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  • Prospective Memory Deficits in Multiple Sclerosis: Voxel-based Morphometry and Double Inversion Recovery Analysis

    Toko Megumi , Maruyama Hirofumi , Kitamura Juri , Ueno Hiroki , Ohshita Tomohiko , Nemoto Kiyotaka , Ochi Kazuhide , Higaki Toru , Akiyama Yuji , Awai Kazuo

    … <p><b>Objective </b>Prospective memory (PM) is an important social cognitive function in everyday life. … PM was assessed using subtests of the Rivermead Behavioural Memory Test. …

    Internal Medicine 60(1), 39-46, 2021


  • Lapse of memory and absent-minded error of prospective memory : A cognitive neuroscience perspective  [in Japanese]

    梅田 聡

    老年精神医学雑誌 31(2), 143-148, 2020-02

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  • <b>Prospective Calling Method to Prevent Excessive Train Speed</b>

    SATO Ayanori , ONOMA Noriko , MASUDA Takayuki

    … The prospective calling consists of mental-imagery calling and repetition calling. … The effects of these two types of calling to improve prospective memory recall were confirmed experimentally. … In addition, the effect of prospective calling on preventing excessive train speeds was confirmed in an experiment involving train drivers, using a train driving simulator.</p> …

    Quarterly Report of RTRI 61(4), 290-296, 2020


  • Beneficial Effect of Carotid Artery Stenting on Cerebral Hemodynamic Impairment and Cognitive Function

    HARA Shoko , SEIDA Mitsuru , KUMAGAI Kotaro , YAMAMOTO Takahiro

    … In this prospective observational study, 16 consecutive patients in a single institute were treated with CAS from 2010 to 2011 (71.7 ± 7.3 years old, 12 males, and six left-sided procedures). … The most frequently improved scores were the Working Memory Index and Processing Speed Index (seven patients/44%). …

    Neurologia medico-chirurgica 60(2), 66-74, 2020

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  • A questionnaire studu on the relationship between everyday prospective memory errors and mind wandering  [in Japanese]

    森田 泰介

    東京理科大学紀要. 教養篇 (51), 85-93, 2019

  • Notices and internal representations of action plans and the personal factors affecting their realization

    Oyama Tadasu , Watanabe Hama

    … For the remembering processes, we discussed spontaneous remembering, which is unique for prospective memory. … Topics for the execution of planned actions, which have been discussed in relation to intention, were reconsidered as memory for future plans. … For the retention processes, we discussed the activation of intention (i.e., prospective memory). …

    JAPANESE PSYCHOLOGICAL REVIEW 62(2), 179-196, 2019


  • Rehabilitation and Topic of Prospective Memory  [in Japanese]

    Ota Nobuko

    <p>  展望記憶は未来の出来事を意図し, 自発的に想起する。二重経路モデルによると展望記憶の想起には自動的想起と意図的想起があり, 課題形式, 想起の形式, 動機づけやメタ記憶が関連する。課題形式はある出来事を手がかりに想起する事象ベース課題と時間経過や時刻を手がかりに想起する時間ベース課題, 想起の形式は何かすることがあったのに気づく存在想起と何をするのかに気づ …

    Higher Brain Function Research 39(3), 320-325, 2019

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  • Theoretical Considerations for The Possibility of Effective Memory Rehabilitation from The Cognitive Neuroscience Approach  [in Japanese]

    Umeda Satoshi

    <p>  本稿では, これまでの記憶リハビリテーション研究について簡単に振り返り, 近年, 注目されつつある方法論について概観する。そして, 最近の認知神経科学研究の知見から考えられる 2 つの観点から, 新たな方法論の可能性について検討する。1 つは, 楔前部や脳梁膨大後部を含む頭頂葉内側部における記憶処理機能, 特に符号化 / 検索フリップに関する研究結果からの …

    Higher Brain Function Research 39(3), 314-319, 2019

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  • Prospective memory: Spontaneous cognition underlying remembering future actions  [in Japanese]

    Morita Taisuke , Une Yuko , Ishibashi(Tanabe) Azumi , Sato Ayanori , Hashimoto Teruo , Umeda Satoshi , Suto Satoru

    The Proceedings of the Annual Convention of the Japanese Psychological Association 83(0), SS-045-SS-045, 2019


  • Time-based prospective memory in everyday life and metacognition (6)  [in Japanese]

    Une Yuko

    The Proceedings of the Annual Convention of the Japanese Psychological Association 83(0), 2C-043-2C-043, 2019


  • Determinants of Judgement of Plan Existence in Everyday Life  [in Japanese]

