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  • Microstructural Evolution and Hot Deformation Behavior of Lean Duplex Stainless Steel 2101

    Xu Haijian , Hu Wanqing , Kang Chao , Li Weijuan , Sha Xiaochun

    … <p>In this study, hot deformation behavior of lean duplex stainless steel 2101 (LDX2101) is investigated via isothermal compressive tests in the temperature ranges of 900–1150°C and the strain rate ranges of 0.01–10 s<sup>−1</sup>. … The effect of temperature and strain rate on the hot workability, strain partitioning and flow behaviour of LDX2101 is systematically investigated. …

    ISIJ International 61(3), 967-974, 2021


  • Lipase-catalyzed Synthesis of Feruloylated Lysophospholipid in Toluene-Ionic Liquids and Its Antioxidant Activity

    Yang Hongli , Han Xu , Saleh Ahmed S. M. , Shao Chen , Duan Yumin , Xiao Zhi-gang

    Optimum conditions for the interesterification process were found to be [Bmim][Tf<sub>2</sub>N]/toluene ratio of 1:1 (v/v), solvent volume of 4 mL, molecular sieves (4 Å) concentration of 80 mg/mL, reaction temperature of 55°C, substrate molar ratio of 5:1 (PC/EF), Novozym 435 concentration of 50 mg/mL. …

    Journal of Oleo Science, 2021


  • Application of an Inverse Heat Conduction Solution with Laplace Transform Technique for a Steel Cooling Processes  [in Japanese]

    Niitani Hiroshi , Serizawa Yoshihiro , Mitsutake Yuichi

    … <p>When we evaluate complicated cooling heat transfer characteristics of high-temperature steel with water, a solution of the inverse heat conduction problem (IHCP) is essential to specify the surface heat flux and surface temperature change with time from the measurement of the inside solid temperatures. … This technique deals uniform and constant thermal properties of the solid, and the measured temperature change at two depths is approximated with half-power polynomials of time. …

    Tetsu-to-Hagane 107(3), 219-228, 2021


  • Effect of Large Amount of Co-injected Gaseous Reducing Agent on Combustibility of Pulverized Coal Analyzed with Non-Contact Measurement  [in Japanese]

    Moriya Kota , Takahashi Koichi , Murao Akinori , Sato Takeshi , Fukada Kiyoshi

    … generation in the raceway.</p><p>2) The amounts of co-injected reducing gas should be optimized for higher PC combustibility.</p><p>3) Co-injected reducing gas activated PC combustion by raising PC temperature, and that resulted in acceleration of PC.</p><p>4) Trade-off relationship between rapid heating effect and O<sub>2</sub> …

    Tetsu-to-Hagane 107(3), 194-201, 2021


  • O-21 Increasing light aromatic product by in-situ catalytic upgrading of bio-oil over Cu-loaded H-ZSM-5

    CHAIHAD Nichaboon , ANNIWAER Aisikaer , YU Tao , KASAI Yutaka , YOSHIDA Akihiro , ABUDULA Abuliti , GUAN Guoqing

    … The chemical composition of bio-oil and specific aromatic yield over Cu/H-ZSM-5 with different the Cu-loading amounts were investigated in a fixed-bed reactor at reaction temperature of 500ºC for 5 min. It is found that the H-ZSM-5 crystal structure and the zeolite acid sites were maintained after the loading of Cu. …

    Proceedings of the Conference on Biomass Science 16(0), 45-46, 2021


  • Development of program for estimating optimum harvest date of medicinal plant <I>Angelica acutiloba</I>  [in Japanese]

    INOUE Satoshi , SHIRAISHI Yutaka , KATO Masako , YANO Takayoshi , HISHIDA Atsuyuki , KOHMURA Hiroyuki , IGARASHI Motoko , YOKOI Naoto , MOROHASHI Shuuichi , NOMOTO Eiji , YUI Hideki , TAMURA Takayuki , YASUNAGA Makoto

    … The model estimates root dry weight and root head diameter from the number of days at the preferred growing temperature range between lower and upper limits based on the daily mean air temperature, and incorporates growth suppression by high temperatures in summer 2018. … It was used to develop a program for estimating the optimum harvest date at any location in Honshu and Shikoku from Agro-Meteorological Grid Square Data of NARO. …

