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    … Calculate the primary energy reduction amount when a large number of home-use fuel cell co-generation systems (FCCGS) are installed and operated. … Evaluation of introduction effect of home-use FCCGS as distributed power supply is performed. … There is a possibility that primary energy will be reduced also in the non-residential housing that introduced home-use FCCGS. …

    Journal of Environmental Engineering (Transactions of AIJ) (761), 687-697, 2019-07


  • RELATION BETWEEN THE TENSION LOAD AND ROPE SWAY OF AN ELEVATOR OPERATING IN A BUILDING UNDER SINUSOIDAL EXCITATION:Active vibration control for the operation of an elevator during an earthquake: Part 1  [in Japanese]

    MIURA Nanako , SONE Akira

    … This paper, which reports Part 1 of the study, presents the relation between the control force (tension load) and rope sway of an elevator operating in a building using sinusoidal excitations as a first step.</p><p> In Chapter 2 of the paper, an analysis model that consists of a main rope, car, compensation rope, compensating sheave, and active control device is derived using a partial differential equation. …

    Journal of Structural and Construction Engineering (Transactions of AIJ) (761), 917-926, 2019-07


  • The use of brexpiprazole : considering the safe switching to brexpiprazole  [in Japanese]

    上田 均 , 青木 一男

    臨床精神薬理 = Japanese journal of clinical psychopharmacology 22(6), 603-611, 2019-06

    Ichushi Web 

  • Repeated Partial Running Suture Removal and Medical-use Contact Lens Wear for Inflammation at Early Stage after Penetrating Keratoplasty  [in Japanese]

    上川床 美紀 , 福井 正樹 , 水野 嘉信 , 野田 徹

    あたらしい眼科 36(6), 816-820, 2019-06

  • A Study on Approaches to the Efficient Use of Partial Results of Divide-and-Conquer Accumulation  [in Japanese]

    佐多 育斗 , 八杉 昌宏 , 平石 拓 , 馬谷 誠二

    条件を満たすすべての点(解)に関する統計的な処理として,なんらかの指標で集計を行いたい場合はしばしばある.その際,点の存在可能な領域(探索空間)に関して階層的に分割統治を行い,部分領域に関して探索/集計した部分的な結果を得ることができれば,結果のない部分領域だけ探索/集計する形で耐障害性を高めたり,並列処理によって速度向上を得たりする機会が増えると期待できる.しかし,すでに求めた部分的な集計結果を …

    情報処理学会論文誌プログラミング(PRO) 12(2), 21-21, 2019-05-21



    TSUKUDA Haruka , YOKOTA Sayuri , ONODA Yasuaki

    … making the decisions for housing recovery from the disaster, focusing the influence of residential situation of temporary housing and the actual situation of the change of their family member, based on the statistical sounding data of all victims in Shichigamahama Town, Miyagi prefecture.<br><br> With paying attention to security of personal information, it were analyzed the anonymized data, which includes the Intention of Housing Recovery Options System and related partial data of Basic Resident Register, obtained from Shichigahama …

    Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ) (756), 311-321, 2019-02


  • Factors Determining the Intention to Use Mobile Payment Services : The Perspectives of Non-Users and Users

    Kang Yeong Seon

    Information : an international Interdisciplinary journal 22(1), 5-22, 2019-01

  • The first laparoscopic hepatectomy using microtase: A case report  [in Japanese]

    Ito Yuko , Kaneko Hironori , Otsuka Yuichirou , Okada Rei , Matsumoto Yu , Kimura Kazutaka , Kubota Yoshihisa , Maeda Tetsuya , Tsuchiya Masaru , Funahashi Kimihiko

    … Furthermore, the S2 HCC was treated via a laparoscopic partial liver resection. … The liver was dissected and a partial hepatic resection was performed for the S2 HCC. … The use of Microtase in a patient who underwent laparoscopic liver resection suggests that it may be sufficient to control hemorrhages in cases of liver cirrhosis such as in the present case. …

    Journal of Microwave Surgery 37(2), 1-5, 2019


  • Oil Analysis―What It Reveals and What It Offers:―Managing Equipment through Diagnosis of the Lubrication Oil―  [in Japanese]

