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  • Dynamics of HMGB1 in vascular endothelial cells and tumor vessels-targeting therapy using conjugated anti-HMGB1 mAb for cancers  [in Japanese]

    Nishibori Masahiro , Gao Shangze , Tomonobu Naoko , Sakaguchi Masakiyo

    … <p>High mobility group box-1 (HMGB1), originally identified as a nuclear chromatin DNA-binding protein, plays a very important role in triggering the inflammatory responses in many kids of diseases once released into extracellular space. … We found that anti-HMGB1 mAb inhibited the stimulation-induced translocation of HMGB1, associated with the reduction of cytokine production. …

    Proceedings for Annual Meeting of The Japanese Pharmacological Society 94(0), 3-S26-3, 2021


  • Ubiquitin ligase RNF183 promotes the lysosomal degradation of NKCC1 under hypertonic conditions  [in Japanese]

    Kaneko Masayuki , Okamoto Takumi , Imaizumi Kazunori

    … We confirmed that RNF183 interacted with NKCC1 and ubiquitinated NKCC1 through K63-linked ubiquitination, which regulates protein transport. … In addition, RNF183 promoted the translocation of NKCC1 from the plasma membrane to intracellular region, compared to treatment with mock control or an RNF183 mutant. … Furthermore, this translocation was facilitated under hypertonic conditions. …

    Proceedings for Annual Meeting of The Japanese Pharmacological Society 94(0), 3-O-G5-3, 2021


  • Biphasic spatiotemporal regulation of GRB2 dynamics by p52SHC for transient RAS activation

    Yoshizawa Ryo , Umeki Nobuhisa , Yamamoto Akihiro , Murata Masayuki , Sako Yasushi

    … The adaptor protein GRB2 recognizes phospho-RTKs both directly and indirectly via another adaptor protein, SHC. … We stimulated MCF7 cells with a differentiation factor, heregulin, and observed the translocation, complex formation, and phosphorylation of cell signaling molecules including GRB2 and SHC. …

    Biophysics and Physicobiology 18(0), 1-12, 2021


  • Knockdown of plasmacytoma variant translocation 1 (PVT1) inhibits high glucose-induced proliferation and renal fibrosis in HRMCs by regulating miR-23b-3p/early growth response factor 1 (EGR1)

    Yu Dongmei , Yang Xiaohong , Zhu Yong , Xu Fenyan , Zhang Hong , Qiu Zhiqiang

    … However, the effects and mechanism of plasmacytoma variant translocation 1 (PVT1) remain poorly understood. … Western blot assay was conducted to measure the protein levels of FN, Col IV, E-cadherin, α-SMA, vimentin, TGF-β1, and EGR1. …

    Endocrine Journal, 2021


  • High Mobility Group Box-1 and Blood-Brain Barrier Disruption

    Nishibori Masahiro , Wang Dengli , Ousaka Daiki , Wake Hidenori

    … High mobility group box-1 (HMGB1), a nonhistone nuclear protein, is ubiquitously expressed in almost all kinds of cells. … In the present review, we focus on the dynamics of HMGB1 translocation in different disease conditions in the CNS and discuss the functional roles of extracellular HMGB1 in BBB disruption and brain inflammation. …

    Cells 9(12), 2650, 2020-12-10


  • PorA, a conserved C-terminal domain-containing protein, impacts the PorXY-SigP signaling of the type IX secretion system

    Yukitake Hideharu , Shoji Mikio , Sato Keiko , Handa Yusuke , Naito Mariko , Imada Katsumi , Nakayama Koji

    … We found that one of the T9SS conserved C-terminal domain-containing proteins, PGN_0123, which we have designated PorA, is involved in regulating expression of genes encoding T9SS structural proteins and that PorA can be translocated onto the cell surface without the T9SS translocation machinery. … X-ray crystallography revealed that PorA has a domain similar to the mannose-binding domain of Escherichia coli FimH, the tip protein of Type 1 pilus. …

    Scientific Reports 10(1), 21109, 2020-12-03


  • Degradation of Mutant Protein Aggregates within the Endoplasmic Reticulum of Vasopressin Neurons

    Miyata Takashi , Hagiwara Daisuke , Hodai Yuichi , Miwata Tsutomu , Kawaguchi Yohei , Kurimoto Junki , Ozaki Hajime , Mitsumoto Kazuki , Takagi Hiroshi , Suga Hidetaka , Kobayashi Tomoko , Sugiyama Mariko , Onoue Takeshi , Ito Yoshihiro , Iwama Shintaro , Banno Ryoichi , Matsumoto Mami , Kawakami Natsuko , Ohno Nobuhiko , Sakamoto Hirotaka , Arima Hiroshi

