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  • On the Potential for Increasing the Use of Digital Technology via Podcasts in English Language Learning in Japan

    PARSONS Martin , Martin PARSONS

    阪南論集.人文自然科学編 54(2), 57-68, 2019-03


  • How Teachers Use Podcasts to Improve English Skills

    Lauer Joe

    本稿の目的は,世界中の様々なESL(第二言語としての英語)およびEFL(外国語としての英語)教員たちが,学生の英語技能向上のために,ポッドキャストをどのように利用しているかを明らかにすることである。包括的な文献調査とemailのやり取りを通じた調査によって,広く行われている2つの教育上のアプローチが明らかとなった。(1)人気の高いポッドキャストの視聴を宿題として課し,授業中に当該ポッドキャストにあ …

    Hiroshima Studies in Language and Language Education (22), 91-99, 2019

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  • Requiring Students to Make and Listen to English Podcasts:A Worthwhile Task?

    Bean Casey , Whittinghill Justin

    Podcasts are a useful tool for language learning because they give the learner the freedom to listen to audio content anywhere and anytime. … Kanazawa Institute of Technology has been producing English podcasts for several years. … One group recorded English podcasts and listened to them, while the other group only listened to the podcasts. …

    工学教育研究;KIT progress (26), 249-257, 2018


  • Flipped Classroom Using Japanese Radio Podcasts in Advanced Japanese Course  [in Japanese]

    TAKEDA Tomoko

    … This paper is a report on a Flipped Classroom that uses Japanese radio podcasts for advanced Japanese students. …

    The journal of Japanese Language Education Methods 23(2), 80-81, 2017


  • Utiliser le podcast dans l'apprentissage des langues

    Sudre Florence Yoko

    … Il s'agit d'un moyen de diffusion et d'accès sur Internet à toutes sortes d'enregistrements sonores et/ou visuels par des fichiers appelés podcasts qu'il est également possible de créer. …

    慶応義塾大学日吉紀要. フランス語フランス文学 (65), 1-33, 2017


  • Student-Produced Podcasts: Attitudes of Podcasters and Their Audience

    Bean Casey

    … This paper will introduce a project in which students produce their own English podcasts. … This project is unique because it benefits both the project members, who improve their speaking ability, and also provides a valuable learning resource for audience members who can use the podcasts to practice listening skills. …

    工学教育研究;KIT progress (25), 69-77, 2017


  • How Personal Digital Devices Are Used for Learning English at Hiroshima University  [in Japanese]

    榎田 一路 , 森田 光宏 , 阪上 辰也 , 鬼田 崇作

    … It has also been developing and delivering its original English podcasts for self-learning on a weekly basis. … It was found that there are high penetration rates of laptop computers (99.5%) and smartphones (94.3%), while only 22% of the respondents are using their personal digital devices for English learning, and 3.5% of them are actually listening to Hiroshima University's podcasts. …

    広島外国語教育研究 (20), 201-213, 2017

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  • Podcasting : A Learning Tool for Students of English as a Lingua Franca

    Pandey Arup

    Podcasts (listening) and podcasting (speaking) provide acontemporary and appealing medium of language learning for the digital nativestudents of today. …

    The Center for ELF journal 2(2), 39-42, 2016-04

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  • Using English Podcasts in the ESL Classroom

    Bean Casey

    Podcasts are a useful tool for any language classroom. … This paper will introduce the various English podcasts that are available at Kanazawa Institute of Technology, with a specific focus on student attitudes towards listening to the KIT English Podcast as part of their coursecredit. …

    工学教育研究;KIT progress (24), 165-172, 2016


  • Which Are More Effective in English Conversation Classrooms : Textbooks or Podcasts?

