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  • Detection of Pulmonary Embolism Using a Novel Dynamic Flat-Panel Detector System in Monkeys.

    MIYATA Hisae , TABATA Takahisa , TSUJITA Yasuyuki , FUJINO Kazunori , TANAKA Rie , EGUCHI Yutaka , 宮武 秀光 , 田畑 貴久 , 辻田 靖之 , 藤野 和典 , 江口 豊

    … The ∆pixel value of the lungs in normal and PE models were compared in both supine and standing positions. … In the PE model, the ∆pixel value decreased in the area of pulmonary blood flow occlusion and increased in the contralateral lung as compared to the normal model (normal model 1.287±0.385, PE model occluded side 0.428±0.128, PE model non-occluded side 1.900±0.431). …

    Circulation journal : official journal of the Japanese Circulation Society 85(4), 361-368, 2021-03-25


  • Novel Bi-directional Flow-based Traffic Generation Framework for IDS Evaluation and Exploratory Data Analysis

    Korakoch Wilailux , Sudsanguan Ngamsuriyaroj

    Flow-based network traffic information has been recently used to detect malicious intrusion. … However, several available public flow-based datasets are unidirectional, and bidirectional flow-based datasets are rarely available. … In this paper, a novel framework to generate bidirectional flow-based datasets for IDS evaluation is proposed. … The generated dataset has the mixed combination of normal background traffic and attack traffic. …

    情報処理学会論文誌 62(3), 2021-03-15



    IMANISHI Mineko , JO Akihide , FUNAKI Nanako , SANO Tomonori

    … Solving such congestion is essential for flow efficiency, safety, and user comfort.</p><p> This paper proposes a new flow-control system called a Pedestrian-Roundabout, and reports on its effects through the results of two sequential full-scale experiments.</p><p> </p><p> <b>2. …

    Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ) (781), 803-813, 2021-03


  • Relating Hydraulic-Electrical-Elastic Properties of Natural Rock Fractures at Elevated Stress and Associated Transient Changes of Fracture Flow

    Sawayama K. , Ishibashi T. , Jiang F. , Fujimitsu Y.

    … This study explores simultaneous changes in hydraulic and geophysical properties of natural rock fractures with increasing normal stress and correlates these property changes through coupling experiments and digital fracture simulations. … Our lattice Boltzmann simulation reveals transitions in three-dimensional flow paths, and finite-element modeling enables us to investigate the corresponding evolution of geophysical properties. …

    Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering, 1, 2021-02-24


  • Displacement speed statistics in an open turbulent jet spray flame

    Malkeson S.P. , Ahmed U. , Turquand d'Auzay C. , Pillai A.L. , Chakraborty N. , Kurose Ryoichi

    … The components of displacement speed arising from chemical reaction rate and flame normal molecular diffusion remain leading order contributors and the competition between these determines the mean behaviour of displacement speed. … This suggests that flow geometry in the absence of mean curvature might not be important in determining the mean behaviour of displacement speed and its components. …

    Fuel 286(1), 2021-02-15


  • Reappraisal of the Cerebral Blood Flow Measured Using 123I-I-iodoamphetamine Single-photon Emission Computed Tomography in Normal Subjects and Patients with Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia with Lewy Bodies

    Seto Makiko , Fukushima Naomi , Yuasa Takayuki , Nakao Yoko , Ichinose Katsuhiro , Tomita Itsuro , Satoh Hideyo , Satoh Akira , Ochi Makoto , Tsujihata Mitsuhiro

    … Purpose: Our aim was to re-evaluate the usefulness of perfusion single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) for the diagnosis of AD and DLB.Methods: A total of 1,232 patients, including 180 cognitively normal subjects (NSs), 148 patients with amnestic mild cognitive impairment (aMCI), 802 patients with AD and 102 patients with dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB) were enrolled. …

    Acta medica Nagasakiensia 64(3), 91-100, 2021-02


  • Abnormal Human Action Detection Based on GAN

    Sano Tomoya , Ishikawa Seiji , Tan Joo kooi

    The 2021 International Conference on Artificial Life and Robotics (ICAROB 2021), January 21-24, 2021, Higashi-Hiroshima (オンライン開催に変更)

    Proceedings of International Conference on Artificial Life & Robotics (ICAROB2021), 287-290, 2021-01-22


  • Evolution of Surface Density Function in an Open Turbulent Jet Spray Flame

    Malkeson S. P. , Ahmed U. , Pillai A. L. , Chakraborty N. , Kurose R.

