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  • Pain Intensity Measurement after Gynecological Laparoscopic Surgery Using the "Pain Vision(TM)" System for the Quantitative Analysis of Perception and Pain Sensation

    Katakura Masafumi , Nakaoka Kentaro , Taniguchi Tomoko , Maemura Toshimitsu , Morita Mineto

    Original ArticleIntroduction: Ultraviolet light (UV) has both beneficial and detrimental effects on the human body. To identify the optimal UV exposure levels, we would ideally need to know the actual …

    Toho Journal of Medicine 7(1), 66-72, 2021-03-01

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  • Measurement of muscle strength in college football players with a history of groin pain  [in Japanese]

    髙橋 将

    スポーツ整復療法学研究 = Journal of sport science and osteopathic therapy 22, 1-6, 2021-03

  • Reliability of anthropometric landmarks on body surface for estimating pelvic incidence without lateral X-ray

    Yamada Shota , Ebara Takeshi , Uehara Toru , Kimura Shingo , Aoki Kazuji , Inada Atsushi , Kamijima Michihiro

    … Increasing attention has been paid to pelvic incidence (PI) as a potential parameter related to low back pain. … however, identifying the acromion, PSIS, and coccyx as anatomical landmarks using the measurement method in this study remain difficult to be considered reliable.</p> …

    Environmental and Occupational Health Practice 3(1), n/a, 2021


  • Intrathecal injection of sulfatides induced mechanical allodynia via glial cells activation and nitric oxide production  [in Japanese]

    Morita Motoki , Watanabe Shun , Oyama Misa , Iwai Takashi , Tanabe Mitsuo

    … Nitric oxide (NO) is an important mediator released by glial cells in the spinal cord during inflammatory pain. … In addition, the fluorometric measurement assay of nitrite/nitrate suggested that intrathecal injection of sulfatides increased NO contents in the spinal cord. … Our research leads to the hypothesis that up-regulation of sulfatides synthesis exacerbates pain via glial cells activation and the NO pathway during inflammatory pain. …

    Proceedings for Annual Meeting of The Japanese Pharmacological Society 94(0), 2-Y-F2-1, 2021


  • Study on the Evaluation System of Post-Stroke Pain Model in Rats  [in Japanese]

    Tashiro Takashi , Hayashida Yoshiyuki , Yoshihara Saeko , Kamioka Masana , Takahashi Ikuo , Katayama Seiichi , Hironaka Naoyuki , Nishi Katsuhide

    … <p>Central post-stroke pain (CPSP) is one of the most troublesome sequelae of stroke. … It is characterized by persistent pain, resulting in marked deterioration in daily living activities and quality of life (QOL). … The pain thresholds was evaluated with von Frey filament test and planter test. … Analgesics were orally administered one hour before measurement.</p><p>Hemorrhagic lesions were observed in the lateral thalamic region of the CPSP model rats. …

    Proceedings for Annual Meeting of The Japanese Pharmacological Society 94(0), 2-P1-28, 2021


  • Evaluation of infraspinatus and teres minor muscle hardness using ultrasound real-time tissue elastography  [in Japanese]

    Shimizu Koshi , Watanabe Natsuki , Yoneda Mitsugu , Nishimura Seiji , Kobayashi Takashi

    <p>近年、筋の状態を評価する方法として超音波エラストグラフィ(シアウェーブまたはストレイン・エラストグラフィ)を用いた筋硬度評価が注目されており、検者内の高い相対信頼性が示されてきた。一方、筋硬度評価の絶対信頼性に関しては示されておらず、特に投球障害や肩関節機能障害との関連が報告されている棘下筋や小円筋に対してストレイン・エラストグラフィを用いた筋硬度評価は確立していない。そこで、本 …

    Structure and Function 19(2), 41-49, 2021


  • Simultaneous Quantitative Screening for Pain Medications in Serum by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography/Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry with Solid-Phase Dispersive Extraction

    SAITO Koichi , NISHIYAMA Rika , ITO Rie

    … <p>In this study, solid-phase dispersive extraction (SPDE) was used for serum pretreatment and in the simultaneous analysis of analgesics and adjuvant analgesics (30 types in total) that are usually used as first-and second-choice treatments for pain patients, by liquid chromatography/time-of-flight mass spectrometry (LC/TOF-MS). …



  • Intra-rater reliability of measurement of abdominal perimuscular connective tissue thickness on ultrasound images

