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  • Variations on growth characteristics and wood properties of three <i>Eucalyptus</i> species planted for pulpwood in Indonesia

    Prasetyo Agung , Aiso Haruna , Ishiguri Futoshi , Wahyudi Imam , Wijaya I Putu G. , Ohshima Jyunichi , Yokota Shinso

    … <p>Fast-growing tree species are being considered as an alternative source of timber to augment the supply in southern Asian countries. … is one of the most promising genus because its fast-growing characteristics and hybridization among species can produce superior characteristics valuable to both the pulp and timber industries. …

    Tropics 26(2), 59-69, 2017


  • Establishment of Self-sufficient Concentrate by an Ear Corn Silage Production System through Cooperation between Arable and Livestock Farming

    NEMOTO Eiko

    … <p>We have developed an ear corn silage production system in which only nutritious ears of corn are harvested from whole plants by a self-propelled forage harvester equipped with a corn snapping header and a kernel processing unit, followed by using a roll baler for chopped material combined with a bale wrapper to prepare silage. … The harvesting capacity was 2.1 ha/h with a harvesting loss of 1.1%. …

    Japan Agricultural Research Quarterly: JARQ 51(3), 209-215, 2017


  • The Tribology of Cleaning Processes

    Lütkenhaus Davidson , Cao Hui , Dearn Karl D. , Bakalis Serafim

    … The effect of different chemistries on cleaning of hard surfaces has widely been investigated. … However, a fundamental understanding of the physical aspects involved in grime removal is yet to be established. … A series of surface experiments are presented in this paper to determine the mechanical properties of cleaning processes. …

    Tribology Online 11(2), 298-307, 2016


  • Analysis of engineering-geological conditions of mausoleum Arystan-Bab in South Kazakhstan

    Zhussupbekov Askar , Issina Assem , Zhunisov Tursun , Drozdova Irina

    … Against the background of the current state of culture problem of preservation and restoration of historical monuments of architecture is particularly significant in relation to the huge importance of saving the cultural heritage of Kazakhstan as a whole. …

    Japanese Geotechnical Society Special Publication 2(78), 2690-2693, 2016


  • Design soil resistance for deep foundation

    Zhakulin A.S. , Zhakulina Aisulu , Popov V.N. , Akhmetov Yerken , Zhakulin Altay

    … The following article represents various methods for soil resistance – R identification under single pile based on the Republic of Kazakhstan guidelines. … Analytical values obtained from formulas and empirical values based on plate load and CPT tests for deep foundation design bearing capacity. …

    Japanese Geotechnical Society Special Publication 2(7), 350-353, 2016


  • Investigation of municipal solid waste massif by method of multichannel analysis of surface waves

    Ofrikhter Vadim G. , Ofrikhter Ian V.

    … Municipal solid waste is a specific type of a soil-like material. … Waste landfills are always placed near urban settlements and occupy sizeable territories, which are irretrievably withdrawn from circulation. … As a result of the permanent process of waste generation, landfill areas are steadily growing. …

    Japanese Geotechnical Society Special Publication 2(57), 1956-1959, 2016


  • A new artificial root system to simulate the effects of transpiration-induced suction and root reinforcement

    Kamchoom V. , Leung A. K. , Ng C.W.W.

    … Vegetation is increasingly recognised as an eco-friendly method for slope stabilisation, through mechanical root reinforcement and transpiration-induced soil suction. … Several centrifuge tests have been carried out to investigate failure mechanism of slopes mechanically reinforced by roots. …

    Japanese Geotechnical Society Special Publication 2(4), 236-240, 2016


  • Numerical modelling of mudcrack growth

    Matsubara Hitoshi , Hirose Kosaburo , Edo Taka-aki , Tamanaha Kei-ichi , Hara Hisao , Yamada Tomonori

    … The fracture morphologies of mud pastes show significantly complex patterns in nature. … The mud pastes initially have fluid-like properties, but gradually change from "fluid" to porous "solid" in their drying process. … The mudcrack phenomena in nature, therefore, is one of the complex physical phenomena of interest in material sciences. …

    Japanese Geotechnical Society Special Publication 2(31), 1143-1147, 2016


  • 締固めた砂質土のX線CTスキャンから得たサクションおよび配位数と力学特性の相関

    三鍋 佑季 , 川尻 峻三 , 川口 貴之 , 中村 大 , 山下 聡

    締固めた地盤材料の含水比の増加に伴う工学的性質の変化を土の微視的構造によって考察した例は多い.しかし,過去の研究での土の微視的構造は力学試験挙動を解釈するためのツール的な役割であり,物理的な意味合いを持つパラメーターによる定量的な考察には至っていない.そこで本研究では,含水比を変化させて作製した砂質土を対象に一連の力学試験を行い,得られた変形・強度特性の変化をX線CTスキャンから取得した土粒子間サ …

    土木学会論文集A2(応用力学) 71(2), I_497-I_507, 2015


  • Geohazard at volcanic soil slope in cold regions and its influencing factors

    Ishikawa Tatsuya , Tokoro Tetsuya , Seiichi Miura

    … ism of the geohazards occurred at a volcanic soil slope in cold regions and its influencing factors in consideration of the effects of freeze-thaw actions on the physical properties, the water retention-permeability characteristics, and the deformation-strength characteristics of volcanic soils from the viewpoint of