    … The mean value of dilatation rate remains positive, whereas the mean normal strain rate assumes positive values where the effects of heat release are strong but becomes negative towards both unburned and burned gas sides. … The mean values of dilatation rate, normal strain rate and tangential strain rate decrease downstream of the jet exit. … The mean values of normal strain rate arising from flame propagation remain positive and thus act to thicken the flame. …

    Flow, Turbulence and Combustion (106), 207-229, 2021-01


  • A case of placental hemangioma: necessity of color Doppler imaging of placenta for early detection  [in Japanese]

    MIMA Yasuyuki , HASEGAWA Junnichi , FURUYA Natsumi , SASAKI Takamichi , KURASAKI Akiko , DOI Masatomo , TAKAGI Masayuki , KOIKE Junki , SUZUKI Nao

    <p>胎盤血管腫は組織学的にのみ確認されて,臨床的には問題のないものが少なくない一方,胎児発育不全や胎児貧血などの原因になることがある.自験例の報告と超音波検査による胎盤精査時のカラードプラの必要性について論じる.症例は妊娠31週に胎児発育不全のため当院紹介受診となった.母体既往,胎児,胎児付属物に明らかな異常はなかった.染色体検査は施行されていなかったが,明らかな原因を同定できない胎 …

    Choonpa Igaku, 2021


  • Effects of exposure to methylglyoxal on sperm motility and embryonic development after fertilization in mice

    NAKANO Tatsuya , KONO Mizuki , SEGAWA Kazuki , KUROSAKA Satoshi , NAKAOKA Yoshiharu , MORIMOTO Yoshiharu , MITANI Tasuku

    … Intracellular reactive oxygen species (ROS), membrane integrity, mitochondrial membrane potential, and DNA damage were assessed using flow cytometry. … Furthermore, MG diminished the fertilization rate and developmental competence, even after normal fertilization. …

    Journal of Reproduction and Development 67(2), 123-133, 2021


  • Relationships between Vascular Endothelial Function and Physical Activity/Diastolic Blood Pressure in Male University Students  [in Japanese]

    HAMACHI Nozomi , OKA Shinichiro , MORITA Masaharu , HIROOKA Yoshitaka

    … <p>〔目的〕男子大学生における血管内皮機能に影響を及ぼす因子を明らかにすることである.〔対象と方法〕対象は健常な男子大学生34名とした.血管内皮機能(flow-mediated dilation:FMD)と身体組成,血圧(SBP,DBP),強度別身体活動量(LPA,MPA,VPA,%MVPA)との関係を調査した.〔結果〕FMDの平均値は8.1 ± 2.2%であった.FMDはVPA,%MVPAと有意な正の相関(r=0.432,0.383),FMD正常群ではDBPと有意な負の相関(r=- …

    Rigakuryoho Kagaku 36(2), 227-232, 2021


  • Does Slow Abdominal Breathing Reduce Stress Responses? A Study Based on Mood State and Cerebral Oxygen Dynamics  [in Japanese]

    MATSUURA Kazufumi , YAMAZAKI Fumio

    <p>〔目的〕腹式呼吸が気分と脳血流に及ぼす影響を検討した.〔対象と方法〕健常成人10名を対象とし腹式呼吸あるいは通常呼吸を行った後ストループ課題を行った.実験中,前頭部の酸素化ヘモグロビン濃度(Oxy-Hb)を測定し,呼吸前後とストループ課題後の気分を評価した.〔結果〕腹式呼吸後は混乱-当惑,緊張-不安,総合的気分状態得点が低下しストループ課題後も緊張-不安の低下が持続した.Oxy- …

    Rigakuryoho Kagaku 36(2), 175-180, 2021


  • Virtual Reality Cerebrovascular Surgery Simulation Using Computer Graphics  [in Japanese]

    KIN Taichi , SHONO Naoyuki , NOMURA Seiji , SHIODE Taketo , KOIKE Tsukasa , SAITO Toki , NAKATOMI Hirofumi , OYAMA Hiroshi , SAITO Nobuhito

    … <p>Objectives: To investigate the computer graphics (CG) reconstruction methods as visualization tools for cerebrovascular surgery simulations and their possible clinical applications.</p><p>Methods: The following CG technologies were used to improve three-dimensional fusion images reconstructed from medical images: particle-based fluid simulation enabling blood flow analysis; …

    Surgery for Cerebral Stroke 49(2), 91-97, 2021


  • Alterations of transcriptome expression, cell cycle, and mitochondrial superoxide reveal foetal endothelial dysfunction in Saudi women with gestational diabetes mellitus

