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  • Synthesis of three-component nanoparticles using Sn–58Bi and Cu wires by the pulsed wire discharge method

    Kim Jong , Kim Dae , Suematsu Hisayuki , Ryu Bong

    … We placed Sn–58Bi and Cu wires parallel to each other and investigated the effects of various conditions such as voltage, pressure, and diameter on nanoparticle formation. … Transmission electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction, and scanning electron microscopy along with energy-dispersive spectroscopy were used to investigate the structure, particle size, collection rate, and nanoparticle composition. …

    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 55(11), 116203, 2016-10-17


  • Law of Mass Action Based Kinetic Approach for the Modelling of Parallel Mass Transfer Limited Reactions: Application to Metallurgical Systems

    Järvinen Mika , Visuri Ville-Valtteri , Heikkinen Eetu-Pekka , Kärnä Aki , Sulasalmi Petri , De Blasio Cataldo , Fabritius Timo

    … A simple reaction model was derived for parallel oxidation of silicon, chromium and carbon under conditions relevant to the argon-oxygen decarburization (AOD) process. … Our hypothesis is that when the forward rate coefficients approach infinite values, the composition at the reaction surface approaches a constrained equilibrium. … The calculated equilibrium composition is essentially the same as that obtained with the equilibrium coefficient method. …

    ISIJ International 56(9), 1543-1552, 2016


  • 構成要素の物理量に着目した多変量解析による草庵茶室意匠様式の分析:茶室の形態構成に関する基礎的研究その2

    伊藤 雄太 , 隈 研吾 , 中村 航

    … In order to achieve it, the paper studies the typological structures of morphological composition through the multivariate analyses of physical quantitative data of elements and compares between historical knowledge and the results of analyses. The steps of research method are as follows: 1. … Use the data collected in the first step and study the typological structure of morphological composition by the principal component analysis and Cluster analysis in parallel. …

    日本建築学会計画系論文集 81(724), 1411-1419, 2016


  • A Verification Method of SDN Firewall Applications

    KANG Miyoung , CHOI Jin-Young , KANG Inhye , KWAK Hee Hwan , AHN So Jin , SHIN Myung-Ki

    … The objective of this paper is to describe the formal modeling that uses the process algebra called pACSR and then suggest a method to verify the firewall application running on top of the SDN controller. … Then we prove the correctness by checking whether the parallel composition of two pACSR processes is deadlock-free. …

    IEICE Transactions on Communications E99.B(7), 1408-1415, 2016


  • Comparison of Hydrogen Embrittlement Resistance of High Strength Steel Sheets Evaluated by Several Methods

    Takagi Shusaku , Hagihara Yukito , Hojo Tomohiko , Urushihara Wataru , Kawasaki Kaoru

    … The materials were two ultra-high strength steel sheets with tempered martensite microstructures, one with the SCM435 composition and the other a V-added steel containing many hydrogen trapping precipitations. … The specimens were charged with hydrogen by the cathodic charging method. … The specimens used in the SSRT and CSRT were machined with notches on both sides of the parallel part. …

    ISIJ International 56(4), 685-692, 2016


  • Achieving enhanced hole transport capability of Ge

    Liu Lei , Liang Renrong , Wang Jing , Xu Jun

    … The hole transport capability of Ge<inf>1−</inf><inf>x</inf>Sn<inf>x</inf>alloys under the uniaxial compressive strain is comprehensively investigated by calculations using the nonlocal empirical pseudopotential method. … For the [110] uniaxial compression, the strain-parallel hole effective mass of the top most valance band is the smallest, and the corresponding valance band splitting energy is the largest compared with the [100] uniaxial and the (001) biaxial compressive strain. …

    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 54(11), 111303, 2015-10-13


  • Multi-Step Image Composition Approach for Sort-Last Massively Parallel Rendering

