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  • Predetermined exchange rate, monetary targeting, and inflation targeting regimes

    Kitano Shigeto

    … Many works analyzing the Mundell–Fleming dictum compare the predetermined exchange rate regime and the monetary targeting regime under flexible exchange rates. …

    International Journal of Economic Theory 12(3), 233-256, 2016-09


  • An apparatus for determining the CO_2 gas exchange of a forest tree in the field

    HAGIHARA Akio , 萩原 秋男 , HOZUMI Kazuo , 穂積 和夫 , HANDA Shigeru , 半田 繁

    … An apparatus for continuous measurement of CO_2 gas-exchange in regard to a whole forest tree in the field is described. … The CO_2 gas-exchange rate is determined in an open system by an infra-red gas analyser. … The measuring system is controlled by a microcomputer according to predetermined set points. … All data in the continuously operating gas-exchange system are successively monitored by devices such as the CRT-display and analog recorder. …

    Bull. Nagoya Univ. For. (9), 32-36, 1987-03

    IR  DOI  Cited by (1)

  • Properties of materials under hydrothermal conditions. I. Permeation of hydrogen through gold membrane  [in Japanese]

    木島 宣明

    … Permeation rate of hydrogen through a gold cell made as a reaction vessel for a Dickson-type hydrothermal apparatus was measured at 50°intervals from 300°to 450℃ under a hydrothermal condition. … The cell was filled with an appropriate amount of pure water, placed in a pressure vessel made of Ni-base alloy, pressurized by injecting water to the outside of the cell and kept under predetermined temperatures and pressure (=1 kbar). …

    岡山大学温泉研究所報告 (54), 55-60, 1984-03-25


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