    Sultan Samar , Ahmed Farid , Bajouh Osama , Schulten Hans-Juergen , Bagatian Nadia , Al-Dayini Roaa , Subhi Ohoud , Karim Sajjad , Almalki Sultanah

    … MTS and cell cycle were analysed by flow cytometry. … for several passages under normal glucose conditions.</p> …

    Endocrine Journal, 2021


  • Method for detecting hemodynamic alterations following a single gavage in rats

    FUSHIMI Taiki , FUJII Yasuyuki , KOSHINO Hideaki , INAGAWA Kodai , SAITO Akiko , KOIZUMI Ryo , SHIBATA Masahiro , OSAKABE Naomi

    … After 10–15 min of stabilization, we measured the mean blood pressure (MBP), heart rate (HR), and blood flow (BF) in the cremaster arteriole under two different conditions; … condition 1: a pointed gastric tube, room temperature distilled water, and injected at normal speed (approximately 3 ml/min); …

    Experimental Animals, 2021


  • A case of isolated total anomalous pulmonary venous drainage type IIa: a dilated coronary sinus was the key finding to determine the fetal diagnosis  [in Japanese]

    YAMAZAKI Asako , DOI Shigeharu , KAWATAKI Motoyoshi

    <p>総肺静脈還流異常(Total anomalous pulmonary venous drainage: TAPVD)は胎児診断が最も難しい先天異常のひとつであるが,病型によっては出生後すぐに手術をすることが児の予後に大きく関わることが知られており,胎児診断が非常に重要である.今回,胎児スクリーニングで冠状静脈洞拡大をきっかけにTAPVD type IIa型の診断に至った症例を経験 …

    Choonpa Igaku, 2021


  • MiR-509-3p Induces Apoptosis and Affects the Chemosensitivity of Cervical Cancer Cells by Targeting the RAC1/PAK1/LIMK1/Cofilin Pathway

    Xu Jia , Ma Xiangdong , Yang Hong , Zhang Junru , Cai Guoqing , Yao Nianling

    … Additionally, 3-(4,5-dimethylthiazol-2-yl)-2,5-diphenyltetrazolium bromide (MTT) assay and flow cytometry were performed to verify the viability and apoptosis of HCC94 and C-33A cells after upregulating miR-509-3p. … normal cells). …

    Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin 69(4), 325-332, 2021


  • A case of fetal huge hepatic hemangioma with high-output cardiac failure managed by monitoring of fetal cardiovascular function  [in Japanese]

    HAYASHI Sayaka , SAGO Haruhiko , OZAWA Katsusuke , MUROMOTO Jin , SUGIBAYASI Rika , KOSUGI Youhei , SHIBATA Yuka , IKENOUE Satoru , WADA Seiji , ITO Yusi

    <p>胎児巨大肝血管腫は動静脈シャントによって高拍出性心不全を呈し,胎盤循環も悪化する.そのため胎盤循環を含めた胎児循環の評価を行い適切な娩出時期を決定する必要があるが,いまだ確立した評価方法がない.臍静脈血流量(UVFV)の総心拍出量(CCO)における割合(UVFV/CCO)は胎盤循環の指標となることが報告されており,この指標を含めた心循環機能評価を行うことで早期に病状の変化をとらえ …

    Choonpa Igaku, 2021


  • Motorway Gap Distribution Analysis for Designing Dedicated Connected-and-Automated-Vehicle Lanes

    KALA Jaya Varshini , TORIUMI Azusa , CHEN Xiangdong , LIN Xi , OGUCHI Takashi

    <p>協調型自動運転車(CAV)の普及導入段階のシナリオのひとつとして,高速道路上にCAV 専用車線を設置することが考えられている.このような専用車線の出口では,CAV は,隣接する通常車線の手動運転車の車間に合流しなければならないため,その設置箇所や構造は,合流挙動を左右する手動運転車の車間時間分布を考慮しながら慎重に設計する必要があるといえる.そこで本研究は,高速道路における手動運 …

    SEISAN KENKYU 73(2), 113-118, 2021


  • Detection of Pulmonary Embolism Using a Novel Dynamic Flat-Panel Detector System in Monkeys

    Miyatake Hidemitsu , Tabata Takahisa , Tsujita Yasuyuki , Fujino Kazunori , Tanaka Rie , Eguchi Yutaka

    … <p><b><i>Background:</i></b>Recently, dynamic chest radiography (DCR) was developed to evaluate pulmonary function using a flat-panel detector (FPD), which can evaluate blood flow in the pulmonary artery without injection of contrast agents. …

    Circulation Journal 85(4), 361-368, 2021


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