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  • A STUDY ON THE HEAD ROTATION BEHAVIOR OF DOG WALKERS:-A case of living roads in Seya-ku, Yokohama-shi-  [in Japanese]

    SERIZAWA Masae , SOBU Hiroyuki , KITAHARA Toshio

    … An image every 0.2 seconds was extracted from the video recorded for 30 frames per second, and a diagrammatic method which can easily judge the reading in the turning direction was adopted.</p><p> Walking behavior of dog walkers and single pedestrians were seen to increase the turning behavior in the section where the space composition changes. …

    Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ) (762), 1757-1767, 2019-08


  • Reply to the Students' Report Leads to "Deep Dialogic Learning" - An Analysis of English Communication I for Nursing Students Designed by Terasima Method -  [in Japanese]

    山田 昇司

    … The next one is that they were surprised at a strange power of rhythm reading. … They had a group test of reading aloud, which is needed to read in unison rhythmically, hitting the stressed syllables at the same time. … A number of students wrote that rhythm reading made it easier to memorize the sentences. … They could take a retried test as many times as they wished. …

    朝日大学一般教育紀要 = Journal of Liberal Arts and Science Asahi University (43), 21-49, 2019-03-31


  • Women's Cultural Education and Occupation in Serial Novels in the Early Showa Period : Focusing on Mother by Turumi Yusuke(1929)  [in Japanese]

    李 承京


    情報学研究 : 学環 : 東京大学大学院情報学環紀要 (96), 61-74, 2019-03-29

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  • A Trial of Active Learning in a Big Class for the Improvement of Critical Thinking Ability  [in Japanese]

    松本 ますみ


    室蘭工業大学紀要 (68), 3-14, 2019-03


  • The Sufferings of a Returned Soldier : A Reading of Hemingway's "Soldier's Home"  [in Japanese]

    野間 正二

    "Soldier's Home"は、これまで日本では「兵士の故郷」と訳されてきた。良く考えられた和訳ではあるが、作家の意図をじゅうぶんに考慮した訳とは言い難い。このタイトルには、英語の同音のSoldiers'Homeの意味も込められていると思われる。Soldiers'Homeは、全米各地に設立されていた、何らかの事情で戦線から故郷にちょくせつ帰れない兵士を収容する施設である。とすれば、タイトルの" …

    文学部論集 = Journal of the Faculty of Letters (103), 41-52, 2019-03


  • Reading 18 century English novels with 50 questions (3)  [in Japanese]

    藤田 佳也

    … Adequate questions at adequate times will motivate the students to consider about the text, and moreover, about the world and themselves. …

    酪農学園大学紀要. 人文・社会科学編 43(2), 43-51, 2019-03


  • Reading the Section of Literary Affairs of Poems on Affairs of State, Volume 1(1)  [in Japanese]

    里麻 静夫

    … The danger for satirists to lose their reason may be greater in the period covered by the POAS volumes (1660-1714) when dunces/ hacks are identified with utter knaves than in later times when denizens of Grub Street are viewed with pity and compassion. …

    英語英米文学 = English language & literature (59), 1-31, 2019-02


  • An Eye-tracking Investigation of <i>Pre-head</i> and <i>Head-driven</i> Processing for Scrambled Japanese Sentences  [in Japanese]

    Tamaoka Katsuo , P. Mansbridge Michael

    <p>動詞を読む前の予測処理がかき混ぜ文の処理に影響すると報告されている。しかし,これらの研究は,文の同じ位置で名詞を比較しておらず,名詞の種類も異なっていた。そこで,高使用頻度の人名を文の同じ位置に配置して,他動詞の単文とそれらを埋め込んだ複文の2つの実験で,短距離・長距離のかき混ぜを句ごとに視線計測した。NP-ACC(ヲ)とNP-NOM(ガ)が連続して現れる場合は,2つ目の名詞句の …

    GENGO KENKYU (Journal of the Linguistic Society of Japan) 155(0), 35-63, 2019


  • How to Review Biomedical Manuscripts  [in Japanese]

    Hayakawa Satoshi

    … Critical reading and reviewing scientific manuscripts takes times and efforts for scientists whowould like to spend their own precious time for clinical or research activities. …

    Journal of Nihon University Medical Association 78(4), 207-211, 2019


  • Meaning of the Term "Tai-iku" in the <i>Principles of Physical Education</i> by Heizaburo Takashima*

    Sasaki Kyu

    … must be clarified through an empirical approach when reading books on PE written in past times, as there is a risk that Takashima's term <i>tai-iku</i> …

    International Journal of Sport and Health Science 17(0), A1-A8, 2019


  • Discriminant analysis on university students' reading skills:Experiments using class learning outcomes and certificate exam scores

