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  • Non-uniform Sintering Behavior of Y_2O_3 Ceramics

    Lee Ji-Hwoan , Kim Byung-Nam , Jang Byung-Koog

    … The densification of Y_2O_3 was carried out by spark plasma sintering (SPS) technique with various heating rates (5, 10, 20, and 50°C/min) and holding times (2, 5, 20, and 60 mins) at 1000°C. … On increasing the holding time, the center became opaque and the periphery became translucent. … As a result of the microstructural analysis, the grain size in the center of all specimens was larger than the periphery. …

    Proceedings of International Exchange and Innovation Conference on Engineering & Sciences (IEICES) (5), 80-80, 2019-10-24

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  • Characterization on Microstructural Evolution of Y_2O_3 Fabricated by Spark Plasma Sintering

    Lee Ji-Hwoan , Kim Byung-Nam , Jang Byung-Koog

    … In entire sintered bodies, grain size of center was larger than periphery. … In the uniformly sintered bodies, inter and intra-granular pore existed, but in the non-uniformly sintered bodies, differed pore distributions were observed such as the center (inter granular pore was dominant) and the periphery (inter and intra-granular pore). … The porosity of the center dominated by inter-granular pore was higher than that of the periphery. …

    Proceedings of International Exchange and Innovation Conference on Engineering & Sciences (IEICES) (5), 47-47, 2019-10-24

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  • Molecular Mechanisms of Melanogenic Enzyme Transport and Melanosome Transport: Development of New Cosmetics That Inhibit Transport Machineries  [in Japanese]

    Fukuda Mitsunori

    … Mature melanosomes are first transported from the perinucleus to the cell periphery by microtubule-dependent motors such as Kif5b (<i>i.e.</i>, Rab1A/SKIP/Kif5b complex) (step 2) and then transported to just beneath the plasma membrane by an actin-dependent motor myosin-Va (<i>i.e.</i>, Rab27A/Slac2-a/myosin-Va complex) (step 3). …


    J-STAGE  Ichushi Web 

  • Contribution of Axial Arc Pressure Gradient Near Cathode on Enthalpy Flow of Arc to Axial Direction with Lateral Gas  [in Japanese]

    Maeda Yoshifumi , Iwao Toru

    … However, the measurement of arc pressure is difficult because the plasma jet affected by lateral gas flows to leeward. … The understanding of correlation between the plasma jet and heat transport affected by the convective heat transfer is necessary using 3-D numerical analysis for the elucidation of the arc stiffness. … As a result, the mean convective force in arc periphery part increased a bit and the axial arc pressure gradient did not change in the case of the low lateral gas flow velocity. …

    IEEJ Transactions on Power and Energy 139(5), 309-315, 2019


  • Observation of Potential Increase in the Central Cell due to ICRF Heating in the Non-Axisymmetric Anchor Cell on GAMMA 10/PDX

    TANAKA Atsuto , KAYANO Hiroki , SAKAMOTO Mizuki , NAKASHIMA Yousuke , ICHIMURA Makoto , HIRATA Mafumi , IKEZOE Ryuya , SUMIDA Shuhei , JANG Seowon , IZUMI Koki , KUBOTA Yushi , SEKINE Ryo

    … <p>We used the additional Ion Cyclotron Range of Frequency (ICRF) heating in the anchor cell for the high density plasma production. … When the ICRF waves are excited with antennas installed in the anchor cell, it is observed that the plasma potential increases significantly and forms non-axisymmetric potential distribution in the periphery of the central cell. …

    Plasma and Fusion Research 14(0), 2401028-2401028, 2019

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  • Axial Plasma Confinement in Gas Dynamic Trap


    … Experimental indications of neutral gas extrusion from the axis of the expander to its periphery were observed. … Numerical model describing such extrusion by elastic collisions of neutrals with plasma ions is in agreement with experimental data.</p> …

    Plasma and Fusion Research 14(0), 2402006-2402006, 2019


  • Superhydrophilization of Surface of Aluminum Thin Film by Atmospheric-Pressure Plasma Jet Irradiation

    Kuwahata Hiroshi , Murata Yuki , Hashimoto Naoki , Segawa Riyuya

    … <p>An atmospheric-pressure argon (Ar) plasma jet was generated with a frequency of 10 kHz, an applied voltage of 4 kV, and an Ar gas flow rate of 10 L/min. When an aluminum (Al) thin film that was vacuum-deposited on a glass substrate was irradiated with the atmospheric-pressure Ar plasma jet in air for 60 s at an irradiation distance of 2 mm, the surface of the Al thin film was hydrophilized in a circular area with a diameter of 23 mm, which was larger than that of the plasma (6 mm). …

    e-Journal of Surface Science and Nanotechnology 16(0), 27-35, 2018


  • An infrared actin probe for deep-cell electroporation-based single-molecule speckle (eSiMS) microscopy

