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  • Terrestrial loads of dissolved organic matter drive inter-annual carbon flux in subtropical lakes during times of drought

    Chiu Chih-Yu , Jones John R. , Rusak James A. , Lin Hao-Chi , Nakayama Keisuke , Kratz Timothy K. , Liu Wen-Cheng , Tang Sen-Lin , Tsai Jeng-Wei

    … We investigated how contrasting summer and autumn precipitation can shape annual and inter-annual variation in ecosystem carbon (C) flux (gross primary production (GPP), ecosystem respiration (ER), and CO2 efflux) in two subtropical lakes differing substantially in trophic state and water color. …

    Science of the Total Environment (717), 137052, 2020-05-15


  • Introducing freewriting to Japanese EFL students

    ブロケマ デービッド;BROEKEMA David

    … Unfortunately, literature suggests that Japanese EFL students have rarely been taught idea generation activities as part of their writing instruction during their primary education. … The activities outlined in this report aim to introduce freewriting to Japanese university EFL students and gauge their success in utilizing freewriting in a short writing production exercise. …

    工学教育研究;KIT progress (28), 184-190, 2020-03-25


  • A NEW PROPOSAL FOR ENVIRONMENTAL ACCOUNTING OF JAPANESE MUNICIPALITY WITH THE FRAMEWORK OF ENDPOINT-TYPE LCIA METHOD "LIME2":Calculation of Environmental Conservation Effects in Yokohama City from 2000 to 2015  [in Japanese]

    YAMASAKI Junya , IKAGA Toshiharu , ITSUBO Norihiro

    … Because some LIME2 assessment categories are related to certain Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations—including Goal 3 (Good Health and Well-Being), Goal 9 (Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure), Goal 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production), Goal 13 (Climate Action), and Goal 15 (Life On Land)—this study attempted to apply the assessment results of Yokohama to the framework of the SDGs. …

    Journal of Environmental Engineering (Transactions of AIJ) (769), 225-235, 2020-03


  • Production of KAMISIBAI, Focusing on 10 Skills Needed to Be Nurtured During Infancy : From the Development of Connection Between Kindergarten and Primary School  [in Japanese]

    森本 直樹 , 村上 義次 , 矢ヶ部 陽一

    中九州短期大学論叢 42(2), 27-37, 2020-02

  • Nutrient–Specific Variation of C–N Metabolism in the Leaves and Roots of Bell Pepper (Capsicum annunm. L) in Response to Macronutrient Deficiency

    LEE Yejin , HWANG Tae-Young , LEE Seulbi , SHINOGI Yoshiyuki , OH TaeK-Keun , SUNG Jwakyung

    … Visual symptoms such as growth retardation, reduced crop production and resistance against disease and pests are strongly connected with a result of metabolic disturbance by mineral deficiency. … Furthermore, it was carefully assumed that a limited uptake of sulfur accompanied by cations deficiency could be direct cause of disturbance in primary metabolism rather than cations itself. …

    九州大学大学院農学研究院紀要 65(1), 25-34, 2020-02


  • Processing of Recycled AA6111 Aluminium Alloy from Two Different Feedstock of Aluminium Metal Scraps  [in Japanese]

    Chang Isaac , Luo Dan , Al-Helal Kawther , Patel Jayesh B , Huang Yan , Scamans Geoff , Fan Zhongyun

    … emission as compared to the production of primary Al. … Hence, the development of a new technology is crucial to the production of good quality recycled Al alloys from the metal scrap. …

    Journal of Light Metal Welding 58(Supplement), 29s-32s, 2020


  • Chemical composition of kettle holes as an indicator of salinity of small water bodies in northern Poland (the Parsęta catchment, the Borucinka drainage basin)

    Cieśliński Roman , Major Maciej , Pietruszyński Łukasz

    … There are many natural conditions that determine their salinity, those listed most often including alimentation, morphometric features, the dynamics of processes taking place in a drainage basin, paths of water supply, the land-use pattern, agricultural pollution, primary production, and the kind of soil cover. …

    GEOCHEMICAL JOURNAL 54(2), 43-56, 2020


  • Lipopolysaccharide-induced mechanisms of ovarian dysfunction in cows with uterine inflammatory diseases

