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  • Combination of host immune metabolic biomarkers for the PD-1 blockade cancer immunotherapy

    Hatae Ryusuke , Chamoto Kenji , Kim Young Hak , Sonomura Kazuhiro , Taneishi Kei , Kawaguchi Shuji , Yoshida Hironori , Ozasa Hiroaki , Sakamori Yuichi , Akrami Maryam , Fagarasan Sidonia , Masuda Izuru , Okuno Yasushi , Matsuda Fumihiko , Hirai Toyohiro , Honjo Tasuku

    PD-1抗体がん免疫治療の有効性を判別するバイオマーカーを同定 --血液検査のみで有効性の診断が可能に--. 京都大学プレスリリース. 2020-01-31.

    JCI Insight 5(2), 2020-01-30


  • Gestational hypothyroidism elicits more pronounced lipid dysregulation in mice than pre-pregnant hypothyroidism

    Zhou Jun , Dong Xuan , Liu Yajing , Jia Yajing , Wang Yang , Zhou Ji , Jiang Zhengxuan , Chen Keyang

    … However, the current literature is just focusing on the development of offspring born to the untreated mothers with hypothyroidism, rather than mothers themselves. … Compared with normal control, gestational hypothyroidism exhibited more prominent increase than pre-pregnant hypothyroidism in plasma total cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, and caused hepatic triglycerides accumulation. …

    Endocrine Journal, 2020


  • Investigation of a New Method of the Organosilicon Compounds Activation by a Low-energy Electron Beam for SiCN-coatings Deposition

    Menshakov Andrey , Cholakh Seif

    … The composition of the beam plasma in a hexamethyldisilazane-containing gas medium was studied, and it was shown that the precursor molecules decomposition degree increases with the beam current and nonmonotonically depends on the electron beam energy. …

    e-Journal of Surface Science and Nanotechnology 18(0), 38-40, 2020


  • Tomographic measurement of current density and heat input density for tilting TIG arc  [in Japanese]

    AIBE Atsushi , NOMURA Kazufumi , ASAI Satoru

    … Heat source characteristics in the arc welding process such as temperature distribution of arc plasma, the current and heat input densities to the base metal is very important since they are one of the upstream factors of the process. … Many studies have reported the distribution of temperature and metal vapor concentration in welding arc plasma by emission spectroscopy, and the distribution of heat input density to the base metal by split copper anode plate method. …



  • Current status of a magnetic nozzle RF plasma thruster  [in Japanese]

    TAKAHASHI Kazunori , CHARLES Christine , BOSWELL Rod , TAKAO Yoshinori , ANDO Akira

    <p> 磁気ノズルと高周波放電を用いた磁気ノズルRFプラズマスラスタは,外部磁場中の高周波誘導結合またはヘリコン波結合放電によって生成した高密度プラズマを,外部磁場によってプラズマ源出口まで輸送し,磁力線が発散する磁気ノズル領域で起こりうる自発的なプラズマ加速過程,運動量変換過程を利用して推力を発生する電気推進機である.これまで著者らが行ってきた物理研究と,磁気ノズルRFプラズマスラス …

    Space Solar Power Systems 5(0), 14-17, 2020


  • Elevated Plasma Adiponectin Levels Are Associated with Abnormal Corrected QT Interval in Patients with Stable Angina

    Wu Cheng-Ching , Lee Yau-Jiunn , Hung Wei-Chin , Chang Chao-Sung , Hsu Chia-Chang , Wang Chao-Ping , Tsai I-Ting , Lu Yung-Chuan , Houng Jer-Yiing , Chang Chi-Chang , Chung Fu-Mei

    … On the contrary, some studies have demonstrated a link between relatively high levels of plasma ADPN and heart failure, atrial fibrillation, and adverse outcome. … The aim of this study was to investigate the association between plasma ADPN levels and prolonged QT interval in patients with stable angina.</p><p>In this retrospective study, because the diverse disease severity and condition of the study population may have affected the results, we chose individuals with stable angina. …