    Morita Taisuke

    <p>再来週の日曜日に何か予定が入っているかどうかを判断する場合のように,ある日時に予定が設定されているかどうかを判断することを意図存在判断と呼ぶ。本研究では計153名の大学生に日常場面での意図存在判断の成功・失敗の事例を報告するよう求めるとともに,意図存在判断がなされた予定の属性について尋ねた。その結果,想起手がかりや他者からの援助の多さと,意図存在判断の成功・失敗とが関係しているこ …

    Proceedings of the Japanese Society for Cognitive Psychology 2019(0), 60, 2019


  • Factor analysis of retrieval modality scores in the Cambridge Prospective Memory Test  [in Japanese]

    Ota Nobuko , Tanemura Jun

    … <p>健常者242名と脳損傷者76名におけるThe Cambridge Prospective Memory Testの時間ベースと事象ベースの課題形式別に存在想起と内容想起について因子構造を検討した.健常群の第1因子は「時間・暗示的手がかりにもとづく展望記憶」,第2因子は「明示的手がかりにもとづく展望記憶」と解釈され,各因子ともビジランスが関連した.脳損傷者の第1因子は「手がかり情報どおりに想起する展望記憶」,第 …

    Japanese Journal of Neuropsychology 35(1), 27-35, 2019

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  • The past in the left hand, and the future in the right hand : An embodied timeline of memory  [in Japanese]

    内木 智美 , 月元 敬 , ナイキ トモミ , ツキモト タカシ , NAIKI Tomomi , TSUKIMOTO Takashi

    岐阜大学教育学部研究報告. 人文科学 = Annual report of the Faculty of Education, Gifu University. 岐阜大学教育学部 編 68(1), 131-138, 2019


  • Relating Tau Pathology to Cognitive Impairment in Neurodegenerative Disease

    Devous Michael D.

    … Across a substantial body of literature tau pathology has also been shown to be more closely related to cognitive impairment, predominantly memory decline, than amyloid in postmortem studies.</p><p>The advent of molecular imaging agents providing quantitative measures of beta amyloid and tau have allowed researchers to explore these proteins in AD in vivo. …

    Proceedings for Annual Meeting of The Japanese Pharmacological Society WCP2018(0), SY1-4, 2018


  • Time-based prospective memory in everyday life and metacognition (5)  [in Japanese]

    Une Yuko

    The Proceedings of the Annual Convention of the Japanese Psychological Association 82(0), 3AM-075-3AM-075, 2018


  • The effects of semantic and perceptual information on a prospective memory task in a virtual environment  [in Japanese]

    (Tanabe) Azumi Ishibashi , Ishibashi Ryo , Logie Matthew , Logie Robert

    The Proceedings of the Annual Convention of the Japanese Psychological Association 82(0), 2PM-077-2PM-077, 2018


  • Do pigeons have time-based prospective memory?  [in Japanese]

    Iwasaki Sumie , Umeda Satoshi , Kuroshima Hika , Fujita Kazuo

    The Proceedings of the Annual Convention of the Japanese Psychological Association 82(0), 2EV-068-2EV-068, 2018


  • Exercise Intensity-dependent Predictive Control of Respiratory and Circulatory Systems in humans

    Miyamoto Tadayoshi , Ito Go , Ueda Shinya , Nakahara Hidehiro

    … If such mechanism of central predictive and prospective control plays an important role in optimization of respiratory and circulatory control during exercise, the quantitative and temporal dynamics of cardiorespiratory response before exercise may depend on subsequent exercise intensity. … This intensity-dependent preparatory cardiorespiratory responses can be caused by central neural control mechanisms involving learning and memory.</p> …

    Transactions of Japanese Society for Medical and Biological Engineering Annual56(Abstract), S353-S353, 2018


  • Tele-rehabilitation on Memory Impairment after Traumatic Brain Injury: A Scoping Review  [in Japanese]

    Okahashi Sayaka , Asano Makoto , Ikushima Yuki , Swa Toshiyuki , Futaki Toshiko

    … Our objective was to explore the effect of tele-rehabilitation on memory impairment after traumatic brain injury. … Studies about tele-rehabilitation on memory in adults with traumatic brain injury were reviewed. … Results from several studies indicated that remote interventions on memory impairment improve the proportion of prospective intentions completed in the patients' daily life. …

    The Transactions of Human Interface Society 20(2), 153-162, 2018


  • Assessment of Prospective Memory using fNIRS in Immersive Virtual Reality Environment

    Dong Dong , Wong Lawrence K.F. , Luo Zhiwei

    … In order to measure real life prospective memory (PM) ability in laboratory setting, previous studies have used photograph-based, video-based and virtual reality (VR)-based to simulate real life environment. …

    Journal of Behavioral and Brain Science 7(6), 247-258, 2017-06-21


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