    Lauer Joe , Selwood Jaime , Enokida Kazumichi

    … in one course a textbook was used, and in the other course podcasts were used. … Thus, the goal of the present study was to confirm Gilmore's findings by determining which pedagogical materials were more effective in improving students' oral abilities: textbooks or podcasts.It was found that students progressed in similar ways, regardless of the pedagogical materials used. …

    Hiroshima Studies in Language and Language Education (19), 129-140, 2016

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  • Visualization of Audio Transcription as High-low Graphs  [in Japanese]

    Hayashi Atsushi , Iwashita Shino


    Proceedings of the Fuzzy System Symposium 31(0), 312-315, 2015


  • Developing English Podcasts to Help Lower-level Students

    Lauer Joe

    … During the last 15 years, a lot of podcasts have been made to help students improve their English skills. … Unfortunately, most of the podcasts are aimed at intermediate- and higher-level English learners. … Also, a survey was conducted to determine which type of podcasts university freshmen like. …

    Hiroshima Studies in Language and Language Education (18), 229-237, 2015

    IR DOI

  • Combining Original English Podcasts, WBT, and Dictogloss  [in Japanese]

    榎田 一路

    Podcasts are beneficial to language education in both supplementing limited class hours and providing students with enjoyable opportunities to immerse themselves in the target language. … The writer has been involved in the development and delivery of original-content weekly EFL podcasts since 2008. … Through the last five years of development and implementation of in-class, out-of-class, and blended learning activities using the podcasts, two major challenges have been identified. …

    広島外国語教育研究 (18), 29-38, 2015

    IR DOI

  • Are People in China Hungrier to Learn English than People in Japan?

    Lauer Joe

    … This research aims to answer these questions by testing if non-English-major first- and second-year university students in China - i.e., "average college underclassmen"- listen to English-learning podcasts more than their counterparts in Japan. … This implies that most English teachers in Chinese high schools and even colleges probably do not know much about English podcasts. …

    Hiroshima Studies in Language and Language Education (17), 231-238, 2014-03-01

    IR DOI

  • English Dictation Practice for Improving the Ability to Listen to English  [in Japanese]

    阪上 辰也

    … for example, the students memorized new words and phrases, and listened to podcasts provided by Hiroshima University. …

    広島外国語教育研究 (17), 167-172, 2014-03-01

    IR DOI

  • English Podcasting : A Study of a University Podcast-Based Course

    Selwood Jaime

    … Yet the focus, content and access the majority of university students have with podcasts is usually tightly controlled by the language instructor. … This paper will first provide a background to the growing potential of podcasting within the field of mobile language learning, and then present the results of a study of a synchronised learning podcast-based course at Hiroshima University in which the student participants completed a project to create their own English language podcasts. …

    Hiroshima Studies in Language and Language Education (17), 141-156, 2014-03-01

    IR DOI

  • Deutschlernen mit Podcasts : wirklich mobil?

    HOSHII Makiko , SCHMIDT Ute

    ドイツ語教育 18, 110-122, 2014

  • A Framework of Speech Transcription by a Large Number of Participants Using a Speech Decomposition Front-end  [in Japanese]

    斉藤 隆

    … A wide variety of digital contents with speech data are appearing on the internet such as podcasts and videos. … The feasibility of the framework is demonstrated through experiments for the core part, speech decomposition front-end, by using various types of digital contents.A wide variety of digital contents with speech data are appearing on the internet such as podcasts and videos. …

    湘南工科大学紀要 = Memoirs of Shonan Institute of Technology 47(1), 77-83, 2013-03-31


  • Podcasting and Study Abroad : Constructivism in action

    Bailey Frank

    … This paper describes a project in which university students produce audio podcasts related to their experience on a Study Abroad program. … The paper discusses the utility of a constructivism-grounded activity in facilitating reflective thinking by students about their development, and argues that audio podcasts are an appropriate and useful methodology. …

    梅光言語文化研究 4, 58-66, 2013-03-10


  • A Framework of Speech Transcription by a Large Number of Participants Using a Speech Decomposition Front-end  [in Japanese]

    SAITO Takashi

    … A wide variety of digital contents with speech data are appearing on the internet such as podcasts and videos. …

    Memoirs of Shonan Institute of Technology 47(1), 77-83, 2013-03

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