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  • A Fundamental Study of Sediment Production in Temperate Mountainous Catchments with Process-based Geomorphic Analysis and Hydrogeological Survey  [in Japanese]

    池見 洋明 , 黒木 貴一

    日本文理大学紀要 = Bulletin of Nippon Bunri University 48(1), 19-28, 2020-03

  • Evaluation of Shallow Landslide Potential Using SHALSTAB and 1-m DEM : A Case Study of the Tsurugi-kawa Drainage Basin, Hofu City, Yamaguchi, Japan  [in Japanese]

    田中 靖 , 八反地 剛 , 山下 久美子 , 古市 剛久 , 土志田 正二 , ヤマシタ クミコ , 古市 剛久 , フルイチ タカヒサ , 土志田 正二 , ドシダ ショウジ , Tanaka Yasushi , Hattanji Tsuyoshi , Yamashita Kumiko , Furuichi Takahisa , Doshida Shoji

    山口県防府市の剣川流域で2009年に発生した崩壊イベントを対象として,SHALSTABとLiDAR 1-m DEMを用いた崩壊発生状況の解析を行った。そして得られた結果にもとづいて,この流域の表層崩壊の危険度評価マップとなり得るものを作成した。その結果,地形学的に従来定性的に崩壊発生可能性が高いと予想される領域を,定量的に降水量と結び付けて抽出・可視化することができた。SHALSTABとLiDAR …

    地域学研究 (33), 31-45, 2020-03


  • The Ainu People's Recognition of the Eruption Process of Mt. Usu in Hokkaido, Northern Japan: Superstition and Scientific Thinking  [in Japanese]

    ENDO Masatoshi

    … In spite of their superstitious beliefs, the Ainu people actually had scientifically accurate ideas on the process of a volcanic eruption, the origins of material ejected from a crater, and the process of lava dome formation. … This was long before scientific conception of volcanology and the geomorphology of volcanoes emerged in Japan. … Modern science was introduced to Japanese volcanology and the geomorphology of volcanoes in the 1890s. …

    Journal of Geography (Chigaku Zasshi) 129(5), 611-634, 2020

    IR  J-STAGE 

  • A risk map of shallow landslide caused by heavy rain using LiDAR 1-meter DEM  [in Japanese]

    Tanaka Yasushi , HATTANJI Tsuyoshi , YAMASHITA Kumiko , FURUICHI Takahisa , DOSHIDA Shoji

    … In: Wigmosta and Burges (Eds.), <i>Land Use and Watersheds: Human influence on hydrology and geomorphology in urban and forest areas, Water Science and Application 2,</i> …

    Proceedings of the General Meeting of the Association of Japanese Geographers 2020s(0), 170, 2020


  • Remains of the Iwasa checkpoint on the Noneyama-kaido as an ancient road located in ridge-top area formed by gravitational deformation, the Muroto Peninsula, Japan  [in Japanese]

    SATO Go , YAGI Hiroshi , KITANI Hitoshi , SENDA Yoshimichi , HIROTA Kiyoharu

    … From the viewpoint of geomorphology and geology, there are many landscapes formed by gravitational slope deformation such as up-hill and down-hill facing scarps on ridges in and around the study area. … In this study, we discussed the relationship between the location of the ruin and geomorphological process based on geomorphological interpretation of advanced topographic maps created from the data of the airborne laser survey system of the study area. …

    Journal of the Japan Landslide Society 57(1), 19-23, 2020


  • Coastal Evolution, Geomorphic Processes and Sedimentary Records in the Anthropocene

    Gomez Christopher , Hart E. Deirdre , Wassmer Patrick , Imai Kenta , Matsui Hiroki , Shimizu Mariko

    … Using three island nations characterized by different stages and styles of coastal development – New Zealand, Japan, and Indonesia - we investigate the role of anthropogenic activity in coastal evolution, geomorphology and sediment records. … In light of these multi-scale and multi-process effects, we argue that the Anthropocene is clearly distinguishable from the Holocene in coastal environments due to the significantly stronger signatures of human influence that characterise the former time period. …

