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  • Fluorescent and Colorimetric Dual-signal Enantiomers Recognition <i>via</i> Enzyme Catalysis: The Case of Glucose Enantiomers Using Nitrogen-doped Silicon Quantum Dots/Silver Probe Coupled with β-D-Glucose Oxidase

    YI Yinhui , LIU Lirong , WU Yuntao , ZHU Gangbing

    … while these phenomena cannot be caused by L-glucose, a dual-signal sensing method was thus constructed for recognizing glucose enantiomers. …

    Analytical Sciences 37(2), 275-281, 2021



    Daryl Jamieson

    … Utamakura is a traditional Japanese technique of recognizing, interpreting, and utilizing the web of intertextual meanings which have accrued around particular place names over centuries of poetic practice. … / In this paper, I will explain the conceptual processes involved in writing the piece, with an emphasis on the intercultural aesthetic of my work and how Japanese philosophy of art and religion can offer a creative new perspective on the Scandinavian lands which are the settings of the North's oldest literature. …

    Nordlit (46), 318-331, 2020-12-10


  • Proposal for Cognitive Behavior Process of Trustworthy Behavior Model in Corporate Integration

    MATSUURA Takashi , KOBAYASHI Nobuyuki , SHIRASAKA Seiko

    … This study shows the process of recognizing Conflict from the perspective of trustor party and trustee party and cultivating Trust by extracting three processes from the trustworthy behavior model. … This study shows that the trustor party and the trustee party in corporate integrations use three processes to indicate how to perceive Conflict, address Conflict, perceive Trustworthiness, perceive Trustworthy behavior, and cultivate Trust.</p> …

    International Journal of Japan Association for Management Systems 12(1), 27-35, 2020


  • Processes experienced by mothers having school-aged children with Autism Spectrum Disorders when dealing with difficulties  [in Japanese]

    Nishimura Chieko , Takano

    本研究は、学童期自閉症スペクトラム(以下、ASD)児の母親における困難への対処に伴う体験のプロセスについて検討することを目的とした。学童期ASD児の母親8名を対象にインタビュー調査を行い、修正版グラウンデッド・セオリー・アプローチを用いて質的分析を行った結果、以下のような体験のプロセスが示された。(1)学童期ASD児の母親は子育てにおいて【子どもの特性理解と対応】の試行錯誤を繰り返す中で、【行動問 …

    Journal of Human Well-being 19(2), 17-24, 2020


  • Preliminary Investigation of Assembly Work Activity Recognition with Wearable Sensors via Unsupervised Learning

    Qingxin Xia , Atsushi Wada , Joseph Korpela , Takuya Maekawa , Yasuo Namioka

    マルチメディア,分散協調とモバイルシンポジウム2019論文集 (2019), 1264-1272, 2019-06-26



    YAMADA Tomoyo

    … The paper makes the following two arguments:</p><p>Firstly, revision of the processes and procedures of school education, especially in student guidance, has the potential to promote publicness. … increased commonality as a result of recognizing the need for lawor guideline-based responses, and</p><p>3. …

    Bulletin of the Japan Educational Administration Society 45(0), 58-76, 2019



    鈴木 悟子

    [抄録] 本研究の目的は,30歳代勤労男性の生活習慣病予防に関連する健康学習サイクルを進展させるライフストーリーを用いた健康学習を促す具体的な支援内容と支援により得られた健康学習サイクルの要素を明らかにし,30歳代勤労男性が自ら健康学習を行う支援の特徴について検討することである。研究方法は,複数事例研究である。先行研究から作成した支援指針を用いた支援をメタボリックシンドローム該当者・予備群である3 …

    千葉看護学会会誌 24(1), 79-89, 2018-09

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  • An investigation of positive emotions after an achievement test and their affective factors in English Pharmaceutical learning processes:—Discussion of emotions related to prediction of motivation—  [in Japanese]

    Kodama Noriko , Hosokawa Mika , Fuzinami Aya , Koyama Junko , Takeuchi Atsuko

    <p>学習者が語学学習の過程で生じる正感情は,学習の動機づけ(学習意欲)にプラス効果を及ぼすことから,正感情とその影響要因は学習意欲の向上に繋げるための教授方略・方策を探る鍵と考える.そこで,薬学英語学習における感情を学習感情(正感情,負感情,重要性の認識)と学習到達度感(テキスト内容の理解,分野横断的内容の関連づけ・統合,専門内容の思考・問題提起,医薬系内容の理解)に分け,学習前後に …

    Japanese Journal of Pharmaceutical Education 2(0), n/a, 2018


  • Estimation of Cognitive Processes of Shield Machine Operator Based on Eye Tracking  [in Japanese]

    FUJIMOTO Nao , MORITA Junya , OKUBO Toru , OBAYASHI Nobuhiko , SHIRAI Takayasu

    <p>シールド工事において、将来的な熟練作業員の不足により、これまで熟練作業員が予兆に気付き、未然に防いでいたトラブルが顕在化してくることが懸念されている。そこで筆者らは状況認識から判断、操作に至るまでの、熟練マシンオペレータの経験や勘所に基づく認知プロセスを明らかにする研究を進めている。そこで本発表ではオペレータの操作画面に対するアイトラッキングデータと、シールドマシンから取得できる …

    Proceedings of the Annual Conference of JSAI JSAI2018(0), 2H203-2H203, 2018


  • Recognition of Slab Identification Numbers using a Fully Convolutional Network

    Lee Sang Jun , Kwon Wookyong , Koo Gyogwon , Choi Hyeyeon , Kim Sang Woo

    … Because slabs have similar shapes, product identification is required to prevent inadequate production processes. … To address this difficulties, this paper proposes a deep learning algorithm for recognizing SINs in factory scenes. … The proposed algorithm employs a fully convolutional network (FCN) with deconvolution layers to integrate the recognition processes and improve the performance in processing time and accuracy. …