    Nanikawa Wataru , Miyazaki Junya

    … [Purpose] The thickness of the perimuscular connective tissue (PMCT) reflects muscular atrophy and decreased flexibility that may cause low back pain. … [Participants and Methods] The participants were 38 healthy adult males without chronic back pain. … The standard error of measurement (SEM) was 0.02–0.1 mm in the abdominal wall muscle and 0.5 mm in the interrecti distance (IRD). …

    Journal of Physical Therapy Science 33(1), 32-36, 2021


  • Icodextrin Versus Glucose Solutions for the Once-Daily Long Dwell in Peritoneal Dialysis: An Enriched Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials

    Goossen Käthe , Becker Monika , Marshall Mark R. , Bühn Stefanie , Breuing Jessica , Firanek Catherine A. , Hess Simone , Nariai Hisanori , Sloand James A. , Yao Qiang , Chang Tae Ik , Chen JinBor , Paniagua Ramón , Takatori Yuji , Wada Jun , Pieper Dawid

    … Further data were obtained from principal investigators and industry clinical study reports.</br>Data Extraction</br>2 independent reviewers selected studies and extracted data using a prespecified extraction instrument.</br>Analytic Approach</br>Qualitative synthesis of demographics, measurement scales, and outcomes. … health-related quality-of-life and pain scores were inconclusive.</br>Limitations</br>Trial quality was variable. …

    American Journal of Kidney Diseases 75(6), 830-846, 2020-06


  • Comparison of VAS and Direct Numerical Evaluation in Visual Sensitivity Testing of Grayscale Images  [in Japanese]

    SHIRAHAMA Naruki , WATANABE Satoshi , MORIYA Kenji , KOSHI Kazuhiro , MATSUMOTO Keiji

    … <p><i>Our goal is to quantify the subtle differences in individual perceptions, and we explore the possibility of the VAS being able to represent indices other than pain. … For example, in the VAS, the distance between the straight line of 100 mm and the mark's left side is used as the measurement value. … We convert this measurement into the value of the interval [0, 1] and use it. …

    Proceedings of the Annual Conference of Biomedical Fuzzy Systems Association 33(0), 18-21, 2020


  • The Relationship between Walking Ability and Self-efficacy in Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis  [in Japanese]

    MAWARIKADO Yuya , KUBO Takanari , FUKUMOTO Takahiko , IMAGITA Hidetaka , FUJII Tadashi , INAGAKI Yusuke , TANAKA Yasuhito

    <p>〔目的〕変形性膝関節症(膝OA)患者の歩行能力と自己効力感の関連性を検討することとした.〔対象と方法〕対象は膝OA患者67名とした.測定項目は,10 m歩行速度,Timed up and go test(TUG),自己効力感,疼痛,膝関節伸展筋力,足趾把持力,痛みの破局的思考とし,関係性を分析した.〔結果 …

    Rigakuryoho Kagaku 35(6), 779-783, 2020

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  • Development of a tracheal model for an endotracheal suction simulator using augmented reality scene with haptics:- Measurement and evaluation of catheter manipulation -  [in Japanese]

    KIMURA Hitoshi , KOMIZUNAI Shunsuke , COLLEY Noriyo , KONNO Atsushi

    … In this paper, we described a tracheal model with measurement functions: the measurement of the pushing force of the catheter on the airway wall by the force sensor and the detection of the catheter tip trajectory history by the camera were implemented. …

    The Proceedings of JSME annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (Robomec) 2020(0), 2P1-F09, 2020


  • Safety Guidelines and Effects of Electricity Applied to the Human Body  [in Japanese]

    YOSHIMOTO Shunsuke , AOYAMA Kazuma , KAJIMOTO Hiroyuki , NISHIKAWA Atsushi

    … <p>Studies about electrical current passing through the body such as bioelectricity measurement, electrical excitation, and electrical stimulus have contributed to the field of medical and biological engineering. … Because electrical current causes various effects such as perception, pain, injury, and fibrillation, safety design is essential. …

    Transactions of Japanese Society for Medical and Biological Engineering 58(4-5), 147-159, 2020

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    KIMURA Junko , USUI Akihiro , TOKUNOU Mikio , MATSUMOTO Kouji , TSUNETOSHI Yusuke , YOKOTA Junichiro

    <p> 多発肋骨骨折患者では, 強い疼痛による運動制限でActivities of Daily Living (ADL) が改善せず, 入院管理が比較的長期となる患者も少なくない. そのため, ADLの改善には, 疼痛評価と鎮痛が重要である. 臨床場面で主に使用するNumerical Rating scale (NRS) などの主観的な疼痛評価では鎮痛が不十分でADLの改善が困難であっ …

