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  • Experimental demonstration of ion extraction from magnetic thrust chamber for laser fusion rocket

    Saito Naoya , Yamamoto Naoji , Morita Taichi , Edamoto Masafumi , Nakashima Hideki , Fujioka Shinsuke , Yogo Akifumi , Nishimura Hiroaki , Sunahara Atsushi , Mori Yoshitaka , Johzaki Tomoyuki

    … The results clearly show that the ion extraction does not strongly depend on the magnetic field strength when the energy ratio of magnetic field to plasma is greater than 4.3, and the magnetic field pushes back the plasma to generate a thrust, as previously suggested by numerical simulation and experiments. …

    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 57(5), 050303, 2018-03-29


  • Fractional Quantum Hall Effects in Graphene on a h-BN Substrate

    Yonaga Kouki , Shibata Naokazu

    Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 87(3), 2018-02-16


  • 名勝伊江殿内庭園の石積みアーチ橋の静的・動的安定性に関する模型実験および解析的検討

    藍檀 オメル , 渡嘉敷 直彦

    岩盤力学に関するシンポジウム講演論文集 Proceedings of the Symposium on Rock Mechanics 45, 25-30, 2018-01-15

  • Experimental and numerical study on transverse piezoelectricity of xBiInO

    Sun Ke-xue , Zhang Shu-yi , Shui Xiu-ji , Wasa Kiyotaka

    … In experiments, the tip vibration amplitudes of the cantilevers for different x of the films were measured, in which the optimized compositions for maximizing the tip vibration can be found. … By comparing the experimental and numerical results, both are in agreement very well, and the mechanism of the optimized transverse piezoelectricity of the cantilevers was proposed finally. …

    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 57(2), 025801, 2018-01-05


  • ねじりを考慮した柔軟な糸の解舒運動のマルチボディモデリングと数値シミュレーション

    竹内 秀年 , 井上 剛志 , 高木 賢太郎

    … In the numerical simulation of the unwinding motion of a yarn from bobbin, the computational units located at the ends of a yarn are easily generated or extinguished. … In this study, validity of the proposed yarn model is confirmed by comparing the numerical simulation results of unwinding motion of the yarn with the experimental ones. … Furthermore, the torsional angles of the yarn rolling on the eyelet guide wall, which is difficult to be measured in experiments, is numerically investigated. …

    日本機械学会論文集, 2018


  • Assimilation of Himawari-8 Clear Sky Radiance Data in JMA's Global and Mesoscale NWP Systems

    KAZUMORI Masahiro

    … <p> This article reports on the impacts of Himawari-8 Clear Sky Radiance (CSR) data assimilation in the global and mesoscale numerical weather prediction (NWP) systems of the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA). …

    気象集誌. 第2輯, 2018


  • Research on the Bimetallic Composite Roll Produced by an Improved Electroslag Cladding Method: Mathematical Simulation of the Power Supply Circuits

    Cao Yu-Long , Jiang Zhou-Hua , Dong Yan-Wu , Deng Xin , Medovar Lev , Stovpchenko Ganna

    … Characteristics of the electromagnetic field, flow field and temperature field of the composite roll system have been numerically simulated and the laboratory scale experiments with the different power supply circuits were also developed to provide a verification of the mathematical models. … The results indicate that: simulation results of the temperature distribution in the composite roll were well verified by the corresponding experiments. …

    ISIJ International, 2018


  • Impact of Spatial Resolution on Simulated Consecutive Dry Days and Near-Surface Temperature over the Central Mountains in Japan

    Sugimoto Shiori , Ito Rui , Dairaku Koji , Kawase Hiroaki , Sasaki Hidetaka , Watanabe Shingo , Okada Yasuko , Kawazoe Sho , Yamazaki Takeshi , Sasai Takahiro

    … <p>To evaluate the influence of spatial resolution in numerical simulations on the duration of consecutive dry days (CDDs) and near-surface temperature over the central mountains in Japan, a regional climate model was used to conduct two experiments with horizontal resolutions of 5 and 20 km. …

    SOLA 14(0), 46-51, 2018


  • An Interference Suppression for Transporting Radio Frequency Signals with 10 Gbps Optical On-Off Keying

    KANEKO Yuya , HIGASHINO Takeshi , OKADA Minoru

    Experiments are conducted for the purpose of the proof-of-concept of the proposal. … Finally numerical simulations are employed to show the performance enhancement in terms of error vector magnitude (EVM).</p> …

    IEICE Transactions on Electronics E101.C(4), 285-291, 2018



    Hau Than Nguyen , Kakimura Naonori , Kawarabayashi Ken-ichi , Kobayashi Yusuke , Matsuoka Tatsuya , Yokoi Yu

    … Our numerical experiments on the real SINET network show that our algorithms can solve the cache placement problem efficiently in practice.</p> …

    日本オペレーションズ・リサーチ学会論文誌 61(2), 197-216, 2018


  • AI-フィードフォワードを有するフィードバック誤差学習による ディーゼルエンジン燃焼制御

    江口 誠 , 喬 夢醒 , 大森 浩充 , 山崎 由大 , 金子 成彦

    現在のディーゼルエンジン燃焼制御は, 静的マップによるフィードフォワード制御を行うことが主流である.本研究では,フィードバック誤差学習(FEL)の制御構造を保存して,フィードフォワード制御器をAI(人工知能)の技術を用いてオンライン適応・学習させ,ドライバーや環境に積極的に適応・学習できる制御系を提案している.設計された制御アルゴリズムの有効性を確認するために,東大離散化ディーゼルエンジンモデルに …