    ISIJ International 58(4), 696-703, 2018


  • Experiences that influence the physical assessment skill acquisition of clinical nurses : Focus on the acquired clinical experience  [in Japanese]

    渡邉 光代

    《目的》 臨床経験年数別に成長したと思われる経験に焦点をあてることで、経験の特徴があるのかどうか、その経験がどう臨床看護師のPA技術習得に影響を及ぼしているのかを明らかにすることを目的とした。《方法》 関東周辺の300床以上の施設に勤務している、1 年~ 3 年目まで臨床看護師、244名のうち「成長したきっかけとなった経験」に記載があった158名を対象に記述的分析を行った。《結果》 PA技術習得に …

    目白大学健康科学研究 (11), 77-87, 2018

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  • Study on the Competitive Power Development Method by Controlling Consumer Expectations  [in Japanese]

    那須 一貴

    … As a result of such processes, the valuesproposed by industry and enterprises will be homogenized, and similar products in the industry willbecome commoditized as maturing. … In other words, consumers can enjoy "experiences" and"value" obtained from them by recognizing their own "implicit expectations". …

    文教大学国際学部紀要 = Journal of the Faculty of International Studies, Bunkyo University 27(2), 49-66, 2017-01


  • Examination of Transformation Processes of Tripartite Relationships in the Mental Training  [in Japanese]

    Ito Mayumi , Toyoda Norishige

    … Results indicated that the relationships between high school athletes and the training coach were reflected through the following processes: 1) depending on one another, 2) attempting to compromise, 3) development of misunderstanding, and 4) accepting removal. …

    Japanese Journal of Sport Psychology 44(1), 53-67, 2017


  • Structure-by-structure Recognition of Spinal Columns, Ribs, Intervertebral Disks and Vertebrae from Abdominal X-ray CT Images  [in Japanese]

    Yasuda Tatsuya , Takizawa Hotaka , Okumura Toshiaki , Kudo Hiroyuki , Okada Toshiyuki

    … Spinal processes have more irregular shapes. … In order to recognize vertebrae including the spinal processes, the plane models are converted into curved surface models that are represented by control points. … The experimental results demonstrated that the proposed method was promising as a means of recognizing bone regions in abdominal X-ray CT images.</p> …

    Journal of Japan Society of Computer Aided Surgery 19(3), 131-138, 2017

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  • Agroecological Education Aimed at Achieving Food Sovereignty

    Seminar Annisa Utami , Sarwoprasodjo Sarwititi , Santosa Dwi A. , Kinseng Rilus A.

    … Thus, by recognizing farmers' knowledge and understanding their learning processes, a fair participatory food and agricultural system can be achieved, an ideal that the food sovereignty approach strives for. …

    Journal of Developments in Sustainable Agriculture 12(1), 34-44, 2017

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  • Task Scheduling for Assembly Task Co-worker Robot Based on Estimation of Work Progress Using Worker's Kinetic Information  [in Japanese]

    KINUGAWA Jun , KANAZAWA Akira , KOSUGE Kazuhiro

    … The co-worker robot is not directly involved in the assembly processes but carries out some nonessential tasks for supporting workers. … To achieve these, the worker's behavior is modeled combining two probabilistic techniques: Gaussian mixture model for classifying areas corresponding to each task and hidden Markov model for modeling and recognizing a worker's action. …

    Transactions of the Society of Instrument and Control Engineers 53(2), 178-187, 2017


  • The Development of a Teacher Training Program for the Education of International Schoolchildren in Japan  [in Japanese]

    USUI Tomomi

    … Second, by discerning the difference between BICS(Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills)and CALP, and recognizing the different processes of language acquisition. …

    The Annual Bulletin of the Japanese Society for the Study on Teacher Education 25(0), 90-100, 2016


  • Psychological and neural bases of emotion recognition: Current theories and their clinical implications  [in Japanese]

    Suzuki Atsunobu

    <p>  感情認知の神経心理学研究では感情と表出行動の対応関係がしばしば想定されてきた。この立場によると, 感情認知は他者の内的状態をその表出行動から読み解く一種の知覚的パターン認識である。しかし, 脳損傷研究は扁桃体や島などのいわゆる〝感情脳〟の役割を明らかにし, 他者と感情状態を疑似的に共有することが感情認知に寄与することを提案している。また, 感情と表情の対応 …

    Higher Brain Function Research 36(2), 271-275, 2016


  • Natural capital: Integrated approach to creating shared value (CSV) through CSR for the environment and society  [in Japanese]

    Hibi Yasushi


    Japan Society for Impact Assessment 14(2), 18-23, 2016


  • Learning System for Emotion Estimation and Emotional Expression Motion Generation based on RNN with Russell's Circumplex Model  [in Japanese]

    TSUJIMOTO Takuya , TAKAHASHI Yasutake , TAKEUCHI Shouhei , MAEDA Yoichiro

    近年,ペットロボットやサービスロボットといった,様々な場所で人とコミュニケーションをし,人を支援することを目的としたロボットが増加している.それに伴い,ヒトと円滑な意思疎通を図ることができるロボット技術が求められている.そこで筆者らは,人とロボットが情動を伴う行動を基に双方向コミュニケーションを図る「インタラクティブ情動コミュニケーション」(Interactive Emotion Communic …

    Journal of Japan Society for Fuzzy Theory and Intelligent Informatics 28(4), 716-722, 2016

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