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  • Behavioral responses to colony-level properties affect disturbance resistance of red harvester ant colonies

    Hayakawa Tomohiro , Dobata Shigeto , Matsuno Fumitoshi

    … We focus on task allocation among red harvester ants (Pogonomyrmex barbatus) as a model system and develop an ordinary differential equation model to describe the system of task allocation among workers. … These negative feedback rules governing the response to colony-level properties are consistent with previous reports on ants and honeybees. …

    Journal of Theoretical Biology (492), 2020-05-07


  • A Case Study on Task Setting and Assessment Method for Complex Learning -STEAM as an Example of Integrated and Inquiry Learning-  [in Japanese]

    小柳 和喜雄

    本研究は、中等教育における総合的な学習の時間、総合的な探究の時間など、複合的な学習と関わる取組に目を向けている。国際的には中等教育後期や高等教育レベルで関心が向けられているSTEAM教育へ取り組もうとしている公立の中学校の実践に着目し、そこから見え始めている知見を視覚化することを目的としている。結果として、実際に生徒の主体的な学びを導くユニークな課題設定の要件や求められる学習環境の知見は、蓄積でき …

    奈良教育大学教職大学院研究紀要「学校教育実践研究」 = Bulletin of School of Professional Development in Education (SPDE), Nara University of Education (12), 49-54, 2020-03-31


  • The Effect of kawaii on task performance: Viewing cute images without baby schema

    Ohno Aikana , Tanaka Mari

    … Even though the word "kawaii" (cute) has become more broadly defined in recent years in Japan, almost all research on cuteness has used the baby schema as a stimulus. … Based on the finding that feelings of cuteness toward the baby schema improves task performance (Sherman et al., 2009), this study will investigate the effect on task performance of feelings of cuteness toward things which don't have the baby schema. …

    九州大学心理学研究 (21), 15-22, 2020-03-16


  • Assessment of Causal Relationships Between Motivational Climates, Goal Orientations and "Zest for Living" in Junior High School Physical Education Classes*

    Nakasuga Takumi , Sakata Shunsuke , Sugiyama Yoshio

    … This longitudinal study involved 1045 junior high school students (mean age=13.9+0.8 years) who completed questionnaires on 5 occasions at 2-month intervals throughout the academic year. … The measures used included a questionnaire on motivational climates in physical education (mastery climate, cooperative climate, and performance climate), a scale assessing goal orientations (student task orientation and student ego orientation), and a scale assessing ZL. …

    International Journal of Sport and Health Science 18(0), 67-83, 2020


  • Psychological Trends in the Achievement Goals of College and University Athletes

    Wei Ching-Lun , Chen Wei-Jen , Lee Michael Tian-Shyug , Tien-Liu Tsung-Kuo

    … Motivations: In order to offer new perspectives on achievement goals, this study explores 3 × 2 achievement goals used in competitive sports, and the prediction of passion and psychological well-being for sports. … There was a correlation between every two of task-approach, task-avoidance, self-approach, self-avoidance, other-approach, other-avoidance, harmonious passion, obsessive passion, and psychological well-being. …

    Journal of Advanced Computational Intelligence and Intelligent Informatics 24(4), 468-476, 2020


  • Continual Learning Based on Amortized Inference  [in Japanese]

    KAWASHIMA Hirono , KAWANO Makoto , KUMAGAI Wataru , MATSUI Kota , NAKAZAWA Jin

    … <p>In continual learning, studies are being actively conducted on techniques that can cope with an increase in tasks while preventing catastrophic forgetting, in which the accuracy of past tasks drops significantly when learning multiple tasks sequentially. … In this study, we propose an Continual Amortized Learning Model (CALM) based on the structure of the Neural Process as a new method that saves the network of past tasks and does not learn by adding training data. …

    Proceedings of the Annual Conference of JSAI JSAI2020(0), 2J5GS202-2J5GS202, 2020


  • Challenges to neonatal care in Cambodia amid the COVID-19 pandemic

    Iwamoto Azusa , Tung Rathavy , Ota Tomomi , Hosokawa Shinichi , Matsui Mitsuaki

    … It is crucial not only to make all efforts to prevent infections but also to strengthen the professional healthcare workforce instead of relying on task sharing with family members.</p> …

    Global Health & Medicine 2(2), 142-144, 2020


  • On Task Allocation and Workload Distribution in Ant Colonies—Cooperated Study of Theory and Experiment  [in Japanese]


    Journal of The Society of Instrument and Control Engineers 59(2), 104-110, 2020


  • Software Process Capability Self-Assessment Support System Based on Task and Work Product Characteristics: A Case Study of ISO/IEC 29110 Standard


    … Our knowledge base is unique in that task lists and work products defined in the standard are broken down into task and work product characteristics, respectively. … Their relation provides the links between Task List and Work Product which make users more understand and influence self-assessment. … A prototype support system was developed to assess the level of software development capability of the agencies based on the ISO/IEC 29110 standard. …

    IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems E103.D(2), 339-347, 2020


  • The Effect of Chronotype on Task Execution : Is it really inefficient that Evening types perform tasks in the morning?  [in Japanese]

    竹内 皓紀 , 川﨑 聡大 , 中川 雅文 , 川田 拓

    バイオメディカル・ファジィ・システム学会誌 = Journal of Biomedical Fuzzy Systems Association 21(1), 79-86, 2019-05

    Ichushi Web 

  • A Basic Study on Task Design of Sign Language to Text Interpretation in Crowdsourcing  [in Japanese]

    田中 康平 , 若月 大輔 , 皆川 洋喜

    電子情報通信学会技術研究報告 = IEICE technical report : 信学技報 118(491), 165-170, 2019-03-08

  • Using Learning Analytics to Detect Off-Task Reading Behaviors in Class

    Akçapınar Gökhan , Hasnine Mohammad Nehal , Majumdar Rwitajit , Flanagan Brendan , Ogata Hiroaki

    … [The 9th International Learning Analytics and Knowledge (LAK) Conference] March 4-8, 2019, Tempe, Arizona, USAIn this paper, we aimed at detecting off-task behaviors of the students by analyzing logs from a digital textbook reader. … Based on these patterns we labeled first group as on-task students while the other group as off-task students. …

    Companion Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Learning Analytics and Knowledge (LAK'19), 471-476, 2019-03


  • Design of Lessons for University Students Aimed to Improve on Task Discoverability and Solution Proposal Capability  [in Japanese]

    村嶋 琴佳 , 真嶋 由貴惠 , 桝田 聖子

    JSiSE研究会研究報告 33(5), 85-92, 2019-01

  • Dynamic Auto-scaling of VNFs Based on Task Execution Patterns

    Asif Mehmood , Talha Ahmed Khan , Javier Jose Diaz Rivera , Wang-Cheol Song

    IEICE Proceeding Series (59), P3-15, 2019


  • Dynamic Auto-scaling of VNFs Based on Task Execution Patterns

    Asif Mehmood , Talha Ahmed Khan , Javier Jose Diaz Rivera , Wang-Cheol Song

    IEICE Proceeding Series (56), P3-15, 2019


  • Are the effects of need-supportive behaviors on task performance moderated by regulatory focus?  [in Japanese]

    Xiao Yuzhi , Toyama Miki , Nagamine Masato , Miwa Shuhei , Tang Li , Aikawa Atsushi

    The Proceedings of the Annual Convention of the Japanese Psychological Association 83(0), 2A-086-2A-086, 2019


  • The Effect of Visual Support Information Tracking Presentation on Task Performance and Workload  [in Japanese]

    FUJIWARA Yushi , SHINOHARA Kazumitsu , KITAMURA Akihiko , SASAKI Makoto

    … <p>This study investigated the effect of visual support information which tracks an operational object on task performance and workload. … In the experiment, participants answered the number of the same objects on screen that is presented as visual support information. …

    The Japanese Journal of Ergonomics 55(3), 67-73, 2019

    J-STAGE  Ichushi Web 

  • Self-Monitoring to Improve On-Task Behavior and Accuracy of Writing by Elementary School Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder  [in Japanese]


    … <p><i>Study objective</i>: To examine the effects of self-monitoring of attention (SMA) and self-monitoring of performance (SMP) on the skill of tracing Chinese characters (kanji). … <i>Intervention</i>: In the self-monitoring of attention condition, participants self-monitored their on-task behavior every 30 seconds and self-recorded the result on a self-monitoring sheet. …

    Japanese Journal of Behavior Analysis 34(1), 34-44, 2019


  • Hand-Dorsa Vein Recognition Based on Task-Specific Cross-Convolutional-Layer Pooling

    WANG Jun , LI Yulian , PAN Zaiyu

    … <p>Hand-dorsa vein recognition is solved based on the convolutional activations of the pre-trained deep convolutional neural network (DCNN). … In specific, a novel task-specific cross-convolutional-layer pooling is proposed to obtain the more representative and discriminative feature representation. … Rigorous experiments on the self-established database achieves the state-of-the-art recognition result, which demonstrates the effectiveness of the proposed model.</p> …

    IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems E102.D(12), 2628-2631, 2019


  • Difference in Task Difficulty Level Based on Task Order of Structuring Task of Logic Structure and Segmentation Task  [in Japanese]

    Kitamura Takuya , Hirashima Tsukasa

    … <p>Regarding cultivation of the capacity to think logically, we designed/developed system that enables segmentation task and measured time change and learning effect by application order using structuring task system developed in the existing study. … In order to verify the difference of task difficulty by exercise working order, we analysed exercise time. …

    Transactions of the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence 34(5), C-I73_1-5, 2019


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