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  • Prediction of Online Purchasing Behavior of Cameras UsingWeb Search Logs  [in Japanese]

    Nakata Yusei , Muramoto Naoki , Yamamoto Takehiro , Fujita Sumio , Ohshima Hiroaki

    … With the increasing popularity of online shopping at EC sites, more and more users are searching for products through web searches and actually purchasing them at EC sites. … This indicates that, by analyzing the query log of a searcher, it is possible to predict whether the searcher will purchase the product in the near future. … Therefore, we construct a classifier by collecting past web search query logs of searchers who have purchased cameras and those who have not purchased them. …

    Transactions of the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence 36(1), WI2-C_1-10, 2021


  • Conditions and Challenges of Distance Higher Education in Present-day Japan:Deregulation of Education and the Special Zones for Structural Reform

    Tajima Takahiro

    … Distance higher education in Japan has developed since the early 1950s, functioning as an open system of higher learning. … Owing to deregulation and structural reform in education, the number of universities offering distance learning programs has increased in recent years, and distance learning institutions have become more open and conducive to learning. … However, the number of students enrolled in distance learning universities is decreasing. …

    商学討究 71(2/3), 125-143, 2020-12-24


  • Acceptance Status and Problems of Foreign Labor in Asian Countries : Focusing on Taiwan  [in Japanese]

    大島 一二 , 西野 真由

    … In this paper, we examined the actual situation of accepting foreign workers in Taiwan fromvarious statistical data.In recent years, Taiwan's declining birthrate, aging population, and declining population haveincreased the working conditions demanded by domestic workers, and have caused a seriouslabor shortage, particularly in the construction, manufacturing, and service industries. … Therefore,the number of foreign simple workers is increasing rapidly to compensate for the labor shortage. …

    桃山学院大学総合研究所紀要 = ST. ANDREW'S UNIVERSITY BULLETIN OF THE RESEARCH INSTITUTE 46(2), 1-13, 2020-12-10


  • Security Evaluation of User Authentication with Pair-Based Credential against Guess Attack Using Words and Emojis  [in Japanese]

    横山 佳紀 , 高田 哲司

    コンピュータセキュリティシンポジウム2020論文集, 726-733, 2020-10-19


  • Partition-Then-Overlap Method for Labeling Cyber Threat Intelligence Reports by Topic Model  [in Japanese]

    長澤 龍成 , 古本 啓祐 , 瀧田 愼 , 白石 善明 , 高橋 健志 , 毛利 公美 , 髙野 泰洋 , 森井 昌克

    コンピュータセキュリティシンポジウム2020論文集, 840-846, 2020-10-19


  • A comparative study of international and Chinese public health emergency management from the perspective of knowledge domains mapping

    Li Juan , Zhu Yuhang , Feng Jianing , Meng Weijing , Begma Kseniia , Zhu Gaopei , Wang Xiaoxuan , Wu Di , Shi Fuyan , Wang Suzhen

    Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine 25(1), 2020-10-02


  • A STUDY ON THE STREET BEHAVIOR WITH EXCHANGES OF GOODS:- Through field surveys and analysis of psychological factors seen in Akihabara -  [in Japanese]

    HOJO Misaki , GOTO Haruhiko , YAMACHIKA Yasunari , YOSHIE Shun

    … and exchange them to share their hobbies and interests outside the store, forming a kind of public sphere.</p><p> This paper clarifies the mechanism of forming "the place for exchanges of goods".</p><p> To grasp this mechanism that are common in the outdoor space of Akihabara is also important in considering the value of downtown, which used to be discussed with words "bustle" …

    Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ) (775), 1931-1941, 2020-09



    WAKASUGI Miyuki , HONMA Yudai , IMAI Kotaro

    … Specifically, we focus on the asymmetry of visual cognition and clarify the diversity of spatial analysis based on multiple criteria.</p><p> In architectural spaces used by many people, such as art museums, people usually incorporate the existence of others when they determine the position to pause. …

    Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ) (775), 1853-1863, 2020-09



    OSARAGI Toshihiro , TAGUCHI Yuya

    … <p> In recent years, the number of packages to be delivered has been rapidly increasing according to the pandemic usage of online shopping, while hireling delivery persons is becoming rather difficult. …

    Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ) (775), 1877-1886, 2020-09


  • Grammar-compressed Self-index with Lyndon Words

    Kazuya Tsuruta , Dominik Köppl , Yuto Nakashima , Shunsuke Inenaga , Hideo Bannai , Masayuki Takeda

    … We introduce a new class of straight-line programs (SLPs), named the Lyndon SLP, inspired by the Lyndon trees (Barcelo, 1990). …

