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  • Effect of Formula Diet on Mental Health and Nutrition in Patients with Severe Obesity : In Workers  [in Japanese]

    齋木 厚人

    日本職業・災害医学会会誌 = Japanese journal of occupational medicine and traumatology 68(4), 213-222, 2020-07

  • Weight loss and cognitive decline in patients with Alzheimer's disease  [in Japanese]

    安藤 貴史 , 櫻井 孝

    糖尿病・内分泌代謝科 = Diabetology, endocrinology & metabolology 51(1), 78-82, 2020-07

  • Sleep disordered breathing and metabolic comorbidities across gender and menopausal status in East Asians; the Nagahama Study

    Matsumoto Takeshi , Murase Kimihiko , Tabara Yasuharu , Minami Takuma , Kanai Osamu , Takeyama Hirofumi , Takahashi Naomi , Hamada Satoshi , Tanizawa Kiminobu , Wakamura Tomoko , Komenami Naoko , Setoh Kazuya , Kawaguchi Takahisa , Tsutsumi Takanobu , Morita Satoshi , Takahashi Yoshimitsu , Nakayama Takeo , Hirai Toyohiro , Matsuda Fumihiko , Chin Kazuo

    … 2020-05-19.It is well known that the prevalence of sleep disordered breathing (SDB) is increased in patients with obesity or metabolic comorbidities. … However, the way in which the prevalence of SDB increases in relation to comorbidities according to the severity of obesity remains unclear. … Obesity was defined as body mass index ≥25 kg·/m−2. …

    European Respiratory Journal 55(5), 2020-05-01


  • Psychiatry disease patient under 50 years old and above 50 years of age nutrition diet guidance in psychiatric hospitals  [in Japanese]

    荒山 麻子 , 池内 寛子 , 櫛田 映子 , 江花 裕子 , 宇賀神 裕美 , 間庭 昭雄 , 阿久津 里美 , 阿江 竜介 , 中村 好一

    日本精神科病院協会雑誌 = Journal of Japanese Association of Psychiatric Hospitals 39(4), 390-396, 2020-04

  • Chiba Medical Society Award Review : Novel approach for management of endometrial cancer : drug repositioning of metformin


    … Since population-based studies have suggested that metformin decreases the incidence of cancer and cancer-related mortality in patients with diabetes, metformin has attracted attention in cancer research as well. … Endometrial cancer(EC) is the most common gynecological cancer and exhibits the strongest association with obesity and insulin resistance, and as such, is hypothesized as a suitable target cancer for metformin evaluation. …

    Chiba medical journal 96(2), 33-40, 2020-04

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  • Increased circulating adiponectin is an independent disease activity marker in patients with rheumatoid arthritis: Across-sectional study using the KURAMA database

    Minamino Hiroto , Katsushima Masao , Yoshida Tamami , Hashimoto Motomu , Fujita Yoshihito , Shirakashi Mirei , Yamamoto Wataru , Murakami Kosaku , Murata Koichi , Nishitani Kohei , Tanaka Masao , Ito Hiromu , Inagaki Nobuya , Matsuda Shuichi

    … Methods: We conducted a cross-sectional study in RA patients under treatment with agents including biological disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs (bDMARDs) and Janus kinase (JAK) inhibitors. … We classified the participants into five body composition groups according to the cut-off points for obesity and visceral fat used in Japan: body mass index (BMI), 18.5 kg/m2 for underweight and 25.0 kg/m2 for obesity, and visceral fat area (VFA), 100 cm2 for visceral adiposity. …

    PLOS ONE 15(3), 2020-03-03


  • The validity of predictive equations for resting energy expenditure in Japanese patients with morbid obesity  [in Japanese]

    髙橋 由紀 , 栗原 美香 , 中西 直子 , 馬場 重樹 , 佐々木 雅也

    栄養 = Trends of nutrition 35(1), 50-52, 2020-03

  • Does obesity affect orthopaedic trauma severity in high energy trauma patients?  [in Japanese]

