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  • Eye Movement Recording and Analysis System using Video Images (VOG)  [in Japanese]

    YAGI Toshiaki

    … Furthermore, from the data provided by vector analysis of the slow phase of nystagmus, diagnosis of the localization of the disease in the peripheral labyrinth will also be possible. …

    Equilibrium Research 69(4), 191-197, 2010-08-01

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  • Caloric Test in Low-tone Sensorineural Hearing Loss  [in Japanese]

    KIMURA Mitsuhiro , HAMAMURA Ryouji , UMEHARA Tsuyoshi , AOI Noriaki , SANO Chiaki , KATAOKA Shingo , KAWAUCHI Hideyuki

    急性低音障害型感音難聴は比較的予後良好な疾患と一般的に考えられている.しかし, 長期間経過を観察すると, 反復したり, 再発したり, さらにはメニエール病へ移行する場合もあり, 治療に難渋することがしばしばある.<br>本疾患は, 厚生労働省急性高度難聴研究班の診断基準において, 急性あるいは突発性に蝸牛症状 (耳閉塞感, 耳鳴, 難聴など) が発症し, めまいを伴わない低音部領域のみ …

    Nippon Jibiinkoka Gakkai Kaiho 112(8), 615-622, 2009-08-20

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  • Study on the Pathogenesis of Preeclampsia : Endothelial Dysfunction Related to Hypercoagulation, Hyperactivity of Sympathetic Nerves Vasospasms and Hypercoagulative Mice Models  [in Japanese]


    目的I:妊娠中毒症と血管内皮障害との関連性を過凝固,交感神経活性化,血管攣縮の面から臨床症例で検討する.方法:1.妊娠中毒症患者の血液凝固線溶系因子の検討-過凝固の証明2.妊娠中毒症患者と交感神経活性化3.妊娠中毒症患者の血管攣縮の検索4.妊娠中毒症患者に対する抗凝固療法-アンチトロンビン療法 結果:妊娠中毒症患者では,過凝固・交感神経活性化が顕著で,血管内皮障害と相俟って血管攣縮が起こりやすくな …

    日本産科婦人科學會雜誌 55(8), 851-862, 2003-08-01

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  • Squirrel Monkeys and Space Motion Sickness

    Matsunami Kenichi

    … Studies of the vestibular system in squirrel monkeys in consideration of space motion sickness (SMS) or space adaptation syndrome (SAS) were reviewed. … Then the anatomico-physiological studies of both the peripheral and the central vestibular systems were described, because the vestibular system is crucially important in the genesis of SMS (SAS). …

    The Japanese Journal of Physiology 52(1), 1-20, 2002


  • Symposium on 'Morphology and Physiology of Semicircular Canal Ampulla'. Perspectives for the comprehensive examination of semicircular canal and otolith function.

    Clarke Andrew H.

    … A review is presented on the three-dimensional aspects of the vestibulo-oculomotor system and the current functional tests for unilateral examination of the individual receptors in the vestibular labyrinth. … In the presentation, attention is directed towards the recently developed vestibular tests, which promise a more comprehensive examination of labyrinth function. …

    Biological Sciences in Space 15(4), 393-400, 2001


  • Head-Shaking Nystagmus; Its Significance in Neurotology  [in Japanese]

    KAMEI Tamio

    … Horizontal HSN suggests the existence of an imbalance between right and left in the vestibular system, and it may have either a peripheral or a central orgin. … The pattern which appears in cases of peripheral vestibular disorder (PVD) depends mainly on the stage of recovery.<BR>5. … In patients with long-lasting PVD, who show monophasic nystagmus toward the impaired side, the function of the impaired labyrinth is usually recovering (reversed monophasic HSN). …

    Equilibrium Research 55(6), 505-514, 1996-12-01

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  • Brain Death and the Sensorineural Structures in the Inner Ear  [in Japanese]

    IMAMURA Mayumi , IMAMURA Shun-ichi , MURAKAMI Yoshihiko

    … pattern (from central to peripheral direction) in the afferent nervous system is also unlikely, thereby indicating that measurement of the auditory brainstem responses for determining brain death in the respirator patients is valid as one of the adjunctive diagnostic criteria for this condition.2) It appears also evident that cases dying of such a specific disease process as brain death tended to show much greater postmortem change in the membranous labyrinth than in that of other case …

    Otology Japan 5(5), 613-620, 1995-12-25

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  • Equilibrium Reflexes Considered from the Standpoint of the Self-Organizing System  [in Japanese]

    HINOKI Manabi

    … There has been a tendency to investigate phenomena in vivo from the standpoint of the self-organizing system. … The equilibrium system consists of two parts, peripheral equilibrium organs and their centers, and these two are closely connected by their feedback loops. …

    Equilibrium Research 54(2), 163-171, 1995-04-01

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  • Study on the Compensation Process of Vestibular Dysfunctions in Rats. Observation by Pica for the Indicator.:OBSERVATION BY PICA FOR THE INDICATOR  [in Japanese]

    Kobayashi Takeshi , Ishii Masanori , Yashiro Toshinobu , Moriyama Hiroshi , Sudo Masamichi

    内耳障害におけるめまいおよび各種の自律神経症状が時間の経過に伴って代償により消失していくことは臨床的によく経験されることである。このめまい代償を動物実験において検討するためには, 変化する症状を正確に把握することが必要となる。<BR>我々は, ラットへの催吐剤投与や動揺病誘発の際に観察される異味症を利用し, 手術的に片側迷路を破壊したラットのめまい症状の変化を, 異味症を指標として観察 …