    International Heart Journal 61(1), 29-38, 2020


  • Carbon Nanotubes/Graphene Composites Treated by Nitrogen-Plasma and Covered with Porous Cobalt Oxide through Galvanostatic Electrodeposition as well as Annealing for Anode Materials of Lithium-Ion Batteries

    LIN Chuen-Chang , WU An-Na , JIANG Shun-Hong

    … onto carbon nanotubes/graphene composites, the carbon nanotube/graphene composites are modified by radio frequency nitrogen-plasma. … The charge specific capacity (1290 mAh g<sup>−1</sup>) reaches a maximum at the galvanostatic electrodeposition condition (current = 1.5 mA and time = 300 s) for the coin cell. …

    Electrochemistry 88(1), 14-21, 2020


  • Electron extraction enhancement via the magnetic field in a miniature microwave discharge neutralizer

    Sato Yosuke , Koizumi Hiroyuki , Nakano Masakatsu , Takao Yoshinori

    … This study analyzes the dependence of electron extraction efficiency, which is defined as the ratio of the extracted electron current to the generated electron current, on the orifice shapes and magnetic fields of a miniature microwave discharge xenon neutralizer via three-dimensional particle-in-cell simulations with Monte Carlo collisions (PIC–MCCs). …

    Journal of Applied Physics 126(24), 243302, 2019-12-23


  • Electron Excitation Temperature Measurement of Vacuum Arc using Multiple-Imaging Optical System  [in Japanese]

    江尻 開 , 菊池 諒 , 熊田 亜紀子 , 日髙 邦彦 , 諏訪 晃弘 , 松井 芳彦 , 榊 正幸

    電気学会研究会資料. HV = The papers of technical meeting on high voltage engineering, IEE Japan 2019(110-112・114-120), 31-36, 2019-12-06

  • Electron Excitation Temperature Measurement of Vacuum Arc using Multiple-Imaging Optical System  [in Japanese]

    江尻 開 , 菊池 諒 , 熊田 亜紀子 , 日髙 邦彦 , 諏訪 晃弘 , 松井 芳彦 , 榊 正幸

    電気学会研究会資料. SP = The papers of technical meeting on switching and protecting engineering, IEE Japan 2019(47-49・51-57), 31-36, 2019-12-06

  • Electron Excitation Temperature Measurement of Vacuum Arc using Multiple-Imaging Optical System  [in Japanese]

    江尻 開 , 菊池 諒 , 熊田 亜紀子 , 日髙 邦彦 , 諏訪 晃弘 , 松井 芳彦 , 榊 正幸

    電気学会研究会資料. EPP = The papers of technical meeting, IEE Japan 2019(125-127・129-135), 31-36, 2019-12-06

  • Derivation of bootstrap current fraction scaling formula for 0-D system code analysis

    Sakai Ryosuke , Fujita Takaaki , Okamoto Atsushi

    … We constructed new scaling formulas for the bootstrap current faction fBS for tokamaks with full non-inductive operation with positive shear safety factor q profiles. … The first test is for the compact neutron source with the same plasma size with the fitting database, the second (including reversed shear) and the third ones (positive shear only) are for the conventional reactor size. …

    Fusion Engineering and Design (149), 111322, 2019-12


  • Dynamic behaviours of a flame as plasma in a strong electric field

    Fukuyama Takao , Mukai Nodoka , Togawa Gaku

    … Given that a flame behaves as a weakly ionised plasma, the shape of the flame is affected by an external strong electric field. … Furthermore, when the strength of the horizontally applied electric field is further increased, a discharge occurs in the flame, and it is reshaped into an arc plasma. … The current signals exhibit background troughs and sudden peaks in the form of spikes. …

    Scientific Reports 9(1), 15811, 2019-11-01


  • A Numerical Study on Tandem Type of Induction Thermal Plasmas with Lower Coil Current Modulation and Modulated Injection of Quenching Gas  [in Japanese]