    MAGATA Fumie

    Primary cell cultures of bovine granulosa and theca cells have shown that LPS acts on follicular cells to impair steroid production, which may disturb follicle growth and/or reduce their ability to ovulate. …

    Journal of Reproduction and Development, 2020


  • Inducible COX-2 expression is regulated by the ARE-binding proteins in inflammatory response in satellite glial cells.  [in Japanese]

    Wakabayashi Chisato , Ohnishi Masatoshi , Fujiwara Tasuku , Akagi Marina , Matsuoka Hiroshi , Michihara Akihiro , Inoue Atsuko

    … <p>Satellite glial cells (SGCs) related to primary sensory neurons are altered structurally and functionally under neuroinflammatory conditions. … In neuroinflammation expression of cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) in peri-sensory neurons results in the production of prostanoids, which affects sensory neuronal activity and responsiveness and causes hyperalgesia. …

    Proceedings for Annual Meeting of The Japanese Pharmacological Society 93(0), 3-P-296, 2020


  • Effects of CNB-001, a synthetic curcumin derivative, on thrombin-induced phosphorylation of MAP kinases in primary cultured rat microglia  [in Japanese]

    Yamamoto Shohei , Akaishi Tatsuhiro , Schubert David , Abe Kazuho

    … <p>We have recently found that CNB-001, a synthetic curcumin derivative, suppresses thrombin-induced nitric oxide (NO) production in cultured microglia, demonstrating that it exerts anti-neuroinflammatory effects by regulating microglial activation. … In addition, the suppressive effect of CNB-001 on NO production was mimicked by blockage of the ERK and p38 MAPK signaling pathways with U0126 and SB203580. …

    Proceedings for Annual Meeting of The Japanese Pharmacological Society 93(0), 3-P-269, 2020


  • Pathophysiological changes of progranulin in active microglia after cerebral ischemia  [in Japanese]

    Usui Akane , Horinokita Ichiro , Hayashi Hideki , Takagi Norio

    … In this study, we examined time-course of changes in the levels of PGRN and GRN and their cellular sources after cerebral ischemia using a rat microsphere-embolism (ME) model and rat primary cultured microglia. … Thus, the increase in PGRN level and inhibition of GRN production after ME caused by siverestat treatment would prevent ischemic brain injury.</p> …

    Proceedings for Annual Meeting of The Japanese Pharmacological Society 93(0), 1-P-045, 2020


  • New series of animal specimens from polar regions: resin-embedded specimens of marine plankton for the promotion of marine education  [in Japanese]

    Sakurai Hisae , Sano Masayoshi , Takahashi Kunio T. , Makabe Ryosuke , Odate Tsuneo

    … Therefore, we intend to improve and increase our production of resin-embedded marine plankton specimens. … We expect that this type of preserved material will make a valuable contribution to marine education, at the primary- to graduate-school levels as well as for the general public.</p> …

    Bulletin of the Plankton Society of Japan 67(1), 19-23, 2020


  • Lipoprotein profile and lipid metabolism of PXB-cells<sup>®</sup>, human primary hepatocytes from liver-humanized mice: proposal of novel <i>in vitro</i> system for screening anti-lipidemic drugs

    HATA Keishi , TAKAHASHI Junichiro , KAKUNI Masakazu , Sayaka TOMATSU , TAKAHASHI Masaki , SASAKI Akira , UMEKAWA Yui , MIYASHITA Kazuya , OGURA Kazumi , TOSHIMA Gen , MAEDA Masahiro

    … <p>We investigated lipid metabolism in PXB-cells, which are human primary hepatocytes isolated from liver-humanized mice, and HepG2 and HuH-7 human hepatoma cell lines. … Fenofibrate suppressed lipoprotein production from PXB-cells in a dose-dependent manner mainly by activating the β-oxidation pathway. …

    Biomedical Research 41(1), 33-42, 2020


  • Trial of Genotoxic evaluation for field-sampled microplastics by <i>in vitro</i> Micronuclei Test  [in Japanese]

