastic properties of molten rubber, it is not easy to numerically analyze the heat and mass transfer in the rubber mixing process. … Therefore, the flow field and temperature distribution in the mixing process using a single rotor and model fluid were analyzed by Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) and Laser Induced Fluoresce (LIF), respectively. …

    The Proceedings of the Thermal Engineering Conference 2018(0), 0196, 2018


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