    古川 颯太 , 隠田 一輝 , 明石 恵太 , 田中 康規 , 中野 裕介 , 上杉 喜彦 , 石島 達夫 , 末安 志織 , 渡邉 周 , 中村 圭太郎

    電気学会研究会資料. EPP = The papers of technical meeting, IEE Japan 2019(95-101), 23-28, 2019-10-25

  • Characterization on Microstructural Evolution of Y_2O_3 Fabricated by Spark Plasma Sintering

    Lee Ji-Hwoan , Kim Byung-Nam , Jang Byung-Koog

    … The matter diffusion would be induced by the complicated electric current flowing along carbon punches, sheets, mold and powder during SPS. … Magnetic fields induced the electric current would also be concerned to the matter diffusion. …

    Proceedings of International Exchange and Innovation Conference on Engineering & Sciences (IEICES) (5), 47-47, 2019-10-24

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  • Electric Probe Measurements of Ignition Wire Stabilized Atmospheric Pressure Plasma

    Soriano Joey Kim T. , Wada Motoi

    ダブルプローブ構成の静電プローブの性能について検証し、これを用いて誘導駆動型高周波電力励起大気圧プラズマの電荷密度,および電子温度を決定した。プラズマ点弧を容易にすることを目的として挿入されるワイヤ電極をプローブ駆動電気回路に接続することにより、プラズマ電位を安定化させた。ダブルプローブのIV特性は、 RF振幅の増大とともに、ノイズ振幅と電流オフセットの増加を示した。さらなるRF電力の増加は、IV …

    同志社大学ハリス理化学研究報告 = The Harris science review of Doshisha University 60(3), 174-178, 2019-10

    IR  DOI 

  • An Investigation of The Parameters Effecting to the Instability Vacuum Arc Current

    W. Kanchuen , S.Arungrungrusmi , P.Chansri , N.Mungkung , Y. Chantasira , T.Yuji , S. Senarat

    … To investigate the parameters effecting to the stability arc current of silver cathode, the cathode spot model is applied. … It was concluded that the current below that no real solution is instability arc current region. … It is considered that the electron returning to the sheath region from the plasma one dominates over positive ions. …

    International Conference on Applied Electrical and Mechanical Engineering 2019, 169-173, 2019-09


  • A Study of The Rhermal Conductivity Affecting on Low Current Instability Vacuum Arc

    W. Ondee , S. Arungrungrusmi , N. Kamata , P. Chansri , N. Mungkung , R. Charoenpeng , T.Yuji

    … An analysis of instability arc current is performed by varying thermal conductivity of copper by compound material. … The thermal conductivity is reduced to increase stable arc current with reducing reversed electron from plasma region. … These results were similar to obtained data, indicating that this analysis by the cathode spot model which is used to investigate the thermal conductivity effect in low-current vacuum arc may be valid for volatile materials. …

    International Conference on Applied Electrical and Mechanical Engineering 2019, 135-168, 2019-09


  • An Evaluation of a Vacuum Arc Instability Phenomenon with The Silver-Palladium Compound Material on The Cathode Spot

    N. Kamata , N. Mungkung , T. Yuji , Y. Suzaki , H. Akatsuka

    … We observed unstable current chopping phenomenon when Ag and Pd were used in a vacuum circuit breaker to evaluate the unstable region. … In the cathode spot region, these collisions are recognized as space charges and sheaths when connected to a single ionization collisional plasma. …

    International Conference on Applied Electrical and Mechanical Engineering 2019, 9-13, 2019-09


  • Study on effect of introduced gas bubbles for the low channel damage in direct and alternating current liquid electrode plasma atomic emission spectrometry

    Ruengpirasiri Prasongporn , Tue Phan Trong , Miyahara Hidekazu , Okino Akitoshi , Takamura Yuzuru

    Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 58(9), 097001-097001, 2019-08-21


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