    Nonaka Jorji , Fujita Masahiro , Ono Kenji

    … is widely recognized as the most rational way for analysis and mining of such large data sets by the use of sort-last parallel visualization. … However, sort-last method requires communication intensive final image composition and can suffer from scalability problem on massively parallel rendering and compositing environments. … In this paper, we present the <i>Multi-Step Image Composition</i> …

    日本シミュレーション学会英文誌 2(1), 108-125, 2015


  • 種々の試験法で得られる薄鋼板の水素脆化破壊限界の比較

    髙木 周作 , 萩原 行人 , 北條 智彦 [他] , 漆原 亘 , 川崎 薫

    … Various methods are used as the evaluation method of HE resistance. … In this study, the critical HE conditions obtained by SSRT, CSRT and 4-point bending test were compared by using the same materials, which have tempered martensite microstructure with the composition of a SCM435 or an V added steel with many hydrogen trapping precipitations. … Specimens were charged with hydrogen by the cathodic charging method. …

    鉄と鋼 100(10), 1315-1321, 2014


  • Formation of Fe<sub>3</sub>O<sub>4</sub>/GaAs Heterostructure via Surface Oxidation of GaAs Substrate

    Sakuma H. , Shidara Y. , Kagi Y. , Suzuki R. , Ishii K.

    … While the formation of an oxidized layer is confirmed on GaAs by electron microscopy, the composition and crystal structure was unknown. … In this study, the oxidized layer is revealed to be β-G<sub>a2</sub>O<sub>3</sub>, of which (100) plane is parallel to the substrate plane by x-ray and electron diffractions. …

    粉体および粉末冶金 61(S1), S311-S313, 2014


  • 用例対訳と機械翻訳を併用した多言語問診票入力手法の提案と評価

    福島 拓 , 吉野 孝 , 重野 亜久里

    … To resolve this problem, we have developed a multilingual interview-sheet composition system that uses parallel texts and machine translation. … Moreover, we have evaluated an inputting method for multilingual interview sheet. … The contributions of this study are as follows: (1) We have proposed a multilingual interview-sheet composition system that can be used for communication between medical workers and foreign patients. …

    情報処理学会論文誌 54(1), 256-265, 2013-01-15


  • Two-Dimensional Boundary Element Analysis of Edge Cracked Rectangular Plate Using Near-Tip Solution

    FURUKAWA Toshio , SUEYOSHI Toshiyasu

    … This paper is concerned with a method for the analysis of two-dimensional crack problems using the boundary element method. … In this method, a domain to be analyzed is divided into two regions: the near-tip region, which is a circular in shape and centered at the crack tip, and the outer region. … The outer region is formulated by the boundary element method. …

    Journal of Computational Science and Technology 7(3), 354-362, 2013


  • 確率線形ハイブリッドオートマトンの到達可能性検証

    畠中 克也 , 山根 智

    … トンのモデル検査のprocedureを拡張し,確率線形ハイブリッドオートマトンに対する検証を可能にする.さらに,モデルに対する検証を自動化するため,拡張したprocedureを計算機上に実装する.ケーススタディとして,無線センサネットワークをとりあげ,確率線形ハイブリッドオートマトンによるモデル化と,その検証例を示す.Model checking is a formal method exhaustively verifying whether behaviors of a system satisfy specific characteristics. …

    情報処理学会論文誌 53(12), 2671-2681, 2012-12-15


  • 招待講演 エピタキシャル高Ku磁性合金薄膜の形成と構造解析 (磁気記録・情報ストレージ)

    大竹 充 , 二本 正昭

    高瓦磁性合金:(1)Ll_0構造のFePd, FePt, CoPt合金,(2)LllおよびBh(+DOlg)構造のCo-Pt合金,(3)D2d(R7き型)構造のSm-Co, Sm-Ni, Sm-Fe合金の薄膜を磁化容易軸が基板面に対して垂直方向に向くように結晶配向させた状態で単結晶基板上にエピタキシャル成長させ,構造制御の検討を行った.(1)基板温度を室温から600。Cの問の一定温度とした状態で製 …