    Climate in Biosphere, 2021


  • Optimization of Ultrasonic-assisted Extraction and Fatty Acid Composition of Oil from <i>Paeonia suffruticosa</i> Andr. Seed

    Lin Xiangxiang , Yi Xueping , Ni Sui

    … <p>Response surface methodology (RSM) was applied to optimize the effects of extraction parameters including time, power, temperature and liquid-to-solid ratio on peony seed oil yield. … The optimal conditions were that extraction time 45 min, extraction temperature 45°C, extraction power 90 W and liquid-to-solid ratio 7:1, respectively. …

    Journal of Oleo Science 70(1), 39-49, 2021


  • Investigation of Optimum Grinding Condition Using cBN Electroplated End-Mill for CFRP Machining

    Yamashita Shinnosuke , Furuki Tatsuya , Kousaka Hiroyuki , Hirogaki Toshiki , Aoyama Eiichi , Inaba Kiyofumi , Fujiwara Kazuna

    … Next, in order to generate a sharp edge on the CFRP and restrict the increase in the CFRP temperature with the cBN electroplated end-mill, the optimum abrasive size and grinding condition were investigated through the design of experiments. … As a result, smaller burrs and uncut fibers were observed after final machining with the developed tool under the derived optimum condition than those with conventional tools. …

    International Journal of Automation Technology 15(1), 4-16, 2021


  • A statistical analysis to optimize sake and vinegar preparation  [in Japanese]

    佐々木 慧

    広島県内の工場において,醸造酢のアミノ酸濃度を高めるため,醸造酢製造上の諸条件,及び各工程の分析値を集め,統計解析に処することで,対象の工場における最適な条件を検討した。この報告では合計11仕込み分の製造データを用い,液化,糖化,アルコール発酵までの製造条件の統計解析を行った。米酒のアルコール分,Bx,FN,酸度を目的変数とした重回帰分析では糖化中の平均品温などの説明変数が抽出された。この結果から …

    広島国際学院大学研究報告 = Bulletin of Hiroshima Kokusai Gakuin University 53, 1-8, 2020-12


  • Use of RSM Technology for the Optimization of Received Signal Strength for LTE Signals Under the Influence of Varying Atmospheric Conditions

    Choudhary Shilpa , Sharma Abhishek , Gupta Shradha , Purohit Hemant , Sachan Smriti

    … So this study aimed to investigate the variation in Received Signal Strength for LTE signal (RSSLTE) with respect to the variation of four input parameters i.e. Relative humidity (25 % to 75 %), Temperature (12 °C to 48 °C), Air quality index for Particulate Matter 2.5 (50 to 500) and Distance from the base station (98 m to 300 m). …

    Evergreen 7(4), 500-509, 2020-12

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  • Study on Solid Desiccant-Based Air-Conditioning for Wet-Markets

    Muhammad N. Ashraf , Riaz Mahmood , Muhammad H. Mahmood , Miyazaki Takahiko , Sultan Muhammad , Khalid Muhammad , Zahid M. Khan

    … The results revealed that the proposed DAC system can effectively achieve optimum temperature and relative humidity conditions in the summer season in Z2, Z3, and Z4. … However, the proposed system was not applicable in Z1 because of the lower temperature and humidity conditions in this zone. …

    Proceedings of International Exchange and Innovation Conference on Engineering & Sciences (IEICES) (6), 122-127, 2020-10-22

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  • Fast and efficient nanoparticle trapping using plasmonic connected nanoring apertures

    Theodoros D Bouloumis , Domna G Kotsifaki , Xue Han , Síle Nic Chormaic , Viet Giang Truong

    … A high normalized experimental trap stiffness of 3.50 fN nm⁻¹ mW⁻¹ μm⁻² for 20 nm polystyrene particles is observed for an optimum design of 149 nm for the nanodisk diameter at a trapping wavelength of 980 nm. … This good trapping performance with fast delivery of nanoparticles to multiple trapping sites emerges from a combination of the enhanced electromagnetic near-field and spatial temperature increase. …

    Nanotechnology 32(2), 025507, 2020-10-20


  • Optimum temperature and chlorine ion concentration for hydrogen peroxide treatment of titanium dental implant material

    Khodaei Mohammad , Nejatidanesh Farahnaz , Shirani Mohammad Javad , Iyengar Srinivasan , Sina Hossein , Valanezhad Alireza , Savabi Omid

