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  • Influence of Particle Size of Carbon Materials and Oxygen Concentration on the Combustion Rates  [in Japanese]

    Murakami Kenji , Watanabe Ryo , Matsuhashi Emiri , Nakamura Ayano , Takehara Kenta , Higuchi Takahide , Matsumura Masaru

    … The combustion rate in the diffusion-controlled step (high temperature region) was analyzed by an equation considering the gas diffusion and the pore structure of carbonaceous material. …

    Tetsu-to-Hagane 107(6), 422-430, 2021


  • Effect of Calcium Leaching on Diffusivity of Blended Cement Paste and Mortar

    Kurumisawa Kiyofumi , Haga Kazuko , Shibata Masahito , Hayashi Daisuke

    … However, few studies have focused on the diffusion performance of cement-based materials blended with mineral admixtures after leaching. … Therefore, in this study, the diffusion performance of such materials using blended cement after leaching was evaluated. …

    Journal of Advanced Concrete Technology 19(5), 426-432, 2021


  • Development of evaluation method for diffusion and filtration behavior of colloid in compacted bentonites using dendrimers  [in Japanese]

    ENDO Takashi , TACHI Yukio , ISHIDERA Takamitsu , TERASHIMA Motoki

    … A new method of evaluating colloid diffusion and filtration in compacted bentonites using dendrimers was developed. … Polyamidoamine (PAMAM) dendrimers with sizes of 5.7 and 7.2 nm were chosen as diffusion probes owing to their high monodispersity and well-defined molecular structure. … The diffusion and filtration behaviors were investigated by a through-diffusion experiment in bentonite compacted to 0.8 Mg/m<sup>3</sup> …

    Transactions of the Atomic Energy Society of Japan 20(1), 9-22, 2021


  • Highly Porous Chitosan-derived Nitrogen-doped Carbon Applicable for High-performance Gas Diffusion Oxygen Electrodes

    Okuda Ryunosuke , Suematsu Koichi , Watanabe Ken , Shimanoe Kengo

    … <p>A chitosan-derived nitrogen-doped carbon (NDC) with a well-designed pore structure is prepared by a novel activation process using ZnO and water vapor. … The gas diffusion electrode comprising the obtained NDC for oxygen reduction exhibits higher performance than Pt/carbon black electrode in the current density range of 1–500 mA/cm<sup>2</sup>.</p> …

    Chemistry Letters 50(4), 636-639, 2021



    UTSUMI Hideyuki , NAGAO Takumi , SUGA Hiroshi

    <p>非等温で、かつ不飽和状態におけるセメント硬化体中の水分移動問題に着眼し、温度勾配ならびに含水量勾配を駆動力とした液相水、蒸気相水に対する計4つの拡散係数の表現式を代数的に明らかにした。本研究で示す拡散係数は、熱力学状態方程式を基礎とした吸着等温線モデルを利用して定式化されていることから、含水量や温度、空隙径分布や空隙量等の微細構造特性が統一的にすべての拡散係数に反映されている。含 …

    Cement Science and Concrete Technology 74(1), 74-81, 2021


  • Negatively Catalyzed Gasification Characteristics of Metallurgical Coke and its Implication for Ironmaking Process

    Sun Minmin , Zhang Jianliang , Li Kejiang , Wang Ziming , Jiang Chunhe , Li Hongtao

    … sprayed, the thickness of coke pore walls increased from 132.41 <i>µ</i>m to 162.34 <i>µ</i>m, and the porosity decreased from 46.76% to 42.16%. … Internal diffusion resistance reduced as temperature increased, and rose alongside carbon conversion rate. …

    ISIJ International 61(3), 674-683, 2021


  • Cocrystallization of 1-Pyrenemethylamine/CD-MOF Composite Using THF as a Cosolvent