    Ootsuka Kentaro , Suzuki Eiji

    <p>製紙業を含む多くの産業では,設備機械の摩耗や損傷を防ぐ為に潤滑油が使用されている。潤滑油は,人間の体の中の血液のように設備機械を循環することにより,機器の状態を示す情報を集め,保持している。そのオイルを分析し,異物量,水分量,酸価,粘度などを分析することで,設備機械の管理はより徹底されたものになる。設備機械を摩耗や損傷から守るために高性能オイルフィルターを取り付けることも有効だ。 …

    JAPAN TAPPI JOURNAL 73(5), 438-442, 2019


  • Cooperation and collaboration of the dentist and dental technician in partial denture treatment  [in Japanese]

    Goto Marie

    <p> QOLの維持と向上に直接的に関与している補綴歯科の使命は,いかに多様化する患者のニーズに沿いながら歯科治療,補綴治療を施し,機能回復に貢献していくかということにある.欠損歯列症例においては,その治療に不可欠な可撤性部分床義歯製作に関わる歯科技工士の役割も非常に重要であり,各症例に対する認識を,歯科医師と歯科技工士間で一致させることが望ましいと考える.そして抱える困難が大きい症例 …

    Annals of Japan Prosthodontic Society 11(3), 220-226, 2019


  • Optical Flow for Real-Time Human Detection and Action Recognition Based on CNN Classifiers

    Hoshino Satoshi , Niimura Kyohei

    … For classifying images into human and not-human classifications, and the actions, we use a convolutional neural network (CNN), rather than coding invariant features. … Moreover, we present a local search window as a novel detector for clipping partial images around target objects in an original image. …

    Journal of Advanced Computational Intelligence and Intelligent Informatics 23(4), 735-742, 2019


  • Evaluation of Resin Clasps with Different Design by Retentive Force

    Hiroki Takeuchi , Yoshihiro Iwata , Toyoki Nakata , Chikahiro Ohkubo , Osamu Komiyama , Misao Kawara

    … <p>The aim of the present study was to apply acrylic resin for a removable partial denture</p><p>(RPD) with resin clasps. …

    International Journal of Oral-Medical Sciences 18(1), 68-73, 2019


  • Selection of New Pollinizer Variety 'Nijitaro' for 'Rainbow Red' Kiwifruit and Development of Techniques for Its Use  [in Japanese]

    Murakami Satoru , Taneishi Motohiro , Suzuki Kimitake , Sasaki Toshiyuki , Hashimoto Nozomi

    <p>開花期が早い 'レインボーレッド' においても自然受粉を可能とする雄品種として 'にじ太郎' を育成した.'にじ太郎' は 'レインボーレッド' の偶発実生から選抜した二倍体品種である.花粉品質は,酢酸カーミン染色率はやや低いものの,発芽率は他品種と同程度であった.一方で,'トムリ' と比べると,採葯量および採取純花粉量は少ないため,花粉採取用としては適さないと考えられた.'にじ …

    Horticultural Research (Japan) 18(2), 117-125, 2019


  • Removal of Borate and Arsenite in Dilute Aqueous Solution with Various Mg-Fe Composite Oxides  [in Japanese]

    ISOI Kohei , SHIRASUGI Fumika , MATSUOKA Mitsuaki , HAYASHI Junichi , MURAYAMA Norihiro

    … <p>Mg-Fe composite oxides with various mixing ratios were synthesized at different calcination temperature, to use them as anion removal agents. … on the particle surface by the hydration of Mg-Fe composite oxides during removal operation and (2) the reconstruction of LDH structure by the partial hydration of Mg-Fe composite oxides are predominant. …

    Resources Processing 66(1), 29-35, 2019


  • Questionnaire Survey Regarding Prevention of Surgical Site Infection after Neurosurgery in Japan: Focus on Perioperative Management and Administration of Surgical Antibiotic Prophylaxis

    MATSUDA Shingo , IKAWA Fusao , OHBA Hideo , YOSHIYAMA Michitsura , HIDAKA Toshikazu , KURISU Kaoru , MIYAMOTO Susumu , DATE Isao , NAKASE Hiroyuki

    … However, perioperative management of the wound and use of antibiotics have never been standardized completely in departments of neurosurgery in Japan. … The questionnaires revealed that partial or no removal of the hair and hair shampooing at the day before surgery were performed in 96.1% and 88.1% of each institute following the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines. … Use of SAP at just before, during, and after surgery were 65.0%, 86.2%, and 63.0%, respectively. …

