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  • Students' Career Differentiation in 'San-Ben University' of China: A case study in Liaoning province  [in Japanese]

    呉 彤

    … With the popularization of higher education, scarcity of jobs for university undergraduates is becoming a serious problem in China. … 'San-Ben Universities', acknowledged as private universities and independent colleges, have increased in China in recent years. … Based on these findings, it may be deduced that the tendency of "schooling" in 'San-Ben University' influence students' career expectations.. …

    広島大学大学院人間社会科学研究科紀要. 教育学研究 (1), 637-646, 2020-12-25

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  • The Impact of AI on Teaching EFL in Japan

    Obari Hiroyuki , 小張 敬之

    … The present study focused on assessing the use of the AI speakers Google Home Mini and Amazon Alexia as part of a flipped-learning environment to improve the English skills of two groups of native Japanese undergraduates. … The participants were 47 native speakers of Japanese, all third-year Economics majors at a private university in Tokyo. …

    The Aoyama journal of economics 71(4), 29-40, 2020-03

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  • Motivations and Behaviors for Ensuring Privacy on Twitter  [in Japanese]

    SAWADA Gota , IGARASHI Tasuku

    <p>ソーシャル・ネットワーキング・サービス(SNS)において,私たちは様々な情報を発信し,周囲の人々とのコミュニケーションを行っている。その一方で,SNSで個人情報を含むセンシティブな内容を発信することは,プライバシーの懸念を高めうる。この問題に対処するため,多くのSNSでは利用者が情報の公開範囲に一定の制限を設けることのできるプライバシー設定機能が実装されている。本研究は,大学生の …

    Socio-Informatics 8(3), 177-189, 2020


  • The Relationship between the Career Decision-Making Self Efficacy of University Students and Learning: The Mediating Effect of Social Skills  [in Japanese]

    FUJISAWA Hiromi , HARAGUCHI Yasuhiko

    … <p>We examined the relationships between Motivation for Learning (ML), Proactive Learning (PL), and Career Decision-Making Self-Efficacy (CDMSE) among undergraduates, focusing on the mediating effect of their Social Skills (SS).</p><p>We conducted a questionnaire survey of students in the humanities faculty of four private universities in western Japan. …

    The Japanese Journal of career education 37(2), 23-34, 2019


  • How an international program was achieved by Niigata University undergraduates  [in Japanese]

    山田 将慶 , 白石 景子 , 櫻井 盛太郎 , 長谷川 英夫 , ウィタカ アンドリュー , Yamada Masayoshi , Shiroishi Keiko , Sakurai Seitaro , Hasegawa Hideo , Whitaker Andrew

    新潟大学農学部公認グローバル人材サークルBRIDGEは2011年から学生のグローバル化を目的に活動し、過去にも様々な国際交流・海外視察をした。2017年にはアジア農学学生会議(APDM:Asia Pacific Directors Meeting)を開催し、国外の学生とのワークショップや農業関連施設の視察を行った。インドネシアとネパールから9名の学生を招聘し、SNS等を使って国内の学生に直接参加を …

    農学国際協力 (16), 65-74, 2018-03

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  • Relationship between Smoking History and Annual Medical Checkup Attendance in Undergraduates

    Sasahara Hisako , Shimazu Atsushi , Hiramoto Kenryo , Yanagawa Kazumasa , Nikawa Hiroki

    … We investigated whether smoking histories related to differences in annual checkup attendance.</p><p>We obtained undergraduate students' smoking histories at annual medical checkups at a mid-sized private university in Japan. … We examined a dataset containing the data for all 17,831 male and 2,740 female undergraduates from a typical Japanese university's regular spring medical checkups for every year from 2008 to 2013; …

    Asian Pacific Journal of Disease Management 8(3-4), 45-53, 2017

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  • Interoception connecting cultural self-construal and clarity of emotional awareness  [in Japanese]

    Kanai Masato , Yukawa Shintaro

    … Participants included 100 graduates and undergraduates. … After completing scales that assessed cultural self-construal and private self-consciousness, participants performed a heartbeat tracking task, which assessed their interoceptive accuracy. … Furthermore, when controlling private self-consciousness and heart rate during the heartbeat tracking task, only the relationship between a high sense of interdependence and unclear emotional awareness was mediated by inaccurate interoception. …



  • A Study on the Relevant Factors of Female Undergraduates' Social Annoyance in Train and the Moderating Effects of Public and Private Perceptions  [in Japanese]

    TANI Yoshie , SAITO Seiichi

    … <p>In this study, we examined factors correlated with socially annoying behaviors that occur in trains, and the moderating effect of public and private perceptions. … Public and private perceptions were a moderator variable. … In the private perception group, the more others annoyed them, the less they engaged in annoying behaviors, whereas in the public perception group, the more others were tolerant, the more they engaged in annoying behaviors. …

    The Japanese journal of adlescent psychology 26(1), 17-28, 2014


  • A survey of undergraduates regarding their previous experiences being bullied : The relationship between having been bullied and how the bullying was perceived and self-esteem  [in Japanese]