    自動車技術会論文集 49(2), 230-234, 2018


  • Unsteady three-dimensional computations and experiments of compression flow formed by collision of supermulti-jets


    … Thus, in the present paper, we present experimental Schlieren photographs of flows formed by the collision of supermulti-jets without combustion and the results of unsteady three-dimensional computations conducted with the compressible Navier-Stokes equations, while the Cubic Interpolated pseudo-Particle (CIP) and Combined Unified Procedure (CUP) method is employed as numerical algorithm. …

    Journal of Thermal Science and Technology 13(1), JTST0010-JTST0010, 2018


  • 複素対称線形方程式における多倍長精度共役直交共役勾配法の性能評価

    桝井 晃基 , 荻野 正雄

    辺要素有限要素法による時間調和渦電流解析や高周波電磁場解析で得られる複素対称線形方程式の求解においては, 共役直交共役勾配 (COCG) 法などの反復法の収束性が悪いことが知られている. また, 解析する対象が大規模や複雑になるにつれ収束性はさらに悪化する. よって, 電磁場解析を高効率で行うためには, 大規模な複素対称線形方程式に有効な反復法が必要となる. ここで, 実対称線形方程式に対して多倍 …

    日本計算工学会論文集 2018(0), 20180007-20180007, 2018


  • CGS系統の反復法に対する近似解精度の改善に向けたスムージング技術の再考

    米山 涼介 , 相原 研輔 , 石渡 恵美子

    <p><b>概要.</b> 非対称連立一次方程式をconjugate gradient squared (CGS) 法などで解くとき,残差ノルムが大きく振動すると丸め誤差が拡大し,近似解の精度が劣化する.振動を防ぐ手法としてスムージングがあるが,既存の実装法では精度は改善されないことが知られている.本論文では,スムージングによる丸め誤差の影響を再考し,精度の改善 …

    日本応用数理学会論文誌 28(1), 18-38, 2018


  • Effects of near-field radiation and hyperbolic modes on a TPV system

    VONGSOASUP Naphatsorn , HANAMURA Katsunori

    … From the investigation, a trend of experimental results shows arguably good agreement with a numerical trend especially in a flat emitter case. … The near-field effect is detected in all experiments and 75% of all experimental results show good agreement with the numerical results. … These findings provide areas for improvement of TPV system in both numerical and experimental aspects and will be beneficial for the future design of TPV system. …

    日本伝熱学会論文集 26(1), 29-38, 2018


  • Characteristics of Himawari-8 Rapid Scan Atmospheric Motion Vectors Utilized in Mesoscale Data Assimilation

    OTSUKA Michiko , SEKO Hiromu , SHIMOJI Kazuki , YAMASHITA Koji

    … To exploit these high-resolution data in mesoscale data assimilation for the improvement of short-range forecasts, data verification and assimilation experiments were conducted. … Data assimilation experiments with the JMA's non-hydrostatic model based Variational Data Assimilation System (JNoVA) on a cold vortex event in June 2016 were conducted using RS-AMVs from seven channels. …

    気象集誌. 第2輯, 2018


  • Modification of the Primary and Peritectic Phases in Directionally Solidified Cu-20 wt.% Sn Alloy by Magnetic Field

    Lu Zhenyuan , Ren Zhongming , Fautrelle Yves , Li Xi

    … <p>Directional solidification experiments on Cu-20 wt.% Sn peritectic alloy were carried out in a direct current magnetic field device to investigate the modification of the primary and peritectic phases. … 3D numerical simulations of the thermoelectric magnetic flows and the thermoelectric magnetic forces were performed. …

    ISIJ International 58(3), 505-514, 2018


  • Behaviors of Coherent Flow Field with Various Shrouding Nozzles Arrangement

    Liu Fuhai , Sun Dongbai , Zhu Rong , Fan Shiliang

    … jet flame in numerical simulation. … Based on the experimental results of the water experiments and the numerical simulations, the coherent jet with different shrouding nozzles arrangements was used to research the application effect in a 100 t electric arc furnace, and then an optimum arrangement was confirmed.</p> …

    ISIJ International 58(3), 496-504, 2018


  • Two-dimensional analysis of a simplified fluidic oscillator

    HIRATA Katsuya , YABUKI Naoki , UMEMURA Kazuki , INOUE Tatsuya , WAKISAKA Hirohisa , TANIGAWA Hirochika

    … <p>In order to investigate a self-excited oscillatory phenomenon of a two-dimensional confined jet with a cylinder as a downstream target, the authors conduct two-dimensional numerical analyses based on vorticity <i>ζ</i> … Aa a result, the authors reveal (1) the two-dimensionality of the phenomenon by comparing computations with experiments, and (2) the importance and complexity of the upstream of the downstream target.</p> …

    Mechanical Engineering Journal, 2018


  • 支持剛性に異方性を有しオープンクラックがある回転軸系の周波数伝達関数の定式化と実験的検証

    井上 剛志 , 牛 憶恂 , 安藝 雅彦 , 高木 賢太郎 , 姚 強 , 中本 謙太 , 加藤 祥典 , 藪井 将太

    … Then, the validity of this derived transfer function is confirmed by comparing with numerical simulation result. … Several harmonic excitation experiments were carried out, and the resonances due to anisotropy in bearing support, rotor crack, and the interaction of anisotropy in bearing support and rotor crack were examined. …

    日本機械学会論文集, 2018