    Shunji FURUKUMA

    Primary microplastics (plastic pre-production resin pellet mixtures) and secondary microplastics (product-derived plastic fragment mixtures) collected in the coast of Ainoshima Island, Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan in 2017 and 2018 were examined. … In short treatment with S9 mix and continuous treatment without S9 mix, the micronuclei tests of these medium extract of plastic pre-production resin pellet mixtures were negative. …

    Journal of Ecotechnology Research 19(2-3), 9-15, 2020


  • Dewatering of Microalgae Culture by Filtration  [in Japanese]

    Aramaki Toru , Ichikawa Sosaku

    … For the construction of material production system, efficient dewatering of microalgae culture is required because suspended solid (SS) concentration of microalgae culture is low (0.02 ~ 0.05 wt%). … We examined submerged siphon–driven membrane concentration system for a primary concentration and single filter cloth type dehydrator for a secondary concentration as a possible energy–saving process. …

    MEMBRANE 45(1), 29-34, 2020


  • Dynamic Substance Flow Analysis of Rhenium Related to the Demand for Civil Aircrafts  [in Japanese]

    Akihiro YOSHIMURA , Koyo SUEMASU , Yasunari MATSUNO

    <p>近年、航空機エンジンの性能や燃費向上にニッケル基超合金が用いられ、高温クリープ特性向上にレニウムが添加される。しかし、天然資源に乏しいことから供給は不安定である。本研究では、航空機用途のレニウムについて、物質フロー分析を通じて 1980 年から 2017 年にかけての需要、ストック、およびリサイクルポテンシャルを推計した。その結果、1980 年以降航空機の新造向けのレニウム需要、 …

    Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, Japan 16(1), 29-39, 2020


  • Structure and Function of Branching Enzymes in Eukaryotes

    Suzuki Ryuichiro , Suzuki Eiji

    … Prokaryotic and eukaryotic BEs are classified into distinct families based on similarities in their primary structures. …

    Trends in Glycoscience and Glycotechnology 32(185), E21-E30, 2020


  • Structure and Function of Branching Enzymes in Eukaryotes  [in Japanese]

    Suzuki Ryuichiro , Suzuki Eiji

    <p>枝作り酵素(BE)はα-グルカンのα-1,4-グルコシド結合を切断し、転移反応によってα-1,6-グルコシド結合から成る分岐の形成を触媒する。BEの分布(α-グルカン代謝)は、原核生物では普遍的である。一方真核生物では、一部の分類群に限定される。原核生物由来および真核生物由来BEは、一次構造類似性に基づいてそれぞれ別のサブファミリーに分類されている。陸上植物は複数のアイソザイムを …

    Trends in Glycoscience and Glycotechnology 32(185), J19-J28, 2020


  • The Synthetic Curcumin Derivative CNB-001 Attenuates Thrombin-Stimulated Microglial Inflammation by Inhibiting the ERK and p38 MAPK Pathways

    Akaishi Tatsuhiro , Yamamoto Shohei , Abe Kazuho

    … <p>We have recently found that the synthetic curcumin derivative CNB-001 suppresses lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced nitric oxide (NO) production in cultured microglia, demonstrating that it exerts anti-neuroinflammatory effects by regulating microglial activation. … To explore the molecular mechanisms underlying the anti-inflammatory effect of CNB-001, the present study investigated whether CNB-001 is also effective for microglial NO production induced by other stimulants than LPS. …

    Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin 43(1), 138-144, 2020


  • Enzyme induction during ethanol metabolism in a methylotrophic yeast, Candida sp. N-16.  [in Japanese]

    𠮷川 潤 , 小山 麻理子 , 関 桂 , 藤井 貴明 , 天知 誠吾

    [抄録] メタノール資化性酵母であるCandida sp. N-16におけるエタノール代謝を理解するため,エタノールを炭素源として培養したときの酵素生産について調べた.炭素源や培養時期に関わらず,エタノール利用時の初発酸化酵素であるアルコール脱水素酵素や,TCAサイクルに関連するイソクエン酸脱水素酵素において構成的な生産が確認された.エタノールを炭素源としたときの特徴として,TCAサイクルの迂回経 …

    食と緑の科学 = HortResearch (74), 1-5, 2019-11-25

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