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  • The Two Constructive Principles in "Science and Ethics" and the Developmental Structure Including These Principles: "The 3 pillars principle" intending integration but stopping at synthesis, "the 2 pillars principle" intending autonomy, and the developmental structure of "synthesis → autonomy → integration"  [in Japanese]

    高田 悟

    SSH企画「科学と倫理」は,2012年度以来2020年度までに実施した全14回で,11人の研究者の協力を得ることができた。個々の講義は,各研究者の専門研究や経験に基づくものであった。しかし個々の講義の間に有機的関連がなければこの企画は行き詰まることになる。全体の構成をどうするかは,筆者が第3期開始当初に研究仮説として考案したものが最初である。その実施過程において,多少の修正を加えたり,新たな方式を …

    中等教育研究紀要 (67), 21-38, 2021-03-31

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  • Miki's Philosophy of Imagination and Temporality  [in Japanese]

    SHIMIZU Kosuke

    Ryukoku Journal of Peace and Sustainability 2020, 13, 2021-03-22

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  • Philosophia naturalis and scientia naturalis in Kant's Opus postumum  [in Japanese]

    嶋﨑 太一

    … In this article, I focus on Kant 's Transition project and the concept of natural science in Kant 's final, unpublished work, the so-called Opus postumum. … The German word "Naturwissenschaft" (natural science) and the Latin word "philosophia naturalis" (natural philosophy) have been shown to be identical by previous studies. … However, Kant uses another Latin word "scientia naturalis" (whose proper translation is "natural science"). …

    HABITUS (25), 34-50, 2021-03-20

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  • Military research and pure research : Riken's science policy before WWII  [in Japanese]

    本田 康二郎 , Kojiro Honda

    … 森田雅憲教授古稀祝賀記念号(Honorable issue in commemoration of Prof. Masanori Morita's 70 years of age) …

    同志社商学 = Doshisha Shogaku (The Doshisha Business Review) 72(6), 1131-1148, 2021-03-12

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  • The Past and Future of Artificial Intelligence and Philosophy  [in Japanese]

    中島 秀之 , 堤 富士雄 , 清田 陽司,モデレータ:三宅 陽一郎 , 構成:大内 孝子

    Journal of the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence 36(2), 213-226, 2021-03-01


  • Goethe und Robert Boyle (1627-1691) : Ein Aufriss der Untersuchung zur Geschichte der wissenschaftlichen Methodik

    HATA Kazunari

    国際哲学研究 = Journal of international philosophy (10), 71-84, 2021-03

  • <サーヴェイ論文>認識論と倫理学の交差点としての「帰納のリスク」  [in Japanese]

    清水 右郷

    … So called "inductive risk" is an old but newly explored concept in philosophy of science. … The central claim of the argument from inductive risk (AIR) is that scientists must make value judgments in their scientific reasoning, so that epistemology, ethics, and science and technology studies intersect in this theme. … In this paper I give an overview of the controversy over inductive risk. …

    Contemporary and Applied Philosophy (12), 25-66, 2021-02-12

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  • <研究論文(原著論文)>歴史的偏りの矯正としての予防原則  [in Japanese]

    清水 右郷

    … The recent work by Daniel Steel offered a promising defense of the PP. … His central idea is correction of historical bias related to environmental policies. … According to his arguments, the PP is remarkably effective for the correction of historical bias in contrast to cost-benefit analysis and risk trade-off analysis. …

    Contemporary and Applied Philosophy (12), 67-104, 2021-02-12

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  • <Original Articles>Ecology, Time, and the Global Economy: Towards a Critical-Relational Theory of Global Justice

    Iwaki Yukinori

    … Thomas Pogge presents a relational theory of global justice. … Drawing from critical social science, I shall argue that two kinds of injustice - injustice in ecological space and injustice in time - can be causally attributed to the present global economy. … Also, I shall apply this argument to support Iris Marion Young's model of responsibility. …

    Contemporary and Applied Philosophy (12), 1-24, 2021-02-10

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  • Arithmetic Education of Education Order Period : Learning from Rise and Fall of Development Education  [in Japanese]

    富永 雅 , 西川 恭一

    我が国では,明治15年頃,アメリカでの教授法が,開発教授として導入された。この教授法は,ペスタロッチの直観主義教育に基づくもので,1860年代,ニューヨーク州オスウィーゴ師範学校長シェルドンの尽力により全米に広がり,高嶺秀夫と伊澤修二とにより紹介されたものである。日本では,高嶺と伊澤に影響を受けた若林,白井が『改正教授術』を出版,当時の教育界に大きな影響を与えた。しかし,ほどなく衰退の一途をたどる …

