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  • Preliminary Study of a Pressure Measurement Method Based on Deformation Analysis of a Diaphragm Structure Using Ultrasonic Diagnostic Equipment  [in Japanese]

    IWABUCHI Tomohiro , DOHI Takeyoshi , KUWANA Kenta

    … To address these problems, we propose a method to measure biological information via pressure measurements using ultrasonic diagnostic equipment. … The proposed method involves image analysis of a pressure-sensing membrane, whose deformation depends on the ambient pressure. … Finally, the calculated displacement is converted to biological information by focusing on its relationship with pressure. …

    Transactions of Japanese Society for Medical and Biological Engineering 59(1), 40-46, 2021


  • Relationship between plasma extracellular vesicles (EV) and systemic blood pressure in Otsuka Long-Evans Tokushima Fatty (OLETF) rats  [in Japanese]

    Teranishi Risa , Otani Kosuke , Okada Muneyoshi , Yamawaki Hideyuki

    … We have previously shown that plasma small EV regulate blood pressure (BP) in spontaneously hypertensive rats. … Concentration and diameter of EV were measured by a tunable resistive pulse sensing method. …

    Proceedings for Annual Meeting of The Japanese Pharmacological Society 94(0), 3-P2-LB48, 2021


  • The alteration of molecular properties in plasma extracellular vesicles from spontaneously hypertensive rats  [in Japanese]

    Otani Kosuke , Okada Muneyoshi , Yamawaki Hideyuki

    … The concentration and size distribution of EV were measured by a tunable resistive pulse sensing analysis. … [Conclusion] Lower expression of CD81 in the left ventricle and skeletal muscle may indicate the plasma small EV origins which may partly explain the pathological mechanisms of high blood pressure in SHR.</p> …

    Proceedings for Annual Meeting of The Japanese Pharmacological Society 94(0), 2-Y-E3-2, 2021


  • Development of a Rescue Dummy with Damage Measurement by 3-axis Acceleration and Inner Pressure Sensing  [in Japanese]

    YAMAUCHI Hitoshi , FUKUTA Tadao , KOEDA Masanao , OTA Shunsuke

    … Therefore, Damiyan needs various sensors to quantify "neck bending", "pressure on body", "posture" and "impact" as evaluation indicators of gentleness. … To achieve this, we have developed a new Damiyan that incorporates the microprocessor BlueNinja as a core system for sensing, communication, and overall system control. … In addition, an airtight body was manufactured to measure the grip strength, which measures the pressure on the body. …

    Transactions of the Society of Instrument and Control Engineers 57(1), 11-18, 2021


  • Sputter-Deposited pH-Sensitive TiO<sub>2</sub> Electrodes for Lactate Sensing Applications

    Kobayashi Taizo , Konishi Satoshi

    … thin films were controlled by varying the substrate temperature and total pressure used for sputtering. … Furthermore, lactate sensing using lactate dehydrogenase immobilized on TiO<sub>2</sub> …

    IEEJ Transactions on Sensors and Micromachines 141(1), 21-25, 2021


  • A tellurite glass optical microbubble resonator

    J. Yu , J. Zhang , R. Wang , A. Li , M. Zhang , S. Wang , P. Wang , J. M. Ward , S. Nic Chormaic

    … The temperature and air pressure dependent optical characteristics of both passive and active tellurite microbubbles are investigated. … For passive tellurite microbubbles, the measured temperature and air pressure sensitivities are 4.9 GHz/K and 7.1 GHz/bar, respectively. … The sensitivity of the laser output frequency to pressure changes is 6.5 GHz/bar. …

    Optics Express 28(22), 32858-32868, 2020-10-26


  • Highly stretchable sensing array for independent detection of pressure and strain exploiting structural and resistive control

    Ryosuke Matsuda , Satoru Mizuguchi , Fumika Nakamura , Takuma Endo , Yutaka Isoda , Go Inamori , Hiroki Ota

    … Currently available stretchable sensors that detect both pressure and strain are based on piezoelectric, piezoresistive, or piezocapacitive effects. … The range of pressure sensing is 1–800 kPa with large deformations being within the range of deformations of parts of the human body, such as elbows and knees. …

    Scientific Reports, 2020-07-29


  • Voltage-gated ion channels mediate the electrotaxis of glioblastoma cells in a hybrid PMMA/PDMS microdevice

    Hsieh-Fu Tsai , Camilo IJspeert , Amy Q. Shen

    … By equalizing the hydrostatic pressure difference between inlets and outlets of the microchannel, uniform single cells can be seeded reliably inside the microdevice. … U-251MG electrotaxis and T98G electrotaxis are also mediated by A-type (rapidly inactivating) voltage-gated potassium channels and acid-sensing sodium channels. …

    APL Bioengineering 4(3), 036102, 2020-07-01


  • Foot pressure sensor system made from MWCNT coated cotton fibers to monitor human activities

    Momin Md. Abdul , Rahman Mohammad Jellur , Mieno Tetsu

    Surface and Coatings Technology (394), 125749, 2020-04-06


  • A reduction for fat-finger problem on smartphone website using Magnifier with pressure sensing  [in Japanese]

    山本 夏樹 , 阿部 雅樹 , 渡辺 大地

    映像情報メディア学会技術報告 = ITE technical report 44(10), 121-124, 2020-03

  • Evaluation of gas sensing characteristics of the hydrogen/oxygen partial pressure ratio sensor.  [in Japanese]