    情報処理学会論文誌数理モデル化と応用(TOM) 13(2), 84-92, 2020-08-28


  • Latent Topics in British Classic Fiction : Using LDA to classify texts into meaningful groups  [in Japanese]

    田畑 智司 , Tabata Tomoji , タバタ トモジ

    … The present study applies Latent Dirichlet Allocation to a corpus of British classic fiction, the Osaka Reference Corpus for Hlstrorical/Diachronic Stylistics (ORCHIDS) with a view to analyzing latent semantic structures underlying in the corpus and mapping its constituent texts in the network of words, topics, and texts. …

    言語文化共同研究プロジェクト (2019), 47-58, 2020-07-31

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  • Semantic transparency of morphemes in various types of  [in Japanese]

    水野 りか , 松井 孝雄

    … Semantic transparency of the second morpheme (which is typically the head) of two-morpheme English compound words has been found to have greater facilitatory effects as compared to the first morpheme. …

    人文学部研究論集 (44), 33-45, 2020-07


  • The tableware found at Kyushu University campus

    吉田 茂二郎 , 三島 美佐子 , 岩永 省三 , 折田 悦郎

    … Since around 1935, many types of tableware were utilized in Kyushu University. … These were collected during the relocation of Kyushu University from Hakozaki campus to Ito campus. … The number of tableware collected are 308 pieces and they are classified into 20 types according to its shapes. … These tableware were produced in 3 or 4 times not once by the observation of symbol mark and words written on the tableware. …

    九州大学総合研究博物館研究報告 (17), 115-125, 2020-06-25



    KIM Junghwa , ARIMA Yusuke , WADA Koichi

    … <p> The purpose of this research is to clarify the process of the transition of design aspiration for the architecture major student from which time and through what kind of events. …

    Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ) (772), 1165-1172, 2020-06


  • The Effect of Communication Structure via Social Media on Group Cohesiveness  [in Japanese]

    飯塚 優乃 , 小林 知博 , Yuno IIZUKA , Chihiro KOBAYASHI

    … The purpose of this study is to examine the effect of communication structure (circle, comcon, wheel) on group cohesiveness(group attractiveness). … Participants used direct message of Twitter on laptop computers for communicating each other, and performed a task which requires to make 5 idioms using 2 Chinese characters each. …

    神戸女学院大学論集 = Kobe College studies 67(1), 21-34, 2020-06

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  • The protection of the women victims from the domestic violence in France: What the slogan "the government protects you" mean?  [in Japanese]

    柿本 佳美 , 柿本 佳美

    … This article aims to make clear the French strategies in order to eradicate and prevent the violence against women, and the contribution of the women's associations in the protection of the women in the violence of their partners. … In France, we have seen a high stagnating number of the women who had been killed by one's husbands. …

    アジア・ジェンダー文化学研究 (4), 33-50, 2020-06


  • Intra-Cluster Document Ranking for Software Documentation  [in Japanese]

    溝渕 裕司 , 吉田 和樹

    … Software documentation is the creation of software documents according to the perspective of each software stakeholder. … Frequently asked questions (i.e. FAQs) in the crowd documents reveal that there are many inquiries about the same question, so it is expected that the number of inquiries can be reduced by reflecting FAQs to the software documents. …

    情報処理学会論文誌 61(4), 930-944, 2020-04-15


  • A Study on the recognition of the words referring to Sports for people with disabilities  [in Japanese]

    藤田 紀昭 , 安藤 佳代子 , 兒玉 友

    … The purpose of this study is t clarify the level of the recognition of the words related to the Paralympics and sports for persons with disabilities. … Furthermore, after getting the Paralympic bid, how the recognition of these words has changed is clarified. … The number of respondents in each survey was 2,066 people. …

    日本福祉大学スポーツ科学論集 = The Journal of Sport Sciences, Nihon Fukushi University (3), 11-20, 2020-03-31


  • Female Teachers' Social Educational Activities in Colonial Korea  [in Japanese]

    李 正連 , LEE Jeongyun

    … There are very few studies of female teachers in colonial Korea, especially those of Korean female teachers. … Furthermore, only fragmentary research has been conducted on female teachers' activities outside school, in other words, on social education activities. … There are three types of female teachers in colonial Korea. … This study focuses on the actual situation and the role of Korean female teachers trained in Korea. …

    生涯学習・キャリア教育研究 (16), 27-41, 2020-03-31


  • Student Perceptions toward the Use of Facebook in English Writing Classes

    Lauer Joe

    … The purpose of this study was to determine how popular utilizing Facebook is in English writing classes. … Each of four university classes, totaling 81 first-year students in Japan, was matched up with one of four classes totaling 79 students in Taiwan, the US, Indonesia, and Vietnam. …

    Hiroshima Studies in Language and Language Education (23), 163-176, 2020-03-01

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