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  • Basic research on antioxidant activity in tea catechin  [in Japanese]

    早藤 幸隆 , 猪本 大翔 , 須賀 一翔 , 中西 勇義 , 中原 光翼 , Yukitaka HAYAFUJI , Haruto INOMOTO , Kazuma SUGA , Yuuki NAKANISHI , Kousuke NAKAHARA

    … We investigated the reaction rate of DPPH radical scavenging reaction using four kinds of tea catechins ((-)-epigallocatechin gallate, (-)-epigallocatechin, (-)-epicatechin gallate, (-)-epicatechin). … As a result, we revealed that the order of reaction rate of DPPH radical scavenging reaction of four kinds of tea catechins is (-)-epigallocatechin gallate > …

    鳴門教育大学研究紀要 = Research bulletin of Naruto University of Education (36), 281-290, 2021-03-10

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  • Changes in ATP Levels in Mouse Sperm with AMPK Activators  [in Japanese]

    平松 優一 , 宮本 敦希 , 井尻 貴之

    … Especially, activation of AMPK by the treatment with AICAR in mouse sperm, not only promoted the induction rate of acrosome reaction and increase in the amount of ATP, but also improved the motility. … On the other hand, the activation of AMPK with metformin treatment promoted an increase in acrosome reaction and the ATP amount, but weakened sperm motility. …

    摂南大学 融合科学研究所論文集 = Bulletin of the Transdisciplinary and Interdisciplinary Science Research Institute, Setsunan University 6(1), 28-41, 2021-03


  • Displacement speed statistics in an open turbulent jet spray flame

    Malkeson S.P. , Ahmed U. , Turquand d'Auzay C. , Pillai A.L. , Chakraborty N. , Kurose Ryoichi

    … The displacement speed of reaction progress variable isosurfaces shows qualitatively similar behaviour for all axial locations considered – predominantly positive across the major part of the flame but with small, potentially negative, values towards the burned-gas-side. … The components of displacement speed arising from chemical reaction rate and flame normal molecular diffusion remain leading order contributors and the competition between these determines the mean behaviour of displacement speed. …

    Fuel 286(1), 2021-02-15


  • Numerical Study on the Route of Flame-Induced Thermoacoustic Instability in a Rijke Burner

    Dang Nannan , Zhang Jiazhong , Deguchi Yoshihiro

    … Chemical reaction modeling is conducted via the finite-rate/eddy dissipation model with one-step reaction mechanisms, and the radiation heat flux and turbulent flow characteristics are determined by using the P-1 model and the standard k-ε model, respectively. … Then, the dynamic pressure, velocity, and reaction heat evolutions are determined to show the onset and growth rate of self-excited instability in the burner. …

    Applied Sciences 11(4), 1590, 2021-02-10


  • Multicenter evaluation of molecular point-of-care testing and digital immunoassays for influenza virus A/B and respiratory syncytial virus in patients with influenza-like illness

    Kaku Norihito , Kodama Hina , Akamatsu Norihiko , Ota Kenji , Kosai Kosuke , Morinaga Yoshitomo , Narita Yusuke , Matsumoto Yasushi , Matsushita Tetsuro , Mizuta Yohei , Izumikawa Koichi , Mukae Hiroshi , Yanagihara Katsunori

    … We aimed to evaluate and compare the positive rate with molecular POC tests and DIAs in detecting influenza virus A, B and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). … Molecular POC test and reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) were performed later. … The positive rate for influenza virus with molecular POC test was significantly higher than that with DIAs (51.6% versus 40.7%, p = 0.046). …

    Journal of Infection and Chemotherapy, 2021-01-25


  • Theoretical Analysis of Particle Binding Behavior in a Virus Detection Method Using Nanoparticles  [in Japanese]

    會田 紗瑛華 , 芦葉 裕樹 , 安浦 雅人 , 藤巻 真 , 大木 義路

    電気学会研究会資料. LAV 2021(1-9), 23-27, 2021-01-21

  • Theoretical Analysis of Particle Binding Behavior in a Virus Detection Method Using Nanoparticles  [in Japanese]

    會田 紗瑛華 , 芦葉 裕樹 , 安浦 雅人 , 藤巻 真 , 大木 義路

    電気学会研究会資料. IM = The papers of technical meeting on instrumentation and measurement, IEE Japan 2021(1-9), 23-27, 2021-01-21

  • Evolution of Surface Density Function in an Open Turbulent Jet Spray Flame

    Malkeson S. P. , Ahmed U. , Pillai A. L. , Chakraborty N. , Kurose R.

