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  • The effect of cognitive load through processing factors on the recall performance in reading span tests of Japanese EFL learners  [in Japanese]

    NAKANISHI Hiroshi , YOKOKAWA Hirokazu

    本研究では、ワーキングメモリの保持機能に影響を及ぼす処理要因を調べるため、44名の日本人英語学習者を対象に、さまざまな処理側面(統語・意味・語用)に焦点を当てた4種類のリーディングスパンテスト、英語習熟度テスト(文法・読解)を実施し、課題間の成績を比較した。その結果、統語処理に認知負荷を課したリーディングスパンテスト成績が最も低く、英語習熟度との相関が高いことが明らかになった。このことから、日本人 …

    Technical report of IEICE. Thought and language 111(320), 49-54, 2011-11-19

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  • Determinant processing factors of recall performance in reading span tests: an empirical study of Japanese EFL learners

    NAKANISHI Hiroshi , YOKOKAWA Hirokazu

    … This paper reports on experiments examining the effect of processing cognitive load on storage functions during the performance of different types of reading span tests (RST). … These results suggest that syntactic processing places a heavy cognitive load on working memory (WM) resources, thereby leaving few resources for storage functions while Japanese EFL learners are performing the RSTs. …

    Jacet journal (53), 93-108, 2011

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  • The Characteristics of Memory Representations in Listening Span Test and EFL Abilities

    SAKUMA Yasuyuki

    … This study investigated the characteristics of phonological language information processing for English as a foreign language (EFL) learners from two perspectives, "the relationships between Working Memory (WM) capacity and language comprehension" …

    ARELE: Annual Review of English Language Education in Japan 15(0), 91-100, 2004


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