    Nagai Anna , Harada Shoki , Okobira Tadashi , Kusakabe Katsuki

    … PMA-loaded CD-MOF (PMA/CD-MOF) was crystallized in an aqueous solution of PMA containing THF via methanol vapor diffusion. … PMA/CD-MOF crystal growth was achieved without methanol vapor diffusion, by a novel method in which the volatilization of THF led to a solubility change for γ-cyclodextrin (γ-CD) leading to crystallization.</p> …



  • Chemical Activation of Nitrogen-doped Carbon Derived from Chitosan with ZnCl<sub>2</sub> to Produce a High-performance Gas Diffusion-type Oxygen Electrode


    … The performance of a gas diffusion-type oxygen electrode (GDE) using the obtained NDCs was evaluated using an oxygen reduction reaction in an alkaline solution. … The surface area and total pore volume of the fabricated NDCs tended to increase with activation temperature, despite decreasing nitrogen content. … Additionally, we found that the overpotential of GDE decreases with an increase in specific surface area and total pore volume. …

    Electrochemistry 89(1), 36-42, 2021


  • Evaluation of high temperature reliability of SiC die attached structure with sinter micron-size Ag particles paste on Ni-P/Pd/Au plated substrates

    Chen Chuantong , Zhang Zheng , Suganuma Katsuaki

    C. Chen, Z. Zhang and K. Suganuma, "Evaluation of high temperature reliability of SiC die attached structure with sinter micron-size Ag particles paste on Ni-P/Pd/Au plated substrates," 2020 IEEE 8th …

    Proceedings - 2020 IEEE 8th Electronics System-Integration Technology Conference, ESTC 2020, 2020-09-15


  • Evaluation of the possibility to control protein mass diffusion by micro pores  [in Japanese]

    Watanabe Ryo , Torres Juan F. , Kanda Yuki , Komiya Atsuki

    … <p>This study focuses on the evaluation of the influence of membrane structure on protein mass transfer through membranes with micro-pore. … Transient diffusion fields of protein through three types of micro porous membranes of which have different pore size and same pore cross-sectional area ratio were quantitatively visualized by phase shifting interferometer, and penetrated mass and mass flux were evaluated. …

    The Proceedings of the Thermal Engineering Conference 2020(0), 0078, 2020


  • Numerical Investigation for the Temperature Dependency of Coke Degradation by CO<sub>2</sub> Gasification Reaction in a Blast Furnace

    Numazawa Yui , Matsushita Yohsuke , Aoki Hideyuki , Komiya Atsuki

    … Distinguishing surface area of interface between a carbon matrix voxel and a pore voxel with the gas concentration of CO2 at a neighbor pore voxel, although the surface area with the high gas concentration of CO<sub>2</sub> … In addition to this, from the effectiveness factor of catalyst, the initial rate-controlling step was chemical reaction at 1373 K but pore diffusion at over 1573 K. …

    ISIJ International 60(12), 2686-2694, 2020


  • Study on Microscopic Mechanism of Activated Carbon Adsorption of Benzene by Molecular Simulation Technology

    Li Shi , Yu Lan , Song Kunli , Zhao Dongfeng

    … <p>In this paper, activated carbon models with different pore size distribution (PSD) and oxidation degree were constructed, and the adsorption processes of benzene on models under 303.15 K were analyzed by molecular simulation technology. … The adsorption mechanisms including adsorption isotherms, energy changes, PSD changes after benzene adsorption, radial distribution functions (RDFs), and diffusion coefficients were discussed in detail. …

    Chemistry Letters 49(12), 1452-1455, 2020


  • Membrane–Based Biosensor with Efficient Molecular Recognition in Small Pores  [in Japanese]

    Okuyama Hiroto , Yamaguchi Takeo

    … however, this method is timer–consuming and labor–intensive (need hours to days) because the diffusion of substances to the reaction site inside the well is slow. … To solve this problem, we developed a new rapid and sensitive biosensing device using the pore space of a porous membrane as the reaction space. …

