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  • How Lexical Familiarity Affects Reading Span : An Empirical Study with Japanese EFL Learners

    NAKANISHI Hiroshi , NARUMI Tomoyuki , HASHIMOTO Ken-ichi , YOKOKAWA Hirokazu

    ことばの科学研究 = Journal of the Japan Society for Speech Sciences (20), 31-49, 2019

  • Agricultural Vehicle Robot

    Noguchi Noboru

    … <p>With the intensive application of techniques in global positioning, machine vision, image processing, sensor integration, and computing-based algorithms, vehicle automation is one of the most pragmatic branches of precision agriculture, and has evolved from a concept to be in existence worldwide. …

    Journal of Robotics and Mechatronics 30(2), 165-172, 2018


  • Parsing Expression Grammars with Unordered Choices

    Nariyoshi Chida , Kimio Kuramitsu

    … Parsing expression grammars (PEGs) were formalized by Ford in 2004, and have several pragmatic operators (such as ordered choice and unlimited lookahead) for better expressing modern programming language syntax. … The algorithm runs in a linear time when a PEGwUC does not include unordered choice and in a cubic time in worst-case running time.------------------------------This is a preprint of an article intended for publication Journal ofInformation Processing(JIP). …

    情報処理学会論文誌プログラミング(PRO) 10(5), 2017-11-14


  • Pragmatic and Discourse-oriented Functions of English General Extenders Spoken by Japanese Users of English in the Speaking Test

    渡邊 知子 , Tomoko WATANABE

    … This paper explores pragmatic and discourse-oriented functions of and so on, one of the English general extender forms, spoken by Japanese users of English in the speaking test. … It suggests that the power asymmetry where the time and floor are mainly managed by the examiner as well as the real time processing of their speech would impact on their use of and so on at the speaking proficiency level. …

    学苑 (916), 43-60, 2017-02


  • Parsing Expression Grammars with Unordered Choices

    Chida Nariyoshi , Kuramitsu Kimio

    … (PEGs) were formalized by Ford in 2004, and have several pragmatic operators (such as ordered choice and unlimited lookahead) for better expressing modern programming language syntax. …

    Journal of Information Processing 25(0), 975-982, 2017


  • Consensus and governance of blockchain economy  [in Japanese]

    YAMASAKI Shigeichiro

    … <p>In order for blockchain to be well defined we have to know pragmatic knowledge about use cases of it. …

    Journal of Information Processing and Management 60(6), 412-419, 2017


  • Accelerating the Performance of Software Tunneling Using a Receive Offload-Aware Novel L4 Protocol

    KAWASHIMA Ryota , MATSUO Hiroshi

    … Although STT (Stateless Transport Tunneling) achieves far better performance, it has pragmatic problems in that STT packets can be dropped by network middleboxes like stateful firewalls because of modified TCP header semantics. … The SCLP header is designed to take advantage of such processing without modifying existing protocol semantics. …

    IEICE Transactions on Communications E98.B(11), 2180-2189, 2015


  • A Comparative Study of Multi-Word Items in EFL Coursebooks

    McAleese Paul

    … Research has also shown learner knowledge of these multi-word items can promote both processing speed and pragmatic competence (Ellis, 1996; …

    近畿大学教養・外国語教育センター紀要. 外国語編 6(1), 73-87, 2015


  • An Inspection Method of Software Requirements Specification Based on the Quality of Use from Persona's Perspective  [in Japanese]

    Tsukina Morishita , Mikio Aoyama

    … In order to perform the inspection based on the quality of use to the SRS, this paper defines a validation set of questions and pragmatic quality from a user viewpoint on the basis of the quality of use of ISO/IEC 25010 and quality characteristics of the IEEE 830. …

    IPSJ SIG Notes 2014-SE-183(7), 1-8, 2014-03-12

  • Semantic reanalysis in Japanese sentence processing : Evidence from event-related potentials  [in Japanese]

    矢野 雅貴

    … Previous ERP experiments on sentence comprehension have repeatedly observed N400 effects for semantic and/or pragmatic incongruity (i.e., semantic repair processes). … The current study investigated semantic revision processes during the processing of Japanese aspectual coercion using ERPs. …

