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  • Abdominal Apoplexy after Mitral Valve Replacement Due to Infective Endocarditis : Report of a Case  [in Japanese]

    熊谷 基之 , 竹原 眞人 , 西澤 純一郎

    胸部外科 = The Japanese journal of thoracic surgery 73(2), 135-137, 2020-02

  • Total Arch Replacement with Frozen Elephant Trunk for Treatment of Traumatic Aortic Injury with Stanford Type A Aortic Dissection  [in Japanese]

    堀内 和隆 , 櫻井 裕介 , 中田 俊介 , 薦田 さつき , 水谷 真一 , 湯浅 毅

    胸部外科 = The Japanese journal of thoracic surgery 73(2), 104-107, 2020-02

  • Lymphatic Intervention for Abdominal Lymphatic Leakage  [in Japanese]

    Inoue Masanori , Torikai Hideyuki , Ito Nobutake , Tamura Masashi , Ogawa Ryo , Nakatsuka Seishi , Jinzaki Masahiro

    … One of the important functions of the lymphatic system is maintenance of fluid balance, and lymphatic leakage after surgery potentially becomes a critical condition.<BR>Interventional techniques could not treat lymphatic leakage effectively mostly due to the lack of clinical imaging. … Abdominal lymphatic leakage as a complication of abdominal and pelvic surgery is an uncommon but difficult-to-treat condition when conservative measures have failed. …

    The Official Journal of the Japanese Society of Interventional Radiology 34(3), 187-192, 2020


  • Basics of the Thoracic Duct Embolization  [in Japanese]

    Suzuki-Han Alisa

    … Thoracic duct embolization for chylous thoracic effusion is emerging as a result of the increasing popularity of minimally invasive neck and thoracic area surgery.<BR>Chylous leakage and chylous ascites may result in significant morbidity and mortality. …

    The Official Journal of the Japanese Society of Interventional Radiology 34(3), 182-186, 2020


  • Bilateral rostral mandibulectomy for treatment of necrotic mandibular open fractures in two Japanese Black cattle

    NAIK Mrunmayi Vishwanath , NISHIKAWA Goa , KIRINO Yumi , INOUE Yoshiyuki , IWAMOTO Kio , YAMABE Ryusei , NAKAYAMA Toshie , TSUZUKI Nao , HIDAKA Yuichi

    … <p>Two-month-old (Case 1) and one-year-old (Case 2) Japanese Black cattle presented with bilateral rostral mandibular open fractures. … Although the tongues of both animals prolapsed post-surgery, they had no significant problems with eating or drinking. …

    Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 82(2), 204-208, 2020


  • Vascular Surgery in Japan: 2014 Annual Report by the Japanese Society for Vascular Surgery  [in Japanese]

    Japanese Society for Vascular Surgery Database Management Committee Member , NCD Vascular Surgery Data Analysis Team

    … 6.1%,0.6%であった.破裂症例に対するEVARは32.1%を占め,比率が年々増加しているが,置換術とEVARの手術死亡率はそれぞれ15.7%と18.0%であり,有意差はなかった.慢性動脈閉塞症は,重複を含み14,344例登録され,open repair 8,020例(うちdistal bypass 1,210例),血管内治療6,324例が施行された.血管内治療の割合が44.1%であった.静脈手術では,下肢静脈瘤手術が41,246例と急激に増加し,このうちレーザー治療(EVLA)が18,861例で, …

    Japanese Journal of Vascular Surgery 29(1), 15-31, 2020


  • Sclerosing Mesenteritis Mimicking IgG4-related Disease

    Fukuda Masahide , Murakami Kazunari , Andoh Akira , Tani Masaji , Kushima Ryoji , Miyake Toru , Matsubara Akiko , Ikai Nobuyasu , Tanaka Eri , Namura Tomo , Wada Yasuhiro , Noujima Mai , Moritani Suzuko

    … <p>A 72-year-old man was followed as an outpatient at our hospital for 6 years after surgery for small cell carcinoma of left adrenal gland origin. … The patient underwent open laparotomy. …

    Internal Medicine 59(4), 513-518, 2020


  • Symptomatic Aberrant Right Subclavian Artery: Advantages of a Less Invasive Surgical Approach

    Amore Dario , Casazza Dino , Casalino Alfonso , Valente Tullio , De Rosa Rosanna Carmela , Sangiuolo Paolo , Curcio Carlo