    Neurologia medico-chirurgica 59(6), 197-203, 2019


  • The new approach of laboratory diagnosis for a patient with acquired factor XI deficiency with high titer auto-antibodies by combination use of synthetic chromogenic substrate assay for factor VIII and factor IX  [in Japanese]

    TAKASHIMA Mari , INABA Hiroshi , AMANO Kagehiro , SHINOZAWA Keiko , FUKUTAKE Katsuyuki

    <p><b>要約:</b>40 歳代になり突然筋肉内出血などの自然出血を繰り返し,明らかなAPTT 延長を認めたが診断に難渋した女性患者について,発色性合成基質法による凝固因子定量法を用いて第XI 因子に対する特異抗体を確認する検査室診断の新しい手順を開発した.患者の内因系凝固因子の定量値はすべて著しい低下を示し,各種解析から患者血漿中には高力価の抗第XI 因子 …

    Japanese Journal of Thrombosis and Hemostasis 30(3), 534-543, 2019


  • The Coupled Model for Prediction of the Temperature Distribution in a PV Cell with a Hot Spot Induced by Partial Shading  [in Japanese]

    YAMAMOTO Takayuki , WAGI Daisuke , NANNO Ikuo

    … <p>Since the use of photovoltaics in the domestic and industrial sector is increasing, the reliability and safety of photovoltaic power generation systems is becoming more and more important. … We propose a new electro-thermal coupled model to predict the temperature distribution in a solar cell with a hot spot that is caused by a reverse bias voltage due to a local partial shade. …

    Journal of Japan Solar Energy Society 45(3), 99-104, 2019


  • Development a Myoelectric Prosthetic Hand for Partial Hand Amputees to Use Successfully Remaining Finger -Proposal of the Design Method for Mechanical System and Control System and Prototype -  [in Japanese]

    MURAI Yuta , YABUKI Yoshiko , ISHIHARA Masahiro , TAKAGI Takehiko , TAKAYAMA Shinichiro , TOGO Shunta , KATO Ryu , JIANG Yinlai , YOKOI Hiroshi

    本稿は,手部欠損者の欠損指の運動機能を補綴し,残存指の運動機能を活用可能な手部筋電義手の設計手法を提案している.手部筋電義手の設計における課題は機械系と制御系に存在する.機械系設計の課題にはデジタルエンジニアリングの考え方に基づき被験者の手部の 3Dデータから断端形状に適合するソケットと手の外観を損なわずに電動部品を収納できる把持機構を設計し,残存指を活用可能な手先具を実現した.制御系設計の課題に …

    Journal of the Society of Biomechanisms 43(2), 124-133, 2019


  • Improvement of Knowledge Graph Completion Using Label Characters for Questions to Acquire Knowledge in Dialog Systems  [in Japanese]

    FUJIOKA Yuma , HAYASHI Katsuhiko , NAKANO Mikio , KOMATANI Kazunori

    <p>対話システムはデータベース上で明示的に記述されていない情報について上手く応答できない.想定できる応答に必要な情報が網羅されたデータベースが構築できれば良いが,それを人手で構築することは事実上不可能である.そこで我々はデータベース上にない情報を自ら獲得できる対話システムを設計しこの問題の緩和を試みる.システムは質問を通じてユーザから情報を聞き出そうとするが,明らかに間違った質問をす …

    Proceedings of the Annual Conference of JSAI JSAI2019(0), 3Rin228-3Rin228, 2019


  • THE CHARACTERISTICS OF SPATIAL STRUCTURES OF OKURA-SYO AND THE FORMATION FACTORS:- Study on spatial structures of Okura-syo owned by the Kumamoto Domain in the Edo Period (Vol. 1)-  [in Japanese]

    SAGAMI Chikao

    … In addition, in view of the partial remaining of stone buildings such as the Yard, a scope of Okura-syo in the site was considered.</p><p> Chapter 3: The Okura-syo for which consideration on spatial structures is available were found in two castles and five towns/villages. … One of the factors has been found that they could use the outside space for a storage of the straw bag of rice.</p> …

    Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ) 84(759), 1209-1219, 2019


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