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    INOUE Ryo , SUGIURA Ayako , YONEYAMA Shigeaki , NAKANISHI Wataru

    …  In Japan, the disclosure of in-depth land price data is increasingly considered to be critical to establishing transparent and fair land markets. …

    Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Ser. D3 (Infrastructure Planning and Management) 72(1), 1-13, 2016


  • Recent Trends in the Relationship between Land Price and Land Productivity

    YAMADA Hirohisa

      地価の形成要素に関しては明らかになっているものの,それらの地価に対する関わり方については中長期的なトレンドがあるため,一つのモデルで全ての地価形成を説明することは難しい。土地の実勢地価と理論地価とのギャップを埋めることが地価変動研究や地価政策の重要なテーマであることはもちろんであるが,地価と地価形成要素との関係を時代や地域ごとに把握し今後の変化を予測することが,より精度の高 …

    Proceedings of the General Meeting of the Association of Japanese Geographers 2015s(0), 100160, 2015



    MURAKAMI Daisuke , TSUTSUMI Morito

    … This study applies geostatistics to the assessed site allocation problem in the officially assessed land price data and prefectural land price data in Japan. … Firstly, we explain these land price data, while mainly focusing on basic rules of their assessed site allocation. …

    Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Ser. D3 (Infrastructure Planning and Management) 71(2), 31-43, 2015


  • Is the Property Tax a Capital Tax? An Investigation of the "Capital Tax View" of the Property Tax  [in Japanese]

    宮崎 智視 , 佐藤 主光

    … This paper examines whether or not the capital owners bear the burden of property taxes levied on capital (housing) using Japanese regional (prefectural) data. … Empirical results show that while the effects of property taxes on capital are estimated to be negative and significant on the asset price of house, but have insignificant effect on the land price. …

    経済研究 65(4), 303-317, 2014-10

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  • Creation of Residential Land Price Maps for the Three Metropolitan Areas in Japan  [in Japanese]

    Tsutsumi Morito , Murakami Daisuke , Shimada Akira

    … <p>The spatial distribution of land price is indicative of the urban structure of a region. … However, since most information on land price is in the form of point data and not surface data, a certain process must be established for the creation of a land price map. …

    Theory and Applications of GIS 22(2), 69-79, 2014


  • iMethod, Choice of the Waste Industry  [in Japanese]

    Ishiwata Masayoshi

    … By calculating these parameters, fundamental information to characterize the company are obtained such as operating efficiency, average unit price, overflow ratio and productivity. … The standard treatment price of waste materials is 30,000 yen⁄ton. … Price and productivity are incompatible. …

    JAPAN TAPPI JOURNAL 68(12), 1358-1360, 2014


  • Changes in Regional Income Inequality and Migration in Japan : Using Estimated Household Income Adjusted for Household Size and Age Compositions(<Special Issue>Economic Geography of Regional Inequalities)  [in Japanese]

    TOYODA Tetsuya

    … The purpose of this study is first to estimate prefectural household income using micro data from the Housing and Land Survey and second to examine the changing relationship between prefectural household income and inter-prefectural migration. … In this study, we estimate the median household income for each prefecture by using non-aggregated micro data from Housing and Land Surveys in 1993, 1998, 2003, and 2008. …

    Annals of the Association of Economic Geographers 59(1), 4-26, 2013


  • Economic Factors Affecting Land Price Changes in Japan  [in Japanese]

    MITSUTA Nagaharu , GOTO Kazuo , SHISHIDO Shuntaro

    Land prices in Japan changed almost in tandem with the economic growth rate until circa 1970. … Residential land prices surged in every region until 1985, but decreased until 1990. … From 1995 and onward, after the burst of the bubble economy, residential land prices dropped sharply, especially in the Tokyo and Kinki areas, but the rate of decline became smaller in 2005. …

    Studies in Regional Science 42(2), 271-285, 2012


  • Research on the Regionality of Rural Farm Support and Agricultural Policy : In case of Shimane-Prefecture  [in Japanese]

    Seki Kohei , Kitagaki Yuka

    … In Hikawa-town, agricultural public cooperation plays an important part in allocation of agricultural land use in that area. … In Yoshida-town, petty and old farmers are supported by public sector (Yoshida-Furusatomura) in various policy instruments, such as agricultural price supports and so on. …

    山陰研究 -(4), 1-21, 2011-12

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  • An Examination into Increased Floor-Area-Ratio with Consideration of External Diseconomy:- An example by Housing District of 7 Cities in Suburban Tokyo -  [in Japanese]

    OSAWA Yukinori

    … Tothis purpose, an empirical analysis, with land price change after floor-area-ratio in suburban Tokyo had been extensivelyincreased in 2004, is suggested. … Land price change around increased floor-area-ratio area is examined by OLS, and theresult shows that there is external diseconomy within 150 meters from increased floor-area-ratio area in the district. …