    大阪教育大学紀要. 人文社会科学・自然科学 = Memoirs of Osaka Kyoiku University. Humanities and social science, natural science 69, 89-100, 2021-02

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  • A Study of the Guiding Philosophies of the Exploration Area for Families with Children "ComPaSS" at the National Museum of Nature and Science  [in Japanese]

    TAKAHASHI Aoi , YAMAGUCHI Etsuji , INAGAKI Shigenori

    … <p>In response to emerging research on early childhood science education, Japanese museums have increased the number of early childhood children's activities and exhibitions in their facilities. … However, prior research has clarified neither the philosophy undergirding the early childhood children's exhibitions' designs and development, nor the background for the philosophy. …

    Journal of Science Education in Japan 45(1), 57-75, 2021


  • 推定目的の統計モデルを用いる帰納推論における 数学・演繹の位置付けと役割  [in Japanese]


    Linkage: Studies in Applied Philosophy of Science 1(0), 32-41, 2021


  • 帰納論理とベイズ統計  [in Japanese]

    帰納推論の本性に関する議論には 2 つの異なるアプローチの仕方がある.一つは論理学的なものであり,もう一つは統計学的なものである.これまでこの 2 つのアプローチは全く異なる研究伝統に属してきたが,近年その数理的関連性に注目し,そこからより実り豊かな応用を引き出そうとする試みが現れている.本論では,こうした試みの一端を紹介し,論理と統計を結ぶアプローチがどこまで有望なものであるのかを議論する.

    Linkage: Studies in Applied Philosophy of Science 1(0), 26-31, 2021


  • Axiomatization of the Background Knowledge in Bayesian Theory of Perception

    … Recently, Bayesian theories of human object perception are widely studied. … Helmholtz's idea of perception as unconscious inference is formalized by Bayes' theorem. … Human object perception is now called Bayesian inference or statistical inference, and to obtain a Bayesian quantitative model of human object perception has now become a primary goal for the consciousness scientists utilizing Helmholtz's idea. …

    Linkage: Studies in Applied Philosophy of Science 1(0), 15-25, 2021


  • On the "Expectation" of Bayesian Methods: How the Prior Is Chosen in "Objective" Manner in Practices of Statistics

    … The philosophical foundation of statistical methods has long been discussed among statisticians, scientists, and philosophers. … This paper aims to give a brief review of the epistemological justification behind Frequentist and subjective Bayesian methods and of how the prior distribution is chosen in the current practice of statistics. … Then, I propose further examination .n the philosophical aspects of these activities. …

    Linkage: Studies in Applied Philosophy of Science 1(0), 9-14, 2021


  • Categorical Pluralism of Causality

    … Causal relationship is no doubt one of the most important targets for scientific research as well as for philosophical study. … But science and philosophy don't have much in common in the search for causality. … While in science the emphasis is usually put on how to detect a causal relationship of events, in philosophy it's more important how to define causality. …

    Linkage: Studies in Applied Philosophy of Science 1(0), 1-8, 2021


  • Principles of Writing Papers for Transactions of JSiSE —A Tutorial—  [in Japanese]

    Seta Kazuhisa , Kuwahara Chiyuki , Nakabayashi Kiyoshi

    … <p>This tutorial explains principles of writing papers for transactions of JSiSE. … In this paper, we first roughly classify the research conducted in the research field of information and systems in education, introduce the paper categories of JSiSE, and explain the guidelines for selecting the paper category. …

    Transactions of Japanese Society for Information and Systems in Education 38(2), 82-93, 2021


  • What was the "Appendix B" theory of types for?::Russell's <i>Principles of Mathematics</i> Revisited

    Nomura Yasushi

    … <p>    In the "Appendix B" to his <i>Principles of Mathematics</i> … (1903), Bertrand Russell developed a theory of types that is different explicitly from his so-called "ramified" theory of types in <i>Principia Mathematica</i> …

    Kagaku tetsugaku 53(2), 45-63, 2021


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    Kagaku tetsugaku 53(2), 336-340, 2021


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    新川 拓哉

    Kagaku tetsugaku 53(2), 331-335, 2021


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