    … A three-dimensional Direct Numerical Simulation of an open turbulent jet spray flame representing a laboratory-scale burner configuration has been used to analyse the statistical behaviours of the magnitude of reaction progress variable gradient |∇c| [alternatively known as the Surface Density Function (SDF)] and the strain rates, which affect its evolution. …

    Flow, Turbulence and Combustion (106), 207-229, 2021-01



    ITO Yosuke , MATSUMOTO Hidetoshi

    … In addition, one model of handling processes by using alkali aggregate reaction as an example is clarified.</p><p> 2. …

    Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ) 86(781), 1197-1204, 2021


  • <i>Setaria digitata </i>was the main cause of equine neurological ataxia in Korea: 50 cases (2015–2016)

    LEE Hyunkyoung , HWANG Hyeshin , RO Younghye , KIM Ji-Hyeon , LEE Kyunghyun , CHOI Eunjin , BAE Youchan , SO Byungjae , LEE Inhyung

    … Although there was no correlation with age, Thoroughbred and Warmblood horses showed a higher incidence rate than Halla and Jeju horses. … The incidence rate was 5 times higher in geldings than in mares and stallions. … via DNA sequencing, performed subsequent to polymerase chain reaction using DNA isolated from formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue sections of the spinal cord. …

    Journal of Veterinary Medical Science, 2021


  • Differences between Students and Clinical Therapists in Speech-Language Pathologist Education:—Recognition Differences in Speech with Varying Speech Rates—  [in Japanese]

    Shintani Jun , Shiomi Kakuichi

    <p>臨床実習は言語聴覚士の養成課程のうち,学生にとって最もコミュニケーション・スキルを問われる場面であるが,学生のコミュニケーション能力の問題を指摘されることも少なくない.本研究では,コミュニケーション・スキルを測定する質問紙法により学生を3つの群に分類した.各群に発話速度を5つの条件で調整した問診場面の音声を聴いて「患者を問診するのに望ましい態度」について主観的に判断させた.他者評 …

    The Japan Journal of Logopedics and Phoniatrics 62(1), 33-38, 2021


  • Solvothermal Carbonization of Wood Chips via the Dechlorination of PVC in Glycerol

    Kusakabe Katsuki , Steven Thamisha , Nagai Anna , Uemura Yoshimitsu , Ikenaga Kazutoshi

    … In this process, the dechlorination efficiency of PVC was significantly promoted by the reaction with wood chips or glycerol. … Similarly, the dechlorination rate was 30% at 220°C and increased to 80% at 240°C. … This is attributed to the progress of the epoxy reaction, which was accompanied by dechlorination, in the temperature range of 220–240°C.</p> …



  • Effect of Alkali Metal Addition to a Ru/CeO<sub>2</sub> Catalyst Prepared by NaBH<sub>4</sub> Reduction on the Catalytic Performance for H<sub>2</sub> Production via NH<sub>3</sub> Decomposition

    Furusawa Takeshi , Sugiyama Keita , Kuribara Hiroki , Sato Masahide , Suzuki Noboru , Sato Takafumi , Itoh Naotsugu

    … however, this catalyst gradually lost its activity due to the accumulation of adsorbed species produced during the reaction. … decomposition reaction without H<sub>2</sub> … Moreover, Cs not only increased the N–H bond dissociation rate but also decreased the effect of the H<sub>2</sub> …



  • Radioactive Isotope Induced by Beam Loss in Particle Accelerator for Heavy-Ion Inertial Fusion

    FUJITA Suzuka , TENZO Hideki , TAKAHASHI Kazumasa , SASAKI Toru , KIKUCHI Takashi

    … Compared to the detailed numerical simulation, estimations in total reaction cross-sections and threshold kinetic energy for interaction in the Coulomb barrier were expected to provide criteria as a safer side for radiation management in the HIF accelerator. …