    Urban housing sciences 2011(74), 71-79, 2011


  • The Impact of Direct Payment for Land-extensive Farming on Rice Farming Area in Tohoku Region  [in Japanese]

    TSUBAKI Shinichi

    … is gradually increasing in Akita Prefecture, because of direct payment for Land- extensive Farming. … In addition, the income of the farmer has decreased because the price of rice fell. …



  • A booklet for 1891 land price revision campaign in Japan: "Genso Sanko Ippan" by Amagasu, Higashio, and Waki  [in Japanese]

    酒井 一

    … (英文) The new Meiji government conducted land-tax reform in order to consolidate the foundation of national finances. … This led to the government's reductions of the land tax rate. …

    Ikoma journal of economics 7(1), 189-209, 2009-07


  • Apprehension for the Production of Fuel Ethanol from Edible Bio-mass  [in Japanese]

    MATSUNO Ryuichi

    … It is said that a cause of sudden rise in price of foods is partly due to the production of bio-ethanol from biomass of foods origin. … If an arable land is newly obtained by clearing such as forest etc. … These difficulties are assessed at for the two cases of productions of bio-ethanol using existing arable land and newly cleared land under the available statistical data and a simple model introduced. …

    Japan Journal of Food Engineering 10(1), 31-35, 2009


  • Land Consolidation Project for Huge Rice Paddy Plots in Case of the Community Farming System

    ISHII Atsushi

    … In this paper, Kawai district in Fukui prefecture was surveyed as the district where community farming was realized by setting up the farming group and huge rice paddy plots were constructed by land consolidation project, and it was clarified the characteristics and problems in constructing huge rice paddy plots in the project area where such a community farming was carried out. …

    Transactions of The Japanese Society of Irrigation, Drainage and Reclamation Engineering 2006(244), 567-572, 2006


  • A study of an improvement of spatial interpolation method using past data for land price estimate  [in Japanese]

    SUGIURA Atsunori , SHIMAKAWA Yoichi

    地理情報システム学会講演論文集 = Papers and proceedings of the Geographic Information Systems Association 14, 35-38, 2005-09-30

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  • Risk Premium Factors in Investment in Farming Land for Farming Purposes

    MATSUBARA Masahiko , YAMAGUCHI Eiichi , SATO Seisho

    … Uruguay Round Agreements on Agriculture, the price stabilization policy for agricultural products has been reduced gradually in Japan and will be so in the future, which will have significant impact on the agricultural structure in Japan.<br>This paper examines the relationship between the price fluctuation rate of agricultural products and the risk premium in investment in farming land, in order to clarify how the price stabilization policy affects future trend of …



  • EVALUATION OF THE ENVIRONMENTAL LINKAGE URBAN AND RURAL USING THE LAND USE MODEL FOR SOCIAL SURPLUS MAXIMIZATION : Case study using the social statistical data at San En Nan Shin region  [in Japanese]

    SHINDO Daisuke , ASAMI Yasushi , SADOHARA Satoru , OHSAWA Masaharu

    … This research was performed on methods to promote integration between urban and rural sectors in the San En Nan Shin region using an Urban-Rural Linkage Model that investigates social surplus maximization, effects of introducing an environmental tax, and transport cost minimization due to land use transformation in a fallow agricultural region. … Land use transformation was studied in terms of (1) an economic priority model,(2) an environmental harmonization model, and (3) a balanced model. …

    Journal of Environmental Engineering (Transactions of AIJ) 70(598), 59-64, 2005

    J-STAGE  AIJ  References (13) Cited by (1)

  • Kriging 法を用いた土地価格の推定と空間分析  [in Japanese]

    杉浦淳徳 , 島川 陽一

    … It is necessary to know the more exact land prices is also necessary in an area without land prices indices, such as land assessments and the assessed value of land, in a financial institution or a real estate company. … Although the maximum neighboring point method and the technique by regression are used for estimation of such land prices, the spatial interpolation model is not used till the present. …

    Journal of the Japan Association for College of Technology 10(4), 42-49, 2005

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  • A Non-Keynesian Effect of Fiscal Policy -Evidence from Data on Japanese Prefectures-  [in Japanese]

    伊藤 新 , 渡辺 努

    … We examine a non-Keynesian effect of fiscal policy using Japanese prefectural consumption data. … Moreover, this result does not change even if we account for other factors, such as land price and employment risk, which are considered to affect consumption. …

    The Economic review 55(4), 313-327, 2004-10

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  • Stabilization Measures and Structural Reform in Rice Growing in Toyama, Hokuriku  [in Japanese]

    KOBAYASHI Tetsuo

    … However, the supply and demand for rice has been easing due to four straight years of bumper crops beginning in 1997, and the price of rice not subject to government price controls has consequently been falling. … since 1998 to curtail rice production and provide subsidies of from 80 to 90% of the base price. … e., expansion of scale by leasing land or other means is not necessarily connected to increasing agricultural income. …

    Journal of Rural Problems 37(3), 111-121, 2001-12-25


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