    吉川 延代 , 今野 義孝 , 会沢 信彦

    … This study surveyed 348 university freshmen (194 males and 154 females) attending two private universities in a metropolitan area. …

    人間科学研究 (35), 155-166, 2013


  • Career consciousness survey report 2011 (1) : On students' career activities, career consciousness, and utilization of career support and educational services  [in Japanese]

    桂 瑠以 , 望月 由起 , 中越 綾

    … This survey was targeted at the undergraduates and master students of Ochanomizu University and focused on students' career activities, career consciousness, and the modes in which they utilized career support and education services. … such students aspired for employment in private companies and/or in the public sector. … Students in Sciesnce, on the other hand, displayed interest in further education at Ochanomizu University. …

    高等教育と学生支援 : お茶の水女子大学教育機構紀要 (2), 31-43, 2012-04-30


  • The relationship between having been bullied or bullying others and self-esteem : A retrospective study in college students  [in Japanese]

    Yoshikawa Nobuyo , Konno Yoshitaka , Aizawa Nobuhiko

    … Participants were 349 students (194 male and 155 females) attending two private colleges in the Tokyo area. …

    Bulletin of human science (34), 169-182, 2012


  • Determinants of Student Learning Outcomes in a Private University : From the Perspective of Diversity and Quality Assurance in the Era of Universal Access  [in Japanese]

    Yuji Okada , Tomoko Torii

    … The purpose of this study was to investigate students' learning mechanisms based on learning outcomes assessment of a Japanese private university in the era of universal access. … A self-report questionnaire survey was administered to students of X private university, and 2, 074 students responded (response rate, 58.6%). … Based on these findings, agendas in university curriculum, class design, and student support were discussed. …

    Kyoto University researches in higher education (17), 15-26, 2011

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  • Development and Validation of Perspective-Based Consciousness Scales  [in Japanese]

    TSUDA Hisamitsu

    本研究の目的は,自己意識や他者意識を視点と観察可能性の次元によってとらえる視点別意識尺度を開発することであった。研究1では,視点別意識尺度を作成するために大学生465名を対象に質問紙調査を行った。探索的因子分析の結果と理論的観点からいくつかのモデルを想定し,検証因子分析を行った。AIC(赤池情報量基準)の比較によって最適なモデルが同定された。自己に対する意識,他者からみた自己に対する意識,他者に対 …

    Japanese Journal of Counseling Science 43(1), 22-32, 2010


  • Development of Japanese-version Rumination-Reflection Questionnaire  [in Japanese]

    Takano Keisuke , Tanno Yoshihiko

    … Data from 241 undergraduates were analyzed, and factor analysis showed two factors, corresponding to the previous findings. …

    The Japanese Journal of Personality 16(2), 259-261, 2008

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  • Equality of Higher Educational Opportunities in Japan  [in Japanese]

    KOBAYASHI Masayuki

    … The data show large inequalities in university education opportunities, particularly in private universities. … The student financial aid programs of The Japan Student Service Organization, the largest public student program in Japan, gives loans, but not grants, to undergraduates. … Some parents and students from lower income tiers may decide not to apply to university to avoid a debt burden. …

    The Journal of Educational Sociology 80(0), 101-125, 2007


  • Equality of higher educational opportunities in Japan  [in Japanese]

    KOBAYASHI Masayuki

    … The data show large inequalities in university education opportunities, particularly in private universities. … The student financial aid programs of The Japan Student Service Organization, the largest public student program in Japan, gives loans, but not grants, to undergraduates. … Some parents and students from lower income tiers may decide not to apply to university to avoid a debt burden. …

    The journal of educational sociology 80, 101-125[含 英語文要旨], 2007

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  • Guilt, shame/embarrassment, and empathy  [in Japanese]

    Arimitsu Kohki

    … Two hundred and thirty five Japanese undergraduates completed a questionnaire of Situational Guilt Inventory (Arimitsu, 2002), Situational Shyness Questionnaire (Narita, Terasaki, & … Results on private shame were different from those in the previous studies (Leith & …

    The Japanese journal of psychology 77(2), 97-104, 2006

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  • Relationship Between Self-Consciousness and the Social Cognitive Behaviors Regarding the Public-Private Distinction.  [in Japanese]

    Yamagata Kyoko


    Kanazawa law review 47(2), 1-21, 2005-03


  • Self-consciousness and Ego Experience of Asking Questions about “I”  [in Japanese]

    Amaya Yuko

    公的・私的自己意識と自我体験――「私」への「なぜ」という問い――の関連を検討した.自我体験とは,「私はなぜ私なのか」,「私はどこから来たのだろう」といった水準の「私」への問いである.この点について,中学生239名・大学生228名を対象に,質問紙調査を行った.その結果,中学生においては,公的・私的自己意識の分化はあまり見られなかった.しかし,自我体験を報告した群の方が未体験群よりも公的・私的自己意識 …

    The Japanese Journal of Personality 13(2), 197-207, 2005


  • A Validity Study of the Academic Task-Values Evaluation Scale for High School Students : Focusing on the Self-Consciousness and Achievement Motive.  [in Japanese]

    IDA Katsunori


    Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education and Human Development. Psychology and human developmental sciences 51, 117-125, 2004

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