    Japanese Geotechnical Society Special Publication 1(1), 1-20, 2015


  • 高圧脱水固化したスラグ石灰混合浚渫粘土の力学特性

    竹下 知希 , 笠間 清伸 , 善 功企 , 春日井 康夫

     本論文では,セメントの代わりに結合材として高炉スラグ微粉末を,高炉スラグ微粉末の潜在水硬性を引き出すためのアルカリ刺激材として石灰を用いて,高圧脱水固化したスラグ石灰混合浚渫土を作製し,その強度特性を調べた.さらに,最も効率的な配合の作製条件を主成分分析および重回帰分析を用いて検討した.得られた結論をまとめると以下のようになる.(1)スラグ混合率45%,石灰混合率10%および脱水圧力10MPaの …

    土木学会論文集B3(海洋開発) 70(2), I_894-I_899, 2014


  • 新燃岳・火山灰質土の地盤材料特性および有効利用に関する検討

    荒牧 憲隆 , 山本 健太郎 , 平 瑞樹 , 林 泰弘 , 根上 武仁

    宮崎県と鹿児島県の県境,霧島山中央部に位置する新燃岳において,2011年1月19日から始まった52年ぶりの噴火は,新燃岳火口から南東方向に大量の火山灰を降らせた。発生した火山灰の量は,4,000万~8,000万tと推定されており,宮崎県南部周辺の広範囲で降灰が確認されている。この突発的な火山災害により,斜面等に降り積もった火山灰堆積地盤での降雨や火山性地震による安定問題や処分された火山灰のリサイク …

    地盤工学ジャーナル 9(3), 309-322, 2014


  • 平成23年台風12号で発生した深層崩壊の地質的素因と崩壊の土質特性

    木下 篤彦 , 小川内 良久 , 眞弓 孝之 [他] , 紫崎 達也

    砂防学会誌 : 新砂防 = Journal of the Japan Society of Erosion Control Engineering 66(3), 3-12, 2013-09-15


  • 平成23年台風12号で発生した深層崩壊の地質的素因と崩壊面の土質特性

    木下 篤彦 , 小川内 良人 , 眞弓 孝之 , 柴崎 達也

    … This paper describes the mechanism of four deep-seated catastrophic landslides (Kuridaira, Nagatono, Akatani, Tsubonouchi) caused by heavy rainfall during Typhoon Talas (T 1112) in Kii Peninsula, Southwest Japan. … We conducted a field survey, and examined the physical and mechanical properties of the sliding layers. …

    砂防学会誌 66(3), 3-12, 2013


  • 火山灰質粘性土を原料土とした気泡混合軽量土への有効利用

    古河 幸雄 , 川又 聡史

     気泡混合軽量土の原料土に火山灰質粘性土を用いた場合の適合性を検討した.火山灰質粘性土の性質はアロフェン含有量により影響されるので,粒度分布が近似してアロフェン含有量が広範囲のもの,アロフェン含有量の大小に関わらず粒度分布が広範囲のものを対象に8種類で実施し,それが流動性や軽量性,一軸圧縮強さに及ぼす影響について定量的に検討した.その結果,流動性や軽量性は,ほぼ目標値を満足することが明らかになった …

    土木学会論文集C(地圏工学) 69(4), 480-490, 2013


  • 沖積粘性土のせん断剛性率とその堆積時環境依存性に関する研究:―関東平野南部における事例―

    竹村 貴人 , 小田 匡寛 , 濱本 昌一郎 , 川本 健 , 赤間 友哉 , 田井 秀迪 , 木村 克己

    …  The effects of earthquakes in the Kanto district are strongly related to the three-dimensional distribution of the soil mechanical properties of Chuseki-so, which is the name given to incised-valley fills from the Late Pleistocene to the Holocene. …

    地学雑誌 122(3), 472-492, 2013


  • MD179調査より得られた日本海東縁域海底表層堆積土の物理・力学的性質

    片岡 沙都紀 , 松本 良

    石油技術協会誌 77(4), 274-279, 2012-07-01

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  • 基礎工事における地盤技術者に求めるもの

    宮本 和徹

    … In addition, it is the field that is socially important, and upbringing of the geotechnical engineer who can contribute to the development is an urgent problem now. … The knowledge of basic physical and mechanical properties of the soil is necessary for the construction management of the cast-in-place concrete pile. …

    地盤工学会誌 = / the Japanese Geotechnical Society 60(4), 16-19, 2012-04-01

    CiNii 外部リンク 国立国会図書館デジタルコレクション 参考文献4件

  • 2008年岩手・宮城内陸地震により発生した栗原市耕英地区崩壊地の地盤特性

    木下 篤彦 , 柴崎 達也 , 橋本 純 , 長谷川 陽一 , 三森 利昭 , 岡田 康彦

    … During the 2008 Iwate-Miyagi Nairiku earthquake, many slope failures occurred in mountainous areas in southwestern parts of Iwate Prefecture and northwestern parts of Miyagi Prefecture. …

    砂防学会誌 65(2), 3-11, 2012