    Shimauchi Toshihiko , Nambo Hidetaka , Kimura Haruhiko

    … Their learning outcomes (weighted average scores of mid-term and final exams, assignment average scores, assignment average study hours, times of assignment submission) in an English reading course in 2018 fall semester and reading scores of TOEIC Bridge in February of 2019 were used for discriminant analysis. … The threshold of the two groups are set on 80 % correct score of TOEIC Bridge reading scores. …

    Studies in Science and Technology 8(1), 69-74, 2019


  • Imaging Ca2+ Concentration and pH in Nanopores/Channels of Protein Crystals

    Kazuo Mori , Bernd Kuhn

    … We load the crystal nanopores with fluorescent indicators and then perfuse the crystals with solutions of different calcium concentrations and pH while reading out the crystal's fluorescence intensity with confocal microscopy. … With single-wavelength probes, we find that the calcium concentration in thaumatin crystal nanopores is the same as in the bath, whereas it is 0.24 times lower in lysozyme nanopores. …

    The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 122(42), 9646-9653, 2018-10-11


  • A comparison of visual and audio scaffolds in L2 English reading

    Stephens Meredith , Kaiser Meagan Renee

    … This is a study of Japanese learners' perspectives on visual and audio scaffolds in the teaching of second language English reading. … We compare the approaches of ER, according to Day & Bamford's (1998) ten principles (outlined below) in class, and Assisted Repeated Reading (ARR) of a work of fiction to a class. … ARR refers to the reading aloud of a text multiple times to students as they follow along silently (see Taguchi & Gorsuch, 2002). …

    Indonesian Journal of Applied Linguistics 8(2), 380-387, 2018-09-30


  • Evaluation of Reading Difficulty through Using Lexical Decision Tasks of Hiragana Words  [in Japanese]

    増田 純子 , 大山 帆子 , 銘苅 実土 , 中 知華穂 , 小池 敏英

    LD研究 = Japanese journal of learning disabilities 27(3), 340-353, 2018-08

    Ichushi Web 

  • Poster Presentation : Difference in referential-expression preferences between Japanese and Chinese readers (思考と言語)

    MIYAO Mari , SCHAFER Amy J. , SCHWARTZ Bonnie D.

    電子情報通信学会技術研究報告 = IEICE technical report : 信学技報 118(163), 83-86, 2018-07-28

  • Free-Chlorine Disinfection as a Selection Pressure on Norovirus

    Rachmadi Andri Taruna , Kitajima Masaaki , Watanabe Kozo , Yaegashi Sakiko , Serrana Joeselle , Nakamura Arata , Nakagomi Toyoko , Nakagomi Osamu , Katayama Kazuhiko , Okabe Satoshi , Sano Daisuke

    … This cycle of free chlorine exposure followed by propagation in cells was repeated 10 times, and populations with lower susceptibility to free chlorine were obtained from two independent trials of chlorine exposure cycles. …

    Applied and Environmental Microbiology 84(13), e00244-18, 2018-07


  • A sixth sense: Narrative experiences of stories with twist endings

    Komeda Hidetsugu , Taira Tomohiro , Tsunemi Kohei , Kusumi Takashi , Rapp David N.

    … Greater empathy and stronger expectations were associated with slower reading times during participants' first reading of the story. … However, on participants' second reading, greater empathy and stronger expectations were associated with faster reading times. …

    Scientific Study of Literature 7(2), 203-231, 2018-06


  • Speeches with Tweets : Donald Trump and the Function of Rhetoric in English Education  [in Japanese]

    八鳥 吉明

    … Thus, reading Trump's words analytically and critically in terms of rhetoric can lead to understanding our times more properly. …

    群馬高専レビュー (36), 53-58, 2018-03-26


  • Trialing Comparisons Between Oral Reading and Grammar Support in Two Extensive Reading Classes : A Case of Japanese University English Repeaters  [in Japanese]

    木村 啓子

    英語専攻ではない大学の英語再履修生2 群に対し、半期の間、一方には授業内英語多読を実施した上で音読を中心とする授業を行い、他方には授業内英語多読を実施した上で文法指導を中心とする授業を実施し、英語力に差異が現れるかどうかについて検証を行った。観察できた結果としては、両群とも総合的な英語力には有意な伸びを見せたが、特に文法を直接指導した群は文法・語彙面で有意な伸びを見せ、音読を実施した群は、リーディ …

    尚美学園大学総合政策研究紀要 (31), 41-50, 2018-03


  • Nishi Amane and the Confucian thought of Ogyu Sorai  [in Japanese]

    平石 直昭 , Naoaki HIRAISHI

    … However, from the standpoint of intellectual history, it is especially important that Nishi wrote down his change in the belief system which he had experienced during his younger times. … In other words, he experienced a conversion from the Zhu-Xi school to the Sorai Learning during the reading of Works. …

    北東アジア研究 (29), 89-100, 2018-03


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