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    Statha Marina

    … We study homogeneous curves in generalized flag manifolds G/K with G_2-type t-roots, which are geodesics with respect to each G-invariant metric on G/K. … The tangent space of such flag manifolds splits into six isotropy summands, which are in one-to-one correspondence with t-roots. …

    Osaka Journal of Mathematics 57(4), 871-888, 2020-10

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  • Automatic Creation of Correspondence Table of Meaning Tags from Two Dictionaries in One Language Using Bilingual Word Embedding

    Teruo Hirabayashi , Kanako Komiya , Masayuki Asahara , Hiroyuki Shinnou

    … Ibaraki UniversityIbaraki UniversityNational Institute for Japanese Language and LinguisticsIbaraki UniversityIn this paper, we show how to use bilingual word embeddings (BWE) to automatically create a corresponding table of meaning tags from two dictionaries in one language and examine the effectiveness of the method. …

    Proceedings of the 13th Workshop on Building and Using Comparable Corpora, 22-28, 2020-05

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  • Data Sampling method for Comprehensive Classification to Blood Test Data  [in Japanese]

    YOSHIDA Takumi , NAGANAWA Takuya , MATSUI Tohgoroh , HIRATE Yuichi

    … <p>In this paper, we propose a new sampling method in medical data analysis to predict the occurrence of clinical events. … In the previous method, the data before the occurrence of a clinical event was sampled as a positive case, and the past data farthest from the clinical event was sampled as a negative case so that there was a one-to-one correspondence between the positive and negative cases for each patient. …

    Proceedings of the Annual Conference of JSAI JSAI2020(0), 3H1GS301-3H1GS301, 2020


  • インフラで用いるウレア樹脂ライニングのスモールパンチ試験のよる劣化評価  [in Japanese]

    石田 秀征 , 久保内 昌敏 , 荒尾 与史彦 , 沼田 香織 , 池野 理沙

    … <p>We tried to apply the SP test to evaluate the degradation of the urea resin used in the lining material. … The SP test is a test that evaluates the mechanical properties of small samples as compared to tensile specimens with dumbbells. …

    The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress, Japan 2019(0), J40114P, 2019



    FUJITA Yasuko , SUGAI Tamotsu

    … <p>Although many studies have attempted to correlate pathological images to endoscopic images, few cases have been examined by a systematic process for correspondence between endoscopic findings and histology. …

    GASTROENTEROLOGICAL ENDOSCOPY 61(12), 2627-2633, 2019

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  • A Mapping Method for Chemicals in Fire-Retardant-Impregnated Wood Using Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis I.:Desirable measuring condition based on relation between retardant concentration and measured value  [in Japanese]

    Takase Ryo , Matsunaga Hiroshi , Kamikawa Daisuke , Ando Keisuke , Hattori Nobuaki

    … <p>As a way of examining the uneven distribution of chemicals inside fire-retardant-impregnated wood, energy dispersive X-ray fluorescent analysis (EDXRF) is thought to be effective. … Slices of fire-retardant-impregnated wood (<i>Cryptomeria japonica</i>) were subjected to EDXRF mapping under different conditions, and the results were correlated with the weight of chemical solids in the wood. …

    Mokuzai Gakkaishi 65(4), 218-225, 2019


  • Efficient Approximate 3-Dimensional Point Set Matching Using Root-Mean-Square Deviation Score

    SASAKI Yoichi , SHIBUYA Tetsuo , ITO Kimihito , ARIMURA Hiroki

    … <p>In this paper, we study the approximate point set matching (APSM) problem with minimum RMSD score under translation, rotation, and one-to-one correspondence in <i>d</i>-dimension. …

    IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences E102.A(9), 1159-1170, 2019


  • Community detection in bipartite networks by multi label propagation algorithm  [in Japanese]

    TAGUCHI Hibiki , MURATA Tsuyoshi

    … In bipartite networks, there are two types of community definition, one-to-one correspondence and many-to-many correspondence between communities. … The latter is better to represent realistic community structure in bipartite networks. …

    Proceedings of the Annual Conference of JSAI JSAI2019(0), 4B2J302-4B2J302, 2019


  • Interactive Lecture for Design and Drafting Education  [in Japanese]

    KASABA Koichi

    … Design and Drafting Education is originally an interactive lecture, because the product which a student designed or drew needs to be checked by a teacher or a teaching assistant. … Detail checks including design/drafting one-to-one correspondence of the all student products are too time-consuming, and discrepancies of design/drafting are sometimes overlooked. …

    Journal of JSEE 67(3), 3_21-3_26, 2019


  • Properties and Judgment of Determiner Sets

    GOTO Takafumi , TANAKA Koki , NAKATA Mitsuru , GE Qi-Wei

    … <p>An automorphism of a graph <i>G</i>=(<i>V</i>, <i>E</i>) is such a one-to-one correspondence from vertex set <i>V</i> … to itself that all the adjacencies of the vertices are maintained. …

    IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences E102.A(2), 365-371, 2019