    電子情報通信学会技術研究報告 : 信学技報 112(354), 49-54, 2012-12-13

  • Parallel Dynamic Cloud Rendering Method Based on Physical Cellular Automata Model

    ZHANG Liqiang , LI Chao , SUN Haoliang , ZHENG Changwen , LV Pin

    … Due to the complicated composition of cloud and its disordered transformation, the rendering of cloud does not perfectly meet actual prospect by current methods. … Then a parallel computing architecture is designed to compute the large-scale data set required by the rendering of dynamical cloud, and a GPU-based ray-casting algorithm is implemented to render the cloud volume data. …

    IEICE transactions on information and systems 95(12), 2750-2758, 2012-12-01

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  • Application of bioelectrical impedance to sports science

    Komiya Hideaki

    … It has therefore become an outstanding measurement tool for a range of body composition assessments in areas such as large-scale population studies or sports science. … This review summarizes the theory of measuring tissues related to exercise, the method of measuring cardiac output, and the method of estimating skeletal muscle mass. …

    The journal of physical fitness and sports medicine : JPFSM 1(4), 553-562, 2012-11-25

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  • 多対多の関係性を持つ多言語用例対訳グラフにおけるメタノード作成手法

    福島 拓 , 吉野 孝

    … We developed a multilingual parallel-text sharing system for multilingual communication. … A parallel-text requires one-on-one combination among each language. … However, parallel texts often have example sentences of many-to-many combination among each language. … Therefore, we proposed a meta-node composition method for parallel-text graph having many-to-many combination. …

    情報処理学会論文誌データベース(TOD) 5(2), 1-10, 2012-06-29


  • 1A1-J09 構成の違いによる特異点分布の変化を利用したパラレルメカニズムの最適化 : 第一報 : 手先の並進移動に関する調査(パラレルロボット・メカニズム)

    岩本 賢芳 , 大川 一也 , 加藤 秀雄 , 樋口 静一

    … This paper presents an optimization method using change of singularity distribution by difference in composition of a parallel mechanism. … Singularity cannot be lost on characteristic of the parallel mechanism. … Link length, motor arrangement position and motor installation height are selected as the mechanism parameter for optimization of composition. …

    ロボティクス・メカトロニクス講演会講演概要集 2012, "1A1-J09(1)"-"1A1-J09(4)", 2012-05-27

  • 16S rRNA遺伝子の大量シークェンシングによる菌叢解析の現状と問題点

    是則 有希 , Jiahui Jiang , 中山 二郎

    16S rRNA遺伝子配列解析に基づくピロシークェンス法は、腸内細菌叢の群集構造をシークェンスレベルでプロファイル化できる点で非常に有用である。この系では、細菌の16S rRNA遺伝子を網羅的かつ偏りなく増幅させ、かつその断片から有効的に系統分類情報が得られるユニバーサルプライマーと、得られたバッチシークェンスデータを菌叢データに忠実に変換するアルゴリズムの設計が重要である。本稿では、その現状と問 …

    日本乳酸菌学会誌 = Journal of Japan Society for Lactic Acid Bacteria 23(1), 24-34, 2012-03-10

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  • Sol–Gel Synthesis of Rare-Earth and Phosphorus Codoped Monolithic Silica Glasses from a Cosolvent-Free Phase-Separating System

    Kajihara Koichi , Kuwatani Shungo , Kanamura Kiyoshi

    … A cosolvent-free sol--gel method to prepare monolithic transparent silica glasses doped by rare-earth ions at high concentrations has been developed. … Despite the simple solution composition, the reaction mixture undergoes a macroscopic phase separation in parallel with the gelation, and the resultant macropores make it possible to considerably shorten the processing time by facilitating the drying and sintering of gels. …

    Applied physics express 5(1), 012601-012601-3, 2012-01-25

    応用物理学会 参考文献30件