    … In this study, the effects of chloride ion concentration and temperature of hydrogen peroxide on the surface treatment of titanium were investigated using X-ray diffractometry (XRD), Field Emission-Scanning Electron Microscopy (FESEM), and tests in order to determine wettability and apatite forming ability. …

    Journal of Materials Research and Technology 9(6), 13312-13319, 2020-09-30


  • Physicochemical and electrochemical properties of the (fluorosulfonyl) (trifluoromethylsulfonyl)amide ionic liquid for Na secondary batteries

    Yang Huan , Luo Xu-Feng , Matsumoto Kazuhiko , Chang Jeng-Kuei , Hagiwara Rika

    … structure provides a wide liquid-phase temperature range, especially at low x(Na[FTA]) (x(Na[FTA]) = molar fraction of Na[FTA]) and low temperature range. … Temperature dependence of viscosity and ionic conductivity obeys the Vogel-Tammann-Fulcher equation, and the correlation between molar conductivity and viscosity follows the fractional Walden rule. …

    Journal of Power Sources (470), 2020-09-15


  • Hydrochars as Emerging Biofuels: Recent Advances and Application of Artificial Neural Networks for the Prediction of Heating Values

    Vardiambasis Ioannis O. , Kapetanakis Theodoros N. , Nikolopoulos Christos D. , Trang Trinh Kieu , Tsubota Toshiki , Keyikoglu Ramazan , Khataee Alireza , Kalderis Dimitrios

    … Hydrochars are the solid products of hydrothermal carbonization (HTC) and their properties depend on the initial biomass and the temperature and duration of treatment. … Based on the elemental content, HTC temperature and time (as inputs), the higher heating values (HHVs) and yields (as outputs) could be successfully predicted, regardless of original biomass used for hydrochar production. …

    Energies 13(17), 4572-1-4572-20, 2020-09-03


  • Read Range Optimization of Low Frequency RFID System in Hostile Environmental Conditions by Using RSM Approach

    Choudhary Shilpa , Sharma Abhishek , Srivastava Kashish , Purohit Hemant , Vats Mudita

    … In this research work, experimental investigation, statistical analysis and optimization of the low frequency RFID system read range has been carried out with respect to four major input parameters i.e. varying sandy soil grain sizes (0.45 mm, 0.78 mm, 1.18 mm, 1.6 mm and 2 mm) which is present in between RFID reader and tag, temperature (15 ℃ to 50 ℃), humidity (35 %RH to 70 %RH) and sandy soil layer thickness (0 mm to 90 mm). …

    Evergreen 7(3), 396-403, 2020-09

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  • Optimising Parameters of Fused Filament Fabrication Process to Achieve Optimum Tensile Strength Using Artificial Neural Network

    Weake Nawaharsh , Pant Meena , Sheoran Ankita , Haleem Abid

    … This study involves the independent analysis of three process variables like layer thickness, orientation, and printing temperature. …

    Evergreen 7(3), 373-381, 2020-09

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  • Efficiency of Thermal Management Using Phase-Change Material for Nonisothermal Adsorption Process

    Sakanaka Yuta , Hiraide Shotaro , Tanaka Hideki , Hiratsuka Tatsumasa , Kojima Natsuko , Yamane Yasuyuki , Miyahara Minoru T.

    … However, it is a crucial problem that the temperature increase due to adsorption heat significantly reduces the adsorption performance because of near adiabatic operations. … Then, the effects of the melting temperature and weight fraction of PCMs on adsorption performance are thoroughly investigated for an adiabatic adsorption process. … Finally, we propose a simple heat balance equation for the optimum weight fraction of PCMs that maximizes the adsorption capacity of the column. …

    Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 59(32), 14485-14495, 2020-08-12


  • Particle Simulation of the Generation of Plasmaspheric Hiss  [in Japanese]

    Hikishima Mitsuru , Omura Yoshiharu , Summers Danny

    … We assume a bi‐Maxwellian distribution with temperature anisotropy for energetic electrons injected into the plasmasphere and find that hiss emissions are generated with spectrum characteristics typical of those observed by spacecraft near the magnetic equator. … The amplitude profile of the spectra agrees with the optimum wave amplitude derived from the nonlinear wave growth theory. …

    Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics 125(8), 2020-08-01


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