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  • Dry Development Rinse Process (DDRP) & Materials (DDRM) For EUVL

    Shibayama Wataru , Shigaki Shuhei , Nakajima Makoto , Takeda Satoshi , Onishi Ryuji , Sakamoto Rikimaru

    … This DDRM can perform not only as pattern collapse free materials for fine pitch, but also as the etching hard mask against bottom layer (spin on carbon: SOC). …

    Journal of Photopolymer Science and Technology 29(3), 469-474, 2016


  • EUV Research Activity at SEMATECH

    Neisser Mark , Jen Shih-Hui , Chun Jun Sung , Antohe Alin , He Long , Kearney Patrick , Goodwin Frank

    … Major areas of concern are source power, defect free mask availability, defect freedom during use and resist performance. … Long term it will also need improved mask and material technology for higher NA EUV imaging. …

    Journal of Photopolymer Science and Technology 27(5), 595-600, 2014


  • Nickel Mask Formation on Glass by Electroless Plating  [in Japanese]

    NAKAMARU Yaichirou , KANEDA Tatsuma , SEIDA Hiroyuki , TAKAHASHI Takashi , HONMA Hideo

    … This paper addresses the formation of the nickel mask on glass using electroless nickel plating without a pinhole. … The resultant fine-patterned mask formed on the glass using electroless Ni plating with precision filtration is almost pore-free. … Furthermore, the conventional repair method for the chromium mask pattern is applicable for the repair of nickel patterns on glass. …

    Journal of The Surface Finishing Society of Japan 60(7), 459-463, 2009-07-01

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  • Optical Connection with Optical Pins and Self-Written Waveguides for Board-Level Optical Wirings

    MIKAMI Osamu , MIMURA Yusuke , HANAJIMA Hiroshi , KANDA Masahiro

    … It is shown that the key to the utility of O-SMT is high efficiency and alignment-free coupling between optical wiring and optical devices. … Several applications of self-written waveguides using a green laser and a photo-mask are demonstrated. …

    IEICE Trans. Electron., C 90(5), 1071-1080, 2007-05-01

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  • Composition of Photo-Imageable Solder Resist Mask and Demand Properties  [in Japanese]

    INAGAKI Shoji

    … A recent trend of increasing circuit density and functions of PCB diversifies demands for a solder resist mask. … When the solder resist mask was introduced, its demanded property was simply to prevent solder bridge on PCB. … However, a photo-imageable solder resist mask, which correspond to high circuit density PCB design was developed to overcome the limitation of the solder resist mask's resolution made by silkscreen printing method. …

    NIPPON GOMU KYOKAISHI 79(8), 406-412, 2006-08-15

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  • Maskless Copper Patterning on n-Type Silicon  [in Japanese]

    KUROKAWA Akinari , SAKKA Tetsuo , OGATA Yukio H.

    … The process uses photo-excited electrons, and therefore it is applicable only to p-type silicon, because the n-type has abundant free electrons, and selective metal deposition cannot be expected. … When the surface is locally illuminated by a laser, the photo-excited area can be locally anodized, and a porous silicon pattern can be formed in n-type silicon without a mask. …

    Journal of The Surface Finishing Society of Japan 56(5), 281-285, 2005-05-01

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  • DNA Patterning by Nano-imprinting Technique and Its Application for Bio-chips

    TABATA H , Uno Takeshi , Ohtake Toshihito [他]

    Journal of photopolymer science and technology 18(4), 519-522, 2005

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  • DNA Patterning by Nano-imprinting Technique and Its Application for Bio-chips.

    Tabata Hitoshi , Uno Takeshi , Ohtake Toshihito , Kawai Tomoji

    … This is promising technique to make nano patterning without a photo mask process. …

    Journal of Photopolymer Science and Technology 18(4), 519-522, 2005


  • Improvement of GMR Effect by CPP-GMR and Specular Reflection Effect  [in Japanese]

    Jimpo Mutsuko , Kobayashi Toshikazu

    … layer using Ion milling and Photo lithography technique. … A size of holes which were observed by SEM was much smaller than that of mask. … The resistance change increased with increasing a pinned layer thickness and had a peak value with increasing a free layer thickness. …

    DENKI-SEIKO 76(3), 187-194, 2005


  • 3D Mold Fabrication Techniques Using an Inorganic Resist


    … Patterns were transferred by pressing the fabricated 3D SOG mold to a photo-curable resin under a pressure of 0.5 MPa and curing it with a 1 J/cm<SUP>2</SUP> … Replicated patterns showed faithful, defect-free multigradation. … Using SOG as the material for an ion beam etching mask, 3D molds were fabricated from diamond, engineering plastic, and quartz. …

    Transactions of the Magnetics Society of Japan 4(4), 235-240, 2004-11-01

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  • In vitro model of tissue ingrowth: Preparation of micropores by an excimer laser ablation technique and a quantitative assay of endothelialization through micropores.  [in Japanese]


    … The micropores, of which pore sizes ranged from 7mm to 100mm in diameter were precisely created on the films with irradiation of a KrF excimer laser (248nm) through a photo-mask. … Cell ingrowth from one face of the micropored films, in which an endothelial cell monolayer sheet was prepared, to the cell-free opposite face through micropores was quantitatively examined with scanning electron microscopy. …

    Jinko Zoki 24(1), 33-37, 1995


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