    Yamashiro Sawako , Watanabe Naoki

    … However, since the signal from an individual fluorophore is extremely faint, the observation area by epi-fluorescence microscopy is restricted to the thin cell periphery to reduce autofluorescence, or only molecules near the plasma membrane are visualized by total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF) microscopy. …

    Sensors 17(7), 2017-07-01


  • Assessment of safety, efficacy, and dosimetry of a novel 18-kDa translocator protein ligand, [11C]CB184, in healthy human volunteers

    Sakata Muneyuki , Ishibashi Kenji , Imai Masamichi , Wagatsuma Kei , Ishii Kenji , Hatano Kentaro , Ishiwata Kiichi , Toyohara Jun , 籏野 健太郎

    … During the scan, arterial blood was sampled at various time intervals, and the fraction of the parent compound in plasma was determined with high-performance liquid chromatography. … [11C]CB184 was metabolized in the periphery: 36.7% ± 5.7% of the radioactivity in plasma was detected as the unchanged form after 60 min. The total distribution volume (V T) was estimated with a two-tissue compartment model. …

    EJNMMI Research (7), 26, 2017-03


  • Observation of Termination Process of Long Pulse Plasma Discharges Using Stereoscopic Fast Framing Cameras in the Large Helical Device

    SHOJI Mamoru , DE LA CAL Eduardo , HIDALGO Calros , the LHD Experiment Group , KASAHARA Hiroshi , TANAKA Hirohiko , MURASE Takanori , TOKITANI Masahiko , MORITA Shigeru , GOTO Motoshi , OISHI Tetsutaro , MUTOH Takashi

    … The termination process of a long pulse plasma discharge was observed with a stereoscopic fast framing camera which can identify the three-dimensional positions of dusts. … It proved that the dusts penetrated into the main plasma through the plasma periphery, which could induce the radiation collapse in the plasma discharge.</p> …

    Plasma and Fusion Research 11(0), 2402056-2402056, 2016


  • Ultra-high voltage electron microscopy of primitive algae illuminates 3D ultrastructures of the first photosynthetic eukaryote

    Takahashi Toshiyuki , Nishida Tomoki , Saito Chieko , Yasuda Hidehiro , Nozaki Hisayoshi

    … Three-dimensional modelling of Glaucocystis cells using electron tomography clearly showed that numerous, leaflet-like flattened vesicles are distributed throughout the protoplast periphery just underneath a single-layered plasma membrane. …

    Scientific Reports Online Edition (5), 14735, 2015-10-06


  • Wave excitation by nonlinear coupling among shear Alfvén waves in a mirror-confined plasma

    Ikezoe R. , Ichimura M. , Okada T. , Hirata M. , Yokoyama T. , Iwamoto Y. , Sumida S. , Jang S. , Takeyama K. , Yoshikawa M. , Kohagura J. , Shima Y. , Wang X. , 池添 竜也 , 吉川 正志 , 小波藏 純子

    … Density fluctuations caused by the AIC waves and the ion-cyclotron range of frequencies (ICRF) waves used for ion heating have been detected using a reflectometer in a wide radial region of the GAMMA 10 tandem mirror plasma. … Various wave-wave couplings are clearly observed in the density fluctuations in the interior of the plasma, but these couplings are not so clear in the magnetic fluctuations at the plasma edge when measured using a pick-up coil. …

    Physics of plasmas 22(9), 090701, 2015-09


  • SNAP23/25 and VAMP2 mediate exocytic event of transferrin receptor-containing recycling vesicles

    Kubo Keiji , Kobayashi Minako , Nozaki Shohei , Yagi Chikako , Hatsuzawa Kiyotaka , Katoh Yohei , Shin Hye-Won , Takahashi Senye , Nakayama Kazuhisa

    … We recently showed that Rab11 is involved not only in formation of recycling vesicles containing the transferrin (Tfn)–transferrin receptor (TfnR) complex at perinuclear recycling endosomes but also in tethering of recycling vesicles to the plasma membrane (PM) in concert with the exocyst tethering complex. …

    Biology open (4), 910-920, 2015-06


  • Arabidopsis LAZY1 is a peripheral membrane protein of which the carboxy-terminal fragment potentially interacts with microtubules

    Sasaki Shu , Yamamoto Kotaro T.