    Forum Geografi 33(1), 1-24, 2019-07


  • Geomorphic processes accompanying the forward-uplifting around the Echigo Plain during the Middle to Late Pleistocene::A discussion of the formation model of the isolated hills  [in Japanese]

    KUBOTA Yoshihiro , Team Niigata Plain , Collaborative Research Group for Geology of the Western Margin of the Niigata Plain

    <p>越後平野西縁断層帯域で得られた孤立丘陵形成モデル(久保田ほか 2018)の妥当性を議論し,越後平野周辺のとくに後期更新世の隆起運動と地形形成作用について検討した.</p><p>"孤立丘陵" とは,背後に顕著な低地帯を伴い,後背山地の山麓斜面から分断された丘陵をいう.孤立丘陵の前面と背面には逆断層系が分布し,孤立丘陵には変位量数10 m の高角正断層系が分布 …

    Earth Science (Chikyu Kagaku) 72(2), 125-142, 2018


  • Trends of Geosciences after the Pacific War in Japan, 1945 to 1965 Part 6  [in Japanese]

    Editorial Committee of History of Geosciences in Japan Tokyo Geographical Society

    … <p> The development of geomorphology, human geography, history and methodology of geography, regional geography, and geographic education in Japan from 1945 to 1965 are described. … Research objectives and methodologies of geomorphology diversified during this period. … Historical geomorphology of lowland plains and process geomorphology began to develop, adding to traditional descriptive geomorphology. …

    Journal of Geography (Chigaku Zasshi) 127(6), 835-860, 2018


  • Regain "The Geomorphology of humid mobile belts"  [in Japanese]


    … (2012) Tectonic Geomorphology, second edition. …

    Proceedings of the General Meeting of the Association of Japanese Geographers 2017s(0), 100143, 2017


  • Submarine fan turbidites as hydrocarbon reservoirs::Understanding depositional and petroleum system variation and analytical methodology  [in Japanese]

    Takano Osamu

    … "Seismic geomorphology" using 3D seismic survey data has widely been used for detailed distribution and property analysis of submarine-fan tubidites, as a recently developed effective analytical method. … To implement sedimentologically meaningful reservoir modeling, object-based modeling, multipoint-geostatistics using a training image, surface-based modeling and depositional process-based modeling are adoped for submarine-fan turbidite reservoirs.</p> …

    Journal of the Japanese Association for Petroleum Technology 81(1), 7-21, 2016


  • A Study on the Landslides induced by Rainfall  [in Japanese]

    WANG Chao-Wen

    … It depends on the soil and geomorphology features not to mention the storage change on the whole watershed. … Therefore in this study, we will focus on the storage process of rainfall-induced landslides. … The storage process means the rainfall infiltrating into slopes, and its volume change of the water inner the slopes during every rainfall event. …

    Proceeding of Annual Conference 28(0), 100002, 2015


  • Sorting out Landslide Topography in Japan by Knick Line Distribution, and Geological Signs of Landslide Occurrence  [in Japanese]

    KOMATA Shinjuro

    岩盤斜面の浸食の進行や重力変形の事例をもとに,ゆるみから地すべりの発生に至る機構を検討した.遷急線が発達しその上方に緩斜面が残存する斜面では,引張強度に依存する上部斜面での重力変形が顕在化し,山腹緩斜面や線状凹地,斜面内部でのゆるみや風化がみられる.ゆるんだ斜面は下部斜面の圧縮強度や支持構造で支えられ,浸食,湛水,豪雨,地震などを誘因として下部斜面が破壊すると,初生地すべりが発生することが推定され …

    Journal of the Japan Society of Engineering Geology 56(5), 230-238, 2015


  • Characteristics and Development Processes of Wetlands on Landslide Masses in Hachimantai Volcanic Group

    Sasaki Natsuki , Sugai Toshihiko

    … (2007) : Geomorphology 89, 55-69. …

    Proceedings of the General Meeting of the Association of Japanese Geographers 2014s(0), 100336, 2014


  • Flood vulnerability based on social economy condition at flood prone area in purworejo regency, central Java, Indonesia