    … She was treated with a less invasive surgical approach: closure of the anomalous vessel close to its origin from the aortic arch, through a left thoracoscopic procedure, followed by right common carotid-subclavian artery transposition via an open right supraclavicular approach. …

    Annals of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, 2020


  • Successful Endovascular Repair for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Presenting as Aortoduodenal Syndrome

    Kawaguchi Yasuhiko , Oba Yasuhiro , Suzuki Yoriyasu , Tamaki Mototsugu , Koyama Yutaka , Kitamura Hideki

    … Current treatment involves open aneurysmal repair according to the theory that this procedure releases the duodenum from mechanical compression. …

    Annals of Vascular Diseases, 2020


  • Current status of postoperative infection after colorectal surgery: subanalysis of data from the 2015 Japan Postoperative Infectious Complications Survey

    Maruyama Hiroshi , Kusachi Shinya , Makino Hiroshi , Kanno Hitoshi , Yoshida Hiroshi , Niitsuma Toru

    … We investigated the incidence of both SSI and remote infection following colorectal surgery by performing a subanalysis of a multicenter survey after gastrointestinal surgery.</p><p><b>Methods:</b> … From September 2015 to March 2016, 1724 patients underwent colorectal surgery in 28 affiliated institutions in Japan. …

    Journal of Nippon Medical School, 2020


  • Oral hygiene and oral status of institutionalized children with motor and intellectual disabilities

    Nasu Daisuke , Horie Norio , Uematsu Ayako , Nakamura Satoshi , Ishiyama Misa , Shirakawa Tetsuo , Hasegawa Tomohiko , Nasu Yasuko , Kaneko Takahiro , Hoshi Jun

    … As for oral characteristics, poor control of tongue movement, anterior open-bite, abnormal strain of facial muscles, dry mouth, and swallowing dysfunction were found in 63.3%, 63.3%, 13.3%, 20.0%, and 100.0%, of the children, respectively. … These indices were satisfactory in general except for GI management, which may have been hampered by abnormal oral functions and anterior open-bite. …

    Journal of Oral Science 62(1), 89-92, 2020


  • The Association of Vacuum-Assisted Closure Therapy with Dynamic Volume Change of a Muscle Flap Transposed in an Empyema Cavity for Chronic Empyema: A Case Report

    Kojima Kensuke , Sakamoto Tetsuki , Sakurai Teiko , Yagi Yuriko , Utsumi Tomoki , Yoon Hyungeun

    … We used a vacuum-assisted closure system after open-window thoracotomy and observed the cavity reduction with expansion of the transposed muscle flap. … Pedicled muscle flap transposition followed by vacuum-assisted management after open-window thoracotomy may be effective for treating chronic empyema caused by BPF.</p> …

    Annals of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, 2020


  • Anatomical Evaluation of Lumbar Arteries for Lateral Lumbar Interbody Fusion with Magnetic Resonance Imaging

    Kiyohara Masato , Arizono Takeshi , Inokuchi Akihiko , Hamada Takahiro , Nishida Kenjiro , Imamura Ryuta

    … LLIF is a mini-open access technique with wound retractors, and postoperative hematoma due to segmental vessels injury is reported. …

    Spine Surgery and Related Research 4(1), 69-73, 2020


  • Development and validation of a clinical model to predict intraoperative hemodynamic instability in patients with pheochromocytomas surgery

    Bai Song , Wu Bin , Yao Zichuan , Zhu Xianqing , Jiang Yunzhong , Wang Hongyan

    … <p>Although currently the primary strategy for the treatment of pheochromocytomas is surgery, it is associated with a high risk of intraoperative hemodynamic instability (IHD), even with adequate preoperative medical preparation, which may result in life-threatening situations. … The aim of this study was to develop and validate a nomogram for preoperative prediction of IHD related to pheochromocytoma surgery. …

    Endocrine Journal 67(1), 81-89, 2020


  • Potential Approaches to overcome Problems related to Cerebral Aneurysms  [in Japanese]

    Shimizu Hiroaki

    <p> 脳動脈瘤開頭手術は, 1960年代のmicrosurgery導入後1990年代にほぼ成熟した. 血管内治療は1991年のGDC発表以降普及し, 破裂脳動脈瘤に関し2002年にはクリッピングを凌ぐ成績が発表された. 最近もバルーン補助コイル塞栓, flow diverterなど発展しつつある. 未破裂動脈瘤では破裂率研究が大きく進歩した. 基礎研究では動脈瘤形成が血管壁の炎症から …