    … Misfolded or unfolded proteins in the ER are said to be degraded only after translocation or isolation from the ER. … The ERACs were enclosed by membranes, an ER chaperone and marker protein of phagophores and autophagosomes were expressed around the aggregates, and lysosomes fused with the ERACs. … Thus, we demonstrate that protein aggregates can be degraded by autophagic-lysosomal machinery within specialized compartments of the ER. …

    iScience 23(10), 101648, 2020-10-23


  • Proton-driven bacterial protein translocation motor SecDF  [in Japanese]

    塚崎 智也

    生化学 92(5), 717-721, 2020-10

  • The mechanisms of ameliorating effect of a green tea polyphenol on diabetic nephropathy based on diacylglycerol kinase α

    Hayashi Daiki , Wang Liuqing , Ueda Shuji , Yamanoue Minoru , Ashida Hitoshi , Shirai Yasuhito

    … Significant efforts have been made to ameliorate diabetic nephropathy (DN) by inhibiting protein kinase C. … Additionally, we showed that c-Src mediated EGCg-induced DGKα translocation and colocalized with the 67 kDa laminin receptor, which is an EGCg receptor. …

    Scientific Reports 10(1), 11790, 2020-07-16


  • C-Myc-activated long non-coding RNA PVT1 enhances the proliferation of cervical cancer cells by sponging miR-486-3p

    Wang Chang , Zou Hao , Chen Aiping , Yang Hongjuan , Yu Xinping , Yu Xiao , Wang Yankui

    The journal of biochemistry 167(6), 565-575, 2020-06

  • Induction of CEMIP in Chondrocytes by Inflammatory Cytokines: Underlying Mechanisms and Potential Involvement in Osteoarthritis

    Ohtsuki Takashi , Hatipoglu Omer F. , Asano Keiichi , Inagaki Junko , Nishida Keiichiro , Hirohata Satoshi

    … Cell migration-inducing hyaluronidase 1 (CEMIP), also known as hyaluronan (HA)-binding protein involved in HA depolymerization (HYBID), was recently reported as an HA depolymerization-related molecule expressed in the cartilage of patients with OA. … We also observed that ERK activation and NF-kappa B nuclear translocation were involved in the induction of CEMIP by IL-1 beta. …

    International Journal of Molecular Sciences 21(9), 3140, 2020-04-29


  • Virulence assessment of six major pathogenic Candida species in the mouse model of invasive candidiasis caused by fungal translocation

    Hirayama Tatsuro , Miyazaki Taiga , Ito Yuya , Wakayama Megumi , Shibuya Kazutoshi , Yamashita Kohei , Takazono Takahiro , Saijo Tomomi , Shimamura Shintaro , Yamamoto Kazuko , Imamura Yoshifumi , Izumikawa Koichi , Yanagihara Katsunori , Kohno Shigeru , Mukae Hiroshi

    … We therefore developed a reproducible mouse model of invasive candidiasis initiated by fungal translocation and compared the virulence of six major pathogenic Candida species. … The mice were fed a low-protein diet and then inoculated intragastrically with Candida cells. …

    Scientific Reports 10(1), 3814, 2020-03-20


  • Development of an experimental method of systematically estimating protein expression limits in HEK293 cells

    Mori Yoshihiro , Yoshida Yuki , Satoh Ayano , Moriya Hisao

    Protein overexpression sometimes causes cellular defects, although the underlying mechanism is still unknown. … A protein's expression limit, which triggers cellular defects, is a useful indication of the underlying mechanism. … The expression limits of nonfluorescent target proteins were indirectly estimated by measuring the levels of green fluorescent protein (GFP) connected to the target proteins with the self-cleaving sequence P2A. …

    Scientific Reports 10(1), 4798, 2020-03-16


  • HMGB1 Translocation in Neurons after Ischemic Insult: Subcellular Localization in Mitochondria and Peroxisomes

    Wang Dengli , Liu Keyue , Fukuyasu Yusuke , Teshigawara Kiyoshi , Fu Li , Wake Hidenori , Ohtsuka Aiji , Nishibori Masahiro

    … High mobility group box-1 (HMGB1), a nonhistone chromatin DNA-binding protein, is released from neurons into the extracellular space under ischemic, hemorrhagic, and traumatic insults. … However, the details of the time-dependent translocation of HMGB1 and the subcellular localization of HMGB1 through the release process in neurons remain unclear. …

    Cells 9(3), 643, 2020-03-06


  • Rho/myocardin-related transcription factor A (MRTF-A) pathway plays an important role in TGF-β-induced epithelial mesenchymal transition in retinal pigment epithelial cells  [in Japanese]