    … We found that AtLAZY1 localizes to the plasma membrane through the C-terminal region, suggesting that the putative trans-membrane domain in the N-terminal half is not required for localization. … A microtubule binding assay showed that the C-terminal half of AtLAZY1, which localized to the plasma membrane, interacted with microtubules in vitro. …

    Plant Biotechnology 32(1), 103-108, 2015


  • Electron Energy Distribution in a Divertor Simulating Device with an RF Source

    TAKAHASHI Hiroyuki , OKAMOTO Atsushi , KUMAGAI Takahiro , DAIBO Akira , TAKAHASHI Takuya , TSUBOTA Shimpei , KITAJIMA Sumio

    … Electron energy distribution measurement with oscillating plasma potential compensation was performed in the radio-frequency plasma device, DT-ALPHA. … Electrons near the plasma production region are confirmed to have Maxwellian distribution. … Whereas the electrons still have Maxwellian distribution, the electron temperature in the outer region of the plasma column is lower compared with the inner region. …

    Plasma and Fusion Research 9(0), 3401065-3401065, 2014


  • Plasma Diagnostics with Tracer-Encapsulated Solid Pellet

    SUDO Shigeru , IDA Katsumi , TAMURA Naoki , MUTO Sadatsugu , OZAKI Tetsuo , SUZUKI Chihiro , FUNABA Hisamichi , MURAKAMI Izumi , KATO Daiji , INAGAKI Shigeru

    … regimes depending on the impurity source location which is analyzed with the STRAHL code, (2) specific feature of a non-local thermal transport such as abrupt increase of electron temperature in the plasma core in case of plasma cooling in the plasma periphery due to a small TESPEL injection, (3) spatially resolved energy distribution of the high energy particles obtained by a pellet charge exchange method, (4) longer impurity containment inside the magnetic island …

    Plasma and Fusion Research 9(0), 1402039-1402039, 2014


  • Stromal plasma cells expressing immunoglobulin G4 subclass in non-small cell lung cancer.

    Fujimoto Masakazu , Yoshizawa Akihiko , Sumiyoshi Shinji , Sonobe Makoto , Kobayashi Masashi , Koyanagi Itsuko , Aini Wulamujiang , Tsuruyama Tatsuaki , Date Hiroshi , Haga Hironori

    … Here, we analyzed the number of stromal IgG4+ plasma cells and the IgG4/IgG ratio of plasma cells in 294 primary non-small cell lung cancers (NSCLCs) using tissue microarray (TMA) and conventional surgical specimens. … In TMA, 35 (12%) cases of NSCLC revealed more than 20 IgG4+ plasma cells per high-power field. …

    Human pathology 44(8), 1569-1576, 2013-08


  • Observation of Plasma-Facing-Wall via High Dynamic Range Imaging

    VILLAMAYOR Michelle Marie S. , WADA Motoi , RAMOS Henry J. , ROSARIO Leo Mendel D. , VILOAN Rommel Paulo B. , LACDAN Ma. Camille C. , TING Julie Anne S. , SUAREZ Beverly Anne T. , KATO Shuichi , TUMLOS Roy B. , SORIANO Maricor N.

    … The HDR images of a graphite target surface of a compact planar magnetron (CPM) discharge device have clearly indicated the erosion pattern of the target, which are correlated to the light intensity distribution of plasma during operation. … Results show that deposition takes place near the evacuation ports during the early stage of the plasma discharge. …

    Plasma and Fusion Research 8(0), 2401116-2401116, 2013


  • A Case of Rheumatoid Neutrophilic Dermatitis  [in Japanese]

    HARA Mayu , NITTA Yukiko , AKIYAMA Masashi

    71 歳,男性。15 年前より関節リウマチ (RA) に罹患した。2007 年 5 月に左前腕に浮腫と淡紅色丘疹が出現し,近医で抗生剤投与により治癒した。11 月中旬より,再度同症状が出現し,抗生剤で治らないため,12 月中旬,当院を紹介され受診した。左前腕に限局性の浮腫と丘疹を認め,病理にてリンパ管拡張と膠原線維の変性,その周辺の好中球・組織球の浸潤,血管周囲の密なリンパ球と形質細胞の浸潤を認め …

    Nishi Nihon Hifuka 75(3), 208-210, 2013


  • Manufacture of Vacuum Plasma Spraying Tungsten with Homogenous Texture on Reduced Activation Ferritic Steel at about 873 K

    TOKUNAGA Tomonori , MASUZAKI Suguru , TAKABATAKE Takeshi , KUROKI Nobuyoshi , EZATO Koichiro , SUZUKI Satoshi , AKIBA Masato , WATANABE Hideo , YOSHIDA Naoaki , NAGASAKA Takuya , KASADA Ryuta , KIMURA Akihiko , TOKITANI Masayuki , MITSUHARA Masatoshi , NAKASHIMA Hideharu

    … The key to improving the heat load of vacuum plasma sprayed tungsten coatings on low activation ferritic steel maintained at low temperatures is elimination of stratified low-density layers with many large pores, in which thermal cracks propagate preferentially. … The low-density layers are formed owing to the deposition of large solidified tungsten particles, which remain mainly at the periphery of the spray stream. …

    Plasma and Fusion Research 8(0), 1405111-1405111, 2013


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