  • Doodles on Surfaces

    Bartholomew Andrew , Fenn Roger , Kamada Naoko , Kamada Seiichi

    … Doodles were introduced in [7] but were restricted to embedded circles in the 2-sphere. … Khovanov, [15], extended the idea to immersed circles in the 2-sphere. … In this paper we further extend the range of doodles to any closed oriented surface. …

    Journal of Knot Theory and Its Ramifications 27(12), 1850071, 2018-10-23


  • GW(Γ) method without the Bethe-Salpeter equation for photoabsorption energies of spin-polarized systems

    Isobe Tomoharu , Kuwahara Riichi , Ohno Kaoru

    … The one-shot GW method, beginning with the local density approximation (LDA), enables one to calculate photoemission and inverse photoemission spectra. … In order to calculate photoabsorption spectra, one had to additionally solve the Bethe-Salpeter equation (BSE) for the two-particle (electron-hole) Green's function, which doubly induces evaluation errors. …

    PHYSICAL REVIEW A 97(6), 060502(R), 2018-06-11


  • Research progress survey on interactive evolutionary computation

    Pei Yan , Takagi Hideyuki

    … The obtained convergence points can be obtained by the evolutionary computation algorithms with the characteristic that there is a one-to-one correspondence between a parent individual and its offspring. … We use the estimation method and its four clustering improvement method for bimodal task to design a differential evolution with elite strategy. …

    Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing, 1-14, 2018-05-23


  • Scan-less confocal phase imaging based on dual-comb microscopy

    Hase Eiji , Minamikawa Takeo , Mizuno Takahiko , Miyamoto Shuji , Ichikawa Ryuji , Hsieh Yi-Da , Shibuya Kyuki , Sato Katsuya , Nakajima Yoshiaki , Asahara Akifumi , Minoshima Kaoru , Mizutani Yasuhiro , Iwata Tetsuo , Yamamoto Hirotsugu , Yasui Takeshi

    … However, the objects to be measured must be reflective, absorptive, scattering, or fluorescent because the image contrast is given by the optical intensity. … Here, we report scan-less confocal dual-comb microscopy offering a phase image in addition to an amplitude image with depth selectivity by using an optical frequency comb as an optical carrier of amplitude and phase with discrete ultra-multichannels. …

    Optica 5(5), 634-643, 2018-05-16


  • The Pluralism of Approaches over the Relevance of University Education: Focusing on Inconsistency between Graduate Satisfaction Levels and their Careers in Graduate Surveys  [in Japanese]

    吉本 圭一 , 江藤 智佐子 , 椿 明美

    … And it also aims to clarify characteristics and relevance of two outcome indicators, satisfaction levels with their alma mater and their careers, and to develop suggestions about methodology for graduate surveys to analyze the values of university education focusing on inconsistency between two indicators.As results of analysis using two indicators, satisfaction levels with their alma mater and their current jobs, two major finding were obtained. …

    大学論集 (50), 239-254, 2018-03

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  • On quotient metrics and decoding problems

    Ferdinand Blomqvist

    IEICE Proceeding Series (55), 198-202, 2018


  • Chiral Edge Conduction on Domain Walls of a Magnetic Topological Insulator  [in Japanese]

    Yasuda Kenji , Tsukazaki Atsushi , Tokura Yoshinori

    … Here, we review quantum anomalous Hall effect as one such example from the viewpoint of topological phases and related experimental results. … thin films, where the spontaneous magnetization induces one-dimensional chiral transport at the edge of the sample. … By introducing Landauer Büttiker formula, the one-to-one correspondence between the fabricated domain wall and the chiral edge conduction was confirmed. …

    Butsuri 73(9), 640-647, 2018


  • Constructing a coarse-grained water model based on non-Markovian dissipative particle dynamics  [in Japanese]

    KIHARA Gengo , YOSHIMOTO Yuta , HORI Takuma , TAKAGI Shu , KINEFUCHI Ikuya

    … Furthermore, in contrast to Markovian DPD, the NMDPD model exploiting MZ-guided memory kernels could reproduce short-time dynamics originating from molecular collisions, which was characterized by decaying nature of a velocity autocorrelation function (VACF). …

    Transactions of the JSME (in Japanese) 84(865), 18-00193-18-00193, 2018


  • Meanings of Constants in Rainfall Depth-Duration Formulas and Relations between the Constants  [in Japanese]

    SUDA Yoshihiko

    … were fitted as a rainfall depth-duration formula to the relation between probable rainfall depth and duration (DD relation), where <i>R</i> … The geographical distributions of the two values are closely related to topography.</p><p> The DD relation is convex upward on a log-log plot. …



  • Curvilinear coordinates on generic conformally flat hypersurfaces and constant curvature 2-metrics

    Burstall Francis E. , Hertrich-jeromin Udo , Suyama Yoshihiko

    … <p>There is a one-to-one correspondence between associated families of generic conformally flat (local-)hypersurfaces in 4-dimensional space forms and conformally flat 3-metrics with the Guichard condition. …

    Journal of the Mathematical Society of Japan 70(2), 617-649, 2018


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