    大石 遼太郎 , 出口 正男 , 加藤 光朗 , 長谷川 弘晃

    整形・災害外科 63(3), 333-339, 2020-03

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  • Review of Literature about Development Factors of Lymphedema Associated with Cancer Treatment  [in Japanese]

    作田 裕美 , 小川 佳宏 , 坂口 桃子 , 新井 直子 , 吉澤 いづみ , 高倉 保幸 , 山本 優一 , 加藤 るみ子 , 宇津木 久仁子 , 矢形 寛

    … 【Objective】To clarify the issues of supportive care for patients who may develop lymphedema after cancer treatment, the research trend and knowledge on the onset of lymphedema associated with cancer treatment were organized. … The development factors with the high reliability from a research result was aged, obesity,decreased activity, complications after surgery, chemotherapy was given in addition to surgery and radiation therapy. …

    大阪市立大学看護学雑誌 (16), 33-41, 2020-03

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  • Pre- and Postoperative Nutrition Management and Glucose Control in Patients with Morbid Obesity  [in Japanese]

    齋木 厚人 , 龍野 一郎

    麻酔 = The Japanese journal of anesthesiology : 日本麻酔科学会準機関誌 69(1), 14-26, 2020-01

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  • Comparison of steroid-associated adverse events between reinduction phases in JACLS ALL02 and JPLSG ALL-B12: a single-center retrospective study  [in Japanese]

    Yamada Misae , Sakaguchi Hirotoshi , Maemura Ryo , Yoshida Nao , Hama Asahito

    … The first 26 patients (ALL02 group) diagnosed before 2012 received 26 courses of chemotherapy, including prednisolone in the re-induction phase, and the remaining 30 patients (B12 group) diagnosed from 2012 to 2017 received 56 courses of chemotherapy, including dexamethasone in the re-induction phase. … Liver dysfunction, hypercholesterolemia, hypoproteinemia, obesity, febrile neutropenia, and glucose intolerance were more frequent in the B12 group than in the ALL02 group. …

    The Japanese Journal of Pediatric Hematology / Oncology 57(2), 126-131, 2020


  • Potential involvement of adiponectin in obesity-associated erosive esophagitis

    Tae Chung Hyun , Jung Hye-Kyung , Kim Seong-Eun , Jung Sung-Ae , Jee Sun Ha

    … <p>A strong causal relationship between obesity and erosive esophagitis has been proposed. … Obesity may affect the pathogenesis of erosive esophagitis through adipokines as well as acid reflux. … We evaluated the involvement of adiponectin in obesity-associated erosive esophagitis. … In total, 1,902 patients who underwent endoscopy during medical check-ups were selected for study. …

    Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition 67(2), 206-213, 2020


  • Paradoxical Prognostic Implications of Visceral Adiposity for Lethal Cardiac Events in Association with Impaired Cardiac Sympathetic Innervation in Chronic Heart Failure

    Doi Takahiro , Nakata Tomoaki , Noto Takahiro , Mita Tomohiro , Yuda Satoshi , Hashimoto Akiyoshi

    … <p><i>Background</i>: Obesity increases the risk for development of heart failure (HF) but, when present is likely to be related to better outcomes in patients with HF. …

    Annals of Nuclear Cardiology 6(1), 15-26, 2020


  • Energy Expenditure in Free-Living Japanese People with Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes, Measured Using the Doubly-Labeled Water Method

    ISHIKAWA-TAKATA Kazuko , TANAKA Shigeho , PARK Jonghoon , MIYACHI Motohiko , MORITA Akemi , AIBA Naomi , WATANABE Shaw

    … The participants were normal glucose tolerance (NGT), and IGT/IFG (<i>n</i>=11) and T2DM (<i>n</i>=9) patients, who were 50-59 y and had a body mass index >25 kg/m<sup>2</sup>. … In IGT/IFG or T2DM patients, if 30 kcal/kg target BM was used as the energy coefficient, on the basis of the treatment guidelines, the difference between TEE and the target energy intake would be −1,174±552 kcal (−38±11%). …

    Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology 66(4), 319-324, 2020


  • Preventing Oxygen Desaturation in Morbidly Obese Patients during ECT  [in Japanese]

    KOYAMA Yukihide , TSUZAKI Koichi

    … However, hypoxic episodes during ECT are not uncommon with this method, especially in morbidly obese patients. … The most important property of ventilatory mechanics in patients with obesity is reduced functional residual capacity(FRC). … Supraglottic airway devices(SGAs)are useful in establishing effective ventilation in patients with difficult airways. … Therefore the use of SGAs is strongly recommended in these patients.</p> …



  • Evaluation of glucose tolerance and effect of dietary management on increased visceral fat in a patient with Werner syndrome

    Yamamoto Reina , Kurita Seiichiro , Akasaki Kyota , Horita Masataka , Yonezawa Makoto , Asakura Hiroki , Kanamori Takehiro , Maezawa Yoshiro , Koshizaka Masaya , Yokote Koutaro

    … With dietary control, her body weight, including the visceral fat and subcutaneous fat, decreased at the age of 62, and her insulin secretion, obesity, and fatty liver improved. … Hence, gradual reduction of visceral fat and weight by dietary management may be useful in treating diabetes in patients with WS, particularly in those whose visceral fat is significantly increased.</p> …

    Endocrine Journal, 2020


  • Coronavirus Disease 2019: Hematological Anomalies and Antithrombotic Therapy

    Ornelas-Ricardo Diana , Jaloma-Cruz Ana Rebeca

    … Although most patients have mild symptoms or are even asymptomatic, there are patients who can develop serious complications such as acute respiratory distress syndrome or venous thromboembolism requiring mechanical ventilation and intensive care. … Hence, it is important to identify patients with a higher risk of complications in a timely manner. … According to 11 selected reports, the frequency of patients aged > …

    The Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine 251(4), 327-336, 2020


  • Prior bariatric surgery is effective on morbidly obese patients following total knee arthroplasty.

    Iwata Shingo , Hagiwara Akeo , Nakamae Keiichiro

    … It is reported that bariatric surgery is effective in patients with morbid obesity, especially when there is difficulty in weight reduction or rebound phenomenon from therapy including internal medicine. … Generally orthopedic operations for patients with knee osteoarthritis (both sides) and a high body mass index (BMI) over 50 kg/m2, have a risk of post-operative complications and sometimes functional improvement cannot be expected. …

    Glycative Stress Research 7(2), 116-122, 2020


  • Association between Sarcopenia/Lower Muscle Mass and Short-Term Regression of Deep Vein Thrombosis Using Direct Oral Anticoagulants

    Torii Yuta , Ise Takayuki , Yamaguchi Koji , Tobiume Takeshi , Fukuda Daiju , Yagi Shusuke , Soeki Takeshi , Wakatsuki Tetsuzo , Okayama Yoshihiro , Sata Masataka , Kusunose Kenya , Zheng Robert , Yamada Hirotsugu , Amano Rie , Matsumoto Rikizo , Hirata Yukina , Nishio Susumu , Yamada Nao

    … <p>Advanced age, obesity, and muscle weakness are independent factors in the onset of deep vein thrombosis (DVT). … We enrolled 46 patients diagnosed with DVT by ultrasonography, who were aged >60 years old and treated with DOACs. … The average DOACs treatment period was 94 days, and 29 patients exhibited thrombus regression. …

    International Heart Journal 61(4), 787-794, 2020


  • Underweight Predicts Greater Risk of Cardiac Mortality Post Acute Myocardial Infarction

    Su Wen , Wang Man , Zhu Jiegao , Li Weiping , Ding Xiaosong , Chen Hui , Li Hong-Wei , Zhao Xue-Qiao

    … however, patients with elevated BMI, in comparison to those with low BMI, seem to have better survival, a phenomenon reported as "obesity paradox," … We investigated the effect of BMI on cardiac mortality post acute myocardial infarction (AMI).</p><p>In this analysis, 3562 AMI patients were included and classified into four groups based on BMI values. …

    International Heart Journal 61(4), 658-664, 2020


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