    Plasma and Fusion Research 16(0), 2404022-2404022, 2021


  • Effects of Substrate Temperature on Film Hardness and Hydrogen Content in Diamond-like Carbon Films Prepared with a Repetitive Nanosecond Pulsed Glow Hydrogen/Methane Discharge Plasma

    IOKA Katsuya , KIKUCHI Yusuke , MINE Takuma , MASAI Ryohei , YATSUZUKA Mitsuyasu

    … <p>A repetitive nanosecond pulsed glow hydrogen/methane discharge plasma generated at 1.2 kPa gas pressure led to diamond-like carbon films with high hardness and a high-speed deposition rate of 0.13 µm/min. Film hardness showed strong substrate temperature dependence, reaching up to 15 GPa. … The mechanisms of the changes in film hardness and hydrogen content are considered to be the substrate temperature dependence of the hydrogen abstraction reaction and etching by irradiation with hydrogen radicals.</p> …

    Plasma and Fusion Research 16(0), 1206038-1206038, 2021


  • Dephosphorization Kinetics of Bloated Metal Droplets Reacting with Basic Slag Containing TiO<sub>2</sub>

    Drain Phillip Brian , Gu Kezhuan , Dogan Neslihan , Longbottom Raymond James , Chapman Michael Wallace , Monaghan Brian Joseph , Coley Kenneth Stark

    … <p>Although the dephosphorization kinetics of bloated metal droplets reacting with oxidizing slag have been studied in detail in the authors' laboratory, the mechanism of reaction for slags in a basicity range typical of steelmaking, has been sparsely reported. … The current study employed a high temperature furnace equipped with X-ray fluoroscopy to observe the bloating behavior of droplets and tracked dephosphorization kinetics by quenching and analyzing droplets after different reaction times. …

    ISIJ International 61(3), 734-744, 2021


  • Prediction of Spatial Composition Distribution of Inclusions in the Continuous Casting Bloom of a Bearing Steel under Unsteady Casting

    Wang Jujin , Zhang Lifeng , Zhang Yuexin , Cheng Gong , Wang Yadong , Ren Ying , Yang Wen

    … The effect of cooling rate on the transformation of composition of inclusions was investigated. … The transformation of inclusions during the continuous casting occurred preferentially at the quarter thickness of the bloom and the reaction zone gradually moved from the subsurface to the center of the bloom. … The transformation ratio of inclusions in the CC bloom was determined by the cooling rate and the transformation rate was dominated by the temperature.</p> …

    ISIJ International 61(3), 824-833, 2021


  • Foaming Mechanism of SiC in Steel Slag Foamed Ceramics

    Fang Wenqiu , Hou Linjie , Li Yu

    … The reactions not only significantly promoted reaction rate of oxidation of SiC from 4.9% to 73.5%, but also widened temperature range of the oxidation reaction, contributing to foaming process of ceramics and thereby substantial saving of SiC.</p> …

    ISIJ International 61(3), 1043-1052, 2021


  • Negatively Catalyzed Gasification Characteristics of Metallurgical Coke and its Implication for Ironmaking Process

    Sun Minmin , Zhang Jianliang , Li Kejiang , Wang Ziming , Jiang Chunhe , Li Hongtao

    … <p>Boric acid as a negative catalyst can decrease the coke reactivity, and increase coke strength after reaction which is essentially important for high efficient utilization of coke and stable operation of blast furnace. … Gasification reaction was suppressed obviously by introducing 0.5 wt% H<sub>3</sub>BO<sub>3</sub>. … Unreacted core model was used to establish the corresponding kinetic relationship and analyze the rate-limiting step in gasification process. …

    ISIJ International 61(3), 674-683, 2021


  • Development Technology for Prevention of Macro-segregation in Casting of Steel Ingot by Insert Casting in Vacuum Atmosphere

    Isobe Kohichi

    … <p>Important large components, such as rotors for power generation steam turbines, pressure vessels and reaction vessels, are manufactured through ingot casting. … The effectiveness of the proposed insert casting as a macro-segregation countermeasure was evaluated in the casting experiments with 0.5 mass% carbon steel using cast iron mold with a 150 mm square inner cross section, insulated to reduce solidification rate. …

    ISIJ International, 2021


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