    Japanese Journal of Neurosurgery 29(1), 4-9, 2020


  • Recurrence of Aortoenteric Fistula after Endovascular Aortic Repair

    Arima Daisuke , Suematsu Yoshihiro , Kurahashi Kanan , Shimizu Takaharu , Nishi Satoshi , Yoshimoto Akihiro

    … He underwent emergent surgery, removal of the stent graft, and replacement of an artificial bifurcated graft with placement of a greater omental flap. … EVAR should be considered as a bridge therapy to definitive surgery.</p> …

    Annals of Vascular Diseases, 2020


  • Safety profile and immunological response of dual sublingual immunotherapy with house dust mite tablet and Japanese cedar pollen tablet

    Gotoh Minoru , Fujieda Shigeharu , Sakashita Masafumi , Sakamoto Hirokazu , Iwasaki Naruhito , Mori Eri , Endo Tomonori , Ohta Nobuo , Kitazawa Hiroshi , Okano Mitsuhiro , Asako Mikiya , Okubo Kimihiro , Takada Masami , Terada Tetsuya , Inaka Yuko , Yonekura Syuji , Matsuoka Tomokazu , Kaneko Shinya , Hata Hiroki , Hijikata Nagisa , Tanaka Hisataka , Masuyama Keisuke , Yuta Atsushi , Okamoto Yoshitaka , Ogawa Yukiko , Nagakura Hitoshi , Ueyama Shigehiro , Ueyama Tomoyo , Kawashima Kayoko , Yamamoto Masashi

    … This was a multicenter, open-label, randomized trial of 109 Japanese patients with coexisting HDM and JCP allergic rhinitis who had positive tests for HDM- and JCP specific IgE (≥0.7 kU/L). …

    Allergology International 69(1), 104-110, 2020


  • Three cases of atrial fibrillation with left atrial thrombus in the pulmonary vein stump after video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery for lung cancer  [in Japanese]

    MINAMI Takako , KAWANO Hiroaki , TSUNETO Akira , YOSHIMUTA Tsuyoshi , MAEMURA Koji

    … <p>近年,肺癌に対する手術は,完全胸腔鏡下(video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery:VATS)での肺葉切除手術が増加しているが,これに伴い,肺静脈の切離ラインが末梢側となり,静脈断端が長くなり血栓ができやすい危険性が報告されている.特に,左上葉切除時に左上肺静脈の切離断端から左房内に血栓を生じやすいことが報告されているが,今回われわれは,右上葉切除後,左上葉切除後,左下葉切除後に左房内血栓 …

    Choonpa Igaku 47(1), 21-28, 2020


  • A case of epipericardial fat necrosis  [in Japanese]

    Sakamaki Hiroyuki , Oka Naoyuki , Hashimoto Kohei

    <p>背景:Epipericardial fat necrosis(EFN)は,心膜外脂肪の壊死を起こす原因不明の稀な良性疾患である.症例:65歳男性.胸痛を契機に胸部CTを施行され,前縦隔に6 cmの腫瘤影を認めた.血液検査で強い炎症反応を認めた.胸部MRIでは腫瘤は被包化され,浮腫を伴う脂肪主体で,周囲に炎症性変化を伴っていた.5年前の胸部CTでは病変は存在しなかった.画像所見から …

    The Journal of the Japanese Association for Chest Surgery 34(1), 2-5, 2020


  • A case of colon tumor evaluated by laparoscopy from the appendix  [in Japanese]

    AKAMINE Kenri , OSAKO Masahiko , SHIMOKAWAHARA Naoto

    <p>症例は79歳男性.直腸癌術前の遠隔転移検索の画像検査で,上行結腸腫瘍が疑われた.右肺切除術後・開腹胆囊摘出術後で肝弯曲への内視鏡挿入が困難で,注腸造影検査で粗大病変は認めなかった.開腹下に上行結腸を触診し腫瘍は触れなかった.虫垂切除部より腹腔鏡で腫瘍を確認し,局所切除した.内視鏡と触診で確認困難で悪性と鑑別を要する上行結腸腫瘍に対し,経虫垂的腹腔鏡観察を行い局所切除した症例を経験 …

    Nippon Shokakibyo Gakkai Zasshi 117(1), 78-83, 2020


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