    九州大学言語学論集 (34), 129-163, 2014

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  • Convoluting an Invisible World : Observation and Modeling in Solid Earth Physics  [in Japanese]

    Morishita Sho

    … While Ian Hacking has emphasized the importance of the practice of intervening in materiality as well as representation, Andrew Pickering, a sociologist of science, has suggested a new pragmatic approach for understanding scientific practices to replace the traditional representation theory. … Each of those methodologies has a unique data format, as well as unique methods of data processing and data analysis, forming expertise. …

    Japanese Journal of Cultural Anthropology 78(4), 449-469, 2014


  • Analysis of Timing Control of Accompanists in Ensemble Recordings by Virtuosi  [in Japanese]

    Shizuka Wada , Yasuo Horiuchi , Shingo Kuroiwa

    … However, the score used in the analysis is just a simple etude, so the pragmatic effectiveness of the method for real-world music is not clear. …

    IPSJ SIG Notes 2013-MUS-100(9), 1-6, 2013-08-24

  • Analysis Support of Collective Trends by Visualization of Blog Users' Preferences  [in Japanese]

    Hiroaki Kobayashi , Tadanobu Furukawa , Kazuo Misue

    … We have developed a tool and a visualization technique for the purpose of obtaining highly pragmatic knowledge from user data in social media such as blogs. …

    IPSJ SIG technical reports 2013-HCI-153(4), 1-8, 2013-05-17

  • How Do We Human Understand the Pragmatic Meanings? : Perception-unified Online Processing Model  [in Japanese]

    斎藤 幹樹

    日本認知言語学会論文集 Papers from the National Conference of the Japanese Cognitive Linguistics Association 13, 570-576, 2013

  • Design and Prototyping of Error Resilient Multi-Server Video Streaming System with Inter-Stream FEC

    FUJIMOTO Akihiro , HIROTA Yusuke , TODE Hideki , MURAKAMI Koso

    … Further, the investigation clarifies a challenging problem: the increase in processing delay created by the asynchronous arrival of packets. … To solve this problem, we propose a pragmatic parity stream construction method. …

    IEICE Transactions on Communications E96.B(7), 1826-1836, 2013


  • Preservation of the Initial Analysis with Japanese Relative Clause Sentences

    NAKAMURA Chie , ARAI Manabu

    … The results demonstrated that an interpretation for the initial analysis persists even without pragmatic inference and that such incomplete syntactic representations are most likely due to excessive processing load. …

    Technical report of IEICE. Thought and language 112(145), 53-58, 2012-07-14

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  • Discourse Particles in Singapore English  [in Japanese]

    Shirouzu Keiko

    … In this paper we deal with these particles' functions within the framework of Relevance Theory, a pragmatic theory of information processing. …

    Annual report 53, 85-90, 2012-03-25

  • The interpretation of heuristic based on the maximum entropy principle under high uncertainty

    RafikHADFI , TakayukiITO

    … Especially, when the decision involves a large number ofattributes and outcomes, and where we need to use pragmatic and heuristicsimplifications such as considering only the most important attributes andomitting the others.It is in this perspective that we propose our model and its potentialapplications as a way to understand how humans handle these problems, forinstance, through heuristics. …

    全国大会講演論文集 2012(1), 183-185, 2012-03-06

  • Application of Coded Modulation Schemes to Trellis-Shaped Single-Carrier PSK  [in Japanese]

    NISHINO Yuuki , OCHIAI Hideki

    Trellis shaping (TS) is known as a flexible technique to constrain (or control) transmit symbol sequence to meet a particular desired property of communication systems. In our recent work, an applicat …

    IEICE technical report. Signal processing 111(403), 109-114, 2012-01-26

  • Big Data Era  [in Japanese]

    IWATA Shuichi

    Pragmatic meanings of big data are explained through exemplars of three projects on big history, big map and data science for materials design. …

    Journal of Information Processing and Management 55(8), 543-551, 2012


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