    Tanaka Umi , Kurosaka Daijiro , Murai Kenichi , Hashizume Kouhei , Fukuda Kazuhiro , Itsukaichi Sora , Sanbe Atsushi

    網膜色素上皮細胞(RPE)における上皮間葉移行(EMT)は,増殖硝子体網膜症や滲出型加齢黄斑変性に関与する.トランスフォーミング増殖因子β(TGF-β)刺激により,Rho活性化を介し myocardin関連転写因子A(MRTF-A)が細胞質から核内に移行しEMTが生じるが,RPEにおけるRho/MRTF経路の働きは知られていない.本研究で,TGF-β2はヒトRPE(ARPE-19)においてEMTの …

    Journal of Iwate Medical Assiociation 72(5), 217-230, 2020


  • Identification of stress defensive proteins in common wheat-<i>Thinopyron intermedium</i> translocation line YW642 developing grains via comparative proteome analysis

    Lu Yuxia , Wu Jisu , Wang Ruomei , Yan Yueming

    … 7XL/7DS translocation line YW642 and to explore their potential values for improving wheat stress resistance. … Two-dimensional electrophoresis identified 124 differentially accumulated protein spots representing 100 unique proteins, which mainly participated in stress defense, energy metabolism, protein metabolism and folding and storage protein synthesis. …

    Breeding Science 70(5), 517-529, 2020


  • Ethyl acetate fraction of flavonoids from <i>Polygonum hydropiper L.</i> modulates pseudorabies virus-induced inflammation in RAW264.7 cells via the nuclear factor-kappa B and mitogen-activated protein kinase pathways

    REN Chun-Zhi , HU Wen-Yue , LI Jun-Cheng , XIE Ying-Hong , JIA Ni-Na , SHI Jun , WEI Ying-Yi , HU Ting-Jun

    … Its functional mechanism was investigated by analyzing the phosphorylation and nuclear translocation of key proteins in the nuclear factor-kappa B (NF-κB) and mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) signaling pathways. … FEA also reduced NF-κB p65 translocation into the nucleus and decreased MAPK phosphorylation, indicating that the NF-κB/MAPK signaling pathway may be closely related to the inflammatory response during viral infection. …

    Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 82(12), 1781-1792, 2020


  • Silver Nanoparticles Induce DNA Hypomethylation through Proteasome-Mediated Degradation of DNA Methyltransferase 1

    Maki Ayaka , Lin Ying , Aoyama Michihiko , Sato Kenta , Gao Jian-Qing , Tsujino Hirofumi , Nagano Kazuya , Higashisaka Kazuma , Tsutsumi Yasuo

    … The level of DNA methyltransferase 1 (Dnmt1) protein, which is involved in maintaining methylation during DNA replication, was significantly decreased, whereas that of Dnmt3b, which is responsible for <i>de</i> … Co-treatment with nAg10 and cycloheximide, which inhibits translation by inhibiting the translocation step of protein synthesis, decreased the level of Dnmt1 in comparison with nAg10-treated A549 cells, indicating a post-translational effect of nAg10. …

    Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin 43(12), 1924-1930, 2020


  • Reconstitution of Bacterial Tyrosine Kinase-Modulator Interaction in a Human Cell Line

    Fukazawa Hidesuke , Fukuyama Mari , Miyazaki Yoshitsugu

    … When expressed individually, the modulator CapA1, a membrane protein in bacteria, also appeared to localize to the cell membrane in HEK293T cells. … Coexpression of the two proteins resulted in apparent translocation of CapB2 to the membrane with concomitant activation of tyrosine kinase activity. … This translocation and activation of CapB2 did not occur when the cytoplasmic C-terminal tail of CapA1 was deleted. …

    BPB Reports 3(1), 28-33, 2020


  • Identification of pyrogallol from Awa-tea as an anti-allergic compound that suppresses nasal symptoms and IL-9 gene expression

    Nakano Tomohiro , Fukui Hiroyuki , Takeda Noriaki , Mizuguchi Hiroyuki , Ikeda Mitsuhiro , Wakugawa Tomoharu , Kashiwada Yoshiki , Kaminuma Osamu , Kitamura Noriko , Yabumoto Masam , Fujino Hiromichi , Kitamura Yoshiaki

    … We demonstrated that protein kinase Cδ / heat shock protein 90-mediated H1R gene expression signaling and nuclear factor of activated T-cells (NFAT)-mediated IL-9 gene expression signaling are responsible for the pathogenesis of pollinosis. … However, pyrogallol suppressed ionomycin-induced dephosphorylation and nuclear translocation of NFAT. …

    The Journal of Medical Investigation 67(3.4), 289-297, 2020

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