    Ariyanto Nugroho Fajar , Asai Koji

    … Based on geomorphology aspect, some areas in Purworejo Regency are categorized as flood prone areas. … First, the pairwise comparison method from the analytical hierarchy process (AHP)-approach to obtained weight of social indicators in social vulnerability calculation. …

    山口大学工学部研究報告 63(2), 15-22, 2013-03


  • Inappropriate explanation on orogenic belts for mountain landscapes in high-school geography textbooks

    Iwata Shuji

    … 広い平原がいくつも存在する新期造山帯,安定陸塊なのに険しい山岳がみられる東アフリカ地溝帯など,教科書の説明とは一致しない場所が多いことが分かった.造山運動とは何か 造山運動 (orogeny) を"The process of forming mountains" (Dictionary of Geological Terms, Dolphin Books, 1962) や「褶曲山脈や地塊山地が形成される運動」(新版地学事典,平凡社,1996)とした辞書もあるが,造山運動とは「山脈の地質構造をつくり,広域変 …

    Proceedings of the General Meeting of the Association of Japanese Geographers 2013s(0), 170, 2013


  • The Evaluation of Landscape in the First Selection of National Parks in Japan

    OKANO Takahiro

    … This paper shows the selection process, using the documents of the Health and Medical Bureau of the Interior Department and certain minutes of related committees. … Tsuyoshi Tamura, a key figure of the Bureau, evaluated landscapes from the viewpoint of natural science and looked upon what is spectacularly representative in terms of geomorphology and geology as the very landscapes suitable for National Parks. …

    Landscape Research Japan Online 6(0), 18-24, 2013


  • Multiple-point geostatistical modeling of incised valley morphology  [in Japanese]

    Tsuji Takashi , Okada Kinya , Jo Gyuhwan , Katoh Arata , Kashihara Koji , Kawada Koji , Yamada Yasuo , Takano Osamu , Yamada Tomomi

    石油・ガスの探鉱開発では,地質モデルに地質概念を統合することが不可欠である.しかし,複雑な形状を含む地質概念の統合は,従来の確率論的モデリング手法では困難であった.最近になり,この機能に優れるとされるモデリング手法(多点法)が実用化されてきた.多点法では訓練像を介して,地質概念をモデルに統合する.しかし,複雑な形状を含むモデルの構築に,多点法はこれまで用いられていない.<br>そこで, …

    The Journal of the Geological Society of Japan 119(8), 580-592, 2013


  • 3D geology and reservoir modeling in oil industry: Geologic model construction by integration of sedimentology, sequence stratigraphy, seismic geomorphology, exploration geophysics and geostatistics  [in Japanese]

    Takano Osamu , Tsuji Takashi

    石油探鉱開発業務における三次元地質モデリングは,地質構造,堆積盆石油システム,層序,貯留層などを対象として,多分野技術統合手法によって行われている.このうち三次元貯留層モデリングでは,堆積学・シーケンス層序学やサイスミック地形学に基づく確定論的地質概念モデリングにより地質学的枠組みや拘束条件を決定し,それと坑井岩石物理学,地震探査反射波属性データを用いることによって地球統計学的確率論的モデリングを …

    The Journal of the Geological Society of Japan 119(8), 567-579, 2013


  • Classification Features in Phase Components of Mechanism Vectors in PolInSAR Optimization

    Fang Shang , Akira Hirose

    IEICE Proceeding Series (15), 1C4-5, 2012



    永谷 言 , 水野 直弥 , 石田 裕哉 , 小澤 和也 , 寶 馨

    貯水池土砂管理の現場において,集中豪雨に起因する大規模土砂流入は,最重要課題の一つであり,豪雨時の貯水池への土砂流入量予測の精度向上が望まれる状況にある.本研究では,筆者らが構築した降雨条件と斜面の安定性から斜面崩壊発生を判断する分布型土砂流出モデルを基本として,DEMの情報に基づいた新たな斜面崩壊条件の設定方法を提案した.さらに,開発モデルを土砂生産量が多い矢作ダム流域(504.5km<s …

    Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Ser. F5 (Professional Practices in Civil Engineering) 68(1), 16-26, 2012


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