    JIBI INKOKA TEMBO 37(4), 411-418, 1994


  • Distribution of Methamphetamine in the Cochlea.  [in Japanese]

    Nagase Shigeyo , Mukaida Masahiro , Hiraide Fumihisa , Saito Hiromitsu , Funasaka Sotaro

    … Methamphetamine activates catecholaminergic neurons and releases noradrenalin from their nerve endings in the central nervous system. … Many reports have described the distribution of methamphetamine in the central nervous system after systemic administration. …

    Practica Oto-Rhino-Laryngologica 84(8), 1167-1172, 1991

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  • Studies on body sway of patients with unilateral peripheral vestibular disorder. With special reference to characteristic sway in various stages of spontaneous nystagmus.:WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO CHARACTERISTIC SWAY IN VARIOUS STAGES OF SPONTANEOUS NYSTAGMUS  [in Japanese]


    … In order to investigate the influence of the labyrinthine status on body sway, 60 normal persons and 73 patients with unilateral peripheral vestibular disorder were examined by stabilometry. …

    Nippon Jibiinkoka Gakkai Kaiho 90(1), 80-89, 1987

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  • A Patient Who Developed Vertigo of a Deep Sensation Origin  [in Japanese]

    YASUDA Koichi

    … The labyrinth, visual organs, peripheral organs of deep sensation and their center, the cerebellum, are needed to maintain the equilibrium of the body. … Curiously enough, while a vast majority of patients with vertigo have a disorder of the vestibular system, very few exhibit a derangement of the visual organs or of deep sensibility. …

    OTOLOGIA FUKUOKA 32(1), 14-16, 1986


  • Jumbling Phenomenon in a Case of Unilateral Peripheral Vestibular Disease

    Tokumasu Kohji , Fujino Akito , Ikegami Akihiro , Nishihata Shinichi

    … appears in cases of loss of bilateral vestibular function, since an intact unilateral labyrinth may completely cover the absence of unilateral vestibular function. … However, unilateral jumbling in older patients or in those with unilateral vestibular disease combined with some central nervous system disorder may persist for a long time. …

    Practica Oto-Rhino-Laryngologica 77(10special), 2226-2233, 1984


  • Examination Method and Diagnostic Significance of Spontaneous Pathological Eye Movement

    Sakata Eiji

    … Over the years, a number of eminent researchers have indicated that once we begin a study of nystagmus we literally fall into a labyrinth and eventually we reach a point wherein we are at a loss as to what to do. …

    Practica Oto-Rhino-Laryngologica 75(9special), 1943-1972, 1982

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  • Response of Peritoneal Cells to Horseradish Peroxidase and Aldehyde-Fixed Erythrocytes in the Mouse:An Electron Microscope Study

    ABE Kazuhiro , HONMA Sato , ITO Takashi

    成熟dd-マウスを用い, 西洋ワサビペルオキシダーゼ (HRP) とグルタルアルデヒド固定赤血球に対する腹膜腔自由細胞の反応を電子顕微鏡で観察した.<br>腹膜腔自由細胞は形態のうえでI型, II型, III型の3型に分類され, I型は小リンパ球, II型は中型単核細胞, III型は大食細胞である.<br>HRPを腹膜腔内に注射すると, III型細胞は大量のHRPを摂取する …

    Archivum histologicum japonicum 42(3), 263-276, 1979

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  • A Clinical Study on the Eye Movements under Parallel Swing  [in Japanese]

    TOKUNAGA Osamu

    … The observation of eye movement on linear acceleration which was induced by parallel swing were performed in twenty normal subjects and in forty-nine cases with peripheral vestibular disorders.<BR>The parallel swing was performed under the conditions of 3.3 seconds in one cycle, 70cm in amplitude, and 114cm/sec<SUP>2</SUP> …

    OTOLOGIA FUKUOKA 19(1), 46-62, 1973

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    … In order to diagnose the patients suffering from vertigo, otologists generally examine the auditory and vestibular functions and usually find some disturbances in the cochlear and vestibular labyrinth. …

    Nippon Jibiinkoka Gakkai Kaiho 69(3), 606-630, 1966

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  • CLINICAL STUDY ON THE LABYRINTHINE DISORDER:Especially on the Vestibular Function of Sudden Loss of Cochleo-Vestibular Function


    … When there is no response of the Caloric Test we must differentiate it from acoustic tumor.<br>4) In Optokinetic Nystagmus (OKN) Test, examined by Optokinetic Pattern (OKP) Test, many cases showed peripheral type, but some cases showed semicentral and central type.<br>5) Many cases showed laterality in Optokinetic After Nystagmus (OKAN) Test. …

    Nippon Jibiinkoka Gakkai Kaiho 68(4), 455-481, 1965

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  • PER- AND POST-ROTATORY TESTS OF THE VESTIBULAR FUNCTION:Fundamental and clinical examination

    OGURA T.

    … Vestibular examination was performed on 63 pathological cases (33 cases with peripheral vestbular lesions, 30 with central ones) who visited the ear-nose-and-throat clinic in our hospital with chief complaints of vertigo and disturbances of equilibrium during these two years. … both labyrinths at a time and also the fact that a compensatory action of the central nervous system participates more easily in the mechanism of nystagmic reaction. …

    Nippon Jibiinkoka Gakkai Kaiho 62(1), 107-123, 1959


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