    Journal of the Japanese Association for the Surgery of Trauma 34(4), 111-114, 2020

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  • Association between cluster analysis for multiple measures and International Classification of Diseases 11th revision as classification of chronic pain patients  [in Japanese]

    Kawai Aiko , Yamada Keiko , Hamaoka Saeko , Chiba Satoko , Wakaizumi Kentaro , Yamaguchi Keisuke , Iseki Masako

    … <p>Cluster analysis can classify patients with chronic pain using multiple scales, and classification of chronic pain will be adopted in the International Classification of Diseases 11th revision (ICD–11) in 2022. … In the present study, we aimed to investigate whether cluster analysis was practical for classifying chronic pain and to determine the association between these two classifications for chronic pain. …

    PAIN RESEARCH 35(3), 141-153, 2020

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  • The effects of silicone-based resilient denture liners on pain: A randomized controlled trial

    Furokawa So , Kimoto Suguru , Furuse Nobuhiko , Furuya Yoshiteru , Ogawa Takahiro , Nakashima Yoshio , Okubo Masakazu , Yamaguchi Hidenori , Kawai Yasuhiko

    … The outcomes were evaluated using both, objective measures (current perception threshold (CPT) and pain threshold (PT)) for external stimuli measured using the Neurometer CPT® and subjective measures (physical pain and psychological discomfort measured using the Japanese version of Oral Health Impact Profile for Edentulous patients—OHIP-EDENT-J). …

    Journal of Prosthodontic Research 64(4), 417-423, 2020


  • Development of supplementary table: A study by WG in safety investigation of electrical stimulus  [in Japanese]

    Yoshimoto Shunsuke

    <p>医療機器開発に関する研究に対し医行為の該当性を判断する上で,身体の構造もしくは機能に影響を及ぼすかどうかを判断するための別表の策定が進められている.人体通電安全調査WGでは特に,電気インピーダンス法による体組成計測,経皮的電気刺激,機能的電気刺激などをはじめとした人体への通電により生体の計測や制御を行う研究に関わる別表策定を行ってきた.過度な人体通電による身体への影響には,皮膚損 …

    Transactions of Japanese Society for Medical and Biological Engineering Annual58(Abstract), 218-218, 2020


  • Factors that affect the period to get a gait in patients after total knee arthroplasty:―Focusing on preoperative factors―  [in Japanese]

    Mawarikado Yuya , Kubo Takanari , Koda Hitoshi , Fukumoto Takahiko , Imagita Hidetaka , Fujii Tadashi , Inagaki Yusuke , Tanaka Yasuhito

    <p>[目的]人工膝関節全置換術後患者の杖歩行が自立するまでの日数(歩行自立日数)に影響を及ぼす要因を術前項目より検討した。[対象]片側の人工膝関節全置換術を施行した99名とした。[方法]測定項目は歩行自立日数,自己効力感,痛みの破局的思考,安静時痛,歩行時痛,膝関節屈曲可動域および伸展可動域,等尺性膝伸展筋力,歩行速度とした。統計解析はピアソンの相関係数を用いて歩行自立日数との関係性 …

    Japanese Journal of Health Promotion and Physical Therapy 10(2), 61-65, 2020

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  • Interobserver Reliability When Classifying MR Imaging of the Lumbar Spine: Written Instructions Alone Do Not Suffice

    Hofmann Ulf Krister , Keller Ramona Luise , Gesicki Marco , Walter Christian , Mittag Falk

    … The aim of this study was to evaluate the impact of specific measurement training on interobserver reliability in MRI classification of the lumbar spine.</p><p>Methods: Various measurement and classification systems were assessed for their interobserver reliability in 30 MRIs from patients with chronic lumbar back and sciatic pain. …

    Magnetic Resonance in Medical Sciences 19(3), 207-215, 2020


  • Investigation of influence factors on chronic pain in each generation  [in Japanese]

    Terajima Yuki , Shiro Yukiko , Aono Shuichi , Owari Keiko , Arai Kenichi , Inoue Shinsuke , Matsubara Takako , Nishihara Makoto , Ushida Takahiro

    … The aim of this study is to clarify the difference in influencing factors for chronic pain in each generation.</p><p><i>Method:</i> … There were 2,298 patients who visited Aichi Medical University Pain Center. …

    PAIN RESEARCH 35(2), 107-110, 2020

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