    SUZUKI Kengo , MARU Yusuke , MIYAZAKI Hiroshi , YUZURIHA Yasunari

    The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress, Japan 2020(0), J01106, 2020


  • Assessment of Emotional States by Measuring the Pressure Exerted on the Seat  [in Japanese]

    KIMURA Tsukasa , UEYAMA Nanami , KATAYAMA Jun'ichi

    <p>本研究ではセンサの装着が不要であり,かつ着席中に常時データの取得が可能な座圧から感情状態のセンシングを試みた。特に,感情状態に対応した接近回避行動に着目し,着席時の前後の重心移動からポジティブ感情とネガティブ感情のセンシングを試みた。この目的のため,ポジティブ動画,ネガティブ動画,ニュートラル動画視聴時の座圧を測定し,座圧から計算された前後の重心移動と動画に対する主観指標を分析し …

    Japanese Journal of Physiological Psychology and Psychophysiology 38(3), 161-168, 2020


  • A study of lens-coat material for eyelid pressure measurement:2nd report; Characteristics of abrasive test on sucrose film  [in Japanese]

    Hatsuzawa Takeshi


    Proceedings of JSPE Semestrial Meeting 2020A(0), 437-438, 2020


  • He<sup>+</sup> LEIS analysis combined with pulsed jet technique of ethanol sensing by a ZnO surface  [in Japanese]

    Suzuki Taku T. , Adachi Yutaka , Ohgaki Takeshi , Sakaguchi Isao

    <p>半導体ガスセンサの動作原理は、被検ガスの脱吸着に伴う表面の酸化還元反応である。したがって、その動作解析には表面分析が必要である。しかし表面分析にはしばしば高真空が必要となる一方、ガスセンサは大気圧下で動作する。本研究ではこの問題の解決に向けて、パルスジェット技術に関する検討を行った。さらにこのパルスジェットと低速イオン散乱分光とを組合わせた最表面組成分析に関する検討も行った。&l …

    Abstract book of Annual Meeting of the Japan Society of Vacuum and Surface Science 2020(0), 177, 2020


  • Urban scenario analysis using remote sensing and GIS for sustainable development: A review  [in Japanese]



    Proceedings of the General Meeting of the Association of Japanese Geographers 2020a(0), 126, 2020


  • Bionic-EyE: Glaucoma Surgery Simulation by Intraocular Circulation and Pressure Adjustment System  [in Japanese]

    NIINO Tomonori , TAKAO Muneyuki , AIHARA Makoto , ARAI Fumihito , OMATA Seiji , HARADA Kanako , MITSUISHI Mamoru , SUGIMOTO Koichiro , TOTSUKA Kiyoto , UETA Takashi , SHIRAYA Tomoyasu , ARAKI Fumiyuki

    … This model has a structure reproducing intraocular flowing water and microchannels on the inside of eye-ball, and function to observe and adjust intraocular pressure. …

    The Proceedings of JSME annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (Robomec) 2020(0), 2P2-F15, 2020


  • Development of dementia care training system combining augmented reality and distributed tactile sensor:Scenario-based training system and demonstration  [in Japanese]

    HIRAMATSU Tomoki , KAMEI Masaya , INOUE Daiji , HAYASHI Takuma , KAWAMURA Akihiro , KURAZUME Ryo

    … To train Humanitude effectively, we develop a training systemthat realizes sensing and interaction simultaneously by combining areal entity and augmented reality technology. … Touch information such as position and pressure is sensed using a whole body wearable tactile sensor. …

    The Proceedings of JSME annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (Robomec) 2020(0), 1A1-D09, 2020


  • Evaluation of Venipuncture Techniques Based on Measurements of Haptic Sense and Finger Motion

    Sonoda Masato , Sasagawa Kazuhiko , Fujisaki Kazuhiro , Moriwaki Takeshi , Kayaba Hiroyuki

    … Furthermore, haptic measurements were made by applying a thin and flexible sensor at the contact interface of the grip to measure both contact pressure and shear stress. … The haptic sensor measured contact pressure at the fingers while holding a winged needle, and detected changes in stress components along the directions of needle insertion and skin compression during the venipuncture process. … The blood collection procedure could be visualized using haptic sensing throughout the experiment. …

    Advanced Biomedical Engineering 9(0), 197-201, 2020


  • Development of Novel Electrostatic Field Strength Sensor Using Air Motor  [in Japanese]

    Osada Yuki , Suzuki Teruo , Choi Kwangseok

    … The novel sensor consists mainly of the rotating sector, the sensing electrode, the air motor, the hall element, a signal cable, an enclosure and the air supply line. … The detected signals were mainly unaffected by air pressure. …

    Journal of the Society of Powder Technology, Japan 57(6), 311-316, 2020


  • Photoluminescent Ozone Sensor with Enhanced Sensitivity by Using CdSe/ZnS Quantum Dots Modified with Gold and Platinum

    ANDO Masanori , INAGAKI Kosuke , KAWASAKI Hideya , BIJU Vasudevanpillai , SHIGERI Yasushi

    … <p>We report photoluminescence-based ozone sensing using composite films composed of gold or platinum and red-emitting CdSe/ZnS core-shell quantum dots. … The sensing efficiency of quantum dots is enhanced by the addition of noble metals. … The composite films undergo reversible changes in photoluminescence intensity (measured at excitation/emission wavelengths of 365/652 – 659 nm) in the presence of ppm levels of ozone in air at 25°C and at atmospheric pressure. …

    Analytical Sciences 36(8), 989-995, 2020


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