    MEMBRANE 45(6), 308-314, 2020


  • Development of Silica Membranes for Hydrocarbon Separation Prepared by using Chemical Vapor Deposition  [in Japanese]

    Nomura Mikihiro , Ishii Katsunori

    … A hydrogen permselective membrane reactor was developed by using a counter diffusion CVD (chemical vapor deposition) method. … Nitrogen was introduced into the outer side of the porous substrate and the diffusion of the nitrogen through the pores of the porous substrate during the silica deposition was measured with a quadrupole mass spectrometer. … The organic groups at the deposited silica decomposed and the pore size became larger after vapor deposition. …

    MEMBRANE 45(6), 268-274, 2020


  • State–of–the–Art of Hydrocarbon Separation by Metal–Organic Framework Membranes  [in Japanese]

    Tanaka Shunsuke

    … Their extremely uniform pore aperture and nearly unlimited structural and chemical characteristics have attracted great interest and promise in applying MOF to adsorptive and membrane–based separations. …

    MEMBRANE 45(6), 286-294, 2020


  • Prediction of the Performance of Capture Chromatography Processes of Proteins and Its Application to the Repeated Cyclic Operation Optimization

    Chen Chyi-Shin , Yoshimoto Noriko , Yamamoto Shuichi

    … is the stationary phase (pore) diffusion coefficient determined by the pulse response experiment at non-binding conditions, <i>Z</i> …



  • 2-01 Correlation between char gasification model (PS-LH model) parameters and coal properties  [in Japanese]

    UMEMOTO Satoshi , KAJITANI Shiro , TAINAKA Kazuki , IKEDA Atsushi , KAWASE Motoaki

    … The models are composed of chemical reaction on active sites (PS-LH), changing of pore structure or specific surface area (Random pore model) and diffusion control part at high temperature (Fletcher model). …

    Proceedings of Conference on Coal Science 57(0), 20-21, 2020


  • Effect of the Moisture Content of Coal Blends on Coke Structure and its Apparent Gasification Kinetics with CO<sub>2</sub>

    Wang Ziming , Li Kejiang , Zhang Jianliang , Zhang Xuehong , Xue Gaifeng , Chen Xitao , Sun Minmin , Jiang Chunhe

    … The results indicated the coke formed from dry coal has the highest specific surface area and thinner pore walls. … In order to eliminate the influence of diffusion on the gasification reaction, coke with a particle size fraction of less than 48 <i>µ</i>m was used for the non-isothermal gasification reaction. …

    ISIJ International 60(9), 1909-1917, 2020


  • Diffusion controlled formation of spherical carbonate concretion in muddy sedimentary matrices

    Yoshida Hidekazu , Yamamoto Koshi , Ohe Toshiaki , Katsuta Nagayoshi , Muramiya Yusuke , Metcalfe Richard

    … Here two different size of spherical concretions, cm size of tusk-shell concretions and metre size of Moeraki boulders, are re-examined to understand the diffusion oriented formation process. … from surrounding pore-water of marine origin led to solid carbonate precipitation reactions that progressed from the margin of a concretion. …

    GEOCHEMICAL JOURNAL 54(4), 233-242, 2020


  • Development of Simulation Technology of Drying and Penetration Behavior for Inkjet Printing Process  [in Japanese]

    TAKAHASHI Ryosuke

    <p>インクジェット方式における画像構造形成プロセスを理解,予測するため,インク滴の乾燥,浸透挙動のシミュレーション技術の構築を行った.乾燥モデルではインク表面からの蒸発と,それによって生じた濃度勾配に基づいた濃度拡散によるインク内濃度分布を有限差分法により逐次,解析する.その際,インクに含まれる複数の液体成分や,個体粒子の濃度を個別に計算することで,液体成分ごとの残留量や顔料粒子の表 …

    NIHON GAZO GAKKAISHI (Journal of the Imaging Society of Japan) 59(4), 359-365, 2020


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